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Warm saliva began dripping down her chin, as she became more adept at keeping her mouth moist while sucking. In an odd sense, Elise felt rather proud of her newly acquired skill.

It took a little time, but with uncharacteristic patience, Rose taught her how to use her mouth and tongue in ways Elise could never have envisaged. Elise now felt confident that when summoned she would be more than capable of pleasing her mistress.

After days of training and practice her progress satisfied Rose. "Now it's time to learn a new trick. You may touch yourself for me."

Elise blushed. "You mean here, Rose? In front of you?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Yes, that's exactly what I mean. It will please your mistress and her friends to watch you pleasure yourself, but I need to be sure you do it properly. "

Elise had masturbated many times before but always privately. Certainly she had done it 'properly', if indeed there was such a thing. Taking a deep breath, she gingerly slipped one hand down between her legs to confirm what they both already knew - that her pussy had become good and wet. She looked up at Rose, who was peering down upon her nakedness, and cringed.

"I can't do it!"

"You little fool!" Rose grabbed Elise's wrist and forced her hand down between her open thighs. "Haven't you realized by now there's no room for your ridiculous modesty around here."

Elise felt her face burning. Tears began to well up in her eyes as Rose, gripping her hand, forced Elise's fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

"Please don't..." Elise begged, but her pleads were ignored.

"That's a good little slut. You like that don't you?"

"I... I..."

Rose chuckled. Her actions were soon to be accompanied by the squelching sounds of Elise's juicy cunt.

"Good, now continue by yourself," Rose told her, pulling away and standing up.

Again Elise hesitated.

"I've had just about as much of your prissy behaviour as I'm going to take, slut." Rose lunged forward to pinch Elise's erect nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Elise's face contorted in pain and she cried out as Rose squeezed and twisted. "Now work those fucking fingers of yours!"

Her face wet with tears, Elise sniffed and slowly pushed her middle and index fingers inside her pussy. Despite her humiliation, it felt good and so she pressed them in a little further. She looked up at Rose, now licking her lips and audibly panting as she focused on sweet young girl before her.

Elise took a deep breath, then bit down on her lower lip and began pumping in and out in a slow rhythmic motion. Within minutes she could felt her hard little clit rubbing against her palm, and the unmistakable scent of her sex wafted though the air.

She didn't want to enjoy herself. She didn't want to give Rose that satisfaction. She moaned. The overpowering sensation of her arousal burnt between her legs and a trickle of warm sweat ran down between her breasts. "I won't do it. I won't climax!" she told herself in silent defiance. However, as her hand rubbed over her smoothly shaven sex and her fingers penetrated deeper, she realized that would be almost impossible. The heat between her legs now radiated up her body. It made her cunt ache and nipples tingle. Ignoring the fact that she was being watched, she closed her eyes and began fucking herself harder. Oh, yes, she was so close. Fuck that bitch, Rose. Any second now she would have to...

Suddenly Elise's hand jerked and her mouth dropped open releasing an agonizing cry as the burning lash of Rose's whip licked across her backside.

"I didn't give you permission to cum!"

"Please, Rose. Please may I cum?" Elise begged, still holding her hand between her thighs.

"Oh, so you want to finger yourself now, do you?" Rose smirked. "I don't think you really know what you want. How fortunate for you that Rose does. Yes, Rose knows what little sluts need." Then tapping the back of Elise's hand, she added, "remove you hand and keep your legs spread."

Elise hesitated.

Rose s

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