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Lisa seduces a gay man.

My cock popped out of my briefs and she smiled for the first time, inspecting the goods, licking her lips. "Yum," she said seductively, rubbing saliva on her palms. "Very tasty looking."

In my anxiety, I next said one of the dumbest things possible, I reckoned. "I heard you like bananas, Linda." I winced even as the words left my mouth.

She grinned up at me, only too aware of the legend of The Button story. "Only as an appetizer, really. I'm more of a meat lover."

With that, she pulled my pants down to my ankles and I obligingly stepped out of them. She sank to her knees, and her next move took me completely by surprise.

Kneeling on the floor, she turned her back to me and lowered her head down, like a limbo dancer shimmying under an imaginary bar. She reached out and took a firm grip on the back of my thighs and pulled me towards her. My cock dipped down into her waiting mouth, which was wide open. Her long, pink tongue snaked out and licked the lip of my purple cock head, which was swollen and angry.

I watched from above, mesmerized, as she consumed my cock from this rather awkward, and certainly unique, position. She reminded me of a female sword swallower that I had recently seen on television on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon. Her eyes were wide open as the outline of my cock was clearly visible through the tight skin of her throat.

Almost unconsciously, as a snake would succumb to its charmer, I began to rock my hips forward and fucked her mouth, hypnotized by the vision of this magical contortionist in front of me.

She gagged slightly, my cock reaching the point of no return deep in her throat. She gasped for air, a large strand of spittle dripping onto her chin. Her eyes sparkled with glee. "You're big, too. Quite a prize."

She turned to face me, still on her knees, and positioned herself directly under my testicles, hanging down like red Christmas ornaments, and began to lick along my perineum while stroking my cock urgently.

I grunted a mixture of joy and disbelief. "Jesus Christ, Linda, that's fucking unbelievable....." What did I do to deserve this, I pondered silently. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the gift of this oral goddess.

This went on for a few minutes until Linda no doubt sensed that my stamina was not a match for this sneaky oral assault on my nether regions. Then, just as suddenly, Linda stood up, al five-feet-four of her, even in heels, and peeled off her tiny panties.

"I'll show you a favorite cheerleader move of mine. Lift me up," she commanded. I obeyed, taking her by the hips and raising her off the ground.

"Higher," she ordered. "Over your head, until my pussy is over your mouth." Who would dare not follow this direction? I held her so that her wet labia were inches from my nose, and inhaled her musky aroma.

"Now hold me tight, real tight, by the hips, I'm gonna spin down." Before I even realized what was transpiring, Linda twirled her body so that she was now upside down, her head perpendicular to the floor, and she engulfed my cock in one swift swallow.

Linda's sublime ass cheeks were now firmly in my hand, and her little pink anal rosebud was literally wedged into my nostril. From there, natural instinct took over. Although I could have never dreamed of this position, I knew just what to do. I buried my face into her golden cunt and began lapping at her flowing nectars like a thirsty puppy drinking from his bowl.

I guess you could call this a vertical sixty-nine position, I remember thinking at the time, my analytical mind never shutting off. Linda had the perfect body for such a maneuver, the quintessential "flipper". Better yet, she had the imagination of a inventor, and the sex drive of a ravenous nymph.

I also recalled a passage about nymphs from a Greek Mythology class. "They are divine spirits who animate nature. Their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and the chaste...."

And, yes, I was recalling this while blowing my first load of the night deep into Linda's mouth, and looked down to see some of my overflow cum dripping from

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