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The prequel to 'Artistic Touch'.

"Whew! That was something!" she exclaimed. "I came really hard."

"Me, too!" Steven added. "Watching you come drove me right over the edge. Wow!"

"Looked pretty fantastic from here," Cynthia observed.

"Unbelievable," David said. "Sharon, you flushed deep red-you're still glowing. What an orgasm." He wasn't lying. Sharon's pussy was still flushed, the outer lips swollen, and the inner lips clinging around Steven's cock. He committed the sight to memory.

"So I guess you liked the show, huh?" Sharon asked. "I had fun showing myself to you, especially after watching Cynthia get off."

"You got me going again," Cynthia answered "and I think it's about time to give poor David some relief." She took his hand and lifted him to his feet, guiding his boxers over his jutting erection and then down over his feet. She then scooted close and kissed the head of his cock, finally plunging down.

"Oh, fuck," David groaned. Cynthia backed off and kissed his cock all over, keeping him aroused but not too far. She had other plans, and she dropped a hand to her pussy, working her arousal level up to his.

Sharon pulled herself off of Steven's cock and settled back into him so they could both watch. They alternated their eyes from the sight of Cynthia's lips teasing David's cock to the sight of her fingers framing her prominent clit.

Suddenly, she stood and kissed David fiercely. He responded, pulling her tight. Cynthia broke the kiss, and then turned and bent over the bed, spreading her legs and presenting her swollen pussy to him.

"Fuck me hard," she ordered. David lined his up cock and Cynthia immediately pushed back, flattening her ass against him.

Sharon and Steven watched, mesmerized by the naked lust in front of them. Cynthia had positioned herself slightly to the side so they had an excellent view of her pussy getting reamed by David's meat. They could also see Cynthia continue to work her clit, clearly driving herself to another orgasm.

David pushed hard but not too fast. He knew Cynthia would speed up when she was ready, and he wanted to save himself for that. Sure enough, she started bouncing back into him, and he picked up the pace.

Sharon and Steven thrilled to the sound of lightly slapping hips as they watched Cynthia's ass flatten and her breasts shake with each thrust.

"Give it to me, David!" Cynthia hissed. David grabbed her hips and slammed into her, the slaps much louder and mixed with grunts from both of them.

"I'm gonna come, baby!"

"Yes!" Cynthia responded, her hand a blur.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, aggggghhhhhhh!" David moaned as he pulled her hips back hard and spewed into her. Her pussy clamped the underside of his cock, and the cum surged past in jolts of fire.

David's climax drove Cynthia over the edge. She threw her head back as she convulsed around him. Strangled whimpers and sobs escaped her lips. Her hand clamped her white-hot clit, the waves of heat crashing through her body.

Sharon and Steven held their breath-sharing the intensity of their friends' lovemaking. Their skin prickled and little tremors shot through them in response to the scene before them.

"Damn," Steven said under his breath. Sharon squeezed his hand in hers. They watched Cynthia and David come back to earth.

Cynthia hung her head in surrender. David ran his hands along her back, ass, and legs, prolonging the intimacy between them. Finally, he gently eased out of her, and they both sighed at the loss of feeling. David guided her onto the bed, and he settled beside her, nibbling and sucking at her lips.

"I love you," he said.

"I know." They both chuckled. Cynthia turned her head.
"Thanks for being there for us," she said to her friends. "It was intense."

"Oh, God, Cynthia, you can't imagine," Sharon gushed. "I'm still trembling."

"We'll get off on that image for years to come," Steven added.

"Just like we'll do for your little show," David said.

"Yeah, I could feel David's eyes all over you, Sharon," Cynthia snickered.

"I was appreciating the artistry of the

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