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They've chatted forever, but now it's real.

'Well it has been far too long since I have enjoyed the pleasure of sweet Louise. Can I assume that pissy boy here still has not managed to fuck you?'

Louise answered far too quickly for Damon's liking. 'No he hasn't.'

'I can't believe how much of a pussy this man is. What the fuck do you see in him?' Both men laughed heartily. 'Can he get it up yet?'

'No.' Louise felt mean saying these things but knew she had no choice.

'Good. Now you are carrying my baby he is forbidden from fucking you. I do not want anything to harm our baby.' The smile on his face told Louise that this man was enjoying taunting Damon.

'My problem now is this. I am so big that I cannot fuck you either. I do not want to hurt our baby. So, Damon. Tell me what we can do? I want some fun with your wife but I can't fuck her cunt. Tell me what to do.' The smaller guy was sniggering.

'What? Don't ask me.' Damon muttered. He knew what they wanted him to say but he could not suggest what this man should do with his Louise.

The smaller guy stopped sniggering and punched Damon hard in the stomach. He bent over and held himself; he was in agony. He forced himself back up straight.

'Boy. You know how this works. If I ask you a question you answer me. Now tell me. What shall me and Louise do?'

Damon looked the man straight in his eyes. 'I suppose you want me to suggest she gives you a blowjob.' Saying it almost made him throw up right there but he maintained control.

'Hmmm. Nice idea. I think I will. The only trouble is we have done that before. Don't you think we should try something new?' He was loving taunting Damon. The situation was beginning to cause Louise to get aroused. She was worried about Damon getting hurt but she could not help desiring that impressive cock.

'I, I, err, I don't know.' Damon did not want to suggest anal. That monster would rip Louise apart.

'Oh come on pissy boy. You can do better than that.'

He had no choice. 'You could try anal.'

'Whoa. What are you talking about boy? Is this bitch an anal slut?'

'No, of course not,' Damon snapped.

'Is she an anal virgin?'


'Is that true bitch?' Louise nodded. The thought of that massive rock entering her ass was beginning to scare her; it was far too big, she would be ripped. 'Well pissy boy. You have seen the size of my cock. What makes you think she can take that in her virgin ass? What kind of idiot are you?'

'Look. I don't know what you want me to say.'

'Hmmm. I see your problem. Now, I do like the idea of that sweet white ass getting fucked. That was a good idea pissy boy. But it is just never going to work with me trying to fit this in it.' He grabbed his crotch. 'So, what are we going to do?'

Damon just stared him in the eyes and remained silent.

'Hey, I tell you what.' The smaller black guy started talking. 'How about I fuck her ass whilst she sucks your cock? Yeah, that will work. We just need to tie up this boy up.'

'Damn! That is a good idea. You see, my brother here has a long cock. Not as long as mine but still very long. But he is much thinner. Perfect for breaking in virgin white ass.' Louise felt oddly relieved. She was still worried about losing her anal virginity to a stranger but at least it would not cause the same damage as the huge cock that had made her pregnant.

The men made short work of tying Damon up. The men led his Louise away to the bedroom.

Damon remained calm. No-one knew, especially not Louise, but he had been planning what he would do next time these guys visited. Being tied up was not part of the plan but he knew he had quite a bit of time to try and get out of his bindings and implement his plan.


As Louise entered her new bedroom she began to get really nervous.

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