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A T-Girl becomes a working whore.

said Dory; breaking the silence, "How was your day?"

"My half day?" answered Mel; her eyes still scanning the immediate area, "Oh it was fine; just more of the same. I mean, you know Leanne is cute as all get out, but man; she just looks at me when I'm trying to reinforce the lesson with this expression that says: Are you kidding me? I'm not capable of understanding this! And so like I try to ask the Sped teacher to do her job, and level the stuff for her, you know, so she can experience some success, but she just ignores me. I don't know. I'm just going to start doing it myself."

"You should."

"I will. The coast is clear now. Can I hold your hand?"



"Nope. Not yet."

Abruptly, Dory dashed away. Mel gasped, and then bolted after her. Dory bounded ahead, nearly slipping twice, but still putting some distance. Slowed by the weight of her backpack, Mel wasn't gaining much ground at all. A moment more and Dory was out of sight. She'd ran around the small cluster of Aspens that marked the beginning of the woodland trail that rounded the north side of their neighborhood. Mel arrived at the spot, stopped, tried to calm her breathing, and scanned the path. Normally, it was pocked with the prints of raccoon, skunk, deer and dog tracks. But, a fresh six inches of snow covered it all. Seeing no sign of Dory's tracks, she scowled.

Turning around, Mel finally saw her, poised ten or so feet away, the snowball she'd just launched not registering until it knocked the knitted cap from her head. Gasping again like an affronted nanny, Mel dropped down to scoop up some snow. Once back to standing, she took another to the neck. Startled, suddenly cold with the snow falling into her shirt, she yelped before firing her return shot. Dory dodged it easily. Mel dropped her backpack, gathered up another handful of snow before sprinting across the trail. Dory glanced at the hill rolling down behind her before turning back around to see Mel start her dive. Trapped, she took the wad of snow Mel had thrown at her chest in midflight, and then crouched for the tackle. Screeching, Mel crashed into her. Clutching at each other, hooting with laughter, they tumbled down the hill.
"You're psycho." said Dory after they'd come to a stop, half buried in snow, settled under the weight of each other.

"I happen to be in desperate need of a kiss from you." Mel intoned as she climbed upon Dory's chest, "In fact, I'm desperately in need of a whole lot of things from you, with you...for you."

They held each other's gaze a moment longer; each marveling at the features of the other. Finally, Mel breathed in deeply at Dory's neck, raised her head again, and then took her kiss.

"You mean you don't have any money set aside to get that car fixed?" asked Mel, composed, lips and hands again to herself as they crossed onto the empty street leading toward Dory's house.

"No dude!" said Dory as she shuffled along, "Like all my money goes to my mom for rent."

Bull shit, Mel thought. It goes to all that weed you smoke. In the distance, they could hear the sound of a solitary snow shovel being dragged along wet asphalt.

"Well," Mel continued, "How much do you need? Maybe I can front it-"

"No Mel."

"But I want for us to go somewhere so-"

"Stop Mel."

"But Dory-"

"Shut the fuck up right now Mel!" Dory growled as she quickened her step.

"Okay, okay!" Mel pleaded; catching up, "I'm sorry. I'll stop."

Her joy squashed by its very inspiration, Mel stared pathetically at the toes of her snow boots as they advanced down the road.

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