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Two couples go on a houseboat holiday together.

I could feel the slippery wetness on both my skin and her finger. She put the lube down and was massaging my balls with her right hand. Damn, she was good.

This is the first time either of us had played with the other's ass, and I filed this episode away for later. I was brought back to reality when I felt her finger pressing against my hole and resisted the urge to clench tighter. I tried to take relaxing, deep breaths and her finger slid in easily - she'd done this before. I had too, a few times with other women, but certainly not enough to get that used to it.

As always seems to be the way, just as things were feeling really good, she stopped. That got a real audible moan from me and a wicked laugh from her.

"What, are you in a hurry or something? Have another place you'd rather be?", she asked mockingly.

"Absolutely not," I firmly replied, "I'm all yours to do with what you want, but you're killing me softly."

That brought a smile to her face, and she said, "Just relax and enjoy the ride."

She then rose to her knees and applied lube to her toy, rubbing her hand up and down like she was slowly jacking it off. Satisfied, she put the lube to the side and laid between my legs, propped up on her elbows. She began softly blowing on my balls and cock, which was throbbing with each heartbeat, as well as dripping.

I could feel her lining up the toy, putting just a little pressure on it and gently twisting it left, then to the right. Then she did something that almost set me off, but didn't. She simultaneously pressed the vibrator into my ass and took my entire cock in her mouth. She knew from my reaction that she did a bad, bad thing in a good, good way. She was very adept at moving with me, otherwise I would've broken her nose on her initial action.

She settled into a nice rhythm, sucking up and down my cock slowly, then more rapidly, and also moving the toy in and out gently. Next, she took her mouth off my cock and turned the vibrator on low, then placed her mouth on my balls and started lightly humming and rolling them with her tongue. The feeling was incredible, and she started to slowly jack me off with her right hand. In almost no time I told her I was going to come any second, and she turned the vibe on high, made sure the curved end was just inside my ass, going for the prostate, and put her mouth over my cock, rapidly swishing her tongue over the lower part of the head.

I raised my ass off the bed as I started spurting in her mouth, causing her to make a "mmmm, mmmm," sound, barely audible over my groans, but also felt on my cock head. I could feel her swallowing just as the last shots began to subside. It was then that I noticed her right hand was now under her and she was playing with her pussy. Nimbly, with her left hand she dialed the vibrator down to off and slowly pulled it from my ass. Then she started moving up my body, stopping with her head over my chest, and brought her fingers to my lips. They were dripping with her juices so I slowly licked each one and then sucked on them to make sure I got everything.
Still not having said a word, Leslie moved the rest of the way up - bare chest to breast - I love that feeling! - and began kissing me. Even after swallowing my cum, I could still taste myself in her mouth. I figured she could also taste herself a little in mine. We continued kissing and tonguing each other until we both needed more air, so she pushed herself up on her elbows, looked at me and asked if the pleasure was worth the wait?

I said oh, yes and pulled her down for another deep kiss.

After a few moments she pulled herself down my body far enough to lay her head on my chest, just below my chin. The top of her head right there, I placed a few kisses on it.

After a long exhale, and still laying her head down, she asked, "What'll we do next?"

Being a smart ass, I asked if she wanted to go watch some TV?

She started to bite my nipple, no she DID bite my nipple, and I laughed and said I was just kidding, and I wouldn't mi

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