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Straight talk about successful seduction.

"C'mon, I'll get you a beer" he kept smiling as he touched her arm and guided her to the kitchen.

They sat for a while, chatting and joking. Neither of them went into too much depth when discussing relationships. One of the guys from the other roomed called Mike's name, so he took her hand so naturally and lead her back into the living room. He made some of the guys move over, and they were squished together on the couch and he was enthusiastically updated by everyone on what was happening in the game.

As she drank a few more beers and laughed at some of their stories, she realized his arm had migrated to the back of the couch, not quite around her shoulder but almost close enough to touch. He laughed easily with his friends, and it was such a joy to hear it. It made her feel like she was 21 again, being with him and feeling so relaxed.

Finally the game ended, but everyone hung around to have beers, and a few more women and couples arrived. Some of the guys started playing poker, while some hung out, watching the game's wrap-up on TV. She suddenly was aware that her hand was on his leg, and she had been leaning up against his shoulder. The feel of his strong leg under the denim, the way he smelled, his arm practically around her.....she suddenly felt flushed with lust. Her body was on fire, and all she could think about was putting her hands up under his jersey, wrapped around his back, down his pants....

"Hey, I'm going to grab some air, I'll be right back" she mumbled and quickly stood up to leave the room.

She quickly walked down the steps and outside. Sarah saw an old Pontiac and went to sit against the hood. She berated herself silently, cursing herself for coming here and letting it get that far. Hanging out with him, touching him, having him be so close to her....it was like a nightmare. She remembered all too well what things were like when they were together, and how it almost broke her when they were apart. Visions of the two of them having sex all night long, waking up to make love in the morning, swearing to love each other forever, then seeing him with someone else and never being able to get him out of her head....

Sarah suddenly realized it was a huge mistake, coming to the house and acting like this. She wasn't 21 and neither were they a couple.

"Hey, are you okay?"

She looked up to see Mike, looking at her with a smile but slight concern.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine, it was just a bit stuffy in there. Was it hot, or just me?" she half-joked, trying to cover her real feelings.

"You were hot, yes. You still are, sitting here on this car" he responded with a smile.

She couldn't help but roll her eyes and smile.

"Look, I'm glad you came tonight. It has been such a long time. I know things ended rough between us, but I still thought about you." He looked at her, then at the ground. "I never wanted to hurt you, I was confused and already hurt by you before. I don't know if it's just sexual, or because of the past, or whatever. I just know that when I think about you getting engaged, I don't like it. I guess I wanted to see you so I could try and figure out why I still think about you all these years later."

Sarah's heart was beating fast as she absorbed what he was saying. Her head was a mess of feelings and that annoying sense of desire as he sat close to her on the hood of the car. She stared up into the sky, and finally leaned back so she could stare at the stars, completely at a loss of what to say. It seemed like all the things she wanted to say were blocked in her head, and she attempted to organize them so she could give him an answer.

"So...what about you?" he asked as he also lay back on the car's hood. They lay there silently for a few minutes, heads turned towards each other, silently looking into each other's eyes.

"I.... I know what you mean...I feel the same...but I'm so confused; I don't know..." she half muttered.

Wordlessly, he sat up and then leaned over her.

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