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Jessica finds out what her new job entails.

Bill lay down on the floor on his back. Lori quickly sat on his cock. Paulette was in charge of setting the timer. When she flipped the timer on, she ran over and sat on Bill's face. The camera got a great shot of Lori getting fucked and Paulette getting eaten. Bill had them change places. The next picture showed Paulette riding Bill's cock and Lori sitting on his face. In this one however, Lori was leaning forward and sucking Paulette's tits. Bill got pictures of them sucking him at the same time too. As Bill held Paulette's legs apart and fucked her hard, he felt his orgasm approaching.

"Get one of me shooting my load on her pussy!" he told Lori

As Bill gripped his cock and pumped his load onto Paulette's bush, Lori snapped a picture.

"Well looks like I have one picture left on this pack." He told them

He grinned at Lori and told her, "Be a good girl and clean up her pussy."

Lori did as instructed and licked Bill's jizz off of Paulette's pussy. And of course Bill got a picture of this too!

The rest of the week went by with Lori tormenting Bill with flashes of her tits and pussy. He would come to her room and get her to suck his cock before going up to fuck Gail. On Friday at lunch he showed her the pictures he had taken of her, Lori and himself.

"I'm going to show these to my buddies at the bar tonight. They'll all get hardons and want to fuck your sweet ass. Does that make you wet knowing a bunch of strangers wants in your panties?" he asked her

Lori just smiled and nodded yes to his questions.

"Do you think you could handle more than one cock at a time?" he asked

Lori said, "If Paulette can take more, so can I!"

Bill grinned and patted her ass as he picked up the pictures and went out the back door.

Bill left work early Friday and stopped by Rosie's place before meeting Gail at their usual hangout. When he walked in, all of his buddies swarmed around.

"Do you have more pictures?" they all wanted to know.

Bill tossed the pics on the bar and listened at the comments. They were all wild about Lori in her high heels. Their muttering became a roar when they saw the photos of the three of them in action. Bill had to explain that Paulette was Lori's friend, and she was wild about sucking cock. The pictures were passed back and forth for well over an hour before Bill explained he had to leave. Once again they all wanted to know when they were going to meet Lori.

Bill said, "You guys be here tomorrow afternoon and I'll see what I can do!"

Bill met Gail at their bar and proceeded to get her good and drunk. He wanted her too drunk to fuck. He was anticipating a big day on Saturday.

Gail was off work the next day. And a good thing too, as she had a hangover large enough to kill a horse. Bill informed her that he was going up to the stables to check on the horses.

"I've asked Lori to go along too." He told Gail

Gail just mumbled an affirmative reply from their darkened bedroom. Bill was glad to see Lori dressed in her short shorts and halter top as they drove through town.

"Why are we turning in here?" asked Lori as they pulled into Rosie's parking lot

"I just want to get a quick drink. You can get a coke too." Bill said

You could have heard a mouse fart when Bill and Lori entered. Lori couldn't help but notice all eyes were on her as she followed behind Bill. Bill led her to the secluded end of the bar and sat her on a bar stool. He ordered himself a vodka and 7-up, and Lori got a coke. All of his buddies were there. They were all looking at Lori with lust in their eyes. When it became obvious that they were all too bashful to approach, Bill reached out and untied Lori's halter and let it hang loose over her tits. As he reached in and rolled her nipples, a few guys approached.

"So this is Lori!" one of them said

"This is her alright!" Bill said

Bill reached up and removed Lori's top completely. Lori saw the guys smile and lick their lips. A couple of the bolder ones already had their cocks out and were stroking them.

"Hey guys, Lori will do that for

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