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The players arrive.

" John said then gave her a gentle but very emotional kiss and they started walking to the chapel arm in arm.

The entire engineering staff was waiting as witnesses at the chapel and all the women from "Sinful" followed them as well. Not just John's department, but all departments and their complete staff where there. John didn't think anyone was missing. He nodded to George and he responded by giving him the thumbs up indicating the surveillance was off-line.

Needless to say, much the entire congregation had the same reaction to Lisa's "Wedding Dress" as John did and as he escorted her to the altar he saw lots of jaws hanging open. All the Geek engineers were not used to being in the company of such a stunning woman, much less one wearing the incredibly revealing dress Lisa was wearing. Anybody in that room would've given their left arm to be in his position and any of them would be glad to pay homage to the goddess it was on his arm.

As they walked down the aisle, John looked over at Lisa and saw her looking at him with total and complete looks of love plastered on her face. John didn't think she had any idea the effect she had on every man in the room, because Lisa was only looking at and only cared that she was beautiful for John. However, every eye in the room followed her, soaking in her spectacularly displayed body.

Because of the small time window, it was a very short sweet service. The priest ask if John wanted Lisa to be his wife and his response was; "Yes, absolutely and forever". When he asked Lisa her response was; "Yes, he will be my master forever."

Afterwards they signed legal documents formalizing the marriage and lawyer brought up the power of attorney they had previously discussed. They both signed that document as well then they turned and to address the crowd. John gazed lovingly into Lisa's eyes for a moment before he turned to the crowd and said.

"First, I want to thank everyone for coming to this special occasion. Lisa is now my wife, but there's a storm coming and we need all of your help. The entertainment group has already made threats against Lisa and they will try and coerce her in any way possible to do their bidding. I can't allow that, she's the love of my life and she's my wife and I will protect her at any cost."

"All of us have been here for several months and we all know what the entertainment group is capable of. They're basically a bunch of thugs. Last night Lisa danced at the Aladdin room at the end of her dance they were going to rape her as part of the entertainment. Gentleman we can't allow our girlfriends, wives and daughters to be brutalized by these people. We all know of multiple disappearances and Ken from Flight even has tracks on many of the bodies they have disposed of."

"Between all of us we control every aspect of facility. If we all band together we can bring some laws and sanity to this place, but if one of us cracks all of us will fail. Don't let me mislead you I think all of us know what failure around here means. I have met with the council and they have made proposals to Lisa and myself and given us 24 hours to respond."

"Lisa and I have some husband and wifely things to attend to." The whole crowd erupted into cheers and wolf whistles. John calmed the crowd by holding up his hands and continued, "George made sure there's no surveillance for this wedding. There will also be no surveillance in the conference room. For those of you that are with me, we need to come up with a plan to restore some humanity, sanity and laws to this facility."

"Everyone, on the table to your right is celebration cupcakes, a glass of champagne and a pill. The pill is a tracking device designed to last for a week and then your body will dispose of it. I would like all of you and your families to take one of these pills. It's a precaution because they're going to try and divide us, but we just don't know how they're going to do it yet. We need to know where everybody is, just in case."

Lisa and

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