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The bonds of friendship.

"I don't know if you'd be interested in this but I picked it up because it's a favourite of mine."

Chloe held up a black lace basque/corset that just seemed to exude pure sex appeal. I didn't need any persuading to take that off Chloe to try it on.

"Okay, why don't you go and try those on and I'll put these back." Chloe pointed me in the direction of the changing rooms before heading off to put the 'rejected' items back.

I walked across the store and into one of the changing rooms, pulling the curtain across behind me. I decided to try on the basque/corset last because I think I already knew that Scott would be seeing me wearing that. I tried on each item and I decided to buy the first set of bra and panties that I'd been shown just because they were so nice. Finally, I came to the basque/corset and I simply stood there, naked in front of the mirror and held it up against me. I could feel a rush of excitement course through me as I did so, which made me even more curious as to what I would look like with it on.

I finally decided to call it a basque simply because it had straps with which to attach stocking, although it had a lace-up back and hook-and-eye-clipped front. I undid the clips and placed it around my body. I carefully fastened the clips and felt the basque begin to frame my upper body. There were no straps to go over my shoulders so it had to be tight to ensure that my breasts stayed hidden. Once everything was in place I turned and checked myself in the mirror.

One word.


It was amazing to look at myself dressed in the basque. It clung to my body and smoothed its way down to just below my naval. For the first time I noticed that the basque was slightly boned and it had lace at the top and bottom. My breasts were held in place snugly and I was presented with an amazing cleavage.

"How are you doing?" asked Chloe from outside.

"Okay, I've just trying on the basque now," I replied.

"I've brought you some things to complete the set."

"Okay, thanks," I replied.

I don't know how Chloe interpreted this answer, but the next thing I knew Chloe had opened the curtain, let herself into the cubicle and closed the curtain behind her. I think she must have sensed my uneasiness.

"Sorry, I wouldn't do this normally, it's just that I've got the same basque and it can take forever to put on these." With that she held up a matching black thong and a pair of black, lace-top stockings.

'Wow', was all I could think again and I totally forgot about being partly naked with Chloe.

"I've never worn stockings before," I said, "I'm more a pantyhose girl." I think she understood what I meant by pantyhose.

"Oh, then let me assure you that they feel really good when you're wearing them."

I felt reassured but this quickly changed to... I don't even know what the feelings were that followed!

Chloe dropped to her knees and began to take the stockings out of the packet. She laid them on the floor and then encouraged me to step into the thong panties.

Now, I don't know why but my pussy must have misinterpreted my mind because it immediately began to become moist.

Chloe began to pull the thong panties up my legs and I moved my legs apart a little further as she neared the top. She pulled the panties up so that they were close against my mound. I didn't even think about the fact that Chloe must have seen my pussy, which could mean that she saw my moistness and possibly even smell my juices.

If she did, Chloe didn't let on and simply returned to the floor to pick up the first stocking. I lifted my leg and she slowly began to pull up the stocking.

"Mmm, I know what you mean now about stockings feeling really good," I said, as my stocking virginity was taken.

Once the stocking was near the top of my thigh, Chloe began to fasten the stocking to the basque. Her fingers felt delightful as she did this and only made things worse in my pussy. She repeated this process with the second stocking and again I had the same reaction when her fingers attached the stocking.


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