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Carol and the gang attend their first spanking party.

You drop back down again and lick the other side. The feeling of your hot moist tongue makes me curl my toes in anticipation. Suddenly, you wrap your lips around the head of my cock and drop all the way down, my cock completely in your mouth. I moan as it feels that my sex is inside a warm suffocating velvety chamber. You look into my eyes, willing my soul to show appreciation.

"I love my cock inside your hot mouth." Voicing my approval.

You start to bob your head up and down, your mouth stroking my sensitive skin. With my left hand I hold your hair up so I can watch my cock slide in and out of your mouth. Eventually you withdraw your mouth from my wet cock and start to lick my testicles. You can feel my balls churning and producing.

"Lick my ass." I tell you.

I lift my legs up to give you access to my asshole. You greedily dive in, licking away, moistening my anal entrance. I stroke my cock while you massage my testicles. I can feel your tongue trying to penetrate my sphincter. The feeling of your tongue, massaging and my masturbation is almost overwhelming. You somehow sense my urgency and cease to continue on my asshole.

"Sit on my cock." I say breathlessly.

I lower my legs and you climb over me. With one hand on my chest, you take your other hand and guide my penis into your awaiting moist vagina. The feeling of fire envelops my pulsating member. I moan aloud in unison with your animalistic wail. We stay still, enjoying the initial penetration, being joined as one. You start to move yourself up and down, my member pistoning in and out of your hot orifice. You tease me by going all the way, waiting for me to beg you to come back down, and then slamming yourself down onto my awaiting pelvis.

When I can't stand your teasing any longer, I grab onto your string of pearls and pull you down so you're lying on top of me. I put my arms around in and start angling my pelvis to stroke my cock in and out of you. You try to get up but I won't let you out. I hear your moans and feel your convulsions starting again. I continue my relentless thrusting.

"Fuck me." You whisper into my ear.

I oblige by taking one of my hands and spanking one of your ass cheeks. I continue to pushing my cock up inside you. You start to grind your clit into my pubic bone. I can feel your secretions dripping down my balls. Finally you climax, fluid gushing and you screaming. My penis can feel your walls churning. It feels like my penis is trapped with a clamp the strength of a vice. We lay there, seemingly spent. I feel your chest against mine, your breaths long and deep recovering from a second orgasm of the night; however surely not the last.

You lift your head up and we lock lips. Your tongue bursts into my mouth in a frenzied action. You lift your hips up and my cock falls out of your crevice. You go down to my jewels and begin to clean your juices up from me, your tongue sliding all over my smooth slippery skin.

"I love it when you clean me up with your tongue." I say.

"I love the taste of me on you!" You proclaim.

I feel my cock twitch when you say that. I look into your eyes and instantly want to make you cum a couple times more by the end of the night. You continue cleaning me, without missing a spot.

"Which way do you want to do me?" You ask after finishing up.

"On your back with your ass near the edge of the bed." I say while standing up.

You lie down as per my instructions and lift your beautiful legs up. I stand there for a few seconds and admire the beautiful "V" your legs make. Your legs seem to go on forever; your heels make your legs go even further. I slide my saliva covered cock into your still very wet pussy. You moan once again. I grab onto the spikes of your heels and start to pump away. Each thrust of my pelvis humping the back of your buttocks and legs. You grab onto your own legs at your knees pulling them back further and wider, pivoting your hips so that I would penetrate deeper.

I can feel myself getting close to an orgasm but I didn't want to have one until you had one more.

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