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The Goddess evens up.

I know she would never do anything with them. She wouldn't because she is a prude.

It makes me so angry to hear daddy begging her for sex night after night. Although he is older, his libido is apparently out of control. Mommy is like me with the fact that she can't whisper. Everything she says to daddy in their bedroom comes across loud and clear in my bedroom. The more I listen, the more I feel bad for dad. The more I listen, the more I want my daddy. I want to make things better for him the way he has always done for me.

Dad is quite the man. He runs every day and keeps himself in excellent shape. I have even noticed my friends checking him out.

Once again, I lay here attempting to get some sleep, but I am unable to because I am listening to mom and dad. Mom is being her typical self and refusing to give dad any sex. It breaks my heart to hear him beg like that. I hear mom finally get up and go to the living room to sleep on the couch and avoid dad's advances. I have had enough. I refuse to let mom treat him like this anymore.

When I hear mom settle on to the couch and turn the TV on, I decide that now is my time. I quietly sneak into their bedroom and touch daddy.

"Daddy, I had a nightmare" I whisper to him.

"Your mom is in the living room" he whispers quietly, turning to try and focus on me.

"Can I sleep in your bed daddy?" I leaned closer to him. Letting my pajama covered breasts to run across his arms. He patted the bed beside him and I quickly climbed in.

As we lay in the bed, I couldn't help but think of the conversation between him and mom earlier. Him begging my mom for sex. My mother refusing him just like she did as often as she could. I often wondered how I was even conceived considering her loathing of sex.

I snuggled up to daddy as close as I could get. He really enjoyed my body pressed to his. Since I always have been and was now a college cheerleader, my body was in excellent shape. I knew it was much better than my moms. I kissed daddy on the cheek and told him how much I appreciated him being my knight in shining armor. Although it was dark, I could feel him smile as he said, "that's my job baby."

As we drifted off to sleep, I felt daddy's hands begin to roam my body. Daddy wanted the attention of a woman. He wanted a woman to make him feel complete again. I just assumed that since they had been married for 17 years, they had grown apart. Daddy still wanted mommy, but mommy wanted nothing from him but the security of their marriage. She said it was the way it was in her family. Sex was a chore. I was not nearly as experienced as mom, but I knew that sex was wonderful. Sex was not a chore. I decided that it was time to give daddy what he deserved. The companionship he desired. The loving relationship he craved. I returned his sweet caresses. I felt his cock harden against my leg.

It was time. I reached closer and kissed daddy. I didn't kiss him like we kissed when he dropped me off for school. I kissed him like I had kissed my boyfriends.

Needless to say, he was a bit stunned and said "baby, we shouldn't, I wouldn't want you to hate me."

Again, I kissed him as passionately as I could. My kiss let him know that I could never hate him. We kissed for what felt like an eternity.

I began to explore his body using my hands. All the while, daddy was exploring mine with his hands. We continued kissing with a passion that had been brewing for years.

I whispered to him "daddy, I want you to make love to me, the way you want to make love to mom."

He kissed each cheek and told me how much he would love that and he really wanted to make sure I was serious. "Tell me again baby!"

"Fuck me daddy!" I whispered.

I had been snooping around mom and dad's room long enough to know that daddy liked it a bit rough and raw. He was in to bondage and discipline and I have even read most of his book called Different Loving.

Those words were all it took and Dad was quick to oblige.

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