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Another man's wife visits to flash and flirt, loses her head.


"Let me think," her manager said, "Dorothy Kenny, no not Kenny, I think it was Dorothy Kerr, from some place called Orange Rock in California."

Kassandra didn't take another breath before she told him to cancel the Hawaii trip. Tell them that I need to take a rest, she told him.

"What better place to rest than Hawaii?" he had asked, unable to understand her sudden decision.

"And I want you to find out what school that girl goes to and make arrangements for me to sing there," she went on, "I don't care if you have to call every school in Orange Rock but I want you to do it without calling Mrs. Kerr back. I want it to be a surprise."

"Look, Kassandra, could you explain to me what the hell you're doing," he said. "A lot of people are expecting you in Hawaii."

"I'm correcting a mistake I never should've made," she said in a tone that he knew meant that she wasn't going to explain any further. "Just make it happen, understand."

"I'm grateful," Dorothy said as Kassandra finished her story.

"You don't have to be," Kassandra said. "I'm the one who should be thanking you. It's a chance for me to do something for my daughter that almost was."

"You'll stay here of course," Dorothy insisted.

"I was hoping you'd asked," Kassandra grinned. "I'm so sick of hotels and I could use the peace and quiet. My back up band will get here on Friday afternoon, just in time for the Prom. That'll give us two days to just visit."

"Well, I'm sure a little peace and quiet is something that we can provide," Dorothy smiled, "and this time I'm sure Cassie won't be blabbing to her friends."

Sure enough, this time Cassie did indeed keep the secret. Of course she also kept Kassandra up half the night asking what seemed like a thousand questions about the life of a superstar. The answers she got, of course, were a lot more tempered that those Kassandra had given Dorothy.

Thankfully, the next night would give Kassandra a chance for a full night's sleep as Cassie was going to spend it at Janet's house. It was a long planned sleepover, but one that the young girl would've been glad to skip. It was only at her mother's insistence that she kept her original plans, saying that it would give Kassandra a chance to rest as well.

Dorothy had no doubts that, even with the added temptation of spending the night with Janet, Cassie would keep her mouth shut about their houseguest. It now meant too much to her daughter to have Kassandra show up unexpectedly at the Prom and make fools out of all the people who had made her feel so bad. If she even suggested it to Janet, half the school would know by tomorrow afternoon.

Kassandra spent the afternoon making last minute arrangements for the dance. The school was overjoyed when contacted by her people and had managed to keep the secret as well. Widespread public knowledge of an appearance by a star of her magnitude would draw a crowd far larger than the school auditorium could ever hope to hold.

It was late when Kassandra finally returned, but Dorothy had waited up for her with a home cooked meal. The two old friends ate together, remembering again what the world had been like when they were Cassie's age. It was a remembrance that went almost as late into the night as Cassie's questions the night before.

An hour after they had said their goodnights, Dorothy still lay awake. Her mind was too filled with the memories her dear friend had reawakened in her. Memories of the love that she and Jim had shared. A love that had included their friend Cassie Morgan as well.

The memories brought with them sensations that had lately been absent from Dorothy's life. A stirring between her legs that had only been satisfied by a battery powered toy in the long months since her husband's death.

An arousal also reflected in her breasts as she ran one hand across them , her fingers playing with the stiff, thick nipples that could be felt even through her pajamas. Nipples she yearned to have sucked by a lover.

Dorothy moved her other hand down

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