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Caught and given a warning and a promise.

He let his thumb hover a moment longer before pulling his hand away from her body entirely. "I don't know why I'm doing all the work here. Show me how ready you are". She moved her own small hand to hover where his had rested only a moment before. She looked up to him expectantly, awaiting a sign that this is what he needed from her.

He nodded his head, hungry eyes watching as she slid a finger into herself. She exhaled a long, slow, shaky breath as she did so. Her legs pressing into him as her lashes fluttered. "Show me how ready you are for me" he said expectantly. His own lust and need heavy in his voice.

Reluctantly she removed her finger from herself and held her hand up to him as an offering. He sighed as he saw her need glistening on her finger tip. "Tell me how you taste" as he spoke he grabbed her wrist. Pressing her hand towards her mouth and she parted her lips obediently. Allowing her finger to slide along her tongue to the back of her skilled mouth.

She sucked hungrily at her finger tips as she watched His control faltering already. tasting herself was one of the few things that could break his composure and cool calmness in her presence and she enjoyed chipping away at his self control. "Like sugar Sir" she sighed holding her cleaned finger up for him to inspect.

He grabbed her outstretched wrist, biting her finger tip hard with the tips of his teeth before grabbing her hips again. His thumbs digging into the dips at the tops of her hip bones as his fingers wrapped around the small of her back. In one fluid movement he lifted her ass off the couch and was able to turn his body to face her. Crossing his legs and setting her down draped across his lap. Her head still pressed into the cushions of their couch with her legs wrapped around his waist, giving him an on obstructed view of her spread and exposed in front of him.

"Two fingers right here like this" as he spoke he began teasing his thumb up her slit. Her back arched and she whined as his thumb circled over her clitoris before sliding back down the length of her. "Nothing here..." He slid his thumb inside her and she writhed beneath him. "Or our game is done understand?"

She nodded dumbly, sucking her own lip between her teeth as her fingers replaced his own. Slowly, tantalizingly tracing the path he left for her. Her eyes not leaving his as he watched her movements hungrily. His hands wrapped around her thighs and his thumbs traced small, slow circles on the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh.

She moved her other hand to his, lacing their fingers as she continued to tease herself under his careful watch. He brought her knuckles to his lips and kissed them once before resting their joint hands on her thigh once again. His large thumb tracing the lines on the palms of her hands absentmindedly.

"One finger. Slide it inside of you slowly" his voice was heavy and cracking. Thick with his lust and need for her. She did as she was told, sliding her middle finger inside of herself slowly as he watched. Feeling the ridges and curves of her insides as she did so. When she had buried herself to her knuckle she paused. Waiting for his instructions.

He didn't give her any for a long moment. Just savoring the sight beneath him, knowing he couldn't maintain this self control for much longer. Long legs wrapped tight around his waist, little cunt entirely exposed to him. Pale stomach and ribs expanding and contracting rapidly as she struggled to catch her breath, obediently following his every command. He didn't let his eyes travel any farther, knowing if he looked into her needy eyes while she worried her lip with those teeth he would burry himself inside of her and the game would be finished.


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