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Chapter 8. The Regatta

I groaned in approval arching my back and thrusting my hips against his hand. "That's my girl, feel good baby?"

"Ooooohhh yess Richard please, please fuck me." I begged him I needed him desperately.

"What do you need baby?" He loved to tease me when I was like this. Squirming under his touch. His thumb planted on my clit as his fingers plunged deeper and deeper inside of me. "Come on baby, tell me what you need."

I was so close to exploding all over his hand. His fingers knew exactly how to work my pussy.

"I need you! I need your cock!!" I pleaded with him. "I wanna cum Richard please!!"

"Cum for me baby." His fingers pounded my wet hole. "Come on, cum for me!!"

"Yess God!! Yessssss!" My body shuddered as my pussy squirted cum.

Richard covered my mouth with his to muffle my shrieks of passion as I came again and again. I had never had an orgasm as intense as that before never had my body shook so hard or had I cum so much.

"You have no idea how erotic, how sensual you are. Seeing you masturbate and watching your pussy squirt like that." His body slid between my thighs while his lips began kissing my neck, biting me, his beard scrapping against my tender flesh; I have always loved the feel of him on my neck. "I want to feel you on my cock. I want to watch my cock slide deep inside of you. I need your pussy baby, I wanna make you cum on my cock."

I could feel his hardness pressing against my soaking wet pussy. Our hips were grinding together, the head of his cock gliding up between my plump lips, thrusting against my throbbing clit. He pulled me up on top of him, my thighs straddling his hips, as he lay back on our bed.

I loved riding his cock and I knew he loved the view of my pussy wrapped around him and my breasts bouncing with every move. I guided his cock along my wet slit and felt the fat head slip inside my intense hole I heard him moan as I did. Feeling my pussy wrap tightly around him I slowly snuggled down tight around the thick base.

Finally to have him inside of me sent shivers up and down my spine, my nipples became rock hard again. I didn't want to move at first, just wanted to feel him inside of me, letting my muscles pull him deeper inside of me. Slowly I began to gyrate my hips, around and around his cock. My hands on his chest, my pussy gliding up and down his shaft. His hips working with mine, thrusting up inside of me, meeting my strokes.

I sat straight up on his cock. My right hand was pulling my nipples and squeezing my breasts, my left hand rubbing my hard clit. He slid his hands under my ass, lifting me up and bringing me back down harder and harder on his cock. I rammed my pussy down his shaft. He thrust up inside of me, the deepest he had ever been. We weren't making love this was raw passionate sex.

Richard took hold of my rock hard nipples, twisting them, pulling them, the harder he pulled the tighter my pussy squeezed him. My clit was on fire and no matter how much I rubbed it, spanked it, twisted it, I wanted more, needed more.

His thrusts were deep, groaning, grunting as he fucked me. I leaned back on my left hand; my thighs spread open wide as his cock slammed into me giving him an unobstructed view of his cock fucking me. His rock hard cock drilled me deeper with each thrust, pounding me again and again.

"Rub it baby, rub it for me like I saw you doing before." Richard was so turned on by my fingers working my pussy, glistening with my cum, hot and wet and ready to cum again soon.

An eruption was building in me, I was gonna cum, and cum hard. I begged Richard not to stop. "Harder baby, I'm gonna cum" My body began to spasm, my pussy squeezing his cock so hard I could feel every bulging vein. "OH RICHARD.. YESSSSS ...... NOWWW.. I'M CUMMING!!"

One hard driving thrust and he was buried inside of me, my pussy pulsating around him. He clutched my thighs holding me tighter to him. "OOOHHHHH GODD YEAAAHHHHHH!!!" He exploded in his own orgasm, his cum spraying inside of my quivering pussy.


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