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Running the events back in his mind made him hard again. He got up and walked to the window and look at the house next door in the daylight. The shades were drawn in the window that it had all started in. As far as Chris could tell, everything was nice and quiet next door. He looked towards the front of the house and could see the hood of the husband's pick up in the driveway. Chris knew he should feel some kind of guilt for fucking a married woman, but there was none to be found. Chris had developed an odd relationship with guilt/shame. He felt next to none most of the time, even in some instances (like the current one) when he probably should. When he did feel guilty about something, it enveloped him completely and influenced every decision he made. In his heart of hearts, Chris really felt nothing in the way of guilt for fucking this married woman. The only thing that concerned Chris was the husband finding out and making life difficult for him. Chris hated complications and just hoped the wife next door knew the value of a secret kept.

Chris ate his bowl of cold cereal and gathered all his books and notebooks and headed to the public library. Sleeping in had most likely cost him any shot at finding a good place to work at the campus library and the public one was closer. He glanced at the house next door again as he left and saw nothing out of the ordinary and no sign of his midnight sex partner. He sped away to library with a full day of classwork ahead of him.

Chris found a clear table and went about trying to study and write some outlines for papers coming due soon. He was staring right at the notes and numbers on the pages spread out in front of him, but his mind kept drifting away. Back to last night, back to Seattle, back to a much different time.


"Go suck his dick Cindy, see if he can hit it out the park already."

A strawberry blonde in Capri pants and a pastel blouse got up off the arm of the couch where she had been sitting and walked towards Chris, smiling. She looked like she walked straight out of an ad for The Gap, with nice, slightly above average tits and a nice frame. She walked up and dropped to her knees in front of Chris and began undoing his jeans. Chris was soft but started getting erect the minute she opened his jeans. He had gone 'commando', not for the practical reasons one might think of for a porn interview but simply because he had no clean briefs.

"Wow, he is packing Wade, Eddie wasn't lying!" Cindy said as she pulled his hardening cock out. The other two women in the room, one tall skinny girl with light brown hair and a shorter black girl with an ass to match her impressive rack, each let out a little 'ooo' as Cindy pulled the entire length of Chris's cock out into full view.

"Take off the t-shirt kid. Kick off the shoes too." Wade Calvin directed. Chris did as he was told and dropped his t-shirt to floor and kicked off his cheap tennis shoes as Cindy pulled his pants down.

"Make it stand up Cindy, get him ready to go." Wade said from the couch, easing back into it and taking a drink from his glass.

Cindy looked up at Chris as she held his cock in her hands. She smiled up at him with her best camera ready smile and looked Chris in the eyes as she opened her mouth and began to suck on the head of his cock, moaning as she did. Chris noticed the freckles on her face she had tried to cover with makeup. This girl was cute and trying to be sexy with her makeup and hair style. Her mouth, however, was pure sin.

Chris took a deep breath and sighed on the exhale as she worked up and down his cock. Chris found out quickly why Wade Calvin had told Cindy to suck his dick. This girl had serious oral skills and Wade knew most guys would not make it past her without coming in a matter of minutes.

Cindy shocked Chris by opening her mouth wider than Chris thought a human could and slowly taking the entire length of his cock in

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