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Teacher uses scientific method to help guy's basketball team.

You lead me to the couch, where you sit and I kneel in front of you. You pull the leash so I can almost reach your cock with my tongue, and hold me there in torturous excitement. You take hold of my hair, and every time I try to reach forward and try to lap at you with my tongue my hair is pulled and I am slightly choked at the same time.

You pull back on the leash, tilting my head back and exposing my neck. I feel your cock rub against my breasts, feel your precum on my nipples, and I gasp raggedly as you slide against me. Everything you do feels so good. No one makes me feel the way you do. Excites me the way you do.

You use the leash to pull me forward and I take your cock in my mouth, darting my tongue around it, licking and teasing and sucking, taking as much of you as you will let me. You control the movement of my head. You pull me forward more and more and I take you deeper and deeper, tasting your precum and moaning around your cock. I want you so much. To be fucked by you, used by you. I want to be your toy as much as you are mine.

You yank the collar just hard enough not to hurt me, but to make me stop sucking your cock. You pull me up to standing and walk me to the bed, pushing me face first down onto it, my ass at the edge. You tug the leash so I don't forget you're in control, and it presses against my neck in that way I like. You order me to spread my cheeks, and I feel you drag your tongue at first just against my pussy, and then up to my ass. You start tonguing my ass and I groan, grinding against the bed. I feel your finger slowly enter my pussy, and I try to push back against you. You are moving so slowly, torturing me. You stop licking me and I protest, begging you for more until you hand me a plug for my ass. You want to watch me insert it while your fingers move inside me. You help me hold my cheeks apart while I push the plug inside me, crying out again and coming hard at the combination of sensations. You feel my pussy tighten around your fingers as I climax.

You pull me to standing, and remove my leash. I walk over to where my clothes are, and pick up a silk scarf. You turn around, and I tie your hands behind your back.

I sit on the couch. You straddle me, knees on either side of my hips, unsteady. I wrap my hand around your cock, stroking you slow and hard. I lean forward and take your nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, biting, making you cry out at the pleasure and pain. I lube one finger and press against your ass as I stroke you, lightly pushing my finger in but not as deep as you want it at first, teasing you, making you want more.

I take a dildo and place it between my thighs, tight against my pussy, holding it upright underneath you.

I gather your hair in my other hand and pull hard, forcing your head back and your body down, easing you down onto the dildo and letting it enter you. I stop moving my hand on your cock, forcing you to move up and down to regain the friction, forcing you to fuck my hand and the dildo at the same time.

I swing my legs up on the couch so I can lay down.

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