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Alex just can't control himself...

Rose laved the hollow between collarbone and neck, then sat up. That wasn't the only scar on his body; he had another, longer one kitty-corner to it, just below the ribs on his right side. "How did you get scars in an age where they can reattatch a severed limb seamlessly in half an hour?"

"My hovercar crashed in the wilderness. It took me three days to walk to the nearest estate, and they didn't give me any medical or transportational help, so I spent another seven days walking to the next place, where I could get treated," Keane said flatly. "By then, the damage was done. I kept the scars as a reminder of my foolishness."

The way how he said that made Rose think there was more to the story than just his dry recital. But since they only had an hour or so, and it would probably kill the mood to find out the real story, she simply nodded and said, "Ah. Well, I've got a few scars of my own, thanks to 'primitive' twenty-first century medical practices."

He eyed the scar on her belly, tracing the angle of her hipbone. "I noticed. Accident?"

"Appendicitis," she explained briefly. Getting off his chest, she squirmed down next to it and started playing with the nearest nipple, rubbing and flicking it with her fingertip. The hairs on his chest weren't thick, at least until they formed a line that arrowed down over his belly, straight to his groin. Rose like that; she couldn't stand men that looked like animals. If she wanted to feel that much hair against her naked flesh, she'd snuggle up to a fur coat. It was just the right amount, enough to tease and play with, especially the little rings of hairs growing around his nipples. He squirmed restlessly, eyes closing as he moaned softly.

Abandoning his nipples for more intriguing territory, Rose tickled her fingers through the dusting of hair, teasing his ribs, then the taut muscles of his stomach, making them clench even harder as she neared his groin. Experimentally, she paused, letting the tension heighten, then brushed the very tip of her finger along his own hip crease. He jerked and gasped, and she observed that his erection twitched as well, gaining a little bead of liquid at the tip.

"So you like that, do you? I think I know why you liked playing with the crease of my hip. It's your own erotic hotspot, too, isn't it?" she drawled playfully, stroking it again.

He quivered, muscles tensing as he strained at his makeshift bonds. "Oh, stars, yes..."

Encouraged, she bent over him, teasing him with the slide and play of her soft, golden hair over his hips and groin. Keane whimpered and squirmed. Taking pity on him, she moved down to play with the hairs dusting his thighs, which made him pant and twitch his legs apart. By the time she got to his feet, he had calmed down somewhat. Until she picked up his foot and sucked on one of his toes, that was.

"Oh god! Mercy!" he gasped as she licked between the little digits. She switched to his other foot, making him arch his head back and groan. Rose played her lips and tongue back and forth between his two feet. When she finally stopped, his hands were clenched around the spindle they were bound to, his chest heaving with each breath. Grinning, Rose lifted and spread his legs wide, leaving him thoroughly exposed. Keane lifted his head, saw the goal she was crawling slowly toward, and dropped it again with a soft thump. "I surrender!"

"I warned you; I take no prisoners," Rose drawled teasingly, then laughed as he groaned. "Do you want me to stop?"


Pleased by his emphatic response, she dipped her head and deliberately breathed on his manhood. It twitched as her warm breath ruffled the dark hairs guarding the base; when she inhaled, she found the scent intoxicating, and did it again. Once again he moaned and twitched as she tickled the seam of flesh on either side with a handful of her waist-length hair, then mock-wrapped his manhood in the soft strands.

"Don't...don't tease..." Keane panted.

Rose smiled. "As you wish."

Settling herself squarely between his splayed le

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