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Alternate version, replacing alternative pronouns.

"Oh Daddy. That feels so good. When you bite my nipples I feel warm and electric down in my tummy. Suck my titties harder, won't you Daddy?"

"Yes Baby. I could suck your beautiful tits for hours. Your pink areola looks so pretty and your cherry red nipples are making my cock harder. Can you tell?"

"Gawd yes Daddy. I think your Daddy cock is gonna tear thru your jeans to get to my little babygirl pussy. Am I right Daddy?"

I kissed her mouth harder and more passionately as I humped up at her puss. She pushed down onto me and I knew we couldn't continue this hyperforeplay any longer.

"Fuck me now, Baby. Sit on Daddy's big, hard cock. Give me some of that sweet pussy."

She stood up and pulled her jeans down and stepped out of them. She pulled her panties off and laid them on my desk, then unzipped my jeans. She fished inside the fly and squeezed my stiffening cock. She kissed me while she played with my cock and soon it was hard and pulsing in her warm hand.

She struggled to bend it to get it out of my jeans. Finally I stood and unsnapped my jeans and dropped them to my ankles. I sat back down and she climbed on, facing me.

She squatted above me. Her feet were on my chair and she held my shoulders as she lowered her magnificent pussy down over my cock.

The feeling when my cock first goes into her is the most exciting sensation I have ever known. Her pussy is tight and I always wonder how she can take my cock. It feels soft like velvet inside and is warm. It feels wet and slippery.

I look into her soft eyes when she feels my cock going up into her belly and I can tell she is overcome with the pleasure. I want her to know it forever.

When she was finally sitting on me with my cock stuffed all the way inside her, she smiled at me and started rocking back and forth. She leaned down on my chest so that her breasts were crushed against me and then she leaned as far back as she could. I held her hands to keep her steady.

She rocked in this manner back and forth and soon sped up until she was sweating with the exercise. Every time she leaned back I could see my wet, shiny cock shaft with her meaty pink lips surrounding it and then as she moved back to a sitting position I saw my cock disappear. Those images made me even more excited.

She fucked me that way for a few minutes and then started thrusting up and down on my cock. She squatted down on me, then bobbed up and then dropped back down hard so my cock was plunged deep into her.

She slammed her pussy down over my cock faster and faster and soon she was cumming. She never slowed as she moved through one climax and into the next one. She could cum at least five or six times in a row, all connected as if they were one huge orgasm.

When she had cum so many times, she always collapsed down on me, spent and exhausted. She liked to nap in my arms while lying on me when she recovered. My cock stayed in her as long as possible.

I sat still while she rested. My cock was still hard and I needed to cum. I started playing with her ass and she roused and reached back to the desk behind her. She raised up and pushed herself back onto the desk. Her feet were still on my chair and she now sat with her legs spread, Her pink pussy stared at me.

I stood and moved to her. She guided my cock into her waiting cunt. Her lips hung open invitingly and my cock head slid between them and had barely felt the deepest area of her vagina before I started to fuck her violently.

My balls slapped her ass as I drove my cock into her. Her pussy was juicy and hot from her orgasms and my cock was relentless as I rammed it into her as deep and fast and hard as I could.

She braced herself on my desk against my onslaught and the force of my thrusts slid her back on the desk. She tried to scoot back to the edge so I could continue my hard fucking, but my urgent need kept slamming her back.

We fucked hard against each other and soon I felt my cum rising and then shooting out and into her cunt.

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