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Joe & Helen Parker are at it again.

"Don't worry. Our boss CAN'T fire us, remember?"

Scrambling to his feet, John replied, "yeah, you're right Andi. It wouldn't make any sense."

Just as he said that, Mary walked back in the door, waving hi to everyone. "Hey, how was lunch? I just got back from eating with my husband and..." She finally caught a glimpse at her beautifully made-up boss, his pretty face contrasting strikingly with his otherwise manly dress. "What was going on during lunch?"

"Oh, nothing much," Andi chimed in before anyone else could speak. "Just having fun with John, that's all. Nothing major. It ain't like this is going to be a regular thing."

"Well, I guess," Mary said, her worries assuaged for a bit. "It smells kind of funny in here. Oh well."

Pulling off the wig, John went back into boss mode. "Listen. It's a bit past the end of lunch, so people should start calling soon with computer issues, OK? I'll be in the bathroom washing this stuff off. Now get to work, now."

The four ladies returned to their cubicles, put their headsets back on and went back to work as usual. Starting towards his office, John realized what he looked like now and left the office, heading to the bathroom down the hall.

"Hello? This is Anita speaking. How may I help you?"


Surprisingly, the rest of the work week through Friday morning went on without any incidents. Granted, John had to explain to Julia the burgundy set of lingerie he'd put on that morning, but even that elicited nothing but a few chuckles at the color and the cup size on the bra. That whole week, all John had to do was show off some proof of the lingerie to his underlings in the office, and go on about his business. It became a big joke to the ladies in the office, looking at their manly boss wear some frilly women's lingerie, but it was a big deal. However, things changed that following Friday just as the day was winding down.

"Hey boss!" Andi called out as she opened the door and walked into John's office.

"Hold on a sec?" John called out before sliding away from the computer on his desk. "Whatcha want?"

"Well, first, I wanna ask you, something."

"Go ahead. Shoot."

"Hey, can you free up tonight? I was thinking we could go drinking with the whole office, you know, another girl's night out so to speak."

"Well, I dunno. I was thinking of spending some quality time with my Mrs. And all."

"Come on, boss. It'll be worth it. Besides, I got a surprise for ya."

Slumping in his chair, resigned to whatever plot Andi had came up with, John threw his hands up and said, "OK. What is it?"


Brandy slid into the room, holding a garment bag in one hand and the now-familiar make-up bag with the other. She handed off the bags to Andi, then asked "could you hold these for me while I get the rest of the stuff?"

Andi nodded her head in the affirmative, and Brandi walked back out to get the rest of the stuff. As she walked back into the doorway, with that same platinum blonde wig and another bag. When Mary asked her what she was doing with that stuff just as she was about to step in the room, she screamed back, "You'll see!"

Brandy placed the rest of the supplies on John's now cluttered desk, then turned to Andi and asked, "Shall we begin?"

Andi simply nodded her head and sneered, and replied to Brandy, "Let's."

Within the next hour, Andi and Brandy worked their magic to turn their boss into an incredible and beautiful woman.

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