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A young couple hooks up for hot sex on a cruise.

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To prove this to him, I kiss his lips, then kiss a path down his neck to his chest. I finally make my way to his groin, and without hesitation I take his dick into my mouth. Antoine gasps as my mouth engulfs his manhood. I look up at him while sucking him off. He runs his hand through my long black hair as I suck his dick. Gently, I tease his balls with my fingers. Antoine groans, and urges me to continue. Clearly, he loves what I'm doing. Of course he does. I'm good at this. And I don't do it for every man I'm with. If I like a man, then I want to make him happy. In any way that I can. If I don't like him, then he can go to hell for all I care. Do you understand ?

While sucking Antoine's dick and stroking his balls, I insert one finger into his rectum. That gives him pause. Like a lot of men, he finds anal play enjoyable but doesn't like to admit it. It took me a while to help him get over that. Last week, while we hooked up, I fingered his asshole for a long time while stroking his thick cock to its full hardness. He liked it so much that he allowed me to work a slim blue dildo up his ass. I thrust the dildo deep into his ass while stroking his dick. He got so hard, it's not even funny. Yeah, he enjoyed having my dildo up his ass. I told him that one of these days, I'm going to completely dominate him and make his ass mine. He's half scared and half thrilled by the idea. I bought a strap-on dildo just for that. When his birthday comes in a few days, I'm going to sodomize him with it. I know he wants it. He looks at strap-on female domination videos on the Internet. Especially those featuring a certain massively muscular, towering black dominatrix who loves to sodomize black and Hispanic males with her thick strap-on dildo. But that's for another time.

I suck Antoine's dick until he's ready to burst.

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