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As she got up to get the tape, she wondered what she would do if Diana really did want to do what Allison thought her wink had insinuated... the girl time with Carrie during the gang bang at Todd's had been nice. Now, with a girl that she actually knew, maybe it would be even nicer. Maybe it would quell some of her more perverse urges.

Unfortunately, she would have to wait to find out, at the precise moment that she started pulling out the tape, her dad called to them at the foot of the steps, saying that dinner was ready. After dinner, Diana had to go. Allison waved goodbye and went back up to her room and wondered...


The next day was a Saturday, and her parents were having one of their pool parties. Roger was there, paying a lot of attention to her needs, and making sure that he was on hand to rub suntan lotion all over her back.

Butterflies started in her stomach as she stood talking to Roger and saw her cousin Chad walk in. Since it was the end of the summer, he was apparently back from Italy, and seeing him brought back a rush of memories that made her feel weak-kneed. Fortunately, coming in right behind him was Diana, possible support for her. Diana immediately came over to say hi, exchanging pleasantries with Roger as Allison watched Chad nonchalantly exchanging greetings with his various acquaintances as he worked his way over towards them.

"Hey cuz," he said when he got there, bending down to kiss her cheek - while simultaneous taking a discreet caress of her ass on the side where no one could see. Allison hoped that no one noticed she was blushing as she introduced Chad to Roger and Diana, but she had a feeling that her friend's watchful eye had caught the quick feel. Still, at least Roger seemed completely oblivious, and Diana quickly started working her flirtatious charms on Chad who responded rapidly.

After playing in the pool with Roger, Chad and Diana joined them, challenging them to a game of Chicken. Since Allison was taller than Diana, it was a lot harder for her to balance and she ended up losing after a rowdy game. She was slightly relieved that Diana and her step-cousin seemed to be getting along so well, and slightly jealous as well. Chad definitely knew how to give her what her body was craving, and she wasn't feeling so many of those moral hang-ups now that she'd had the entire summer to think things through. He was Todd... but well, he was a connection with him.

So when Allison offered to get them some drinks from the kitchen, and Chad tagged along to "help", she couldn't help but feeling a little bit of the fluttering excitement as they walked in together.

"Roger seems nice," Chad commented as she filled some glasses with juice.

"He is," Allison didn't really want to talk about Roger. Actually, what she was dying to do was ask Chad if he knew what Todd was up to... but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Mmm..." he was looking out the window to where Diana and Roger sat on some lounge chairs, laughing, "I like your friend a lot, Diana... she seems like a lot of fun." Allison nodded, as she put the juice away. Suddenly, as she was bent over in the fridge, his body was behind hers, grinding against her pussy a little. Moaning, she pushed back, wishing that he would just plunge in and fuck her hard. Instead he slid two fingers under her bathing suit and into her wet slit, pushing them into her tight hole. She sighed a little as he roughly pushed them in and out of her, finally something inside her pussy other than her own fingers.

"You've changed a lot haven't you," he commented, his fingers still working in and out of her pussy.

"Yes," her voice hissed a little as he rubbed his thumb against her clit, "Oh god.

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