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She tries out the merchandise with female employee.

I froze, silent and motionless for a couple of minutes but heard nothing else, it must have been the wind. I resumed my swim only to be shocked once more by the sound of a car starting. I had left my keys in my shorts pocket. I quickly ran out of the lake only in time to see my headlights disappearing down the road towards town.

I screamed for them to get back here but to no avail they were too far away. I must have been some sight standing there cursing and swearing all the while butt naked. Once I settled down a little I turned to get my clothes, then panic really set in, they were gone. Here I was five miles from town in the middle of the night naked as the day I was born and strangely enough horny as hell. Eventually I realized that I had no choice but to walk home, naked. I estimated that it was about 1:00 AM and knew that I would have to make it home while it was still dark so I started to walk.

The stoned on the side of the road were very painful on my bare feet so I decided to walk on the paved area where the car tires go it was the smoothest. This was a pretty secluded area so I figured that I must have walked about a mile before I noticed headlights in the distance. It was time for a decision, do I flag them down or hide, after some serious thought I decided to hide in some nearby bushes. After the car had passed I resumed my walk again finding cover every time I saw distant headlights.

The bright moon made it easier for me to see where I was going but it also made it much easier for me to be seen, my white skin reflected the moons light. I was so busy watching for headlights that I hadn't noticed the dark shadow approaching me until it was almost too late, he was too close for me to find a bush so I just jumped into the ditch. I laid there motionless as he staggered past me, I'm sure if he was sober he would have noticed the naked girl only a few feet away from him but fortunately he didn't.

The lights of town gradually began to get closer until I was right on the edge of town. I estimated that by now it was probably about 4:00 AM, the town was silent but that just added to my anxiety. I had to find a way to get through these city streets without getting caught. I began my trek, dodging cars but finding cover from trees bushes or parked cars, even the odd dark alley which I now realize was pretty stupid. I was beginning to get very confident that I was going to make it, only a few blocks to go. A car rounded the corner and I had to run up a driveway to hide behind a parked car but as I neared the car their motion detector caught me and turned on a flood light. The car stopped at the end of the driveway and I heard a door open and close. Then a man identified himself as the police and told me to get out from behind the car.

As I slowly moved around the car I couldn't see him because he was shining his flashlight in my eyes but I recognized the voice, it was Jeff, the deputy sheriff, I knew him from high school. His light traced up and down my naked body, he had never seen me like this before. In high school he had asked me out a few times and even though I always thought that he was cute we had different circles of friends. Jeff asked me what I was doing running around the neighborhood naked and he might have to arrest me.

I began to explain my predicament, he listened all the while checking out my naked body. He led me to the cop car and sat me in the front seat then got in behind the wheel and started driving. He said that he would take me home to get some clothes then we would have to go to the station and fill out a report for the stolen car. All the time we were driving he kept glancing over at my nakedness I could see quite a swell in his pants, I realized that that is why he sat me in the front seat and didn't offer the blanket that was folded on the back seat. Jeff looked at me with a stern face and said that he should have searched me for weapons, then he laughed.

I noticed that he wa

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