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The relationship of an erotica writer and her readership.

"Wow, that was great," she said enthusiastically as she sat back on her heels, "Next time Linda will be home late, you should definitely call me."

"We don't have to wait until then unless you only like it in the kitchen," I told her as I helped her to her feet, "You're welcome to visit me downstairs anytime."

"How does tonight sound?" she asked as she found her panties and I tucked myself back in my jeans.

"I think tonight would be awesome," I replied.

While she was in the bathroom pulling herself back together, I wrote down my contact information and a suggestion that she call or text when she was thinking about coming by so that I could make sure I was downstairs with the back door was unlocked. She was back at the kitchen table and I was cooking when Linda and Ashley arrived not much later. Kate stayed just long enough for dinner then headed home and, when I heard from her later, I made sure I was downstairs to meet her. She came in the door wearing a sundress with a cardigan over it, looking as cute as can be. I immediately noticed her hard nipples pressing out through the thin fabric of the sundress as she shed the cardigan and I wondered whether that was due to the temperature outside or her excitement. My hands went right to her tits to caress her hard nipples and I realized immediately that she was braless beneath her sundress.

We started to kiss and my hands slid down from her tits to her waist, then around to her ass, which was also sans undergarments. I slipped my hands up under her dress and onto her bare ass, pulling her against my cock, which was growing rapidly since discovering that she was naked under her sundress. I was curious, since I hadn't had the opportunity to get a good look at her pussy earlier in the kitchen, so I dropped to my knees and raised the hem of her sundress. Her dark brown bush was well groomed and I leaned in to kiss around it on her upper thighs, hips and lower abdomen. I knew I was going to eat it so I stood and raised her sundress up while she allowed me to remove it. I stared at her, still holding her sundress, admiring her freckled tits along with the rest of her naked body before taking her hand and leading her to my bed.

I had her sit on the end of the bed and set her dress beside her when I realized I was still holding it, then knelt before her as she spread her legs for me. I kissed my way along her smooth inner thighs from her knees toward her pussy as she ran her fingers through my hair. She leaned back and I gazed up along her body, my cock still throbbing, before running my tongue up her slit and finding it abundantly juicy as it had been earlier. She moaned as I lapped up the nectar she was producing while I relished the opportunity to have my face between the thighs of another horny young lady. I slurped up her juices while she continued to moan, then slipped a finger into her, finding her pussy as hot and wet as it had been earlier that evening. I was looking forward to slipping my cock into her again but I was going to enjoy the opportunity to eat her pussy first.

When I started to lick and suck her clit, she moaned louder than I think she intended, but I still don't believe it was loud enough for Linda to know what was going on. She'd gone from supporting herself on her elbow to reclining completely and holding my head with both hands while rocking her hips toward my face. I suspected that the anticipation over the past few hours probably had her a lot further along the way to cumming, which I was okay with even though I would have been content to eat her pussy for hours. I figured that, if things continued to go as well as they had been so far, I'd have plenty of other opportunities to eat her and indulge myself while pleasuring her.

As her pussy continued to become wetter and more engorged, she was also starting to tense up more and more.

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