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Coming of age for a young man in 1979.

She'd been talking about the history of the school, and didn't like the interruption. The source of the interruption happened to be a tall, well-dressed young black man who stood next to an older, balding black gentleman. Father and son are dressed to the nines, Sarah thought.

Volunteering as a tour guide on the First Nations University campus was something that Sarah enjoyed. She liked being surrounded by young First Nations men and women, a lot of whom were first-generation students. Some came from cities like Saskatoon and Prince Albert, and others hailed from further down in the Canadian Prairies, like Calgary and Winnipeg. It didn't matter to her, in a way, they were all family...

"Yes, Mr. Adilson, although there are lots of historically black colleges and universities in America, Canada only has one such university to celebrate First Nations cultures," Sarah replied, and she narrowed her eyes at Douglas Adilson, the international student from Atlanta, Georgia. Douglas chuckled softly, as though Sarah had just said something immensely funny. The dude had future class clown written all over him...

I must try to be nice to the foreign students, international students bring a lot of revenue to the school, Sarah reminded herself. She'd been given a list of names along with the places they hailed from, something which always helped with her tour guide duties. Lately, the international student population at First Nations University had doubled, with an influx of students from places like America, Nigeria, Guyana, China, and Mexico.

"Doug, stop interrupting the young lady," said the elder Adilson, and he playfully cuffed his son on the shoulder. Douglas rolled his eyes, and then flashed Sarah one of those smiles that must melt many a young lady's heart...back in Atlanta. Sarah smiled politely, even though she totally agreed with the elder Adilson, Mr. Antonio, according to her fact sheet, swatting his talkative son.

"Folks, please follow me to the library, it's the hub of campus, next to the student center," Sarah said, and her retinue followed her dutifully to the campus library. As to be expected, there were dozens of students seated at computer terminals, doing work, or casually browsing their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The kind of scene that could be found at any school in the western world...except that most of these students were of First Nations descent.

"Um, ma'am, do you have a minute, it's me, Douglas," came the now familiar voice, and Sarah, who'd bent over to get a drink at a nearby fountain turned and found herself staring at Douglas Adilson, the talkative African American from Atlanta. The young man smiled nervously and seemed contrite, and Sarah wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then nodded politely. What does this fool want?

"Hello again, Mr. Adilson, so, how do you like the First Nations University campus?" Sarah said, and she looked at the young man, who stroked his goateed chin thoughtfully. Looking past Douglas, Sarah saw that various members of her party were walking around the campus library, talking among themselves. Just my luck that I am stuck with this one, Sarah thought.

"Hmm, well, honestly, I think the school is okay, and if you're any indication, the local girls are hot, I think I am going to like it here," Douglas replied, and a wicked smirk creased his face. Sarah rolled her eyes, and barely bit down a smart-mouthed reply. Dream on, American dude, I want to marry a handsome and proud First Nations man, not mess around with foreigners, Sarah thought icily.

"Well, it's nice to have goals," Sarah said at last, and her reply seemed to puzzle Douglas.

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