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Lexus gets more than she could ever imagine and loves it.

I wriggled back from underneath them, and knelt behind Kathy. She paused her thrusting, her cock buried fully in Sven's ass, while I slipped my cock up her arse, and slowly pushed it all the way in. I pulled back almost all the way, and Kathy was able to thrust back and forward while Sven and I stayed still, alternately impaling and being impaled on the men either side of her.

After a couple of minutes of this, she turned to me and said "I think he's ready."

Almost reluctantly I pulled out of her arse. She did likewise, and I moved forward and slipped my knob between Sven's arse cheeks.

"Ohhhh," he groaned, and I began to ease my cock into his well oiled back passage. I went slowly, but was soon buried balls deep in his arse. It felt just as good as Kathy's arse, and any remaining reservations I had were gone as I began to slowly thrust in and out of his hot, tight, basically virgin arse.

Kathy had removed the strap-on and moved underneath us, wrapping her lips around Sven's throbbing cock, her pussy splayed in front of Sven's face, which he began to lick and lap at joyously. I picked up the pace a bit as he was clearly enjoying it, and before long we were fucking flat out.

She then paused us both as she moved out from under Sven and got on her knees in front of him before working her way backwards underneath his body, until he was able to slip his cock up her arse. It was now Sven's turn to see-saw between two bodies, and he did so with glee, slowly at first, then picking the pace up.

Kathy was squealing with pleasure as he reamed her arse, and I was really enjoying the ride. Sven began to pant and groan as his orgasm approached, then slammed forward into Kathy as it hit him hard. I slammed forward behind him, burying my dick deep in his arse as I felt his anus contracting wildly as his cock sprayed its load deep into Kathy. All this was too much for me and I came hard also, my balls pumping shot after shot of sticky come up Sven's hot tight arse.

The three of us collapsed in a heap as orgasms wracked our sweaty bodies.

As our senses gradually returned, we hauled ourselves off to the shower to clean up. While we had showered together before, this time was different, as none of us cared who touched what and where, and the feeling of three hot wet slippery bodies rubbing together was really something.

We were all horny again by the time we were clean, and we dried off and headed back to the bedroom to get dirty again.

Kathy had washed the dildo, and after fitting it back on, lay back on the bed and motioned for us to take turns sucking on it, which we did, then one by one switched places so that all three of us got a double cock-sucking from the other two.

I went last, laying back on the bed with the two of them licking and sucking on my cock, and sharing sloppy wet kisses with each other at the same time After sucking me for a bit, Kathy lifted my legs up and placed a pillow under my arse, then got Sven to hold my ankles so I was bent almost double, with my arse fully exposed.

First one lubed finger then a second entered my puckered entrance as Kathy prepared me to take her plastic member. As she probed me with her fingers, she stroked it with her free hand, copiously covered in lube. She moved forward to enter, and I grabbed my knees and pulled them back almost to my shoulders, where I could see the head of her knob slipping into my arse. It went in easier than last time, but I still felt wonderfully full once it was all the way in.

Sven slipped around behind her and eased his now slippery cock into Kathy's arse, and I could see the looks of absolute bliss on both their faces as the three of us arse-fucked in tandem. After a few minutes of this my head was swimming, and Kathy said, "I think he's ready," at which I grinned.

She eased her plastic knob out of me, and made way for Sven, who moved into position where she had just been.

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