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Sure enough, the door to my parents' bedroom was open. I came up to it very carefully and looked around the corner. The head of my parents' bed was against the opposite wall. But for some reason tonight they were lying with their heads at the foot of the bed. And my mother was on top of my father. So she could see the doorway, but my father couldn't. (Whose idea had it been to have sex in this position tonight?)

I told myself that my mother couldn't see me in the semi-darkness. But I did notice that she got a knowing smile on her face soon after I took up my position by the door. I'd never seen my mother naked before. Her body was so beautiful. Her breasts swayed as she rode up and down on my father's cock. Her beautiful red hair framed her soft face. I could hear the sounds of my father's cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy, and even smell the sweet musk of sex in the air. My mother said it again:

"Fuck me, Daddy."

I heard my father whisper, "I love your virgin pussy, Princess."

I was watching my Mom and Dad fucking. And they were pretending they were a Dad and his daughter. It was so sick. It was so wrong. But it was so fucking hot. I pulled my pajama bottoms down and started to stroke my cock. I no longer cared whether I was seen.

My mother moaned, "Oh yes! Do it! Do it nice and hard!"

In response, my father grabbed her hips and started to pound her passionately. (But were her words really for him?)

My hips started to buck. I knew I wouldn't last long.

"I want your cum!" my mother groaned. "Give me your hot spunk! I want it all over me, baby!"

A long, sticky stream of cum shot out of my cock. I quickly used my left hand to catch as much of the spunk as I could. My mothers eyes got wide and she let out a load moan as she cried, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you, sweetie!"

"Do it!" my father groaned back. "Cum all over my hard cock!" He unloaded his cum inside my mother just as my cock squirted that last bits of cum into my hand. I gingerly pulled up my pajama bottoms and padded off to the bathroom to wash my hands.

About a week later, my father had to go away on an overnight business trip. When he reminded me, "You'll be the man of the house while I'm away," I noticed my mother smile.

The day he left on his trip, my mother and I hardly talked at all. This was very unusual for us, since we normally talked nonstop. But there was some unspoken tension in the air. It was not an unpleasant tension. It was like people waiting for a big event, who could find nothing to say before the time came. We both went to bed early.

I lay in bed, listening to silence. My door was open, as was the door to her room. I thought I could even hear my mother breathing down the hall. I wanted something to happen, but I was unsure what, and had no idea what to do.

Finally, I heard my mother's soft voice, calling from her room:

"Sweetie, would you come in here for a minute?"

Without a sound I got up and walked into her room. I held my hands in front of my crotch, to cover where my pajamas were tenting.

"Yes, Mom?"

"It's kind of weird not having your Dad home, isn't it?"

Actually, my Dad had always been away on business a lot. It was weirder, in some ways, when he was home. But I didn't say that. Instead, I just agreed.

My mother nodded. "I know you're kind of old for it, but would you like to come sleep in my bed tonight? I mean, it would be nice for me to have some company too."

Without answering, I lifted the covers and slid into the bed, next to my mother. I noticed that she was wearing the same satin chemise she had been wearing last week, and also the same perfume. I was nervous, so I lay in the bed with my back to her. I felt her reach over and start to gently rub my back. Sometimes when we watched TV on the couch, I'd put my head in her lap and she'd rub my back, but this felt very different.

"Have you done anything new with your girlfriend lately?" she asked softly.

"Not really. I tried-" I cut myself off.

"You what, sweetie? It's okay. You can tell me."

"Well, I tried to

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