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Maryam suffers the fate of a captured foe.

"Locked away in his room actually ..." I muttered a bit louder than I had intended.

"What? Why would he keep you locked in his ..." Her voice trailed off as she realized that I had been there against my will. She took another long sip of her drink as her face drained of all its cheerfulness in the moonlight. Suddenly she seemed to be miles away lost in thought. There was nothing for me to do but take another sip of my own drink as I contemplated my predicament.

"You said he was your Alessandro ... where you two an item? I asked changing the subject. She choked a bit on the last sip of her drink before answering.

"Ha, no no Nicolette, he has always been a brother to me. The Rossi's sort of adopted me long ago when my own family ..." She stopped speaking and gave her head a slight shake as if her mind were an etch-a-sketch toy and a small shake would wipe it clean. "He saved my life once ..." she squeaked out. When the light from the full moon hit her face I caught the twinkle of a silver tear that threatened to slide over the edge of her eye, but it never got the chance.

"He loves you ..." She said taking a deep breath.

"He is obsessed with me ..." I corrected.

"Yes, he is, very much so, but he does love you ..."

"Why do you care? Why are you out here?" I asked beginning to feel cornered. Perhaps she did have her motives.

"I am out here because you looked like you could use a friend, one who is not a Rossi? I mean no harm Nicolette. I do not know the circumstances as to how you came to be here, but from the sound of it Alessandro has not played by the rules, I know what that feels like ... but I also know him." Her voice sounded like part of her was furious with Alessandro, and the other part needed to defend his actions. But I did not want to talk anymore about him or his supposed love for me.

"Alessandro never mentioned another sister. I thought there was just Donata." I said standing. I walked back to the cereus flower bending to take in its sweet scent. Only this time I was careful not to disturb it.

"Ahh the fair lonely Donata Rossi, you should watch that one. She is as sweet as honey when it benefits her; she will turn on you like a rapacious pit bull if given half a chance. I am still curious as to why she was so insistent that I be here tonight." I found myself glad that I had not bought into Donata's overly 'friendly' attitude. I too had sensed that she could not be trusted. "Where is the little princess anyways? I had expected her to ingratiate herself to me before I even stepped through the door." Genie asked giving the garden a quick scan.

"I don't know where she is. I have not seen her all night actually ..." I said as my buzz began to wane. "Oh yeah, she may be in the library with her brothers and Aza ..." Before I could finish saying his name I heard his sultry voice cut through the night like a knife through butter.

"Donata was with me and her father, we had to discuss our possible betrothal but seeing the two of you together compels me to rethink taking vows." Azazel said coolly from the door opposite door from which Genie and I came out He slipped his hands into his pockets as he leaned against a stone pillar. "Hello Gen__ve, mi amore, it has been ... too long. His words dripped from his mouth like poisoned honey as he spoke to Genie. It made my skin crawl the way he looked at her.

"That little bitch!" Genie spat. Her relaxed jovial manner changed instantly to one of tension and fury. "She knew he would be here!" the fear in Genie's voice was palpable. Where Azazel made me increasingly uncomfortable, he seemed to strike terror down to Genie's bones. She grabbed my hand in a painful vice grip as she stood drawing me closer to her. "We have to go ... now. Do you know where Alessandro is?" She growled dragging me up only to tug me down the stony path back into the house.

"N-no, I have no idea where he is .

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