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He claims her as His own.

Kristen gasped in horror.

"What, you won't be needing those for awhile. Your my prize catch and I want to enjoy your heavenly nakedness and appreciate what a fine package the big guy above put together for us to use and abuse. I mean chain up and whip! Aw, fuck it Bell. Your hot, you know it, now, sit back and relax and get comfortable. You wanted your boyfriend here so show him what he is about to miss out on," I told Kristen.

"Now keep your knees spread apart. You must not ever close your legs completely in my presence. Your pussy is mine and I want full viewing access, 24/7, whether I need it or not," were the next instructions to come out of my mouth.

I glance over at the statue of her BF and he kinda has a hard on poking up his pants.

"You might think about trying to find someone to take care of that problem, buddy. I'd ask Kristen, but you know she's going to be busy. Hands full, mouthful, ass full, pussy stuffed," I smile a shit eating grin and pat him on the head as i console the innocent bystander sitting next to me.

"Don't worry, you may not even want her after I'm done fucking her soul out of her!" I taunted her boyfriend kind of cruelly.

"Hands behind head, slut girl. Chest out, back straight. It's time I examine your star like qualities more intimately," I said to Kristen.

I knelt down on the limo floor and put my head up to her spread eagled knees. I ran my tongue up her inner thigh as it led towards her sexpot. I darted my tongue into her pussy and out several times, just to get a taste. Kristen's dazzling pussy tasted like a drop of a rainbow had made its home up in there, and I licked at it like a slice of heavenly pie.

I placed my hand around her ankle and started lifting it up and to the roofline of the limo. I slid a secret compartment open and a shiny silver anklet with the same colored chain fell loosely out. I placed her ankle within the restraint and clicked the cold metal shut with a finality she couldn't mistake. I repeated the process with her other ankle, effectively spreading her legs open for me.

I reached under the seat and pulled out a nice rubber ball gag. I placed it around Kristen's head, and firmly forced her mouth open and then closed down on the gag again. Tears were streaming down her sexy visage and her head was rocking back and forth in a no, no, no, this isn't happening to me manner.

"Kristen, you know this is going to hurt you way more than it is me, but, feel free to scream and beg through the gag all you wish," I stated flatly.

I pulled a riding crop from under the seat, and then began to lay the smack down upon Ms. Bell. Her inner thighs, from knee to pussy, did I lay the crop across with a resounding "crack."

Up one side, then down the other, and back again. Now I was getting engorged, watching my captive scream, squirm, and take a little more punishment. I did this because it pleased me, not because Kristen had done wrong or performed poorly. I just wanted to break in my champion Thoroughbred, was all it really came down to.

I went up and down each side five times, increasing the force with every pass. Kristen's inner legs had turned a bright red. After pass 3, she settled down into the pain a bit. After pass 5, I could smell her pussy juices. I think she was pleading with me for mercy through the gag.

I undid the leg restraints and loosened the ball gag. Kristen flopped onto the floor and grabbed my legs, burying her face in my lap.

"Please, please, no more! I will be a good girl and do what is asked if me. Please, sir! Show mercy and no more crop," cried Ms.Bell through her tear stained cheeks.

"You are a Hollywood starlet Kristen. Are you telling me your whipped enough to be cowering before some common fan like a gutter slut?" I asked Kristen.

"I'll be your gutter slut, please, I'm a good girl! Try me! Just please put that thing away," she was pleading.

"I'll put it away, but first, I want you to kiss it," I said.

As I whipped the crop up near her face, she reacted by wincing backward.

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