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Kira is abducted in Paramaribo.

he bank yet?"

"No Mistress I have not."

"Well let's go then." Said Sangitta.

She took Julie by the hand and headed off towards the bank. She was not going to be that mean and let Julie buy everything but she wanted Julie to feel that she owed Sangitta something for taking her on. They both withdrew money out of the bank and then they hit the shops.

For the first couple of hours they just perused what was on offer and then they decided to stop for lunch. They found a quiet little Bistro and ordered a table for two. They were shown to a nice quiet booth away from the main crowd of people and took their seats.

They took hold of the menus and looked at what was on offer. When the waiter returned they placed their order and also requested a bottle of wine to go with the food. As they waited for the food to arrive the wine came and two glasses were poured. They clinked glasses and said.


As they drank and waited for the food to arrive Sangitta asked Julie what she would look good In both under her clothes and on top. Julie made some suggestions but said that she would show her when they hit the shops again.

Eventually the food arrived and as they ate they just generally chatted about this and that and soon the food was finished. They drained the bottle of wine and then they paid the bill and hit the shops again. This time they started buying things.

Julie gave advice to Sangitta.

"If you are going to be a Mistress and by the way I think that you will make an excellent Mistress then you have to change your style. You need to dress more severe so that your role is established."

Sangitta listened and let Julie choose what clothes she should wear. They bought several tight pencil skirts that came just below the knee and made her look very professional. They were in black and red and Sangitta particularly liked the red ones.

They hit the blouse section of the shops and Julie said that she should get her blouses in a size smaller than what she was used to wearing as they would enhance her 36D breasts more and also give an image of sexuality and the air of confidence about her sexuality. Once they had chosen the clothes they went to the changing room to try them on.

Once they were in there Sangitta turned to Sangitta and said.

"Strip for me Julie."

"We are in the middle of a busy store and you want me to strip?" Asked Julie.

"That's what I said wasn't it?" Said Sangitta.

Julie heard that tone of voice again and knew that Sangitta was being serious and that she should be doing what she was being told to do. She was already in trouble for being late and she didn't fancy any more punishment for today. She decided to ask a question.

"May I ask you a question Mistress?"

"You may." Said Sangitta.

"Is this my punishment for being late Mistress?"

"No Julie it is not. This is for my pleasure only. I want to see that naked body of yours." Sangitta replied.

"I understand." Said Julie.

"I am glad that you understand. " Said Sangitta.

"You should consider it a privilege." Said Sangitta.

"I have to say that you do have a good looking body Julie and when we get home when your father is not around you will walk around naked."

"What about my mother?"

"Do not worry about your mother" Sangitta said.

Julie did not ask any more questions. She stepped back and began to undress. She hurried to do it but Sangitta told her to calm down.

"We have all day to do things." She said.

"Yes Mistress." Said Julie.

Layer by layer she removed what she was wearing until she was naked in front of Sangitta.

"Very nice." Said Sangitta.

"Now step forward."

"Yes Mistress."

Julie stepped forward and was immediately greeted by the feel of Sangitta's hands on her breasts. She closed her eyes as Sangitta massaged the flesh of her breasts and longed that she would kiss her nipples. Sangitta knew what she really wanted. She thought to herself.

"Julie had been a good girl with the choosing of her clothes. Perhaps i should reward her".

"Step closer Julie." She commanded.

Julie took another couple of steps forward until she was le

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