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Widow agrees to one-night stand with an older man.

She said she'd never worn a sexy bra before and asked if men liked the exposed mounds that a demi-cup bra created. She wondered out loud if she'd chosen the right bra; would he have preferred a sheer one. She offered that she'd chosen the style that exposed almost half of each breast; the sheer style covered everything but was rather transparent. She pouted in asking if she'd picked the style he liked. Bill smiled and replied 'yes' men liked exposed flesh. He explained what he knew she already knew; either bra style would have been fine as each teased the man in different ways. She feigned innocence and said that she appreciated his help.

When she felt there was sufficient privacy Sally loosely cupped her hands under her breasts and made a gesture of offering them to Bill saying, "I'm glad you didn't ditch me when you thought I was flat. I think you're going to enjoy my breasts. Or would you like me to call them 'tits'? That's a word I've never really had occasion to use except when I've been touching myself in private. I'm sure you're visualizing how my tits look. Perhaps I can help your mind's image by saying they're 34C- well actually my 34C bra is a little small in the cups- I guess I'm what's called a large "C". I hope that's not too big."

Bill smiled and immediately responded, "No, a C cup sounds just perfect."

"My nipples are a little bigger than the girls I've seen in the locker room. By bigger I mean they seem fatter and taller than average but I haven't seen very many other nipples so I'm really not sure. I've always been self-conscious about them. From what I've read, some men like small breasts and small nipples and others like things on the larger side. I hope my nipples aren't not too big for you."

"I'm sure I'm going to love them. Big is just what I like." Bill smiled and told Sally she was quite a cock tease for a staid librarian. She smiled and responded that she wanted to soon replace the 'staid librarian' label with the title 'deflowered librarian' but her boyfriend was afraid she was crazy and would only agree to play with her tits. Bill smiled and motioned to the waiter to bring their check.

Once in the privacy of his apartment Bill kissed Sally passionately. He brought her over to his couch and they sat down together. He resumed kissing her and she responded with enthusiasm. Breaking the kiss Bill reached up to fondle her left breast through her top saying, "I've wanted to feel you since I first learned you actually had breasts."

Sally pulled back slightly causing Bill to worry that she wasn't as ready as she'd said. In a few seconds he was thrilled to watch as Sally grasped the hem of her top and quickly peeled it off over her head. His eyes locked onto her breasts bulging out of her red satin bra. "Beautiful," was all he could say.

"I'll give you a minute to enjoy how my tits look in the bra but then I want you to take it off and play with my nipples. I've been waiting quite a while to have a man play with me. My nipples are not just big; they're very sensitive and I'm very horny."

"I think you're forgetting who's in charge here. I'll undress you when I'm ready."

"Yes sir."

Bill visually took in her tits as the bra cradled them- presenting them for his enjoyment. The bra was of a thin material allowing him to see the twin points created by her nipples and just a hint of color from her areola but not her actual skin. The lower portion of her breasts was cradled in the low cut style pushing up about 40% of her into soft pillowy mounds. He reached out to trace a finger along the top edge of the bra and then caressed first one and then the other breast. They were even better than he'd imagined- both larger and somehow more womanly than he'd expected. After feeling up each covered breast Bill's hands reached to Sally's back to unhook and remove her bra. As he did so he commented on her excellent choice of lingerie noting that he couldn't have picked a sexier bra for her- it displayed her tits so well.

In seconds the bra was flung

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