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One of his earlier guests charters the Captain's boat.

She would continue to work at draining my member of every drop of my seed and then rub the fluids into her skin with both my softening penis and her expert fingers.

But our sexual life made a significant turn for the better the day that Jez's deft hands drew from me one of the most intense ejaculations of my sperm that not only coated her full breasts with gobs of my pearlescent seed, but her pretty, smiling face as well. When I saw my ejaculate clinging to Jez's face, I found myself torn between a fear that she might be repulsed by my massive seminal eruption and a deep-seated thrill from seeing my fluids sprayed on my sister's lips and chin. My fears were short lived when Jez licked my sticky seed from around her mouth and smiled with a new excitement. At that moment she pulled me by me penis to her face and without further hesitation took my sperm-smeared member into her mouth and sucked on me like some sweet treat as she cleaned my staff with her mouth and tongue with an enthusiasm that she later told me brought her to another orgasm without her vagina even being touched.

Our once-in-a-while union became more frequent as Jez developed a literal hunger for my seed. The preamble of Jez's manual manipulations of my manhood quickly faded in favor of her hunger to take my throbbing member directly into her hot mouth and feasting on me, craning her neck to work her mouth as far down my rock-hard penis as she could before nearly choking herself on it until the room around me would begin to swirl and my body felt like a quivering mass of gelatin until my penis would erupt in a geyser that I feared would drown Jez.

But Jez learned to swallow my seed; to swallow every drop my burning testicles could produce and still suck hard upon my aching manhood in search for more. Jez's near insatiability eventually evolved into Jez developing a talent for taking nearly my entire length into her mouth. And even that took on a new dimension when Jez wasn't satisfied with simply sucking my penis into bliss, but it progressed into a need for her to feel me thrust myself into her mouth, driving my manhood into her waiting and willing throat much as any man would thrust into his wife's welcoming vagina and pushing past the boundaries of her throat until she would again take me to the heights of pleasure that I now lived for and my semen would flow freely and feed my sister's oral lusts.

Then came the day that we introduced ourselves to the most forbidden stage of our ongoing union. Even more taboo than the actual act of coitus.

I was again manipulating Jez's sensitive vagina, playing with her thick labia and rubbery nub while probing and poking my fingers into her dripping canal. Jez's sweet body flowed like a river whenever we touched now, often leaving spots so wet on the bed it almost seemed as though it was her bladder and not her hot and tight vagina that was dripping from her pleasures.

But as I was working my fingers around and Jez was writhing with the movements of my hand I probed again with my fingers and found her to have tightened up greatly. I continued to work my fingers into her as I had done for so long, but there was greater resistance. And Jez was enjoying it even more than usual. As I pushed two fingers into her hot orifice Jez immediately began to shudder in orgasm and I wasn't even playing with her clitoris. It was then that I realized that in Jez's extremely slippery state that I had pushed my fingers into her anus and was probing deep into her rectum! Yet she didn't appear to be in pain at all; Jez was experiencing an incredibly intense climax instead.

When Jez seemed to come back down to earth, I expected us to engage in our usual feeding of my seed into her hungry mouth.

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