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A bride-to-be learns to cum with her friend's toy.

"Could one of you get me a Mountain Dew out of the cooler?" my dad called from the front seat.

"I'll get it," Nicole answer.

The cooler was on my left side near the top of the pile so we could reach it. I could have easily gotten it. Nicole however, took the opportunity to press down on my cock getting up and pressed her tits to my face as she leaned over me to get to the cooler. Having to take my hand out from her skirt I was completely at her mercy as she waved her assets in my face. Good sized but not huge, her tits were the perfect mix of firm and fluid, holding themselves with no bra but would flow jiggle when she moved. She knew how much I liked to play with them, and liked it herself, but here in the car it was just an effective taunt. Taking as long as she could and even managing to hump me when we hit some bumpy road she finally sat back down, handing the pop up to my dad.

"Here you go, let me know if you want anything else," Nicole said cheerily as she started at me with her mischievous little smile.

It was my turn to play with Nicole and she let me slide my hand back in her skirt and rubbed up against me as she again laid her hand on my cock. Rather than flick my hand again I massaged her folds, pinching and rolling, pressing down on her pussy. Nicole squeezed her legs together on my hand, and it was her turn to bit my neck. Circling her pussy with my finger I made her shiver again and brought my fingers up to her pantieline. Her stomach pulled in she held her breath, pressing her tits out; nipples visible even though her clothes.

"So Nicole I hear your going back to the school in a few weeks?" my dad asked back as her drank the last of his pop.

In the backseat I took that moment to push my fingers inside Nicole's pussy.

"YES, yes I'm going back, a few weeks, right."

"You sound excited, what are you going to be doing?" my dad said glancing in the mirror at her outburst.

Nicole smiled back at my dad before turning to me and glaring.

"Yes Nicole," I said as rubbed her clit, "it was some research surface stimulation of pearls wasn't it."

"Opals, actually. We were studying how different wavelengths of light penetrate into the opal."

"Oh really, how does that work? I though opals were opaque, they always look so white and milky."

Nicole was struggling to keep her repose as I, taking her suggestion now had two fingers inside her pussy again.

"Natural opals often are, umm," I rolled her clit in my fingers watching with equal pleasure her stuttering reaction, "th-the light is scattered inside of the opal and emitted randomly, rarely passing all the way through. But in a pure sample the bandgap of the material can be tuned to emit light of only specific wavelengths."

"Before you lose me what, exactly will you being doing with that?"

Nicole's legs were now throbbing with the effort squeezing together and my hand was being crushed. But neither of us was going to give up. I pressed a third finger inside Nicole she tried to mask a moan with her answer.

"Mmmh we use them to make lasers mostly. Because of the very fine-tuning we can make very pure lasers, with the same exact wavelength and direction the laser has a very tight pattern. My project this summer is to work on making very high power and efficient laser using this concept."

"Man you kids are so smart, bandgaps and lasers you've lost me. You must work so hard."

"She usually is very tied to her work but I manage to get in a thing or two before the night is over."

Nicole was trapped between scorn and mirth at my puns, probably because she was on the edge in other ways she never really came to a decision.

Her pussy was now soaked as I played my fingers in and out of her. Unable to change position or tempo I kept us both at our plateau for a long time. Soon we were on the dirt road to the cabin and the vibrations my fingers inside her did most of the work as we drove down the washboard road. Her moans were masked by the sound and we soon pulled up to the cabin.


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