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Things start looking up for the two love birds.

I'll drop you off wherever you want."

I roll on my back and look into those dark brown eyes of hers. "Really!?"

She nods. I don't know why, but I trust her. There is something about her... I want to stay with her.

I'm absolutely terrified of that giant cock of hers, though. But... The thought of belonging to her, having her protect me... It doesn't sound all that bad. Having a place to sleep and free meals. She is beautiful. "Please... just go easy on me. I've never done this before."

A giant smile crosses her face. Her hand slips out from under my shirt and grasps the back of my head pulling me into a kiss. Her tongue slips past my lips and wrestles with my own tongue. I've never been kissed like this before. Well... I've never really been kissed before. I feel her other hand grab the button of my pants, undoing them. She breaks away from the kiss and leans up, unzips my pants and yanks them off. There is a tent in my boxers and an even bigger smile appears on Edna's face. "Looks like you want this just as bad as I do."

She pulls off her shirt revealing a large pair of breast, her areolas are huge. She's got a rock hard set of abs too. She then takes off her panties, her monster cock springs free.

"You're gonna want to come over here and get my cock nice and wet, trust me... " she reaches her hand down and starts to stroke that python. "It'll hurt a lot less if it's coated in spit."

I crawl over to the end of the bed where she eagerly waits. Just looking at that massive log makes me shiver. I look up into those dark brown eyes as she urges her hips forward, bringing her cock a little closer to my face. It's only a few inches away. A musky scent hits my nostrils. "Go on, give it a taste."

Reaching out, I can't even wrap my fingers around the girth of her pole. I close my eyes as I stick out my tongue and lean forward. Pressing the tip of her cock against my wet tongue, it doesn't taste half bad. It's sorta spongey. "That's it!" she moans.

I open my eyes as I bring my tongue down her shaft. Holy shit, it can practically cover my face. "Good job! Now put it in your mouth!" she says.

I lick my way back up her cock and open up my mouth as wide as I can. Placing the head of her cock at the entrance of my mouth, it can barely fit inside. She urges her hips forward, pushing the tip of her cock completely inside. My mouth is utterly filled with her tip. Her hands grab a handful of my hair as she pulls my head in, further forcing more of her cock in my mouth. The tip is at the entrance of my throat. I place a hand on her hip and I try to push back, but her iron grip pulls my head in as she thrust that big dick down my throat. I can't breathe! It's completely blocking my windpipe. The sad part is barely half of it will fit in my mouth. I struggle and try to push myself free. She relents and pulls back allowing me to catch a lungful of air. But the reprieve is cut short as she slams that fat log back down my throat.

I gag and squirm as tears roll down my eyes. Finally, she lets go of my hair and I pull back as her cock pops out of my mouth leaving a trail of spit. "That was amazing! Fuck!" she moans. "Now let me get a piece of that ass!"

She forces me down on my stomach and I look back at her flooded with fear. "You promised you would be gentle!"

"Relax! I'm going to keep my word, I promise. It's just been too long since I've had a nice piece of ass like yours." She says as she pulls my boxers down revealing my bare butt.

"Oh my god, it's gotta be the best ass I've ever seen." She then pulls my ass cheeks apart and buries her face in between them. I can feel her tongue lick up and down my crack until it makes its way to my butthole.

SMACK! "AHhhhhh!" I yell as she gives my ass a good slap and a squeeze.

"This is too good to be true," She mumbles as her tongue tries to penetrate my asshole, which oddly feels kind of good. I feel it push pass my rectum, it's the weirdest pleasure I've ever felt.

I let out a moan as she starts to tongue fuck my

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