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Kate Upton seduces two men over the phone to visit her.

I was harder than I had ever been, and was stroking myself beneath the covers before I knew I was doing it.

Bree moaned louder and louder, she leaned back and forth, working her pussy furiously, just out of my sight. Finally she leaned back all the way, laying against my leg under the covers and bucking her hips off the bed. I could see her panties in the dim light as her shirt rode up, and her breasts were clearly outlined in the thin shirt, rock hard nipples and all, but the angle was wrong to see any more.

Her head back, her hair around her like a halo, her back pressed into my foot and ankle. Bree grunted hard, biting back a yell as she climaxed explosively. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, Bree relaxed. She lay there almost a minute, gently stroking the front of her panties. I was still rock hard, and I could feel my balls staining for release, but I did not dare move, did not dare make a sound as Bree lay there, utterly still.

Finally she sat back up, then stood up. Still facing away from me, she straightened her panties and tugged her shirt down where it had ridden up slightly. Her long brown hair hung in a veil between us. She moved quietly toward the door, but stopped long enough to leave the remote on my nightstand, then she slipped out as quietly as she came.

The remote had wet spots on it from her fingers that smelled strongly of her heady natural perfume. I used it to snap the TV off, but I stayed up masturbating quite a while longer.


The next morning Sarah borrowed the car. She and Bree wanted to go to the beach, but I claimed I needed to work on some of my client's books. In truth I just did not think I could be around Bree right then and remain in control. My dreams had been full of her the night before, and I was having trouble thinking straight.

I had started this whole thing as the upstanding and righteous adult of the situation. Even after Bree had kissed me, then played footsie with me in front of my daughter, I had felt guilty but I hadn't done anything wrong. I still was in the right, technically, but something inside me had broken last night when Bree had masturbated on my bed, in front of me.

I wanted her now, I needed her.

I had intended to explain to her that while it was cute that she had a childhood crush on the father of her best friend, it could never lead to anything. Now it was simplified. I was a man, she was a woman, and I was going to fuck the ever-living shit out of her. Screw the morality of it, screw the consequences, most of all, screw her. She wanted to be a sex object, then I would use her like one. I was angry, I was horny, and I was obsessed. I felt like the dark monster that lived in the hole of my loneliness had crawled out and was wearing my skin. All in all, it was a good day to not spend with my girls.

I hit my gym and worked myself hard, until I was exhausted. I took a hot shower, then I took a cold one, then I worked out some more. I went to all my favorite porn sites, masturbated, then went to clean up again. While looking for towels in the laundry room, I found Bree's panties. Green and white with a cute little cartoon frog just over where her cunt would be. They were the same ones she had been wearing last night, and they were laid out neatly atop the girls' laundry like a message, so I stole them.

They had been soaked in her juices, and the smell was indescribable. Sweet, earthy, salty. I sniffed them, every inch of them. I tasted them, and shuddered at the tanginess of her dried cum. I wrapped them around my cock, reveling in the sensation that I was touching an object that had been touching Bree's sweet pussy. I fucked that soft piece of satin like I was fucking Bree through time and space. I started gently and slowly, then gradually increased tempo until I was banging away at her as hard as I could.

I had never felt like this, I was manic.

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