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Tuesday, November 19th: next Auction winner takes her shots.

.. what? "You were sound asleep, I didn't think you'd wake up so quickly." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, "I just got started."

The explanation sounded reasonable, and seemed to allay her concern. "Well, don't let that stop you." Eve pulled his head back to her chest.

Tim's delight was equally divided between Eve's physical charms and her newfound intellect. The way she expressed her pleasure with whispered endearments in a sultry, hungry tone had an aphrodisiac like power. The vocal encouragement inflamed his desire to serve her, body and soul... but just her body for now.

As Eve peaked against his mouth, the high-pitched, orgasmic squeal sounded the same as before.

Kissing up her delicious contour, he thought, 'the aliens worked a miracle. What else will be different about her?'

When he reached her mouth, she kissed him sloppily, washing her essence from his face. "Mmm, I taste good on you." Gripping his cheeks, Eve gazed into his eyes. "Maybe I'm a lesbian."

Tim laughed. "Do you even know what a lesbian is?"

"Of course I do. A woman who is sexually attracted to other women."

Taken aback, he said, "Where did you learn that?"

She looked past him to the ceiling. "I don't remember. Maybe I've been watching your pornography."

"I don't have any." How does she know about porn?

"Then... maybe I've been studying the 'L' section of the dictionary, or maybe it's an old memory that's come back." She pushed him off and knelt beside his hip. "It doesn't matter where I heard about it." Looking seriously wickedly, she kissed his stomach. "The important thing is to find out if you taste as good, or better."

"Good idea," said Tim, as her soft mouth enveloped the tip of his cock.

Timidly, Eve played with him for a minute, tracing his shaft, examining his girth and vascular length. "I wish I could remember our life together -- what you liked and disliked. I only remember bits and pieces. I know we're married. I know we're lovers, but I feel inadequate, like a beginner, a virgin. It must be a great disappointment to you, to have to start all over again with me."

"That's not true at all." Tim rubbed her thigh. "We haven't known each other that long, so we really haven't had time to establish any pattern. You were a virgin. The first virgin I've ever...uh... had the privilege to..."


Laughing at her bluntness, he said, "How do you know 'fuck'?"

"Do I shock you?"

He was shocked, and a little disappointed to lose the simple child of nature that Eve embodied before. "You are a lot of fun. It would be my amazing luck to experience our beginning all over again."

"Aw, you're so sweet. That must be one of the things I loved about you." She fell on him, and kissed him.

"Loved? As in 'I used to love you, but now I'm not sure'?"

She slid down his body, saying, "How can I be sure of anything? I can't even remember what I did yesterday."

"That will change. Your memory will improve."

She stroked the base of his penis and licked the tip. "I don't know. How could I ever forget someone as yummy as you?"

"From the feel of it, you haven't forgotten the important stuff."

Eve hummed around his cock, and mumbled, "I think I like to be stuffed," then sank down and filled her mouth.

"I'm happy to oblige." In fact, her technique improved dramatically in a just few minutes. She tried to mount him, but he rolled her off.

"Not without protection."

She pouted briefly, and then bowed down to continue her oral assault. Her inquisitive mind seemed hell-bent on learning what pleased him most, and soon he was ready to fire off a one-gun salute.

"Eve, I'm... almost there."

She moaned and plunged her mouth up and down, demanding his climax. The orgasm was huge when it exploded. After a month of abstinence, the reservoir was full and his seed overflowed her lips. She laughed in surprise at the power of his spurts, pumping the last half of his ejaculate onto his stomach.

With her face coated, Eve smiled brightly, and said, "Oh, my. I bet that felt good."

"That felt.

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