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Her uncle and his girlfriend get ger into the business.

The feeling inside her was beyond erotic as she slid up and down, rocking back and forth on her student's rock-hard pole as she took his hands and placed them on her large, womanly ass. Mrs. Adams couldn't remember ever feeling such pleasure! "Fuck me, Steve," she moaned as she dangled her heavy, motherly breasts in his face, still trying to breastfeed him. "Suck my tits, my sweetheart!" The horny boy and his teacher rocked up and down, back and forth as one. "Impale my mommy pussy with that young stud cock!"

"Oh Mrs. Adams," Steve cried out. "I'm coming," and she felt jets of his sweet young spunk shooting up inside her as she grabbed and held him close between her breasts. The couple then collapsed together in a warm, loving afterglow, waiting for Steve to get hard again.

Mrs. Adams couldn't remember if she had ever experienced, in her almost 50 years, the kind of unbridled passion and pure sexual pleasure she had found with her now-deflowered student. The afterglow between her and Steve was wonderfully palpable, and she was already wondering how she could continue to have her sweet young stud satisfy her needs while continuing to be his English professor. At least, she thought, they could keep things secret from Mr. Adams, who was often out of town anyway and didn't seem to care what she did. For all Mrs. Adams knew, he was probably carrying on with some young hottie from the office.

As Mrs. Adams held Steve close, she sat up once again. "Steve, are you ready to come to mommy again?" she asked softly.

"Yes, Mrs. Adams," he said. Steve seems to say that a lot, she thought, laughing to herself.

"Well then come to mommy, my sweet boy," she said as she again gently lay him across her lap, cradling his head close to her big maternal bosom and offering him her nipple. "Suck my tits, sweetheart."

"Yes, Mrs. Adams," he said, and they laughed together. "Mommy needs to feed you. Suck my tits, sweetheart, and everything will be OK." She loved the feeling of Steve drinking her mother's milk as he nursed, and she reached down and put her hand on his growing, stiffening penis. "I love your sweet young cock, Steve," Mrs. Adams said as she stroked it. I need it inside my hot mommy pussy."

They both knew what would happen next as she lay him on his back, her cunt dripping juices as she mounted him and, once again, took her student's throbbing member all the way up inside her. Sparks flew between them and she wanted him even more. "Fuck me, Steve! Give Mrs. Adams that hot young stud cock!"

The electricity between Mrs. Adams and Steve was amazing as she rode him like a stallion. "Come to mommy and suck my tits, sweetheart," she said, grabbing his head and holding him close, her heavy boobs smothering him as he sucked.

"Fuck Mrs. Adams, stud, fuck me with your sweet young cock!" she cried as Steve bucked upward and came, shooting another load deep inside of her womb.

After the evening they spent together in her bed, Mrs. Adams and Steve both knew that nothing between them would ever be the same. Despite their age difference, which they both found very exciting rather than a turnoff, the middle-age teacher and her teenage student had quickly developed real feelings for each other, a titillating mix of burning lust and sweet love.

They managed to keep things normal enough at the college, with nothing more than an occasional knowing glance or grin passing between them in public. But both of them needed and wanted to spend more intimate time together in bed; Steve was constantly hungry to nurse at Mrs. Adams' big maternal bosom and swallow big gulps of her milk. He felt like he could be content worshipping her huge breasts all day and all night! Mrs. Adams couldn't get get enough of Steve sucking her massive tits and filling her with his hard, throbbing cock. She absolutely loved having him as her very own boy toy to use for her pleasure!

While she loved mounting and riding him like the virile stallion that he was, she also thought it w

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