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Couple get together for oral passion.

This cycle continued for quite some time. I always had one hot nipple, and one cold one. One being tenderly treated, and one on the North Pole. She was busy constantly, warming each of my nipple, harassing it with her biting, and then putting it out. Her efficiency was remarkable. So was the tenderness with which she meted out her treatment to me. I was in absolute heaven all this time.

She noticed my erection growing harder and harder. As she moved from one nipple to another, she brushed against it. Seeing the frequency with which the brushing happened, I knew it wasn't accidental. Not being able to take it any more, I grabbed her in position, so that she was on top of me. I guided myself into her - with her co-operation, of course.

Not willing to be constrained by my holding, she continued her activities with my nipples, while being penetrated. It took quite some effort on my part to hold her still. That is the way she is. She could be constrained only after I pulled her mouth towards mine, and locked her there. Her bottom would not hold still. It kept pumping up and down, increasing the intensity in me, and in her. After a while, I couldn't restrain myself, and explosively shot into her. She kept pumping. Fluids started slipping out of her. With a smirch smirch sound, more of my liquid, mixed with hers would fall on me. She stopped only when she had had her fill. Her constant activity prevented me from softening, helping her achieve her own climax.

She collapsed on top of me. But she did not stay there. Rolling the two of us, to put me on top, she pushed me off gently. The signal was clear - I have had it many times before. In effect, she is saying, "I want to be left alone, after my orgasm." Having seen this story many times, I knew exactly what to do - especially if I wanted to continue our morning activities.

I sat down at the computer, poking around the open literotica page. My erection did not get a chance to subside completely. It wasn't long before I felt her hand on my shoulder.

"Oh, you are ready again." She said. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to get some breakfast."

"Yes, I do, but not the kind you had in mind." I said with a smile.

"And, what makes you think so?" She answered. And, with that, she sat in my lap, my penis sticking out between her two legs, like a superovergrown clitoris.

"Let me maturate myself," she said. And, promptly started moving her finger on the tip of my penis. She too had the same idea. I have noticed this many times before. When we are one like this, we can actually read each other's thoughts. As the erection got harder, she changed her mind. She got up, and sat back down, with me fully inside her.

"Do you have any more stories on literotica?" She asked.

"Yes, I do, a few more. But I am not sure I want you to read them now."

"Why not?"

"Obvious, isn't it. If I can get a night and a morning like this for every story, why would I let you read them all at the same time."

"Very smart!" she said.

"You do realize that I know your pen-name. And, I know how and where to find your stories. I can read them any time. And the person who is within grabbing distance me when I read the story will be the lucky one." She added.

She proved yet another time, that there is no arguing with her in matters of sex.

While she won't do something with anyone else, the point was absolutely clear. I needed another strategy to dissuade her from reading the stories.

Strange irony. Here I am, sitting intimately with my loved one, and pondering how to divert her from her current path. That is my sex goddess alright. Never gives me a dull moment - in matters of sex, or otherwise.

Seeing my pause, while I pondered these questions, she realized my dilemma. "So, you are wondering, how to get more of this, while you are in the middle of the act." That too is my sex goddess. Her words of wisdom always suggest a way out of the situations she puts me in.

Yes, of course, let us enjoy the moment, I said to my

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