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A gentleman should always let the lady come first.

Only Mary didn't drink since she rarely does anyway and agreed to be the driver for the night. Seeing how all I had to do was walk upstairs to bed I helped myself to plenty; maybe too much. Dwane let us enjoy ourselves for over a half hour before he finally made his appearance.

Coming down the stairs with music playing and dressed in a stage costume with mask and all on he got right to it. Everyone squealed when they saw him. Dancing around the room he went from person to person pulling each one of us to our feet to dance with and grid against. They all looked to be enjoying themselves as he began to actually strip now taking everything but his shoes and a small pair of bikini underwear. It was very tight fitting and make his package look huge! Yet, I knew better that there was no way he was actually that big since strippers like to stuff their underwear to make it seem more impressive. Dwane pulled each one of us to our feet to dance with. He seemed to spend some extra time with me rubbing real close and even felt his hand on my butt more than once. When he finished with me he moved onto the bride. He spent the most time with her and she looked to be enjoying herself the entire time. Afterwards he had some fun teaching the other women some basic pole dancing moves and even got all of them to be in his swing set up as a joke. They all kept trying to get me to join them in doing this but I was too busy helping run the party and was worried about being embarrassed in front of all these people. Though I might have had a lot to drink by this point and was buzzed I wasn't drunk enough to look silly in front of all these people. I spent most of the time watching Dwane. I still can't believe how sexy he had become again thinking of doing things with him I have only about my husband for the last several years.

When it was all said and done I helped escort everyone back to the car. Judy and the other bridesmaids thanked me and that they had a hell of a time. Saying our goodbyes I watched as they drove off before heading back into the basement to clean up. As I was throwing away the trash Dwane came back down still only in his tight fitting stripper thong and began to help me. It wasn't easy to not look every time I turned towards him to not look down at the very prominent bulge in his crotch. I figured he must have really stuffed that thing which probably isn't comfortable.

"Why didn't you join the other girl's before?" Dwane asked. I explained I was too embarrassed to do it with the other women here. Dwane laughed when I said that telling me no one else was there so I could do it now alone with him. I told him it wasn't necessary but Dwane being Dwane he wouldn't let up. Telling me that we can finish cleaning up later. I wasn't sure about actually doing it but he as usual wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Come on lets have some fun" Dwane said as he grabbed my hand leading me over to the stage and pole. I told him we didn't need to do this but he insisted. Pushing me up onto the stage he told me to just have fun and do my best. I was blushing at that point feeling nervous. Trying to relax I began to dance and make a total fool of myself having never done this before. The entire time Dwane was being helpful though verbally directing me to improve how I did things which helped some but not enough. Not matter how hard I tried I was unable to get the spinning around the pole thing right no matter how much Dwane tried. Though as short as my skirt is and where I could see him looking I have no doubt he had a clear view of my panty covered butt and crotch. Dwane thought it was funny that I couldn't figure it out. Stepping up onto the stage he moved around behind me.

"Here lift your right leg up like this and wrap it around the pole" Dwane said as he reached down placing his hand on the back of my thigh.

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