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The idea of losing him like I had lost my family or have him leave me because of some twisted sense of principle or logic, like Thatcher had, was enough to stamp out those girly, butterfly-in-my-stomach sensations.

A patient, but amused, throat clearing sent my thoughts back to the present, though not entirely away from the towering Gargoyle in front of me and I hurried to catch up.

When we reached the main camp, Talon didn't take the path towards my raggedy lean-to but instead turned north towards the large sturdy tents where Kynan, Lennox, and a few Elites had made their home for the night.

I swallowed hard as we passed those as well and stared off into the distance at the lone tent built back against a rocky outcrop that may have once been an outlook building for the park rangers, maybe even an abandoned hunter's cabin. I noticed immediately that his tent didn't whip around like the others and his fire was low and controlled.

Talon set my meager pile of firewood next to his and pushed aside the furs that covered the entry, beckoning me inside with a subtle gesture of his chin.
"Talon..." I began, trailing off at the shimmer his silver eyes took.

"If I had had the time, I would have pitched your tent for you," Talon said quietly, gesturing towards a small roll of wrapped buckskin beside the fire. "It's much sturdier than your lean-to. Warmer as well," he added, with a hint of a smile.

I swallowed rocks and looked over at my little lean-to, already blown down by the wind. "But my pack is there," I said lamely. "I'll go get it and-"

"I will," Talon interrupted gently. "There's a spare roll inside. It's yours," he told me when I tried to speak again. "Take whatever furs you need."

It was futile to argue with him. We both knew my lean-to wasn't worth much and that the rising wind only promised more snow and perhaps even a freeze. He was offering me a warm place to sleep and a pile of fur besides. I'd be an idiot not to take it.

Swallowing my pride, I nodded and stepped into the tent without meeting his eyes. The fur dropped behind me, barring the cold air from getting through. Like a ghost, he moved silently away from the tent and into the darkness, where his shadow cast by the fire could no longer be seen.

Shivering, I dropped down and fumbled with the ties of the spare sleeping bag, my numb limbs prickling painfully with awareness as warmth began to creep in. By the time I had even undone the knots of the bag, Talon was already stepping through the entry, shaking snow off his wings.

"It's coming down already?" I asked in surprise.

Talon nodded. "The weather has been worse in these parts than in our valley. We were lucky there."

We both understood the implications of that but said nothing. If Raspans hid in these mountains, I wasn't surprised. I just hoped that our group would be able to find a place to hide as well, and that food held out. Nothing was worse than a cranky party of Elites, we all knew that.

Talon handed me my small pack jammed full of provisions before turning to his own. His pack had been modified considerably, due to his proportions, and his bed almost consisted entirely of furs. It looked far comfier than my meek pallet, but I didn't quite have the courage to test my theory.

When I had finally settled in, I looked to see Talon holding out a small bag from his pack. "It's jerky," he told me when I eyed it with contempt. "I would've made stew, but considering the weather, this will have to do for tonight."

I smiled a little then, understanding his frustration. Jerky and Lunar bread had been our fare for the past week. I couldn't even remember what homemade stew or fresh baked rolls even tasted like anymore.

"Thanks," I told him honestly. Talon merely nodded and relaxed onto his furs, gesturing me to take first dibs.

I divided up the loot and we ate silently, listening to the sound of the rising storm outside.

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