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Gently Xany started moving her finger in and out, just before she pulled out to tease her friend with a flick past her clitoris one more time.

Xany stood up and sat down behind Yu__ng, this time wrapping her arms around the nymph.

"Now you are mine..." She purred into her ear softly, feeling the nymph shudder slightly. One arm she kept close about the nymph, while the other glided over her breasts a moment to tease before going down. Down to the one place the Nymph was longing for.

Her fingers explored both the edges of the nymph's female parts, feeling the edge of her labia and then moving further inside to feel the orifice and the sensitive perineum.

To increase the effect on the already aroused nymph, she tilted her head slightly and moaned softly into her ear. Feeling her own heart beating faster while the images in her mind were true to the eye.

Suddenly, the nymph shook up.

"Why you little elf... no one has given me a fantasy before... Would you be the one?"

Xany looked at her and asked with a sense of curiosity. "What would that be then?"

The nymph responded with only a sly smile about her lips.

"Well, tell me! Or I will just let you come in my fantasy." Xany pressed on.

The nymph blushed, looking shy. "I wonder what that would be like."

"You never came?" The young elf asked with surprise.

The nymph looked deep in her eyes with a weary smile... "I have had it happen many times, in the fantasies of my lovers. But the magic only works one way and only the person that receives the fantasy gets the true release. I need the fantasy to come from a mortal, And in the end; who wants to please the giver of good feelings, if there is so much to take?"

Xany shook her head in disbelief. "If I conjure up a fantasy, can you make it your own?"

Yu__ng smiled and nodded, leaving Xany to close her eyes once more. Many thoughts came to her mind, but she needed only the best to bring to this nymph.

Suddenly, a figure stepped forward, almost out of nowhere.

Xany looked up at the figure, recognizing the man from her awakened fantasy at the moment his features were shown. He was naked as the day he was born, yet his manhood conveniently stood ready and firm. Xany pondered for a second and then mumbled to herself.

"This just keeps on getting stranger."

Amused by the fantasy coming alive thing, her mind wandered a while, letting him lay down on his back and then guided the nymph to lay on top of him with her back against his front. With her one hand she guided her friend to place her hips just so that she could hold the tip of his piece against her orifice. With a kiss on her lips she mentally pushed the nymph to lower herself, a fantasy she just had to oblige. As the nymph closed her eyes and moved in on the man, he slowly entered her. Xany took her seat besides them on her knees and let her hands roam freely over the nymph her body. The nymph pulled her closer with her arms and pressed her lips once again on hers. Slowly she began to ride up and down as his manhood throbbed into her vagina.

Xany herself felt excited by it, her hands roaming from insensitive places to the more sensitive. Eventually ending up with one hand to massage the nymph her breasts as the other went down to move over her own clitoris.

Yu__ng breathed heavily as she pushed her pelvis down against the man, making his stiff limb pushing only further inside her. His hands crawled over the nymph her back and Xany knew it was not her that ordered that in her fantasy.

She let her fingers rub over her clitoris while her other hand moved from Yu__ngs' breast down to her vagina, to then touch the manhood that was penetrating her.

The guy moaned.

Amused by the sound from the up until then silent figure, she continued to probe him there, going just a bit lower and stroking him.

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