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Unjustified sympathy for his choice of co-delegate.


She didn't answer me and started to walk around the room. She grabbed a tangle of black plastic wires and needles that I recognized.

"Say, Lily B," I started, "isn't that a bio-hacker?"

She simply nodded and started to connect the apparatus around my cock. I succeeded not to flinch as the needles went in under my cock. They were thin needles but I never liked them at the best of times. I started to lock my cock behind some firewalls but I knew as well as she did that the protection didn't hold much against what she could afford on the street.

"Firewalls?" she laughed in my face as she started to break down my defences. "And the same ones I used back then? Sloppy, Mr Sexy!"

I started to feel my mind lose its control over my nether regions and I started some reserve routines but to no avail. Soon I sensed her computer between me and my cock.

The bio-hacker that she used was a sex organ model. They were quite simple in their design and their functions were very limited. But then one can have quite fun with just the basics. Lily B started with making the cock grow to its maximum length.

If any of you have been teased by a lunar woman for three days straight you are familiar with the potential of the male organ. It grows to some kind of throbbing beast with veins standing out as if begging to explode. Every sensation will make it come, but if you are there it isn't up to you anymore. Damn good, those lunar ladies.

Lily B moved her rough, synthetic hand over my tight shaft. She stroked me for a while and I could feel myself getting close to my limit. She cupped my shiny tip in her hands and squeezed it hard while she kept going at my shaft with her other hand. Juices had started to flow ever since she made the cock hard and the natural lubricant was a blessing.

Normally a cock will go soft if treated too badly, but the fascinating thing with the bio-hacker is its ability to just keeping you hard and alert. It can also be used to make you feel really intense feelings of pleasure on top of what you are really feeling. In this way it opens up a whole new world of sex, or possible tortures. The slogan for the first model was, if I remember correctly, "Not a masochist? No problem!" A tearful face had accompanied the slogan.

As I started to come she pressed a button on the machine and I could feel my orgasm get close and just stay there in a strange and horribly comfortable way. I wondered why I never did that to her.

"Ah!" I moaned. "Fuck you... Bitch!"

She only smiled her pointy smile and continued with her assault which only increased my already terrible pleasure. I, Jack Z, was a dam ready to burst. But no release came to your bounty hunter that day, I can spoil.

She drove me temporarily insane with only her hands, even it took three hours of her time, and without my security systems I would probably have turned into her mind raped slave right there.

Luckily I had invested in some areas other than weaponry and physical protection. Then she lifted my limbless body over her shoulder and flung me on a soft bed. She wasn't very gentle as she positioned me good enough for her needs in the middle of the bed. Then she straddled me and started to ride my oversensitive cock.

Apparently she had gotten herself some upgrades since our last meeting. Maybe she had picked up her new pussy at the lunar whore street because it seemed familiar (Of course I never had to pay there... In fact, I am not there that much anymore. Hardly ever, in fact.). Motorized movements smothered my bursting cock from all sides, like a horny boa constrictor, and a heater and cooler played with my senses.

"I have wanted to do this since the moment you arrested me," she said between her load moans, "when you fucked me. I remembered... Ah! I remembered your sweet cock in the prison. When the guards fucked me I... I... Thought... Ah, fuck! Fuck me, you jackhammer!"

I actually tried to do what she wanted but my heaving form didn't actually manage to make any difference no matter

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