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A lonely, bitter Musher discovers a ring.

an you take me to a porn store so I can get a butt plug?"

"Cindy and I showered. Well, it was more lovin' than shower. We made out, felt each other. Her hymen tear was still too fresh so I didn't get into her pussy, just played at the entrance and with her clit as she jacked me and a few times licked and sucked my cock a bit."

Then this little smile came over her face. "Gotta pee? Can I watch you pee in here? Wanna watch me?"

"Love to. We did. Cindy opened her pussy with her hands, humped her shoulders over so she could see pee come out. Her eyes looked at her own pussy then my dick, back and forth, watching a loving it. Our two light yellow streams crossed as we peed on each other's legs and feet. Her piss was very warm... Just short of being hot. It was titillating.

We wanted to celebrate, but in a place where we wouldn't run into anyone we knew. Cindy drove us all to a pizza place in the Bishop Arts District. We got a table in the corner. I sat between them on the circular seat. They both moved close. They were kissing my neck when we heard, "Oh, you bad, bad people! The three of you did it, didn't you?" It was Nancy. We were busted.

"Nancy, join us. We'll tell you all about it," Effy stated bluntly. "Nancy, we are in love... All three of us with each of us. And yes, we just fucked our brains out. Any more questions?"

"Effy, so you and Cindy do things?"

"Hell yeah."

"I knew this was coming. I could always see it in all three of you guys. I'm so jealous. I've wanted to fuck Tom for a long time. Every time I saw him, I had to change my panties. I'll never tell. Besides, you guys know too many of my secrets." She joined us for Italian Sausage pizza and Cokes all around. Nice place. Nancy accepted us that was and she was genuinely happy for us. Would anyone else understand?

That night I slept the sleep of the freshly and completely laid. I awoke the next morning with my usual morning wood. Just as I sat up, Eff walked into my room, "Mom and dad are gone so we have a little time." She folded my blankets back. "Oh, my, that won't do, babe. You need a treatment for that boner. I may have just the remedy." She pulled off my grundys and took my dick way into her mouth to the point where she gagged.

"I've seen this in some of the porn movies. I want to try deep throating you." She relaxed her throat and got most of my dick in before she gagged. She went right back to it. She gagged again then she did it a third time. This time my dick was down her throat. What a great feeling.

She was naked under her robe so access to her pussy was easy. She was already wet. I played up and down her slit and ran her pussy lips between my wet fingers. I stuck two fingers just inside her and my thumb played with her clit. She moaned and moved her hips which caused my fingers to go in all the way.

I was humping her face as she humped my hand. We both came at the same time. She dribbled, but didn't squirt. "I need to taste your juice," I told her.

I swung around so my head was between her legs. She squatted down and put her dripping cunt on my face. Oh, that taste was wonderful. I lapped it up and started tongue fucking her pussy.

She pulled back, stood up and simply said, "Tom, I love you. We are going to do this a lot. I've had your cum in me all night and you have no idea what that's meant to me. But now, time for me to shower and get on with the day."

I was fucked out and I'm sure Eff was, too. I called Freddie and we agreed we'd meet at the high school tennis courts. I never mentioned anything about Cindy or Eff. After split sets we jumped in my Spitfire and went to the mall. He need a new pair of kicks. I pushed back on my urge to brag about my two beauties, but it was tough.

That night Eff and I watched TV together under a blanket. We were fine just being together laughing at Sheldon Cooper. Why they don't just tie that skinny fucker up and beat him is beyond me.

Cindy called just to say hello.

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