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Jody joins in the fun.

His head started to buzz from overload and perspiration started to bead on his upper lip. Her feet did not stink to him, the leather and sweat combined to give them a certain odor that he could only describe as enticing. He removed his shirt and under shirt to reveal a well defined chest that he kept shaved smooth. Frank worked out and was proud of his body. Mary also worked out, but she leaned toward the aerobic end of physical fitness. She was fit and slim with small breast and a healthy butt.

Frank replaced her feet in his face, her toes on his cheeks and nuzzled them both alternatively. He ran them over the whole of his face, losing himself in the moment. Mary was becoming turned on as well at his manipulations and started to rub her thighs together. Frank never noticed this, he was lost in her feet. Her socks were slightly moist from her foot sweat, and he loved the cleft under her toes. His mouth opened and closed several times, his breathing had become rapid. Frank was in foot heaven and Mary loved his lack of control.

He stopped long enough to remove his socks, pants, and boxer briefs. He was totally naked now and he wanted Mary to join him. He reached for her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her breasts were freed and he noticed for the first time today the sweat running between her breasts. He leaned toward her chest and licked a bead of sweat, tracing it upwards and into her neck. She shivered at the feel of his breath and pushed him away. He looked at her quizzically until she started to remove her athletic shorts. He caught on and helped her out of them, pulling them down her long legs and off of her sock encased feet. He grabbed the waistband of the panties and tugged roughly on them and she raised her hips to allow the removal of her underwear. Frank stared with lust at his now naked wife. She parted her thighs seductively, and her lips opened slightly to reveal her pinkness.

Frank went back to her feet and pulled her left foot to his face, inhaling deeply her aroma. Mary loved the attention he normally paid to her feet during normal sex, this was a deep turn on for her. She could feel her mound swelling with lust, and her juices started to flow. She denied herself the pleasure of masturbation, wanting the lust to build even higher. She couldn't wait for Frank to remove her socks and see what else she had in store for him. Frank lowered her left foot and placed it in his groin, where she promptly went to work on his cock, rubbing her socked foot back and forth along his erection. He pulled her right foot to his face and continued his silent worship of her feet with little nuzzlings and love nibbles. The sock was drying rather quickly in the now cooled air of their bedroom and Frank removed her sock with tenderness, wanting to move to the next step of foot worshiping game.

The sock came off of her foot quite easily and Frank was shocked and pleased at the sight that awaited him. The bottom of Mary's foot was slightly dirty. It looked like she had been barefoot for quite awhile before putting on socks and shoes.

"That's right, my feet are dirty," Mary explained, "I did it so you could lick them clean. You have always wanted to be my little foot licker, now is your chance. If you do a good job, I've got a reward in mind for you."

"I love you," was all that Frank could mutter before Mary raised her foot and placed her big toe in his mouth. He licked the underside of her great toe with gusto. He was going to get his reward. He ran his tongue along her toe in even strokes, lapping away the grime and sweat. He pulled her toe out of his mouth and reviewed his progress, and then placed the toe back in his mouth. Mary smiled and removed her other sock herself and raised her foot to his mouth, placing that big toe in his mouth alongside her other one. He licked the newcomer with the same intenseness the other one had received.

Frank worked on her toes for several minutes, trying dutifully to clean them of their filth.

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