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I use her on the toilet hard, deep and urine-covered.

In plain words I can't get it up anymore. There was a time when seeing you in that dress and those sexy heels would have had me as hard as an iron bar. The doctor's say that the condition, at least in my case, is all mental and I suspect that they may be right. It happened shortly after I caught my wife in bed with another man. All of a sudden I just couldn't function anymore."

I noticed that he was staring at Bettina's legs. Her feet were on the transmission tunnel and her dress had ridden well up her thighs. I don't know why I said what I did, I suppose that it was because of my pride in Bettina or maybe it was the alcohol I'd had that night, but whatever the reason I said, "Maybe it's because you aren't getting the right stimulation. I bet Bettina could get you hard."

Salmons gave a grunt of disbelief and then said, "If she could your future with the company would be assured."

I was treating it as a humorous situation, a joke, and I said, "How about it honey, give him a raise to get me one?"

I saw Bettina give me a look that would curdle milk and then, almost defiantly, she turned her head away from me, lifted her dress to her waist and then with one motion she took the dress up over her head and tossed it in the back seat. She was sitting between me and Salmons dressed only in her panties and her high heels and Salmons gave a low whistle and said, "Great God Almighty!" Bettina looked at me with an expression that said, "This is your idea - live with it!" She lifted her left leg and put it over mine and then did the same with her right leg over Salmons left leg. She sat there between us with her legs spread wide while a man who was a stranger to her half an hour ago feasted his eyes on her. The situation was way out of my control now and Bettina was in charge. She gave me one last defiant look and then turned and kissed Salmons.

It was a long kiss and even though I couldn't see from where I was sitting I knew that Bettina had her tongue half way down his throat. When they broke the kiss Salmons lowered his head and started to suck Bettina's tits. His hand went to her crotch and he worked a finger under the crotch band and his fingers probed her pussy. Bettina moaned as the fingers worked in her and after a minute or so Salmons said, "Take off your panties."

As far as the two of them were concerned I wasn't even there. Bettina took off her under pants and then she reached for his zipper. In seconds she had his cock out and she lowered her head and took it in her mouth. Salmons head leaned back and he groaned, "Oh god, oh god, so good, so damned good."

Bettina's hair hid what she was doing but Salmons groans told me he was getting a damned good blow job. A minute or so later Bettina sat up and looked at the monster that was jutting up out of Salmons lap. "Good God!" she said as she looked at what had to beat least ten inches of hard flesh. Without even an acknowledgement that I was there Bettina got up and straddled Salmons and then lowered herself and I watched in horror as that giant cock split Bettina's pussy lips. Salmons thrust up and I saw his cock slide up into my wife. He grunted as he levered his cock into Bettina and each new thrust brought a cry of pleasure from my wife and I broke out in a cold sweat as the situation continued to escalate. My cock was the only one that Bettina had ever known and now she was crying out in pleasure as another man fucked her. Salmons looked over at me and said, "You were right. She got me up. How does it feel sweetie?"

Bettina looked over at me and said, "It's the best I ever had honey. Just don't stop giving it too me."

For the next five minutes I got to listen to the slap, slap, slap of flesh meeting flesh, Bettina's cries of pleasure and Salmons groans. Finally Salmons said, "I'm going to cum sweetie, want me to pull out?"

Bettina looked over at me, eyes boring into mine and said, "Why? I earned it and I want it."

I don't know how much he pumped into her, but at least a quart leaked out of her when she climbed off of him.

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