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Steven takes his sister to Field Hockey tryouts.

They are the happiest couples I know in addition to my parents. So, not trying to propose, I have a very good picture of what a relationship with a mature man can be. Still I hope that it could be even better than the picture I have. You made quite an impression on me last night, both during the evening and in the night. I felt very happy."

Reminded about last night, I was fully erect by now.

"I'm very glad, that you think that way," I said.

Coffee was served and Amy moved a bit closer to me in the sofa.

She brought her hand on my lap under the table, feeling my hard on she nodded. She took my hand and brought it to her crotch, then pulling up her skirt. My fingers reached for her cunt. She didn't have any lingerie's on. Her pussy was wet. I fondled her clit. She took hold of my almost bursting cock.

"I removed my briefs before I came here. Usually I have some," Amy explained.

"I got erect as I so you, usually it's hanging down," I replied. We both laughed.

We fondled for a while, checking the other tables that no one was observing our game. We were soon both close to coming.

"Do you have to go back to your office this afternoon?" I asked.

"Yes, I have a client coming in at 2. I should be free around 4."

I let go Amy's cunt and took out my Nokia.

"Give me your mobile number. I don't know about Cindy's program this evening.

It's either your place or mine. I will pick you up after work. OK?" I asked.

We exchanged numbers.

"I'll let you know when I'm free," Amy said.

I paid the bill, and then we left the place. I had problems with my erection. It was protruding quite forcibly in my pants. We kissed briefly and she left. I decided to walk back to my office. The two miles walk made me good. As I reached the office, my erection was gone. My secretary, Sue, gave me a curious glimpse. She couldn't know, could she?

I phoned Cindy. She didn't answer. She had her Nokia on silent during lectures.

Twenty minutes later she called.

"Hi, Dad, you called?" she said.

"Yes, love, wanted to know about your program this evening."

"We'll meet with Harry. Don't know where yet. What's up?"

"I'll see a friend tonight. Would like to have it in private, so I will either go out or be at home, it depends on you guys," I explained.

"Sounds interesting. You can be at home. We'll go to Harry's place," she helped.

"Want to tell me something?" she added.

"Not at the moment. I'll explain later," I decided.

"OK, Dad, have a nice evening."

"You too, give my regards."

I was waiting for the call. I was thinking about what the future would bring. I thought about Cindy moving out. I thought about the large house becoming almost empty. Or, was there a chance that it wouldn't become empty after all? It was too early to tell. - I was waiting for the call.

My phone rang. It was a client, Ron, who placed an order based on a quotation I had given him one week ago. He wanted me to draw him a house. I thanked him, but I wasn't too excited about it. I was waiting for THE call.

My mobile rang.

"I'm ready love," she said. It was Amy!

"OK, if I pick you up in 15 minutes?" I asked.

"That's fine, see you, bye," she said. The phone went dead.

"I'm off for the day," I told Sue as I passed her desk. "Have a nice week-end."

"You too, Charles," she said and handed me my car keys.

I took the elevator down to the garage, jumped into the car and drew off.

Amy was waiting at the curb outside her office. She jumped in.

"Nice car. Where are we going, boss?" she began with a laugh.

"How about my place this time?" I suggested.

"Sounds fine," she said.

"How about food? I don't have a maid. Should get one though. Shall we be self-sufficient or shall we go out?"

"You are the boss tonight. You decide."

"Then, shall we order a pizza? They'll deliver within half an hour."

"That's fine with me."

We arrived at home. I asked her what kind of pizza she preferred and then ordered accordingly. Meanwhile Amy was strolling around in the house. She didn't go upstairs.

"Nice place you have here.

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