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Messalina and Georgy perform a sister act.

I had even watched her get dressed in the morning. Well only twice. I had to climb up on the side of her house and It was dangerous. But well worth it when I peeked into her window and watched her.

Today, I'm not driving to work. I'm driving to her town house and I'm going to break in while she's in shower. I'm going to watch her put on her stockings. And then I'm going to fuck her in her own bed. I parked several blocks away. In my hand is a small bag of "tools." The walk to her place is short but my heart is racing and I can feel my adrenaline flowing.

The neighborhood is very nice, and very quiet. The sun won't be up for a few more minutes. When I see her condo I am shocked. The garage door is wide open. Janet's car is still there.

I simply walk into her small garage and pressed the button to close the door again.

The sound of the door closing is loud in my ears and I almost expect her to come rushing out to see what the noise is. The garage door closes and nothing happens. Reaching into my bag I pull out a black ski mask and slip it over my face. It's time to grab Janet.

The inner garage door opens easily and. I creep into the dark house. Pulling out a small floor plan I printed out the day before, I study it quickly to get my bearings. The map was a layout of the townhouse. Every third house had the exact same layout and, using the map as a reference, I sneak quietly toward her bedroom.

The evidence of her breakfast is in the kitchen and I can hear the shower running as I walked up the stairs. The shower sounded loud as I sneak into her bedroom. Her large California King bed was raised up and peeking under it I find the perfect place to lie and wait.

The shower stops and for ten minutes I wait. I can hear her toweling off, then the sound of her hands sliding over her naked body. My cock starts to get hard as I imagine her applying baby oil all over her skin. Finally, Janet steps out of the bathroom and into the dark bedroom. The only light is coming from the open bathroom door. Janet is stark naked with a towel wrapped around her hair.

Janet's large breasts swing gently as she steps over to her dresser. I watch as she pulls out a brown satin garter belt and steps into it, sliding it up her silky legs, over her hips and straightening it over her slender waist. My heart starts pounding and my shaft is about to burst out of my pants. I know what's coming next!

Janet pulls a pair of nylon stockings out of the drawer and walks over to the bed. For a moment I panic because I think she can see me but soon all I can see of her is her lower legs. She is sitting directly over me. Gathering one of the stockings up to the toe, Janet bends over and slides it over her foot. As the stocking stretches over her foot and leg it almost disappears as it blends with her skin. Only the light from the bathroom casting a sheen on her calf gives away the stocking that evaporated from view.

I can see the faint line of the seam tracing up the back of her leg. I stare at it, closer than I've ever been as she puts on the other stocking. My nose is inches away from her leg and I can smell the lotion under the stocking. I can hear garter snaps click into place as she secured the stockings in place. The close proximity to her silken legs and feet has aroused me so much it is uncomfortable to lie on my stomach.

I don't want to watch anymore! It's time to fuck this bitch. Janet gets off the bed and walks over to the dresser. While she does I open my "tool bag" very quietly and slide it out so it's next to the bed. From it I take out a large black ball gag and slowly slide myself out from under the bed. Janet still has her back to me as I stand up quietly.

As quiet as I can I walk around the bed until I'm right behind her.

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