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Belly dancer seduces an old friend.

The memory of his tongue stroking her had her clenching her thighs together all day, gritting her teeth and trying to erase the feelings from her brain. Her conscience lost the battle with her desire when Colin pulled her knickers to the side and slipped two inside her greedy cunt.

His thick fingers filled her as well as some guys' cocks had, rough skin sliding deliciously along every nerve ending. He released her nipple, grazing her with his teeth as he came off it, then rested his forehead against her chest.

'You liked that, this morning, didn't you?' He asked, his voice a low rumble.

She turned her head away.

'Did you?' Colin looked up at her with an intense expression.

'Yes!' Mariana cried breathlessly as he started pushing a third finger in.

'I could feel your pussy grippin' me.' He shoved the third finger in to the knuckle.

Mariana choked on a moan at his words and the stretching of her cunt. It hurt, but, much like everything Colin did to her body and to her, it mixed pleasure with pain.

Suddenly the fingers were yanked free, and she slid down and found herself straddling the ridge of his cock. Her hips rocked unconsciously, sliding her turgid clit along his hardness. He gripped her hips and pulled her up, quickly positioning his cock, and then pulled her back down onto it.

The thick head split her wet folds as she sank down, dropping her head on his shoulder as she took all of him in. There was so much of him...too much, really. The way he filled her made her feel both overwhelmed and delirious, like the rush one gets from doing anything on the verge of what can't be handled.

She started to move on him slowly, her legs already beginning to shake.

Slowly apparently wasn't good enough for him, because his fingers dug into her hips and he started hauling her up and down on him, lifting his hips to get deeper inside her. Wetness poured from her and her body started to shake, but before she could climb to her peak, he was groaning and yanking her down by the hips at the same time as he surged upward. His cock swelled to a painful size inside her. He moved his hands to her shoulders, gripping them from the back and pulling her down by them as he shot streams of seed inside her.

Mariana spasmed around him, trying to follow to her own orgasm. His head dropped forward then turned to rest on her shoulder.

'Fuck,' Colin whispered sharply.

'What?' Mariana snapped up, turning to see what he was looking at.


But it was too late. Mariana felt faint as her gaze locked with Davey Jones, who stared back at her incredulously from his car.


This was not going to be a good day. Colin wiped his hand down his face as he lay on his back, trying to forestall having to get up and deal with the nightmare that his life had become.

He briefly wondered if he deserved it for having started all this.

He'd hoped to bargain with Davey, to plead or to threaten him into not telling, but Davey had driven off as soon as they'd spotted him, then Mariana had gone into hysterics, screaming and trying to hit him and taking all his focus while Davey got away. Davey hadn't been there by the time Colin had screeched to a halt in front of his house. The numb feeling of dread had tightened into a knot when Davey's mum had finally confirmed that she'd heard from Davey and he was at Sara's; it had only grown overnight. He felt nauseous, but unable to vomit.

He wasn't particularly surprised when his mother told him Mariana wasn't feeling well and was staying home from school. She looked extremely worried, which Colin figured meant she knew that Mariana's problems were more mental than physical. He'd eaten little - something that hadn't happened since he'd had mono - then proceeded on to school.

He tried to formulate a game plan.

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