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The first half.

He was a bit of a ladies man and loves to chat up and flirt with female customers including my wife but we have always thought of it as harmless fun and banter. In truth I always imagined he would run a mile if any of his female passengers took him seriously. I saw him turn and look over his shoulder and stare in wonder and disbelief at the lurid scene before him. I am not sure quite what he could see but had no doubt from the look on his face he was being treated to a very erotic vision. Momentarily he could not take his eyes from between my wife's legs and almost crashed the bus as he veered across the road before coming to his senses and turning back to look ahead. The sudden slewing of the van across the road startled those in the back and someone shouted hey watch it before returning to their conversation and singing with the rest of the people in the back.

Reg shouted "sorry" and made the excuse a cat just ran across the road.

He then proceeded to adjust the rear view mirror so he could see the action going on behind him without having to turn around. It was evident from his behaviour and look on his face that he liked what he was witnessing and it was exciting him as much as it was me. Our eyes met in the mirror and he gave me a knowing look and grin before nodding his head and winking at me. Every time we passed under a street light he must have had a great view of my wife with her legs spread. I wondered whether from his vantage point he could actual see past her stocking clad legs and lilac suspenders and panties and glimpse her naked pussy with Marks fingers buried in it working her to an inevitable orgasm. We were both desperately watching mesmerised, hoping for that brief moment when a street light eliminated the scene before us. Reg watched through his mirror and occasionally over his shoulder and me looking on directly.

We could see her trying to spread her thighs as wide as possible and pushing hard onto the back of Reg's seat to enable her to thrust and rock her hips back and forth as she ground her cunt onto Marks hand. I was amazed how no one realised what was going on as Karen was now totally oblivious to anything and anyone and focusing solely on her own pleasure and impending climax. Whatever Mark was doing he certainly knew how to press the right buttons and drive Karen crazy. Suddenly she jammed her foot into the back of Reg's seat her whole body stiffening and lifting off the seat and going rigid. Her thighs clamped together as she bit down on the hand in her mouth to stifle and muffle her groans and moans as an intense orgasm racked her body and senses.

All this time Mark remained sat there with his eyes shut apparently asleep to any casual observer and only the smug contented look on his face and a large erection in his trousers to betray his indiscretions with my wife. Karen gradually pulled herself together as the orgasm subsided and straightened her clothing just in time for us arriving at the hotel.

Before we knew it everybody was getting out and hugging and kissing one another and saying their goodbyes and thanks for a great evening. Karen and I went around everyone thanking them for coming.

Mark held back with his wife until last and with a big smile on his face held out his hand to me and said "thank you for a great evening it has been most entertaining. I have not enjoyed myself so much in a long time and we must really do it again".

I thought to myself, I bet you do you cheeky sod, you just got wined and dined taken to the races and then onto a swish club for the evening before finger fucking my wife on the way home.

Then turning to Karen with a twinkle in his eye he said "I cannot thank you enough for such a very pleasurable evening".

Karen blushed and in a very demure voice replied "you are most welcome, I hope you found everything to your complete satisfaction".

Mark first looking Karen in the eye, then turning to me replied, "very much so, you are a very accommodating and hospitable couple and know just how to go that

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