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Accountant is introduced to a new lifestyle.

"Hey, watch where you're stepping," Sheronda said, dusting the sand off her tummy. The coat of lotion caused some of the sand to adhere to her skin.

"Let me get that for you," he said teasingly as he poured a handful of sand over her full bush.

"Oh, you want to play games, do you," she responded, sitting up and pushing Sebastian off the blanket and into the sand. Some of which immediately stuck to his wet skin. The black beach sand clung to his erect love pole, which stuck straight out from the white patch on his mostly tanned body.

Sebastian grabbed her in an embrace as they started to roll in the sand. Sheronda was on her back when he started to kiss her passionately. Their tongues clashed together in a playful manner as his lips made little nips around hers. She could feel how much he had fallen in love with her. It electrified her down to her very core, both sexually and emotionally. Now, she could only hope that he could feel how truly in love she was with him. He was her world, her lover and Master.

The couple went down to the water to rinse off in the part of the beach that had been sectioned off for swimmers only. Sheronda walked into the crashing waves and was knocked off her feet unexpectedly. It was a little scary to be lifted off the sand and to be twisted in the undertow of the waves. Somehow, she was able to keep her head above water. Sebastian started to laugh, watching as his playmate fought to regain her footing. Noticing another huge wave coming in, he stepped to her side in order to pull her to back onto shore. When she was safe in his firm grasp, the water receded, leaving Sheronda on her side, trying to catch her breath again. Before the next wave could wash over them, he picked her up and strolled away from the water's edge. They sat on the sand as he embraced her and tried to make her feel safe and sound again.

Sebastian caressed her back to give her a measure of security. She moaned at the relief she was receiving from her lover. It felt fantastic to have the ill feelings rubbed away with his tender, loving fingers.

Sheronda snuggled in her lover's lap as he cared for her. She started kissing his shoulder. Meanwhile, her fingers started playing with his chest hair. She could feel him getting hard against her bottom. It tickled a little, which caused her to giggle against his shoulder.

He lay back on the sand, taking her with him. She straightened out over his body to enjoy his embrace before she kissed his salty lips. In the midst of the kiss, a huge wave came crashing up the coastline, washing over them. The wave was gentle and it excited their skin at the same time. They both started laughing at the wave that rolled over them when their kiss ended. Full of energy, they went back into the water to play in the waves as if they were teenagers.

After about fours hours of tanning, playing in the surf, and of course, the erotic rub downs, they were both so horny they could not stand it any longer. Waiting to return to the cottage was out of the question. They wanted something more fulfilling than their playful hands. They did not want to perform directly in front of everyone, even thought it would not be a new experience for Sebastian and Sheronda. He decided to move them down the beach about twenty yards, putting just enough distance between them and the other beachgoers. This would still allow them to be in plain sight for everyone to watch, but allow them some level of privacy. Sheronda spread their blanket down near an outcropping of rocks. She then knelt in front of her lover to start washing the lotion off his sex pistol with ocean water.

Oskar, a single guy on the beach, knew what they were up to.

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