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A stranger uses my wife in the sauna.

It didn't slow them one bit. Spinning, I slammed the first zombie with my mace, it's head flying from its body to splat against the tree. Two more fell while I spun. Yet zombie must be burned to be destroyed fully, or hacked to pieces. I knew better than to cast a fire spell in the woods but I had no other recourse. "Forgive me, my brethren," I said to the woods and cast a candle lighting spell that should have worked. The spell fizzled out as it struck. They were warded against fire! I was doomed, yet still I fought. There was nothing else I could do. Giving up was no option at all. My once limitless seeming energy was being sapped by the wraith's mere presence so I faltered and fell. I was surely going to die. "Luna el__star, aa'mara mar st__tt," I prayed and let Luna decide my fate. My sight grew dim, my senses blanketed in a nothingness that frightened me, yet I let my prayer run its course. Then the world was gone. I felt my life leaving me, my energy flowing from me.

Then the world regained its focus and I looked up at the full moon above. It had been day time...but now the night sky was my canopy...canopy? Where were the trees? I sat up slowly and looked around. All the trees for a hundred paces of me were gone...just gone. No life stirred save for me in the perfectly circular area. Trees were cleanly pruned of branches that intruded into that area. I got slowly to my feet and looked for the undead. Nothing was left of them either. That or they shambled on...no, there was nothing left. That sense of wrongness was gone from the woods. I looked for my maces but they were a mangled set of metal, useless for anything at all. My mind could not grasp what happened save that Luna had answered my prayer...somehow. It had been day, the time Her reign was weakest. Pain came to me then, sharp and abrupt. All the hits and scratches crashed home and I hissed in annoyance. Taking one last look around the new clearing, I trudged back to the river and the falls for my clothes and basic medicines. Might as well clean myself up as best as I can before heading back. My father, the Elders, and Jacob will be worried enough as it is, might as well give them one less reason to worry.

I washed in the falls and went to the shoal to wash my face one last time, but my reflection once again caught me by surprise. My face seemed different, more angular. Some undead drained the vitality of the person, so I could have literally had the life sucked out of me. But it was my eyes that held me. The blue was...bluer than I could ever recall, more vibrant and shining with some sort of inner light that still could not be masked by that look of contentment. The pupils of my eyes were lighter, not the same black of nearly all the species on the planet. They were more of a midnight blue now. Yet when I blinked they darkened back to black. "I am seeing things." I finished washing and then dressed to walk back to the village. As I crossed into the clearing I saw a search party entering slowly, puzzled. Jacob and Jon were in the lead. Jacob unerringly looked right at me and pointed. "Yes, I'm alive," I said before they could ask questions.
"What happened?" Jacob asked, wanting to hold me but daring not.

"Undead were in the woods. If you have not heard from the outlying posts they may have been sacked." Jondal shivered and sent a prayer to Luna that it not be so. "I...I guess I did this." I gestured to the clearing. "I was attacked and Luna answered my prayer."

"Looks like a burn area without the burn," Jon said and shook his head. Jacob squatted and picked up very fine ash. It drifted so slowly to the ground it was that weightless. "You seem to know something about this, Jacob, by the look in your eyes."

"Zombie ash. Nothing more than expected." Yet I could tell there was something he suspected. It was one more thing I had yet to learn about him when I figured I had his entire life story.


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