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Reclaimed slave is punished.


The hour arrived. We heard the doorbell ring and my heart jumped into my throat. The other girls all ran into the "monitor room" and locked themselves in, so that no guys looking for the bathroom would inadvertently stumble on them.

At the door was Gene, with five other frat guys, and I thought: 'There goes my excuse for chickening out.' Leading them into the room where everything was supposed to happen, I was already contemplating what it would feel like to have sex with six guys in succession in one night while being watched by seven girls as well as by the other guys. I wondered if all the guys would be able to perform in front of each other. Thoughts like that were running through my head.

The guys all came into the room, and Gene looked around and asked if they'd arrived early. I looked bashful and said I'd invited them under false pretenses; and that I was really a nymphomaniac, who needed to have sex with a number of men to have an orgasm. While telling this crazy story I had been undoing the strap of my sun dress from behind my neck, and now let it drop to the floor, leaving me completely nude.

Gene said at once that he'd be glad to help me out, and one by one the guys with him intimated that if I really needed sex with them, who were they to argue?

Anyway, Gene took my hand and was leading me to the bedroom, but I pulled back and said I had to do this with other men watching, otherwise I couldn't "get off".

He seemed a trifle disconcerted by this, so I ribbed him a little, suggesting that perhaps he couldn't manage it in front of his pals. He took the bait and pulled his pants down immediately.

As I watched, this gorgeous erect cock, all slick and swollen, sprang into view! All of a sudden I was calm again. This was my home turf, and I could handle it; at least, I hoped I could.

I stepped up to Gene and pushed him up against the wall, rubbing my body slowly against him, quite enjoying myself. I often looked at myself in the mirror then, and I was damn proud of my body. I used to fantasize about having a great many lovers, and here I was, about to live that fantasy!

I was now very wet, and just had to feel Gene inside me! I put my hands on his shoulders and lifted myself onto his big, warm, stiff cock. He held me by the ass and manhandled me, in and out, side to side, hitting it perfectly right from the start! The thought that so many people were watching felt incredibly sexy to me.

I came before Gene did, and really let myself go, screaming and clawing at his back as he came inside me. (I thought it would look good on tape.)

I dismounted from one exhausted male body, and went down on all fours. I said to the intently watching crowd of young college men that I wanted them all to undress; if we were to have a party, everything must be stripped for action! You should have seen their clothes fly into the air!

Meanwhile Gene stumbled to the couch and slumped down on it, his chest and cock a deep red.

I called out: "Next!" and one of the guys dropped down behind me and slipped his cock into me. It went into my pussy very easily because I was dripping with both Gene's and my cum.

The guy was so worked up he started slamming me real fast, and spurted in less than 30 seconds. Pushing him backwards to get him off me, I rolled on to my back and stretched like a contented kitten. I looked at the guys and picked out a horny looking, surfer type, all tan with hard muscles.

I pointed at him and held my arms wide. He quickly stepped forward and knelt between my legs, then went down on my pussy.

I couldn't believe this guy! Two men had already come inside me, and here he was, licking and sucking me with a vengeance! But I soon stopped caring why he did it, because he was really good.

Just before bringing me off he plunged his dick into me, and came almost immediately.

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