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She did her husband proud.

When I shut the door behind her and turn to Chloe, she's already jacking her phone into my stereo and flipping on Pandora. I sit in my recliner and she sits with me, in my lap. I manage to trick Leftie into being the one tasked with holding the mug of cocoa. No more unwanted groping. Not for a while, anyways.

We spend a good fifteen minutes or so sitting together, sipping our cocoa quietly. I down my mug in a couple minutes. Chloe rests her head against mine and cuddles close to me, and I'm grateful for her warmth. Even with the house's heat on full blast, it still manages to be chilly in my room. I guess that's Colorado for you.

"Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?" Chloe asks me sweetly.

God, I love the sound of her voice. It's light and raspy, almost ashy, and it manages to be adorable and incredibly sexy at the same time. If silk had a sound, Chloe would be it. Wait, what did she ask again? Oh, right.

"I already have everything I want," I tell her as I peck a kiss on her lips.

She melts at that, giggling cutely.

Then, a moment later, her tone changes. "Everything?" she asks.

Her eyes give me this strange look. It's a look of unease, regret, love, and lust, all rolled into one. It's a look I've seen before. This has been Chloe's routine the past few months. She tiptoes around that line I want to cross, the line I'm convinced she wants to cross. Is she waiting for me to give her that extra push? I don't know. I don't fucking know. I wish I did.

Some John Mayer song comes on Pandora. Chloe puts her soft hand to my clean-shaven cheek. "I love you," she whispers to me.

"I love you too," I whisper back.

I almost want to try it, right here, right now. We both want it. I know we do. But I'm nervous. I'm scared.

Leftie throws my empty mug aside and slips under Chloe's sweatpants, caressing her bare, inner thigh. I grab it to pull it away, but Chloe puts a hand on my chest and stops me. "It's okay," she says. Her legs open a bit more as Leftie runs further up her thigh with every stroke, closer and closer to her panties. Just as it's about to brush against them, Leftie slips back out of her pants and pulls Chloe towards me, straddling her onto me. She drops her mug onto the floor and spills her cocoa, but we don't even notice. Our eyes, hazel and brown, are locked. Our breath, slow and heavy, synchronizes. Leftie snakes its way under her sweater, up her back, to the straps of Chloe's bra. A few tweaks later and the straps pop, and Leftie pulls out her bra. It's pink.

Leftie grabs her sweater and I help it pull it up over her head. Chloe has a white shirt under it, but before Leftie and I do anything, Chloe's pulling that off too. Her breasts fall from her shirt with a bouncy drop. I don't dare to touch her at first, but Leftie does. It grabs her left tit and grips her firmly, and I follow its lead, grabbing her other boob, squeezing her flesh under my fingers. Chloe lets out a cute whimper as we fondle her, massaging her perky breasts. She gasps when Leftie gives her pink nipple a quick tweak, and I follow suit. A minute later and Chloe's nipples stiffen into hard little nubs.

What's Chloe's cup size again? I don't remember. It doesn't matter, anyway. Whatever the number, they're perfect.

Leftie doesn't stop there, and it brings her right breast to my lips. I know what it wants, and I do just that. I take her tit into my mouth and suckle it, and flick her nipple with my tongue. Chloe's whimpers turn to moans. Leftie pulls her closer to me, pushing more of her breast into my mouth. A thick dribble of my spit slips from my lips and falls down her boob, down over her flat stomach. Leftie grabs the waistbands of her pants and panties and raises them a bit, just enough for the trail of my spit to trickle down her bare crotch, where it joins her wetness. My cock jumps to attention at the thought of it.

The door to the bedroom swings open. "Ethan," my mom says, entering without sparing a single fucking knock.

"Mom!" I shout at her

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