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The Pegasus crashes on an alien planet...

It struck him how helpless Zach was, and how much he must trust Ryan to share a bed with him. Quick on the heels of that thought, another followed: there were some potentially fun ways to take advantage of this situation. Perhaps Zach would wake up tied in a compromising position some night soon.

The pitter-patter of little feet in the hallway snapped Ryan out of it. He went to the door, opening it just as Jerry was about to knock.

"Brother Ryan, I'm hungry," the boy complained.

"Me too. Do you like cereal?" Ryan slipped out into the hall and shut the bedroom door.

"What kind?"

"I've got Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes."

Jerry looked at Ryan with a blank expression.

"You've never had them?"

Jerry shook his head no.

"They're loaded with sugar. You'll love them." He herded Jerry toward the kitchen. "But let's be quiet so we don't bother my friend. He's sleeping."

"Why? It's getting light out." Jerry trotted down the hall to the kitchen.

"We stayed up all night. I haven't even gone to bed yet." Ryan flicked the light on and pulled a chair out for Jerry at the kitchen table.

Jerry climbed onto the chair. "Why?"

"He was a long way from home without a car. I went and got him. Then we stayed up late talking." Ryan set a couple of bowls out on the counter.


The awkward why questions grated on Ryan's nerves. "The devil told me to," he snapped.

Jerry looked at Ryan with big, alarmed eyes.

Ryan felt instantly guilty. "I'm kidding. It's a long complicated story, with no devil in it." He poured some Froot Loops into one of the bowls and set them in front of Jerry, hoping cereal would distract him. "Try these."

Jerry ate a couple of Froot Loops and grinned. "This isn't cereal. It's candy!"

"Is it? Well then, would you like some more candy with milk on it?"

"Nobody puts milk on candy."

"I do." Ryan demonstrated this by pouring milk on his cereal.

"You're weird."

"Yeah, that's what people tell me." Ryan topped off Jerry's bowl and sat down to eat his cereal.

For a few minutes, Jerry inhaled Froot Loops and didn't talk, but as soon as the cereal ran out, the why questions started again. "Why don't you live with us in our village?" Jerry asked.

"Grown-ups don't usually live with their parents. Not in this country, anyway." Ryan decided on another strategy. Maybe if Jerry was busy answering questions, he'd stop asking them. Besides, he was morbidly curious about his sperm donor's cult. "What's your village like?"

"It has a lot of regular houses, and a green school that I'm going to go to next year, and a church, and some storehouses."

"Storehouses? What are those for?"

"Keeping things that people might need if there is an emergency."

"What kind of things?" Ryan had a bad feeling about this.

Jerry opened his mouth, then closed it. He thought for a few seconds before he said, "Just emergency supplies."

"What kind of emergency are people worried about?"

"If the government comes."

"Why would that be an emergency?"

Jerry narrowed his eyes. "Are you retarded or something?"

Ryan couldn't get a straight answer out of Jerry about the hypothetical emergency, and spent most of the rest of the day on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep while Jerry watched cartoons. Jamila called to check in around noon, saying that she had something else she needed to do and would be back soon. She wasn't back until dinner time, though, so Ryan never did get to crawl back into bed with Zach.


The day flashed by. One instant, Zach lay on his back, and the next instant, he'd been rolled on his side, with no sensation of movement. Ryan had been there what felt like a moment ago, but Zach couldn't tell now whether he was alone or not, because there was a blanket on his head. "You there?" he asked. There was no reply. He emerged from under the covers, and found the room dark with the door closed. Some kind of argument was going on in another room.

Zach found the lamp by the glow of the alarm clock, turned it on, and peeled the ski mask off.

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