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On the Eve of the Day of Souls.

Typically she left around the same time but Jen didn't know if she always went to the same place. Also, there didn't seem to be a pattern to when she went out.

Jen didn't realize it would be good news to me when she suggested that since she'd be out of town the following weekend on a road trip with her girlfriends, her mom would probably go out then. She was lamenting a potentially lost opportunity while I was celebrating a very positive set of circumstances.

I thought through a plan for the night Jen would be gone and decided that I'd stop by around the time I'd seen her mom the first time, then come back later and try to catch her again. I surmised that it was possible she might not come home alone, but by the same token, she might not come home at all. I figured I'd better at least try to catch her before she went out in case the later opportunity didn't come. I contemplated following her to her destination to keep tabs on her for later viewing, but decided that felt uncomfortably like stalking.

When that evening rolled around, imagine my disappointment to find Jen's mom's car gone and the house completely dark. I had no choice but to settle for a single potential viewing opportunity and even that wasn't guaranteed. I have to admit I was a little distracted that night while I was out with my friends, which I claimed was due to feeling slightly under the weather. They understood when I decided to call it a night right around last call.

Instead of heading home for rest, I headed over by Jen's house and parked where I wouldn't be conspicuous but would be able to see her driveway. You can't imagine the sense of relief I felt when a car turned into that driveway. I watched as Jen's mom got out alone and entered the house through the front door, then I was off. I snuck into the backyard and waited for the bedroom light to come on. When it did, I was pleased to note that her blinds were still open, as they had been the first time. I moved up to the window and looked into the small bedroom, but it appeared to be empty, though I thought I could hear music playing. Obviously I waited, knowing she was in the house somewhere. It was just a minute or so later when she came into the room, unbuttoning her blouse and shaking her booty.

She was dressed similarly to the first time I'd watched her through the window - a tight, short black skirt and black hose, but this time her blouse was a light blue that probably had some fancy name instead of basic white. As her blouse opened further, I could see that she was also wearing a very supportive bra once again. As she removed her blouse, she was still moving to music that I could barely hear and her tits were bouncing wonderfully inside her sexy bra. She passed the mirror on her dresser as she went to the closet to toss her blouse into a basket in the bottom. Coming back, she stopped in front of the mirror and gave herself the once over, scrutinizing her face and adjusting her hair before doing a few dance moves. From my vantage point, I was seeing her ass and her reflection, though my focus was mainly on the reflection of her cleavage. My dick was hard, but I hadn't taken it out yet.

As she danced, she started running her hands over her hips and waist before sliding them up over her bare ribs to cup her tits.

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