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She discovers more to her friend than meets the eye.

Britney had started to suck one of my nipples and was sucking it quite hard. Every so often she would suck it a little too hard and then realise what she was doing and go back to sucking it lightly. The sight of Britney becoming more and more wanton was making me really horny. I was still gently rubbing her virgin pussy through her shorts.

Britney broke off from sucking my nipple and looked me in the eyes. "Can I suck Sam's cock?" She asked.

"Of course." I told her

A look of glee crossed Britney's face. I instructed Sam to lie down on the bed his cock now fully erect. I got down beside Sam so my face was level with his cock. Britney got down on the other side of Sam.

"First just lick the tip of his cock." I told her

I took Sam's cock in one hand and stuck my tongue out. I dragged my tongue slowly across the tip of Sam's cock. Britney got in closer and did the same she licked from the base of his helmet and ran her tongue over the tip slowly. Sam let out a low moan and I could see his cock was oozing pre-cum. Without needing encouragement Britney repeated her action, licking up his pre-cum. She greedily swallowed it.

"Now run your tongue down the length of his cock" I suggested.

Britney moved out of the way so I could show her what to do. I held Sam's cock at the top and slowly jerked it as I ran my tongue slowly down his length. Sam moaned as I did this. I released Sam's cock from my grip and Britney took hold of it jerking her hand slowly up and down his cock. She licked down his cock, taking her time very slowly dragging her tongue down it. When she reached the base of his cock, she moved her tongue down to his balls and started to lick at them gently.

"Take one of his balls in your mouth." I told her.

Britney did as I said, taking one of Sam's balls fully into her mouth. She was sucking him lightly and I could tell Sam was enjoying it as he was moaning loudly. Without any instruction Britney ran her tongue back up Sam's cock and started to lick the tip once more. The sight of it was making me really wet and I couldn't help slipping one hand down to my pussy and rubbing my clit.

"Take the tip of head of his cock in your mouth Britney and suck on it." I told her.

Britney swallowed the head of Sam's cock into her mouth. She started to suck him lightly and lick the underside of his helmet with her tongue. I let Britney continue doing this for several minutes, as I know Sam loves it when I do that. I continued to rub myself, pushing a finger into my pussy and rubbing my inner walls. As I was doing so Britney took more of Sam's cock into her mouth and was starting to suck it harder.

At that moment I heard the door open behind me. I turned to see what was happening and saw my sister stood in the doorway. Rather than looking shocked at such a scene like Britney had, her eyes were filled with lust. I could also see a little damp patch at the front of Danni's thong. I wasn't sure if she'd been playing with herself or just had got wet due to what she was seeing.

"You dirty slut." Danni taunted.

Britney let Sam's cock slip from her mouth. "I'm having fun. His cock tastes so good." She replied.

"Well I can't let you three have all the fun. I want some too." She replied.
As she finished talking Danni moved her hands down to the bottom of her t-shirt and quickly pulled it over her head. I moved so Danni could get closer to Sam and Britney. Britney took Sam's cock back into her mouth and resumed her sucking. She was sucking it hard and Sam was really enjoying it. Danni started to lick the rest of Sam's shaft, wrapping her tongue around it and licking him hard. Although I knew my sister was a virgin it wasn't too much of a surprise that she had at least some sexual experience, as she clearly knew how to give a blow job.

I moved round behind Britney and started to pull down her shorts.

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