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Love of older women with one leg takes Devon to a new place.

"We can camp for the night, that's what we were going to do anyway. This is a nice spot." Crystal said putting her tank top on.

They decided to stay and began to set up camp. Kelly and Shelby collected fire wood as Donna and Crystal popped the large tent. The two girls returned with a lot of wood. They built a campfire as the sun began to go down.

The truck had wrecked and it had filled the creek and woods with its contaminated load. Toxic waste spilled everywhere. The driver had been killed as it sprayed him and he melted slowly. It was now in the dirt and taking over the trees and plant life. The creek had an eerie green tint as it rolled down past them.

"Kelly, want to go for a walk?" Shelby said standing up in her tight top and shorts.

"Sure." She smiled and got up in her tank top and tight skirt. "We will be back."

The two women walked out into the wilderness and talked. They were both very hot in the tight clothes. They stopped by a large tree and heard a noise. They looked around, nothing. Shelby smiled as she grabbed the blonde haired Kelly and locked into a kiss. Kelly kissed back and ran her hands around Shelby's firm twenty one year old breasts. Shelby grabbed Kelly's ass and shoved her against the trunk and slid her hand up the jean skirt. She rubbed the now wet bikini bottoms as Kelly moaned and lifted Shelby's shirt and popped out her nice sized breasts. She sucked as she felt fingers slowly go into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned as she got fingered.

Kelly grabbed Shelby's ass and caressed it. Shelby Smiled as they were becoming more than friends. The there was a shaking under them. Shelby and Kelly lost their grips and Shelby fell backwards to her ass. She heard Kelly crying for her as she begged for mercy!

"Kelly!!!" Shelby screamed standing up to see the tree holding her friend up by roots!

Kelly was stripped as the tree stripped her skinny body! She wiggled as they had her tight and then they bent her over! She screamed as a root entered her now open mouth and quieted her as small tree limps wrapped around her firm tits. They squeezed and teased her nard nipples as a big root came up and slowly enter her wet, tight pussy! Her eyes widened as it began it's assault upon her petite body! Shelby couldn't move her eyes away as the rape ensued upon her friend.

Then it began to thrust hard and fast into her body! Kelly had tears running down her cheeks as it reamed her tightness. The tree was loving it and it made sure she was cumming! Kelly opened up as her juices flowed out and around the root as it thrust into her, her cum spurted out! She looked at Shelby who stood with her top off still. Kelly fainted and the tree kept her and kept going!

Shelby would be lover hung limp as the tree had her for himself. She decided it was time to go and began to run. Her tits bounced wildly as they hung uncovered. She heard a rustling behind her and screamed as she felt it try to get her ankles! She looked back as one side swiped her! She fell and rolled down the hill and ended up in the creek! She laid on her stomach as it slid up the ass of her tight shorts and used the shorts as a grip! She struggled as it pulled her back up the hill! She screamed and was now on her ass sliding as she saw vines and roots waiting for her! She reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and grabbed a rock. She held tight as her shorts and thong was pulled showing her nice ass and legs.

She stood up as they all flew at her naked body! She was well breasted for being twenty and they wanted her! Shelby turned to run as they attacked! The first root came back and wrapped around her throat as the rest got her arms and legs under control! She pulled at the roots and vines as they wrapped around her tits and squeezed till it felt like they would explode! She was yanked back to the brush area and held down.

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