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Hargon changed her into a dog, but in human form she's a fox.

Her slurping, licking, sucking and kissing was making him crazy. She had been doing it relentlessly for the entire fifteen minute drive.

She kissed up one side of him then down the other. Then she would do the same with her tongue except that her tongue would be in constant motion during the journey. She would take him in her mouth bobbing from head to root for a couple of minutes then go back to the licking and kissing. He had never wanted to cum so desperately in his life.

He had no idea how he had managed the self-control to make the entire drive against Debbie's hot, wet, merciless assault on his meat. He drove past the parking lot where tourists stopped to take pictures from the mountainside and continued to a small clearing behind a copse of trees. He pulled just far enough onto the grass to not be seen from the parking lot.

The moment he took his car out of gear and turned off the ignition the same thing happened to his self-control. He started bathing his big titted fuck toy's throat with his joy juice. His cock was like a firehose emptying his balls into her leeching oral cavity. Any other girl would have been drowned by the sheer volume of his viscous discharge, but Debbie the Ditz didn't spill a drop.

Billy sagged into the seat of his car.

"Wow!" Debbie exclaimed with wide eyed wonder, "You cum a lot!"

Then she whipped her t-shirt over her head, which made her suddenly unconfined bazooms bounce elastically, and asked, "Are we gonna fuck now?"

"Sort of," said Billy.

"But, you promised," Debbie pouted.

"Debbie," said Billy condescendingly, "have I ever let you go unfucked?"

"No" said Debbie.

"And I'm not going to do that now," Billy said reassuringly.

With that Billy whistled loudly. On cue two teenaged boys emerged from the trees.

"This is Wally Fenway," He said pointing to one of the boys, "and this is Phil Hoover," he pointed to the other teen. "They're going to fuck you five ways from Sunday."

Debbie grinned then gave Billy a big, sloppy kiss.

"I'm sorry, Billy," she said, "I should have known that you'd take care of me."

She stepped out of the car and bounced over to the two boys.

"Who wants to be first?" she chirped.

Both boys were struck dumb at the vision of fuckable loveliness before them. Finally, Wally stepped forward.

Debbie cooed and dropped to her knees in front Billy's slightly chubby friend. She unzipped his trousers and fished out his stubby, five inch dick.

The sight wrenched Phil out of his stupor. Deciding to save some time, he started shedding his clothes as Debbie aggressively slurped Wally's stalk.

Wally was in seventh heaven. He never imagined that he would ever actually get a blowjob, let alone from a girl built like Debbie. He grabbed the back of her bobbing, blonde head with one hand and began humping her face like a madman. With his other hand her reached down to roughly grope one of her huge tits. Debbie moaned at the treatment.

Meanwhile, Phil knelt down behind the ditzy slut and said, "Lift your ass up."

Debbie lifted her ass and waggled it at the boy enticingly. Phil lifted her short skirt to discover that she wasn't wearing panties. His eyes went wide as he licked his lips, grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and rammed his thin, seven inch dick into her dripping twat.

Debbie moaned around Wally's cock as Phil fucked her. The vibrations it sent up Wally's shaft were unbelievable. He clutched the little sluts head more tightly.

The stacked, little airhead wanted to shout for Phil to fuck her harder. But, her mother had taught her not to talk with her mouth full. So, she just gave Wally's cock the same treatment that she had given Billy's. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere on every surface of his prong at the same time. The boy had never imagined that anything could feel this good.

"Suck my cock," he shouted, "Suck my fucking cock!"

Suddenly, his whole body stiffened as he began to gush what felt like a gallon of cum down her slutty throat.

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