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Meeting that special man leads to an extended family.

Peter smiled gently at him. "You're much stronger than you leave us to believe. Why you do that?" he asked then.

Jonathan half laughed. "I don't know. Habit, I guess."

"Child, this is not a good habit. You are most valuable to all of us. You know this, yes?" Peter's brow became furrowed with the seriousness of his meaning.

"Yes, sir. I know."

"Then you should act like it. We are all concerned for you, child. You lately have portrayed to us that we no longer matter to you. You seem so distant from us now. It is as if you are so immersed in the things of your uncle that you have forgotten us completely. This is not the way to show us your love for us. Do you understand?"

"I do, Peter. And I'm so sorry I've made you all feel that way. I never meant to do that." His voice became strained as emotion surged to the surface once again.

"I know this, child. And it is Greg, Bruce and Tony you have to convince, not I." The man took Jonathan's hand resting both on his chest. "They are feeling you no longer care for them as you once did. You must correct this, or worse things may occur."

"What worse things?" Jonathan leaned on the railing hovering over Peter as they talked quietly.

"Worse things, Jonathan." Peter stated somewhat firmly.

Jonathan sighed. He knew the man only did this when the subject was supposed to be common knowledge. It meant the man wanted him to think about it and his actions. He mulled it over in his mind silently for a long moment. The worse thing that could ever happen in his life at the moment would be to loose them all. He considered this fact thoroughly as he silently stood there.

Peter could see the wheels turning in Jonathan's mind. Many emotions flickered across his face letting him know he had accomplished what he meant to do. Jonathan wasn't an unreasonable young man; he was only confused and caught up in the resent grief of his uncle's passing.

"Could you bare such a thing, Jonathan?" he asked almost in a whisper.

"No, Peter." The young man choked even as he said it.

"Then you must do what must be done to prevent this. It will help you rise out of your grief and depression."

Jonathan looked sharply at the man. He hadn't known his depression had been so well seen by them. All in all, he had tried to conceal it. It seemed he had failed in that attempt, miserably. Now, he knew he would have to make some changes in his life. He had decisions to make that would alter the course of things a bit. And he needed to think on those now.

"Sit there, Jonathan." Peter motioned to the chair in the corner of the room. "You have much to think about."

Jonathan almost couldn't bear to tear himself away from Peter. He wanted to be right there with him, no matter what. But, Peter had other plans for him that night. Slowly, he meandered to the chair the man had motioned to. He sat thinking long into the night and early morning hours when he finally fell fast asleep.


Greg and Bruce were allowed into Tony's room. The man was somewhat discomfited by the events of the evening and the injury he had sustained. He felt it his fault that Peter had been abducted. And because of the injury, he couldn't seem to grasp the fact that Peter, was only a few doors down from his room. Bruce and Greg were constantly reminding him that Peter was safe and well. But, Tony continued to argue the concept, only knowing that he had failed to protect the man.

Greg patiently talked to Tony each time he woke up asking about Peter. His gentle way and bedside mannerisms were consistent all night and into the morning. And it was just before six in the morning that the treating doctor entered the room to assess Tony's condition once again.


Jonathan stirred gently, feeling a light breeze brush across him. It was difficult for him to wake up, and he convinced himself that he needed to check on Peter. Opening his eyes, he glanced over at the bed. He saw the mass of covers conformed to the man's body. Closing them again, he fell fast asleep once more.

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