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Sexually confused, she consoles with her friend...

A small pert nose and a down at the mouth sad look. Oh and she wore flat heeled shoes. She wasn't more than forty and she wore no rings, but Babs had told me she was newly divorced.

"Well Janna, it looks as if we have been thrown together, I hope I haven't disappointed you, I think you look lovely, I particularly like your hair style. I either like a woman with long hair or cut like yours." Myself, I couldn't care less how their hair is, but I had to praise something about her, so she felt relaxed and that I had at least paid attention to her. Women like to be complemented on their dress or looks. Janna was no different, now the sides of her mouth turned up and she smiled.

"Thank you Duncan for your complement and no I'm not disappointed on being as you say thrown together, in fact I am very happy we have been. You are really a very tall and well built man. See you tower over all the men here, I've never been escorted by such a big man before."

We moved around and Janna introduced me to everyone, she seemed to know all of the people here. I too was being weighed up, for most of the people here I haven't met and are not amongst the class that I usually mix with. These were big business people, not shopkeepers like myself. Right away I could spot ladies that could use my service. Robert told me he could spot them, now I was beginning too. It was the way they looked at you and as they passed you, made a point of touching you with there dress, but pretending to look away. Their whole bodies were screaming "Look at me, I am willing". Body language was something that people can not hide; it gives you away no matter how much you try.

But my escort this evening was Janna and she deserved the respect and my full attention. I would give her this. I think she thought I would just be introduced as her partner and that would be it. She was real happy that I escorted her, allowed her to stand by my side and link into my arm whenever she felt like it.

There was a sit down supper and she sat by my side, she even brought her chair closer so she could be even closer. I saw this movement of the chair prior to us being seated. I even held the chair for her, as only two other gentlemen done for their escorts. This seemed to please her more than anything, getting treated as a lady.

She sat with her hand on my thigh as we sat at the table, gently squeezing it but neither moving her hand up or down. Just a gentle resting of her hand and the opening and closing of her fingers. When she had to use her utensils the hand was removed but replaced whenever she stopped. Here was a lady that was seeking attention. I am sure before the evening is over I will have at least an invitation for another meeting or to accompany her home.

Only Barbara had been on Roberts's list and this was virgin territory and excluding Janna. I spotted four, possibly five elderly dowagers who would only need to be approached to be invited to share the pleasures of the flesh. If I can keep in with this group, plus the Whist and Bridge club, I would have ample opportunity to fulfil most of my fantasies.

It was becoming obvious that the party was breaking up by the movement to the doors. One rather plump lady in her late sixties, whose name I had forgotten, approached me as I was standing alone. I hear you are a Whist player, next Saturday at my house it is my turn to cater for our little group, would you care to make up the numbers?"

"Certainly Ah..."


"Certainly Beryl I would love to come, but I don't have your address."

"Silly me," she said taking a card from her purse and handing it to me. "See you at seven then Duncan, casual dress for this occasion."

Now who told her my name? Janna suddenly appeared at my side, I suppose she had been to the powder room but she was all smiles. "I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening, it's a pity we have to end it so soon," she said.

I chuckled inside, I knew that this could possibly happen I was expecting though 'Could we meet again.', but this was also on the cards.

"Yes it is, I thoro

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