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Crossing the line with the sister-in-law.

I've never seen clothing of the like, I get undressed and then Ann helps me get laced in, tighter than ever before, seeing as when you are working you need the ability to move.

She then takes me through to one of the grandest rooms, I've seen in my life. His bedchamber, I guess, the four poster in the middle giving me a slight clue.

Ann points at a carafe of wine and a glass. "He told me to get you to drink a fair few of those before he turns up".

"Where is he, anyway? I ask.

"Out riding, working up a good sweat for you, no doubt" she snorts with laughter. I start on the wine. With the tightness of the corset I find myself feeling bloated after the first glass. But I carry on and try for a second. It goes down, but I can't prevent a healthy belch from coming forth. By the third glass I am feeling woozy, unused to such heady wine. I try and get it down but it is nearly coming straight back up.

I turn to Ann, "I can't manage anymore, it's nearly making me throw up, what with the corset."

"Right, I'm off then." She picks up the tray, as she turns to go, she says "He also told me to tell you to get on your knees, look at the floor and not move until he gets here." She shakes her head, "I don't know what you've got yourself into, Laura. But I hope it's worth it."

She leaves and I do as she has told me to do. My sex burning in anticipation as to what this is going to mean. I kneel there, the silence overwhelming, watching the shadows of leaves dancing on the floor.

My legs are going to sleep under me and my back is aching by the time the door to the room opens. I look up, absorbing his glowing countenance, the reddened cheeks from the vigorous exercise he has undertaken. He is wearing his riding boots still and carries in his hand the crop.

"Did I say that you could look at me?" he demands. I flush and return my gaze to the floor, "No" I reply. "NO MY LORD" he repeats back to me. "No...My Lord" I reply, hesitating over the words unsure of what that means, not exactly the way you address a lover but then again none of this seems normal. Perhaps they do things differently in high society.

My lust has brought me here, but will his cruelty drive me away? He walks over, "Look straight ahead" he orders. I do as he says, ending up with a view of his cock bulging through his trousers. "Open your mouth as wide as you can".

"What?" I can't help but glance up.

He slaps me. "Just do as you are told."

I open as he has instructed. He unbuttons his trousers and his large prick flops out in front of my face. "Lick it' he tells me, and I do, in the way I used to lick butter from a slice of bread as a child.

This is obviously unsatisfactory to him. He unpins my hair, and pinches my nose until I am grasping for breath through my mouth. At which point he drives his penis into my mouth, to the back of my throat, if it was not for the fact that he lets go of my nose, I am quite sure I would have fallen to unconsciousness. He fucks my mouth in a similar way to the last time that he fucked my cunt. I am unprepared for this treatment and the corset, wine, and gagging he inflicts on me causes me to retch until I vomit.

All over the carpet, finer than anything ever viewed before in my lifetime. He withdraws his cock, looks down at me with disdain and slaps me again, hard. "Do you have any idea of the cost of this?".

Tears course down my cheeks, as I shake my head no. He walks away from me, from my tears.

"It cost more than you could earn in a whole lifetime, no matter how varied your talents. For this transgression, I fear, whatever my personal feelings may be on the subject, that you must be punished".

I am agog at the suggestion, it was the treatment that he was imposing on me that caused such a disturbance.

I begin to protest, "But My Lord, I only drank that much wine on your ord.."

He cuts me off, "Take your choice, either to be thrown outside now, wearing nothing, to crawl home through the mud, your family's good name as honest laborers destroy

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