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An Interesting Photo Shoot.

I will let you listen to me as I build myself into a frenzy and when I say so, I will allow you to play with my ass. Do you think that is a good reward?"

"A very good reward," he acknowledged.

She picked up her favorite toy and lay back on the bed. She was back just far enough to get her feet on the edge and let her knees fall to the side exposing her pussy to her hands and toys and his lustful eyes. She began to rub herself as she had downstairs on the couch and the moans quickly returned. As she began to get wet again, she inserted her dildo as she played and began to move it in and out to the rhythm of her moaning. Her breathing quickly changed again and he knew she had not lost her excitement from the couch. As she began to move the dildo in and out at a faster pace and her other hand ran circles around her clit, she told him, "Now, my pet, now!"

Her juices had escaped her pussy and made her asshole wet. He took his middle finger and gently circled the hole and she moaned even louder. After just a few seconds, she moved against his finger and it entered her to the first joint. He pulled it out just a bit and she moved against it again. As she worked the dildo in and out and he worked his finger in and out and her other hand worked her clit, she began to yell. The more she yelled the faster she worked herself and against his finger and in just a moment, she screamed, impaled herself on his finger and rammed the dildo home in an earthquake of orgasmic release.
She just lay there for a few minutes with her legs clamped tightly together. Then, she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up on the bed with her. She rolled him over on his back and attacked his dick with her mouth and tongue. He was already at a fevered point and kept telling himself, "You cannot cum, you cannot cum." Please stop, he begged, but she just pushed him down when he tried to sit up and kept sucking his dick and massaging his balls. He didn't care about punishment anymore. All he wanted was relief and he let go with a spasm that rivaled hers. When he had quit jerking, she slowly picked up her head and looked him in the eyes.

The punishment was immediate. She straddled him, with his dick under her juicy pussy and bent to kiss him. He closed his lips, but she forced her tongue between them so forcefully that he opened. She assaulted his mouth with her tongue and his juices. Moaning and groaning with every thrust of her tongue, she matched strokes with her pussy as she ground it up and down the length of his dick until he could tell she was again becoming excited. She rolled off of him on her back, closed her eyes and spread her legs.

"Now, my love toy, satisfy me with your tongue!" She demanded.

Our Last Day Begins Part 4

He woke up fairly early the last day of their special weekend. Thinking about the previous day and night, he lay quietly on his side and starred out the window. There had been an amazing change in his wife this weekend. Giving her control of their sex life and, in particular, himself, had lit a fire under her libido. He had never seen her so horny and so adventurous and he had to admit that he had liked it -- all of it. He found that he liked being under her control, submitting to every fantasy she might invent or pull from her suppressed desires. He had to admit that he liked this bold, open, dominatrix side of his wife.

Last night was periods of broken sleep that had caused the strangest dreams. It didn't start that way. After he had attacked her pussy with his tongue and lips and she had, once again, clamped his head between her legs in waves of orgasm, they both had collapsed in each other's arms and fallen asleep. The first time she had woken him standing at the side of the bed nudging his arm.

"Hey, wake up," she had demanded. "You can't sleep naked, like that. You remember the rules."

Apparently she had woken and gotten up for something, because she stood before him in a nightgown, holding something in her hand.

"Here, put this on.

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