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The Fourth of July sets off fireworks of a different kind.

She had not dwelt on it long, for it was a useless thing, and she had no time for useless things. Now, she sprang up instantly, finding a growth similar to the first one having silently swelled from the floor, right where she could not have seen it with her legs held together. It had touched her there - in her womanhood. This left her with the same mixture of trepidation and excitement as before. She noticed something move and looked to find an appendage emerging from the ceiling. It was moving much faster now - though still slow compared to human motion - and she instinctively struck it to send it receding again. Instead of reforming with the wall, it merely shrank back and watched her with its blank, smooth face. She backed away from it, shaking.

Fera Venucia did not know what to do, where to go. She watched the growth from the floor and the one from the ceiling in turn, unable to keep both in her view at the same time. It then occurred to her that she was forgetting to watch the wall behind her, and she turned to find yet another appendage that brushed against her hip as she moved.

Was the... 'cell' moving slightly faster than before?

Fera ran to the opposite side of the room, looking frantically everywhere now, and to her horror a form began to swell up from the wall she had moved closest to. She struck it preemptively, and went after the other appendages that had formed. With each blow, it was as though she transferred a little bit of energy into the thing. She recoiled as she noticed one arm sneakily sliding up tangential to her right calf. She caught it as it reached her hamstring and drove it back with one quick strike. While looking down one had emerged from the ceiling and was now flowing towards her, about to touch her face. Enough! Fera hit it with her mightiest blow, and all movement in the cell ceased. Every growth that had come from the wall began to slowly shrink back to its origin, and soon nothing moved in the cell but her own chest as it rose and fell with her breathing.

Hours upon hours must have passed, and Fera thought she would go insane. She dared not sleep, or even sit, but there was nothing except for the steady hum of the walls. This could not go on... She felt the symptoms of sleepiness encroaching on her thoughts. She could not, must not fall asleep, but it was a losing battle ever since she had been interrupted the first time. Only a faint, empty warning confined to the back of her thoughts sounded as she lay down... The floor was so warm, so soft, so gentle as it hummed. Darkness descended...


No shadows passed over her eyes this time. Fera instead awoke to the terrifying feeling of warm smooth tentacles sliding over the skin of her calves and forearms. When she came fully to her senses, she thrashed unlike she had ever known herself capable. Despite the advantage that the thing had already gained over her arms and legs, she was able to stumble away from its grasp. However, it was when she turned around to face the tentacles and put her back near the wall that Fera Venucia made her mistake.

The first thing she noticed was the sensation of mud seeping between her toes, except that it wasn't mud: her feet were sinking into the floor.

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