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The straps crossing between her chest withdrew but her helmet and bonds remained, leaving her arms and legs trapped and her helpless.

Taking deep breaths Elaine tried to stay calm, if anyone wanted that footage they would have to come and retrieve it from the ship itself. That meant she didn't have to worry about becoming an overnight porn star just yet. The Spark was still drifting idly forward but wasn't responding to her controls. Next came noises from around her, the groaning of metal and something else moving around behind her.

Stories of Tanglers came to her mind and she became even more conscious of the cameras watching her every move. Tensing up her toned body against the metal holding her captive she tried to see if she could break free as the sounds overtook her and surrounded her.

Quickly abandoning the idea of breaking the ship's hold on her the young pilot collapsed limp in her chair, breathing hard inside the enclosed helmet. The sound of movement stopped, Elaine desperately searched her senses for any hint of what was happening around her.

Their only answer offered was a drop of her own wetness running down her leg and the pounding of her heart.

Feeling a tightening sensation around her knee Elaine looked down and stifled a scream at seeing a tentacle climbing its way up her leg, having already surrounded the metal binding and circling her thigh. More appeared, closing in on her from all directions.

At a glance the tentacles themselves seemed to be secreting some sort of clear liquid, already covering her leg and giving the vac-suit a reflective shine. The tip of the first tendril had already secured her thigh and the others had reached helpless form too, gently wrapping around her upper arms and one running across her breasts seemingly searching for something.

Elaine gritted her teeth in frustration as her nipples rose to meet the unwanted affections. The enjoyable sensation causing her to flinch. The moment she moved the previously gentle tentacles across her body tightened painfully. Biting back the urge to cry the young woman furiously hammered on the restraint release as her vision blurred with tears.

This was planned, the message, the cameras, her losing control of the ship and now this monster. Elaine promised herself she wouldn't scream. She wouldn't give the bastards the satisfaction.

As the alien creature continued to grip her body it's victim was grateful she could neither feel the texture of the thing nor smell it due to her space-garb, a small mercy in an otherwise very bleak situation.

Another tentacle appeared, this time appearing between her separated knees and making its intentions very clear as it relentlessly advanced on her sex.

Spotting it's approach through the visor of her helmet Elaine tried futile to pull her crotch out of the way, the vac-suit was still in place but she wasn't about to encourage the thing trying to rape her. As before, the movement caused the organic bonds to tighten further around her body. More tentacles appeared, moving faster than she could follow and wrapped themselves firmly around her waist and until now ignored thigh.

After firmly securing her lower body the advance resumed. It's tip pressed up between her legs, sliding left to right gently probing for an entrance. As it came into contact with her entrance Elaine flinched again, her own arousal and the nature of the vac-suit giving her a cameltoe through the tight fitting material.

Pressing hard into the gap, the Tangler passed her lips as the flexible vac-suit stretched to accommodate the intruder and only stopping after a short journey. It continued to press against the obstacle for a short while before quickly choosing a different tact. Yet more tendrils appeared from within the cockpit and began intimately searching the entirety of her body in search of a gap in her skin-tight armour.

Primeval panic rose in the pilot's chest as one lone appendage wrapped itself around he

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