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A girl learns to like it rough - from her best friend's dad.


Desire surged when I realised she was going to do it. I wanked at my dick, mindless to the climax simmering down in my root.

"A rude boy like you will want to see my quim."

She had her thumbs hooked into her knickers, eyes set on my face.

"Your auntie's pussy, Aunt Cathy breathed."

I gulped, staring as the sensations whirled in my guts.

"Dirty, nasty, filthy little pervert," Aunt Cathy continued, smirking at me. "You should be ashamed."

She said it and then unveiled her vulva in a quick, deliberate action, sliding her briefs over her thighs and down to her shins. When she was naked, my aunt took a dainty step out of her knickers, posing unashamed, fists on her hips.

With my aunt's frontage presented, I gawked at her body, delight ballooning inside me as my eyes soaked up the detail of her hairless mound and the thick meaty inner lips peeping from her intimate folds

"Yeah, I can see you like it. Getting a thrill from seeing me bare? God, you're such a pervy pig, Scott. I really should tell your mother what you've been doing."

She thrust out her pelvis in a provocative action.

"Get a good look. This is all you're ever going to get. I'll give you a few minutes to wank it out. You can look at me, Scott. But when it's over I'm getting dressed and we'll never talk about this again."

"Aunt Cathy," I said, gasping it out in excitement. "I want to fuck you," I moaned.

My aunt's eyes went wide before she leaned in. Her boobs swung and swayed and almost caused the rush of delight to flick from my cock.

"Filthy fucker," Aunt Cathy breathed. "How fucking dare you."

Out of control, I reached up and grabbed at her breast.

My aunt squawked and stood upright, slapping my hand as she cried out "No touching!"

I tugged at my cock, wild with desire. "Please," I sobbed, reaching again.

My aunt slapped at my hand. "No. I told you, you can look, but I won't let you touch. Only my special boys get to touch me."

I gawked at her. "Special boys?"

My aunt rose upright. She smirked, taunting me by squeezing a breast.

"It takes time and effort to get with me," Aunt Cathy said. "I've got a few boys I keep hanging around for fun. Most of them don't get to touch me at all. Some I'll let fuck me."

"Oh, please let me, Aunt Cathy," I moaned, desperate to feel her.

"It's doubly worse for you, Scott," Aunty Cathy said with a shake of her head. She pouted, like she was sorry. "I can't let you touch me because you're my nephew. That would be so very wrong. Be grateful I let you see me in the nuddy. You know I shouldn't, don't you, Scott? I mean, I'm your aunty. It's naughty doing this as it is. I'm only letting you see me bare because I like to tease. You've been so wicked, I need to teach you a lesson. So you can look and wank. Get a good eye full, Scott. It must be torture knowing you'll never get to feel my skin."

My aunt stroked the undercurve of her breast, closing her eyes as she sighed.

"Such a shame," she continued, smirking at me. "Soft, smooth skin. Poor Scotty."

Aunt Cathy turned to show off her rump.

"My bottom," she said through a sigh. "Nice and round, isn't it, Scott? A lovely big arse. All my boys like my backside."

Then, in a shocking display which made me suck in a lung full of air, my aunt levered forward and angled her hips while splaying her buttocks.

"Can you see my sweet arsehole, Scott?"

I gazed at the smudge of Aunt Cathy's sphincter, her cunt gaping pink and glistening, labia heavy as they parted with sticky reluctance.

"I let my boys lick me right here," Aunt Cathy murmured. She dabbed the tip of a finger against her rectum, then stirred her sex with two fingers going inside. "I love to feel a hot, wet tongue probing into me back there. It's so fucking nasty," added my aunt as she turned to face me. "Don't you think, Scott? Isn't it a bad thing to do? Lick a lady's bottom. Would you like to do it?"

"Oh, Aunt Cathy, could I?"

My aunt eyed me with an odd look on her face.

"Taste it off my fingers, Scott," she said on a sigh. "Right there, that's my twat."

She stuck her fingers between my

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