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How a pair of wedding day panties started the day right.

She was not the only one they targeted, but she was the one they targeted the most. Going inside, she made a quick meal and sat down to relax when her phone rang. It was her boss.

"Petra, this is John Smith, from ConScotts. I was checking to make sure you are alright." He explained.

Petra smiled, "Thank you, sir. I'm fine. You really didn't have to call." She added.

John sighed, "Yes I did. I would have stopped by, but I didn't want to intrude. Listen, I'm here and I can assure you things will be better when you return. Call me if you ever need to talk. I hope we can be friends Petra. I want you to know that you can count on me." Petra was silent.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. It's just that I know how you felt. My grandfather founded this company and my father ran it. My brother was groomed to become CEO, but he was killed. So I had to take over. The board of directors hated me and constantly challenged me. My mom stood against them but she had no real sway. So all I mean is that I know what it feels like to be targeted by a group that is stronger than you. I know how they feed on your pain. I was a contributor in my treatment of you as well and I do apologize." He exhaled. Petra waited.

"I don't have friends. The only time I am comfortable at all is at the office and honestly you being there made it bearable. I wish you had said something. I would have dealt with them sooner, but I understand why you never did. " John paused.

Petra spoke, "How did you find out?" She squeaked.

"Someone came and told me before I left and I caught them laughing about it." John explained.

John paused. He wanted to ask her if he could come over, but it was late. "Well, like I said, call if you ever need to talk. Petra, I'm, serious, call me." He took a deep breath. "Can I call you tomorrow?" He asked.

Petra paused: She felt uncomfortable, yet she wanted him to call. So taking a brave step she answered, "Yes."

John smiled. "OK, I'll talk to you tomorrow evening then. Relax, Ok. Don't worry about work, your position is safe."

Petra hang up the phone and was happy. Today was so different from the others. She helped people, others loved being around her, and her boss seemed to be true to his promise.

Petra sat and ate her dinner. Before long, it was late and she turned in. She told Pastor Munroe she'd be back at the help center early and she would keep her word.


The next morning, Petra rose early. She was at the center as it opened. The woman from the day before met her and offered a gruff apology. "Look, sweetheart, I thought you were one of those people. I mean, I don't mind helping the needy, but really some of them can do something to help themselves. Well they won't, as long as they have do-gooders like us around, they don't have to." She complained. Petra quickly removed herself from her company.

Pastor Munroe asked her to help prepare care bags. Care bags were simple to pack. Each day of the week, the center provided service for different demographics.

Saturday through Monday, they fed and provided care for the homeless.

On Tuesday, they packed care packages to be delivered to elderly and disabled people in the community.

Wednesday, he informed her was clothing day, Many people donated clothes, household items, etc... And people from the community could come browse and take what they needed.

Thursday, was ministry day. The church had auxiliaries that held meetings for various groups. And Friday, was potluck. Petra was awed, and grateful to be able to help even the smallest bit.

She even accompanied several women who delivered the packages. She was surprised to learn that several were packages delivered to her neighbors. Petra learned the names of some of the people that lived next to her. As they realized who she was, each one expressed their feeling about Tom. Petra smiled as she realized that that old cat not only touched her lives, but the lives of others as well.

Soon, like the day before, the day ended.

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