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Insurance salesman as talk with daughter's friend.

"I'm cumming" she cried out joyously, and her hands squeezed his head to keep his tongue where they both wanted it.

Lacking arms, he couldn't hold his wife's thighs to keep his mouth and nose where they both wanted them but Richard buried his snout as firmly as possible in Molly's pussy and his tongue continued twisting and caressing inside her. She kept a tight grip on her husband's head while her ass bounced up and down and in all other directions and her legs swung erratically from side to side as they both fully enjoyed her cumming. When she climaxed, her body jerked and her pussy made one last thrust against her husband's face. After that, she lay quietly and her werewolf husband devoured all her fresh juices, the most delicious treat he could imagine.

There were still hours left before the setting of the full moon and, much as Molly was looking forward to getting on her hands and knees and being mounted and fucked, she really wanted to cum again from his tongue first. "That was wonderful, Sweetheart," she cooed. "Can we do it again? It's still early."

He was unable to speak except for meaningless wolf noises but there was nothing wrong with Richard's hearing. As always, he had truly loved eating his wife's pussy while in his wolf form and he wanted more of it, so he nodded his head, indicating yes. Molly once again lay on her back, her legs spread and her fingers holding her pussy opened. The dark, young wolf that was her husband stepped forward to again bring immense pleasure to both of them.

Molly's second orgasm from having her pussy eaten took longer and was even better than the first, even though, while in the throes of cumming, her strenuous and erratic thrashing separated Richard from her pussy. She climaxed seconds later so this did not cause a problem but, for their greatest mutual pleasure, they both prefer to keep his mouth and her pussy together. Afterwards, she lay quietly, gathering her strength and enjoying the feel of her husband's canine tongue as he feasted on her juices. She didn't rest and longer than necessary because she knew they still had hours of incredibly pleasurable love-making to do before the moon set and she was eager to continue.

When she was ready, Molly sat up and the mattress and moved over. "Okay, Sweetheart, time for your wonderful cock to get in on some of the action." Richard happily stepped onto the mattress beside her, ready for what, to him, was the best part of the night.

His cock was fully erect and all the way out of its sheath and Molly gazed at it with lust. The tip was bony and almost pointed and would easily enter her pussy once she had been mounted. After the tip, the cock that would soon bring her to ecstasy expanded into a long, thick cylinder, ending in a large knot, which was also tapered on the front to help it wedge into her and blunt right next to his body, to keep his cock inside her. Molly's pussy lubricated even more as she thought of what that knot would soon be doing for her clit. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip of Richard's cock and she licked it off, relishing its robust flavor.

Molly positioned herself on her hands and knees with pillows piled underneath. Richard stepped up behind her and licked her pussy and ass. She giggled and arched her back, prepared for the most wonderful cock she had ever felt. When he is a human, the loving couple prefers the full body contact of the missionary position but that had been proven lacking when he is in his wolf form, so they settled for what is usually called doggy-style for those times.

With Molly in position, Richard rose up, placed his mitt-clad paws on her hips and stepped awkwardly forward on his hind legs.

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