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An offer of paradise.

"Dear Charlotte, I think I am way beyond wet, but Hugh might need some attention."

There it was. It was out of my hands now. There was no decision to make. The intent was clear. Karen wanted me to suck Hugh's cock. It was trick or treat time now. I was feminized fully and I knew my wife wanted me to suck that massive cock just like Sally had instructed Chris. After hearing about Chris' submission to Sally and then actually seeing him clean up a big cock the evening before, I knew that the thought did not disgust me. Doing it however was a step beyond submissiveness to my wife. Would I have regrets? Did that mean I was gay? I was in such a heat that those thoughts had not taken over my brain yet. I was resolved to seeing Hugh fuck my wife. That was something she had been missing and I was totally dedicated to her pleasure.

If I sucked a cock because it was what I craved, it was one thing. If I sucked a cock because my wife instructed me, it was another. Consent was the key word. But consent could be pro-active. If I wanted to please my wife and sucked a cock in order to make her happy, I should in my own mind still be heterosexual. But what if I enjoyed it myself? Then where did I stand in the great scheme?

Probably if I had weeks to get used to the idea, I would have found many reasons not to. However, I was still incensed with the euphoria of the evening before. I decided to go for it. I went over to Hugh, shook his hand and reached for his belt. After removing his pants, shoes, shirt and socks, I gently grasped the band of his briefs and slowly pull them down his legs until he could step out of them. I slowly reached for his throbbing cock. I held my breath as I touched the soft forbidden skin of another man. The feel was so warm and sensual. He held still savoring the moment. To him it was the prelude to him fucking my beautiful wife again. To Karen and me it was foreplay for our mutual satisfaction. Whether or not I received pleasure from sucking his cock was totally a sideshow from the act in front of my wife. He could have been anyone. Well, anyone with a ten inch cock, that is.

As he reclined back on the couch, I held firm to the middle of his cock. My hands were shaking and my breath coming in short rasps. He relaxed his legs and spread them hanging his lower legs over the couch seat. I glanced at Karen. Her eyes were riveted on the scene before her. The reality had her mesmerized. I wondered if she got more sensation from me kneeling in front of a handsome man with a huge cock or from the man and the cock.

Hesitation would send the wrong signal. I leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock. I immediately got a rush from the distinct taste of his precum. It was much like my own, but this being the first time I had tasted another cock, it was all the more erotic. Karen was slowly massaging her vaginal lips as she leaked her own lubricant onto her probing fingers. I engulfed the mushroom head with my lips. It was massive and I had to open wide to get it in. I was afraid I would scrape the head with my teeth for my mouth was stretched so wide. I slid my tongue to the underside of his phallus and he issued a low groan. As I relaxed my mouth, I slid my lips further down his shaft until it reached the back of my throat. I knew that I had to stop there. I would certainly gag if I went any further down. I pinched my eyes downward and saw that there was much more cock out of my mouth than in my mouth.

I bobbed up and back down on his shaft.

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