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They didn't speak until he had his clothes on.

She felt like throwing up. The lord pulled her skirts up, and tore her knickers off. He put a fat hand on the most secret of places on Emma's body, and stuck a finger inside of her. Emma whined from the pain, but the lord just chuckled.

-There's a lot more, little Virgin! he said, and pinched her thigh hard.

Then he passed out and fell down on the bed next to Emma.

For a little while she wasn't sure if he had fainted or died or if he was just pretending to have fainted to play a trick on her.

-Sir? she whispered. Lord Cobbleworth, sir? Can you hear me?

A loud snore was the answer she got. Emma got up and wrapped a blanket around her upper body; the dress was too torn up to cover her front side. She made sure that she looked decent before she went out into the hallway. She walked through the corridors, and saw a servant boy coming at her.

-Excuse me..! she said.

-What can I do for you? asked the servant, a boy at the same age as Emma.

-Lord Cobbleworth has passed out, said Emma.

-Are you the Virgin? asked the servant boy.

-Yes, I am, said Emma. Please, help me! I don't know what to do!

-Come with me, said the servant, and led her back through the corridors to the lord's bedroom.

-We need to undress him and put him in bed, said the servant boy.

He began the procedure of undressing the fat man in the bed. Emma helped him pull the pants off the lord, and didn't notice the blanket slipping down until it fell on the floor. The servant boy stared at her naked bosom. Emma blushed and wrapped the blanket around herself again. The servant boy turned away, with flushing cheeks. He managed to push lord Cobbleworth, who was now wearing only his shirt, into the bed, and pulled the blanket over him. Then he turned to Emma.

-What's your name? he said.

-Emma, said Emma. Emma Miller. And you?

-Samuel Heath, said the servant boy.

He made a gesture at Emma's torn-up dress.

-Did he..? he asked.

-He grabbed me, but he passed out before... said Emma.

-So you're still a virgin? said Samuel.

-Yes, said Emma. What should I do now?

-Lord Cobbleworth ain't gonna wake up before noon, said Samuel. I suppose he will send for you again tomorrow night, to try again.

-Tomorrow night? said Emma. But I'm getting married tomorrow!

-You can't! said Samuel. Two years ago, this very same thing happened, and the young woman sneaked back at home and got married as a virgin. When lord Cobbleworth found out that she had cheated him, he had his men hunt that man down, and they killed him!

-But what shall I do? said Emma, close to tears. I don't want to go through all this again! It was horrible! He's so sweaty and dirty, and he's drunk, and when he touched me, it was... disgusting!

Samuel gave her a sympathetic look.

-What should I do? said Emma miserably.

Samuel bit his lip and thought hard.

-I think I know a way out for you, he said finally.

Emma looked at him, wiping her tears.

-Lord Cobbleworth usually doesn't remember anything about what he's done the day after he's been drinking, Samuel explained. If someone else would take your virginity, in this bed, and leave a stain of blood in it, then we could PRETEND that it was lord Cobbleworth who did it, and he would think that he managed to take your virginity before he passed out.

-But who would dare to do such a thing? said Emma. You said yourself that he killed that man who robbed him of his right.

-I would dare, said Samuel.

Emma raised her fine eyebrows.

-That girl, whose husband was murdered by the lord's men... said Samuel. She was my sister. If I can help you, and get back at the lord for what he did to my sister, then I don't mind risking my life for it! And... also, I've never been with a woman before. I... I sure would like to know what it's like...

Emma only hesitated for a moment, then she nodded. Samuel pulled the velvet cover off the bed, and made room for her to lay down next to lord Cobbleworth.

-Next to him? she said.

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