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Information Is Power as a secretary learns who's coming.

She sighed; she never could hide anything from him. "I'm worried about Luma."

He frowned. "Is she causing problems for you again? You know, my dear, sometimes I think that you would be better off with a less troublesome companion."

"Oh, no, no, it's not like that!" she hastened. "In fact, she didn't want to tell me what was bothering her; I'm sure that she was trying to spare me. But I could see lately that she's more and more unhappy, so I pushed her to tell me."

"Very well, what is troubling her this time?"

Briefly, and wording it delicately, Meru told of her friend's distress, about her close call in the Bajoran sector, and of "Luma's" reaction to the legate at the party.

He smiled. "I know which legate she means; I saw who dragged her into his lap at the party, and she's basically right about him. Although, he has managed to remain with one woman for just the last few weeks now, but we'll see. In any case, ironically, even he's not available right now, even if she wanted him." He thought for a moment, and then smiled again. "Leave it to me."

Vaguely alarmed, she urged, "Whatever you're thinking, please, we have to be subtle! She didn't want me to tell you, and she was horrified at the thought that you might make her attend a party!"

"My dear. Trust me."

"You know that I do!" Now she smiled as well.

The next afternoon, the two women studiously did not talk about the uncomfortable topic of the day before, partly because Kira was a bit more stable, having cried it out, and because this time they were not alone; Dukat was just in the next room, in his office, whereas yesterday he had been out attending a meeting. Instead, they spoke only of frivolous matters, and played a card game.

The door chime sounded, nothing unusual for the busy Prefect. Intent upon her next move in the game, Kira stared at her hand and did not even look up as the visitor entered.

That is, not until she heard his voice. "Hello, Meru," he said cordially.

Kira's head snapped up hard enough to sting her neck.

"Hello, Damar," Meru answered politely, and went back to studying her own cards.

Kira's heart tried to gallop right out of her chest. This was the first time that she'd encountered someone familiar from her own future; she was panicked wondering if his appearance at this time was just a coincidence, and she was desperately keeping her head down looking at her hand except for that very brief upward glance; she would be frantically scared and embarrassed if she'd given away her shock.

Dukat stuck his head out of his office, although he looked harried. "Oh! Damar! Right on time! But I'm sorry; I'm not. I'm afraid that I'm right in the middle of a comm...." He pointed in irritation back into his office.

"That's all right; take your time. I know that the top boss is the busiest."

"Thanks! Take a seat. I'm sure I'll just be a moment."

Damar sat. Was he studying her? Was he staring? If she raised her head enough to check, she would be doing so. Although, it seemed from her peripheral vision that he might be. But that could just be simple curiosity toward someone he hadn't met. Kira's pulse thundered in her ears. She worried that Damar and Meru might be able to see her hands shaking.

"Luma? Are you ever going to discard?"

"Hmmm??? Oh!! Sorry! You, uh, have me in a bit of a bind!" In more ways than one, she thought desperately. Her mind was numbed, and the cards were meaningless. Instantly deciding that appearances were far more important than the game, she randomly grabbed a card, and flipped it as casually as she could onto the table.

Meru grunted at it, frowned, and appeared completely absorbed in this new development.

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