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Karen returns to where she lost her virginity for a replay.

Her husband had left her for his college roommate claiming he hadn't known he was gay until it just snuck up on him. "Snuck up on him and up his ass, he means," she sniped. "No wonder he was so into anal. and having me fuck his ass."

But now she and Mary were alone. Sure she had her three kids - Sarah, Beth and Angie - but Sarah was away at college and her twin daughters had just hit 13 and no longer wanted anything to do with her. She felt so alone at times. She sometimes felt jealous that Mary had Travis.

"Yeah, I bet you will. Having Travis around must be nice. He's grown up to be quite a handsome man. That body of his... wow. He must work out all the time."

Mary looked at her sister as she thought about her son. "True, he does work out quite a bit. He turned his father's workshop into a gym when he was 13; did it all himself. Ever since then, he works out every day. I guess five years of exercise has done wonders for him."

Her thoughts turned to her son for a moment and she realized how much he looked like her husband. It was then that the loneliness hit her and she ached inside. It had been so long since a man had touched her, kissed her, sank inside her and stretched her so nicely.

Jen watched Mary blush then and smiled. "She's fantasizing about something naughty. Could it be Travis she's thinking of? I wonder if the two of them... no, she's too prudish to do that. It took getting her drunk to swap before. Still... I wonder if Travis is anything like his father."

She looked up at the house and saw Travis looking down at them. He was standing at the window and staring. He was half in shadow/half in light... but she could make out that he had a massive hard on.

"Well well... someone's thinking naughty thoughts. I wonder which one of us it is he's thinking about?" She pondered as she watched him look down at himself and rush away.

"Hmm... he's going to go stroke off one I bet." She smiled at the idea of her nephew stoking his cock while thinking about one, or all of them.

"I need to pee. I'll be right back."

Mary nodded and smiled as Jen got up and headed inside. She rushed quietly up the stairs and moved to the bathroom. As she got there, she noticed the door was partially ajar. "That lock never worked. It let me get quite a few peeks at Daddy when I was a girl. Talk about a monster cock."

She giggled quietly and pushed the door open a little. Looking in the mirror, she could see Travis sitting on the toilet stroking away on a gorgeous looking cock. "Mmmm he's big like his daddy."

Jen stood in the hall for a moment and pondered what to do. "No one will come up here and when will I get this chance again?"

She decided to just do it when she heard him moan. "Mmm yeah Aunt Jen... suck me, suck my fat cock."

He was thinking about her. A warm tingle passed through her and she could feel herself becoming moist. "Fuck it... I'm doing it."

Quietly, she pushed the door open, slid inside, then pushed it shut hard, hearing the lock catch.


Travis stroked his hard cock, thinking about all of the hot women he had been staring at... naked before him in his mind. He saw his cousin Sarah spread out on the floor fingering her pink pussy and blowing kisses at him. He saw his own mother sucking on her own nipples while ramming a vibrator in and out of her pussy. He also saw his Aunt Jen kneeling before him sucking away on his cock. It was so real.

"Mmm yeah Aunt Jen... suck me, suck my fat cock."

He could almost feel her lips wrapped around him, bobbing up and down on his tool. He was stroking away with long strokes and it felt so good. He was in his own little world and didn't notice the door open until he heard the lock catch.


He looked around and saw he wasn't alone - his Aunt Jen, the one he had just told to suck his cock, was in the room with him.

"Aunt Jen! What... what are you..."

Jen moved over to him and placed a finger on his lips.

"Shh baby. It's ok." She looked him up and down and stared at his cock, licking her lips.

"You have a really nic

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