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Stranded Cameron Diaz gets boinked by a mechanic.

I hate to leave you like this, but I must. If you want to get together this weekend, maybe we can solve both of our problems."

Jeff thought a moment and then whispered back, "I'll have to check with Roni; she has me on a pretty tight training program."

"I understand. Have her call me and we will set something up." Then she stood up and pulled Jeff up with her. "Roni and Sam, this has been great, but I have to get home."

Roni stood up and went to give her a hug and kiss. Jeff walked her to the door and took her in his arms and kissed her fervently as both Sam and Veronica looked on carefully. Sam said quietly to her sister, "I think our boy will be ready by the weekend, don't you?"

"Yes. I am pretty sure he will be."

Maxine left and Jeff turned back to the sisters who were smiling at him. Jeff blushed.

Veronica said, "Why are you blushing? The two of you hit it right off very well."

"Yes, I guess we did, didn't we?"

Samantha added, "Well be aware that she is full of surprises. She likes nothing better than giving and receiving oral and anal sex. Are you up for that?"

"I...I guess. I have never done anal, but I could try under the right circumstances, I guess."

Samantha replied, "Well you saw it in the movie; think about it. If you think you can, maybe we can invite her back this weekend. It has been fun, but I am going up to bed. Roni, are you going to take care of Jennifer?"

"Yes, I'll make us a cup of coffee and see that he goes to bed soon. I am going to work him hard tomorrow. He needs a good night's sleep."

Samantha kissed them both good night and Jeff followed Veronica into the kitchen. Jeff said, "Rather than a coffee tonight, I think I would rather have another of the pink drink. Those today were especially good."

She smiled at him and replied, "Sure, I adjusted this batch a little and it is really better than before. Will you get me a glass down from the top shelf? I can't reach it." As he reached up, she put the sedative in a short glass and poured the pink liquid in it. She poured the rest of the liquid in the tall glass and carried the two into the living room. She handed him the short glass and sat on his lap. She could still feel his aroused cock.

"So, did you have a problem being treated like a woman tonight?"

"Not really. Once things started, I think I felt very comfortable with it."

"That's what I was thinking. I don't know if you realize it yet, but you have lost a couple of pounds this week and we have really toned up some of your other muscles very nicely. That and your flexibility has really improved too. You do those overhead stretches so easily now. How do you feel?"

"I feel really pretty good. I guess maybe I have lost a few pounds, but I am thrilled about the flexibility I have gained."

"Why don't you get down and see if you can do one cold."

"It might be hard with these shorts on; they are kind of snug."

"Take them off. I like doing these stretches in the nude too. I'll do one with you."

Jeff wiggled the shorts off and they lay on the floor together. Each of their legs went over their heads at the same time. Once again, Jeff had to take his hard cock in his mouth. He looked over and saw Veronica in almost the same angle, but her pussy was several inches above her mouth. She said, "I like that you can do that; I can't. Do you like it in your mouth?"

He turned his head to the side and his cock rested by his ear. "At first, it was just a nuisance, but after the first couple of tries, yes. I kind of like it. It is a little embarrassing but..."

"Don't be embarrassed. This is something that you can do that most people can't. I think it looks sexy as hell watching you." She rolled back and sat next to him and held his cock in her hand. "Go ahead and do it. I want to watch you close up."

Jeff moved his head back around and as he opened his mouth, she put it into his mouth.

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