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Invite to dinner.

Oh, she is so darling, Vicki thought to herself as she began working her clit. And she responded nicely to me mothering her...I know that's what a girl like Karen need, she thought, as her breathing grew quicker. Vicki's fingers were getting busier between her legs. She used both hands, one to finger herself, and the other to alternately stroke between her ass and her other hand, and to work her clit, which was rather large and was well out of its hood.

"The way her breasts move under that softball shirt, oh god," Vicki panted as she got close. Vicki pictured herself lifting the shirt over Karen's head, and gently reaching around her to remove her bra. When she imagined taking Karen's nipple between her lips, she began to climax strongly. "Oh god, oh Karen..."

The rest of the day and evening, Vicki tried her best to make Karen feel welcome and comfortable without crowding her. At bedtime, wearing a flannel nightgown, she padded softly to Karen's bedroom and looked in. Karen was in bed reading a rather large, heavy-looking book. She had on a huge white tee shirt, and she was wearing glasses.

"Mind of I come in?" asked the older woman softly.

Karen looked up and smiled. Taking her glasses off and laying them on the bedside table, she said, "Sure."

Vicki sat on the bed and asked her about the book, and whether Karen was nervous about starting classes in the morning.

The young girl shrugged and smiled shyly and said softly, "Yeah...I guess I am, a little." She looked to Vicki and searched her face.

"I'll make you some tea to relax you," said the older woman comfidently. When she returned with the steaming mug, she held it out to Karen, encouraging her to drink. Vicki fed the young woman the first sip, then gave her the warm mug to hold. They talked and got to know each other more, until Karen finished her tea.

"That was really good. Thanks, Vicki," she said as Vicki took the empty mug to put away.

"All right, to bed with you, young lady," said Vicki as she arranged Karen's bedding and softly stroked her dark hair. "Sweet dreams," she said, and turned out the light. Then she went to the door. Vicki paused there and looked back a moment. Karen could see the lovely older woman silhouetted in the bedroom doorway. It made her feel safe and warm as she closed her eyes. Then Vicki turned and went to her room, smiling.

Over the next couple of weeks, the two got along famously. They talked all the time and Karen told Vicki all her dreams and hopes. Vicki never missed a chance to make Karen feel warm and secure, and, subtly, almost imperceptibly, to woo her, to court her. Vicki found every opportunity she could to touch Karen, to hug her, to give her little kisses. She also complimented her regularly. Karen soon grew used to being under Vicki's wing.

Then one night Karen had a date with a boy. Vicki privately thought that Karen being with a boy was a criminal waste, that surely no male deserved such a gem of a young girl. But she only said, "Be careful, Honey, and I'll be here when you get home."

Later that evening, Vicki was watching a program on television when she heard a car outside. She got up and looked, and saw a taxi bringing Karen home. The poor girl was in tears, and to make it all worse, it had begun storming, and she got soaked just getting to the door.

"What happened?" asked Vicki in alarm. "C'mon, let's get you out of these wet things, sweety, and you can tell me all about it." She guided the girl to her own room and undressed her and gave her a big white terry robe to wear. Then she cuddled her on her bed, holding the upset girl to her breasts and stroking her head as she spilled out her story about the pushy, rough, cement-head boy who had gotten angry when she wouldn't give in to him, and had left her to find her own way home.

"It's all right, shhh, you're with me now," cooed Vicki, as Karen held on tight to her.

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