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Archeologist in 1950s Mali finds fetish masters.

I blink, breathing hard, and the world goes out of focus for a few moments.

"You okay?" Mom asks sincerely.

I shake the fog from my head, give her a thumb's up.

She sets me down on her sticky, blueberry scented breasts and examines me closely. "I'm fine," I say, "just a little light headed."

"You're red in the face," she says, "and not in a good way."

"I'll be okay in a sec." The world slowly returns to normal, or as normal as it can be when you're just shy of nine inches tall.

Mom still looks concerned, but she brightens when I clamber to my feet in her cleavage and begin walking down her belly towards nirvana. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asks. I offer a desultory wave.

Mom spreads her legs wider, hooking one over the top of the couch and setting the other on the floor. I drop down on hands and knees when I hit her belly button and crawl the rest of the way, dragging my cockhead across her skin and leaving a shiny trail of slime behind me. Mom pats my ass cheeks with a finger, not harshly, but in an encouraging way.

I crawl through the fur of her neatly trimmed bush and approach the apex of her pussy. She is wet and open, glistening with fluid, lips flushed a coral pink. Her clit peeks out from under its hood. Mom can't resist giving herself a swipe, dragging two fingers through her folds and thwacking her clit with her thumb in what appears to be a practiced gesture. My dick throbs in response and releases another hefty glob of precum.

On my knees, I balance atop Mom's pubis and slide my hands forward, reaching out to caress and rub her sopping labial lips. Her juices coat my hands and forearms quickly, as I knead and push and rub. Her clit hovers underneath my chest. I crane my neck over the shelf of her pubis and survey her steaming gash. Its beautiful, pink, and delicious looking. Were I full size I would dive in and drive her mad with lips and teeth and tongue, but I'll have to make do with my whole body.

I contort my body, getting my legs underneath me in a semi-uncomfortable crouch, and balance myself with one hand. With the other, slick with Mom's precoital fluids, I grab my huge cock and aim it at Mom's clitoris. I drag my cock over her little nubbin, whack it a little with the head, saw my dick along her clit as if fucking it. My precum mixes with her juices, creating a frothy, pungent mixture.

Mom shudders around me, under me, and I hear her breath hitching. The muscles in her thighs bunch up. She kicks her feet out and raises both legs halfway into the air. Mom cries out as her orgasm crests. Her pussy floods with juices, and I start cumming as well, spraying a volatile flood of sperm onto her clit and pussy and thighs. I rise quickly and turn around, sending a spray of jism onto her hip before aiming the rest of my eruption onto her belly.

Mom's hands sweep around me, rubbing my cum into her skin. They caress her thighs, her pussy, her belly. She brings dripping fingers to her lips and cleans them greedily. Lust glazed eyes look down at me through a fringe of dark hair that hangs over her forehead.

Her hands, slick with my cum and her vaginal fluids, wrap around me and lift me up off my feet. "Fee fi fo fum," she says, "now I'm gonna fuck my son." She laughs at her little joke, a sexy little laugh, but I don't think it's that funny. Mom spins me around in her hands so that my head is pointed at her pussy.

That doesn't fill me with confidence. At the same time, with my arms and legs pinned, as well as my cock trapped under her hands, I can't really do anything about it. Still, my cock throbs under her fingers, hard and eager.

"Deep breath, baby," Mom says. I plunge toward her huge, warm, wet, vagina. I suck in a long, shuddering breath as I draw near, knowing that if I protest this, I'll miss my chance to get much needed oxygen. I think of swim practice in high school, and just hope she doesn't leave me in there too long.

Then suddenly everything is dark and pink and wet.

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