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Beth's chooses to be a slut and returns home.

I flicked it back and forth. Slow cycles to start. Then I increased my pace and pressure. I carried on for a short time. But it was long enough to help get you off. I could feel your heartbeat getting stronger, faster. Your heart beat harder as your excitement grew. As your excitement grew, your breathing became labored. You took deep breaths, but didn't hold them long. As I worked your clit, back and forth, fast and hard, under my middle finger, you breathed in and out in pulses. I knew you were getting close. Your right hand went to your left breast, the one I had ignored. You played with your nipple. You gripped and massaged it. You pinched your nipple. You pushed yourself over the edge. As I fingered your button with fast, small vibrations, you played with your tit.

Your body started to quiver. It shook. I watched as your orgasm took over your movements. Your ass rocked into me, dry humping my cock between your ass cheeks.

Your orgasm was different from what I remember of last night. It was deep and silent. It rattled thru your body more. It was less verbal. But it was palpable. I felt it run thru you. It started in your pussy. Deep behind your pussy. Waves of pleasure radiated up and out. Following each wave came a quiver, came a shake. Your whole body convulsed and rocked into mine. Your sweat-beaded shoulders pressed into my chest. Your ass nestled against my cock.

I didn't stop my attention to your clit. I wanted to milk all of the ecstasy out of you. Back and forth in mini gyrations. Waves of pleasure flowed. Your body shook. Your breathing was hard and fast. It matched your heart beating.

I lessened the pressure and slowed my pace. I didn't want to over stimulate you. Your body came down in rhythm to my stimulation. I stopped my vibrations and switched to long slow tracing of the outside of your hood.

As your heart calmed and breathing returned to normal, I wanted you to know that we weren't done. My intention was not to just be there for you. We were going to be there for each other.

I ran my finger down your slit and into your pussy. I entered in one, deep stroke, applying little pressure. Your excitement made it easy to enter you.

I wanted you to feel full. I wanted you to have me in you.

I was patient. I waited for you to relax. For your orgasm to fully subside.

Your chin was resting on your left shoulder. Your cheek pressed into your pillow. Your eyes were closed. You may have thought you were dreaming. You may have wanted to drift off back to sleep. Letting you sleep may have been nice. But my cock was as hard as it had ever been. Your sex simulation on it while you came had it leaking precum. I was not going to be able to sleep. So you weren't going to be able to sleep. I retreated my finger out of you. I needed what was to come next.

I slid down the bed a few inches until my hips were fully below yours. My hand on your knee, I raised it over you, over us, to give me better access. You felt my hardness as I smacked it against you. I slid it back and forth over your wetness, coating it.

I slid down the bed another inch so that I could line up the head of cock with your opening. You arched your back away from me. Your experience showed. You gave me better access. I tried to line it up. I applied some pressure with my hips to enter you. It wasn't quite right. I started to back off to try again. But I didn't need to. Your hand came down and with all four fingers flat on my shaft, you guided my head into you. I wanted to be gentle and start slowly. But my body betrayed my intentions and pressed all the way into you. It felt good to be in you. You were hot and tight and wet.

I sat in you for a minute. I didn't want to move. I needed to savor the feeling of you. Then instinct took over and I started to rock back and forth. I continued to rock back and forth. I wasn't so much fucking you as I was rubbing my hard tool against your insides.

I shifted out my elbow, propping myself up.

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