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Phillip was enjoying this voyeuristic experience and knowing that the Base Commanders wife would not complain he decided to press the issue a tad more. Pushing firmly with both thumbs at the top of her hooded clit, he watched as the smooth pearl shaped nubbin popped out from its hiding place, and glistened with its own moisture. This time it was the Base Commanders wife that was taking the deep breaths and slowing exhaling.

"I'm going to need to use a speculum to see into your uterus, so I need you to hold your knees up and out with your hands." Phillip said.

As she pulled herself further open the moisture escaping from her gapping pussy pooled around her anus and as Phillip inserted and twisted the metal instrument into her vaginal opening he placed the pad of his middle finger over the puckered opening of her anus and let his finger slip in to the first knuckle. The movement of his finger in her rectum was almost imperceptible, but he knew that she knew he had penetrated her back door.

"I don't believe you're pregnant. You have a small polyp on your cervix, which I can and will remove. This protuberance could be the cause of your irregular menstrual periods or perhaps it's menopause. How old are you now?" He asked.

"Forty-one." She said, and after a slight pause she continued. "No, I'm really fifty-two, but if you ever say a word to anyone I'll have your ass."

Laughing Phillip smiled and said. "Madge you have an extremely beautiful and sexy body. You could easily pass for someone a lot younger. I'll never say a word to anyone. Your secrets are my secrets."

"Thank you." She said. "Will I be able to have sexual intercourse immediately after you take off the polyp, and how about masturbation?

Just a little surprised at her question Phillip was slow to respond. "You should probably abstain from sex for about a week, and as for masturbation it would be best if you waited a couple of days."

"Then how about helping me out now before you get your knife out?" She said while smiling seductively. "Your manipulations have made me as horny as a toad. Please it you don't mind?"

Phillip set aside the speculum as he took a long hard look into her beautiful green eyes before bending his head down and sucking the hood over her clit. He let his littlest finger slide into her poop shoot as he cupped his other three fingers and wiggled them into her vaginal opening. With his tongue flipping from side to side and his hand and fingers working her two openings, Madge bucked and jerked her hips like a wild animal before she grabbed him by the ears and pulled his face tight against her clit while experiencing a mind shattering orgasm. Recovering from her revelry she started to lower her legs when she realized that the doctor was standing with his erect cock pointed at her opening. With little effort and hardly any movement she was able to wrap her legs around his waist and pull him deep inside her moist slick tunnel.

After two or three very slow and deliberate withdrawals and repositioning, he started to quicken his pace until he was slamming into her steaming cunt as hard and as deep as he could. Phillip unloaded his pent up life juices when he felt the Base Commanders wife shutter with another climax. He leaned over her body as his withering cock slipped from her sheath. A beautiful smile spread across her face as their eyes met and Phillip returned her smile with a grin of his own.

"Wow!" She said.

"Wow, indeed!" Phillip laughed. "Pull your legs back up and let me clip off that little bugger." Phillip said reinserting the speculum in her cum soaked pussy before cleaning her up and finishing the minor surgical procedure. "You're going to bleed for a little bit so keep this pad on, and you should come back and see me in a week."

"I'll be looking forward to it.

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