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Dinner, drinks, and pussy-licking in the car.

.. again. Grabbing her roughly and forcing her to the center of the dark room he wrapped her arms in rope and magically bound them. He then yanked her arms above her head and tied her bonds to the bar along the sealing. He punched her unexpectedly in the center of her stomach as he went to turn on lights.

She could feel her blood pooling in under the skin of her abdomen; she could feel it gathering in her ear then trickling down her neck; she could smell its rusty odor as it leaked from her nose. Even so, she refused to look at the man whom she mistakenly fell for. Instead she took in the walls of her prison. Wooden shelves lined the cold, concrete walls; shelves full of devices to be used for her torture. Under closer inspection she saw blood. Tons of it... splattered on the walls that were bare, and in splotches all over the hard, concrete floor.

"I see you like the d__cor. Well, darling," he said with a sneer, "I'm glad you like it... it will be yours for a while."

She mentally cursed at him when she heard the once endearing pet name which only reminded her of her stupidity; blind stupidity. He chanted a few spells which she realized were to make her blood clot faster, preventing extreme blood loss. When he saw the recognition dawn in her eyes he smoothly said with a chuckle, "Well we wouldn't want you to die too soon from blood loss. We would never get to the fun part."


"Ahhh, nothing to say now?" He reached for something else behind her and released what she soon saw was a cane on her back. "How about now," She bit her lip to muffle her soft cry at the burning pain as the cane fell repeatedly in strokes along her back, "...or now?" He asked after he had slashed her back numerous times. She felt blood begin to well inside her mouth from biting her lip. Not only that, but she also heard some trip from her mouth onto the floor.

Wait, on the floor? She thought, then took a chance and looked down to see that the blood was actually dripping from the wounds on her back. Her back was numb from pain, so she hadn't noticed the liquid streaming down her spine. Noticing her gaze, her captor said, "Oh yes, this cane is especially sharp. I had it made just for you... figuring you would enjoy it based on your other dark tendencies." Still behind her, he put his arms out in front of her he waved around the dangerously sharp-edged cane before bringing his arms back, purposefully nicking her skin as he went. He belatedly laughed at his joke and dug the cane into her back so hard she almost choked on her own blood.

He slowly worked his way around her, cutting into her flesh as he went. Once he appeared in front of her she spit her blood at him yelling, "You bastard! You-" Her rant was cut off when she closed her mouth to stop the scream that wanted to emerge from her lips from the slap of the cane across the front of her thighs. With a dramatic sigh he responded, "My poor, poor, child. Things will only get worse if you can't get a hold of your wild tongue." As she opened her mouth to retort again -against her better judgment- when he stopped her and grabbed a hold of her jaw, locking her open mouth in place.

"On second thought," he said with a lecherous gleam in his haunting red eyes, "I could take care of this little trouble-maker." Seeing her panicked look he chuckled and replied to himself, "Oh yes. I think that is a wonderful idea."

Leaving her momentarily to hang, swinging from the ceiling, while he got a sharper tool, her thoughts raced from anger and frustration to guilt and fear. She was also feeling an immense amount of pain from the deep wound in along her side and back. She was grinding her teeth so hard together she was sure he could hear.

Deep in thought when he returned, he shoved two fingers up her nose and snapped his lean fingers in front of her face to get her attention.

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