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An sublime afternoon pleasuring Cheryl Hines.

So they met and drove to the movies, some forgettable action movie with Nick Cage and a ridiculous plot.

The movie's plot didn't matter because the moment the lights went down, they began to make out. The girl couldn't believe how bold the sailor was, but they kissed hotly and his hands roamed everywhere.

Within minutes the adrenaline of being in a public place, and the possibility of being caught, got mixed up with the hormonal rush of the sexual contact. The girl could feel her heart begin to race, and her face flush and redden. Blood was rushing to other parts too, parts the sailor was doing his level best to gain access to.

The light from the screen flickered and faded in and out. They hardly noticed. The girl supposed that the other three or four people in the cinema on a mid-week afternoon may have actually been watching the film, but she didn't care. At least, she thought, the noise of their heavy breathing was masked by the Dolby surround sound.

The sailor's hand had wormed beneath the girl's skirt and lifted her panties so he could stroke the soft, warm centre of her sex. He was good at it. He slipped two fingers inside her tight hole, and felt her wetness almost immediately. The girl was excited, and too carried away to care much for the others, but a sudden movement caught her eye. With difficulty she disengaged from the sailor and whispered "Someone's coming!" She tried in vain to slow down her breathing.

It was the usher, a young, gangly teenager who walked up the stairs and stopped a few rows below them, but across the aisle, and glanced sideways. The girl was resentful about the intrusion and was determined not to let the sailor give the usher a free show. In her immensely wicked imagination, the three of them got naked in the back row and the two virile males shared her, and she came loudly with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth... but she would never dare to go that far in real life. That was the difference between fantasy and reality.

The sailor and the girl whispered to each other and tried to pretend they were actually watching the movie. After a short while, the usher left, perhaps disappointed. The minute he was out of sight the sailor's hand slipped back to its former position, stoking the fire of the girl's desire... she returned the favour, sort of, feeling the thick, hot length of his cock as it strained against the thin fabric of his cargo pants. God-damn this guy was so hot! She couldn't believe how turned on she was, how wet, how willing.

As his deft fingers went to work on her clit the slutty girl realised she was in a real predicament. If he kept going like this she would surely cum, and though the movie soundtrack was loud, she knew she'd be even louder if she came. Sometimes, when masturbating at home, she'd cover her face with a pillow so her screams didn't disturb the neighbours.

She loved the naughtiness of making out like a horny teen in the back row of the movies, something she'd missed out on when she was that age, and she craved the sailor's touch and his hot, passionate kisses. But the thought of being thrown out for lewd behaviour or something similar made her blush. It also terrified her.

She was so close to peaking, but placing her own hand inside the sailor's strained trousers had a distracting effect on him... he moved his hand to her breast instead, and slowly she came back from the edge of climax. She held his cock firmly, massaged it, stroked it, she squeezed its hard length, until the hot, warm thickness of it was pulsing strongly in her small hand.

"Don't stop baby, that's so good!" he moaned in her ear, and she doubled her efforts, wetting her other hand with her tongue before circling the sailor's cock completely with both hands.

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