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A blossoming friendship comes to a very real and mutual conclusion.

Warm cum was seeping through into Jess's uterus all the time, up through her fallopian tubes, searching for its target.

"Jess, I don't know where this came from. I only know how it felt. I didn't plan this. I promise. Are you OK baby... are you happy? Did I make you happy? Please say I did..."

"Daddy... oh, daddy... my daddy... that... was just... incredible. I can't put into words how I feel. I have just made love to my own father, and I'm at my most fertile. So he might have got me pregnant. He might have placed a baby inside me. I have never felt like this before. Am I happy? YES daddy... I have never been happier than I am right now."

"I can't believe all this Jess. This is the most special moment of my life. I want to make a life like this, with you. I want to do this every day, or as near to every day as possible. I want to make sure you're pregnant, fast. When we have made our first baby, I'll think about telling mum. If she doesn't understand, we'll make a life together without her. You are my life. I love you, my daughter."

They kissed once more. The kiss, the feeling of her daddy devouring her mouth, his softening cock still deep inside her, sent her body into a gentle spasm of pleasure. She could feel cum ooze out from around her daddy's cock. He had filled her so fully that she was overflowing.

Her hand crept down to her pussy and slid a finger slightly inside, alongside the penetration of her daddy's softening cock, bringing it to her lips to taste their combined juices. Salty but also incredibly sweet and with a musky smell on her hand. She repeated this; and fed her finger to her daddy's lips. He sucked her finger hard, his tongue delighting in the taste of their sex.

They lay there for a minute or two, stealing a kiss every few seconds. Charlie slid his hands over the body of his own flesh and blood, marvelling at the beauty of her, the magnificence and the sacredness of what had taken place between them tonight. His daughter. Freshly fucked. Newly fucked. For the first time. He had taken his daughters virginity; so perfectly. Her womb was overflowing with potent, powerful seed. It was coursing through her tubes, helped along by her rapid strong heartbeat, searching out her egg, to penetrate its walls.

Jess wanted more of what her daddy had given her. He knew she did, too. He could sense her breasts and nipples becoming aroused and hard once more. He leaned down and took a nipple onto his tongue, and suckled her. He took the areola into his mouth and allowed the nipple to reach the back of the roof of his mouth, latching onto her tightly. Charlie hungrily locked onto her breast as hard as would be comfortable for his daughter, to emulate nursing on her. He toyed with his tongue on her swollen tender nipple as he suckled. She moaned very softly, pleasured by the intimacy. Her pussy tensing slightly in arousal, pushing daddy's cock out slightly as she tensed. Daddy eased himself inside again so he was penetrated to the hilt, released her nipple from his mouth and looked at her intently.

"Jess, this is how babies latch on, you know. You realise that's what you'll be doing with our children? They'll suckle hard and draw your milk out of you. Our babies will feed from your body and your breasts will be their life."

Jess smiled at her father as he continued to suckle her.

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