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Brother's love.

Her hips are thumping into the seat."

"What about Tess?"

"You can likely see her as well as I can, but I think her shoulder action suggests that she's either frigging herself or jacking Daddy off.

As we spoke, Kaylee's fingertips for the first time lightly brushed against the swollen head of my member. We were both silent for a moment. I can not speak for her, but I was contemplating the consequences of allowing her to take this further. We were clearly approaching the point of no return.

The aircraft meanwhile was approaching Elysium Island. The pilot announced seatbelts. The initial crackle of the loudspeaker was all that it took to startle Kaylee out of whatever fantasy land she was in. She jumped upright in her seat, shook her long hair from side to side, withdrew her fingers from my shorts, and clasped both hands in her lap like a Catholic girl ready for confession. Though I doubted even a priest would take confession from a hottie in a bikini and wrap skirt, with an all over tan, without thinking of a few sinful desires.

The blonde immediately bobbed upright when the announcement commenced. Her tiny right hand flitted quickly across her face. "Is she wiping a cum trail off her chin?" I asked Kaylee.

"I can't see," she replied.

Meanwhile, the blonde quickly straightened her micro skirt, as if 'Daddy' had not hurriedly withdrawn his fingers from her no doubt soaked pussy. Both of the older folks were sitting rigidly upright in their seats. I briefly wondered whether I had dreamed the whole incident. After all, wasn't I on the way to the Island of Dreams?

As the plane bumped to a rough landing on the Island airstrip, Kaylee leaned even closer, her full breast pressed hard against my arm. "Remember, at customs, I am your wife, Kellie," she whispered. "It might help sell it if you show a little affection."

"Just how much affection?" I asked as we climbed out of our seats and down the rickety rolling stairs to the tarmac. "Like this?"

I paused on the apron and placed my hand on Kaylee's shoulder, pulling her closer. I opened my lips slightly as I kissed her.

She giggled as she fell back off her tip toes ending the kiss.

"No, not like you might kiss your sister in law," she said. "More like this."

She took my hand in hers and placed it firmly on her tit, clamping it in place, and then reached up, putting her other hand behind my neck. Her kiss was nothing like my tentative effort. Her lips were wide, her teeth parted, and her tongue forced its way into my mouth before I could even think.

Instinctively, my free hand dropped to her hip, caressing her thigh, and then working around to squeeze her buttock. I was still just sane enough to realize that I was correct - Kaylee was in better shape than my wife. She was also a much better kisser. My cock throbbed in appreciation. Perhaps she sensed this, or just knew she had that affect on men, because Kaylee continued the kiss, her tongue dancing lightly across my teeth, while she stepped tighter to my body, grinding her pelvis against my hardness for everyone to see. Only then did she step back, but her hand trailed slowly across my shoulder and down my chest, resting at my waist.

"There, I think we sold that," she said, still laughing.

The young blonde passed by just as Kaylee pulled back, and paused, locking eyes with Kaylee and grinning. My sister in law remained irrepressible. "Thanks for the in-flight entertainment," Kaylee said, "It beat some dumb movie."

"Trust me, it was my pleasure," the blonde said in a teeny little girl voice.

Customs coming into resort islands are always relaxed.

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