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A supervillainess with a special surprise.

Each of the women was attractive to gorgeous, buxom and curvaceous, they were women who were proud of their bodies and could be both submissive or dominate. The black men were all attractive; their bodies were impressive and carried themselves well. They were in charge of the situation here. You could tell.

The husbands were athletic, businessmen, supervisors in the workplace but their place in the home was subservient to their wives and their lovers. They accepted their position here, were comfortable with it and not embarrassed by it. Some of the husbands had their cocks out and stroking it as they watched their wives' and their black lovers.

Suzy told me later, that Barbara help her to undress and she said she had reserved Anthony, a young black guy for her, and that had only belonged to the club for three months. He would be her first lover that night and no other woman had laid claims to him yet, and if she wanted a steady lover, she should ask him.

She also said, if she was interested in any others, to get their number and not give out hers, otherwise she would be bomb barded with calls from guys she couldn't remember.

Suzy came out wearing only her garter belt, beige stockings and heels, looking confident and not a novice at getting fucked by a group of black men she never met. Until she looked closer at the men and saw how well endowed they were compared to me, then she thought of Ray' cock and thought if she could take Ray' huge cock. She could handle them also.

Most of the members were to involved with enjoying sex with their partners, that they didn't notice my wife with Barbara.

Barbara led Suzy over to Anthony, and made the introductions. She stood with them for about five minutes before joining another couple. Anthony didn't waste any time, as he took a handful of my wife's breast and kissed her fully on the mouth.

She in turn returned the kiss, and I could see that each of their tongues were dueling and tasting each other. I could see that my wife was truly enjoying kissing this young stud, and as she felt his cock harden against her stomach, she reached down and began stroking his length with her hand.

After a couple minutes, he spoke to her, and she dropped to her knees. He stroked his cock, as she put her hands on his ass cheeks and tried to suck one of his huge balls into her mouth. Ray' cock was about one or two inches longer, but Anthony's cock was thicker and his balls were as big as tennis balls.

As my wife's eyes found mine, see looked at me. Her eyes said that she enjoyed what her mouth was doing for her young black lover and that she was willing to do anything for this superior black male. I could see that she enjoyed being a slut for black cock, and her eyes also said she was doing it for my pleasure also. I wanted to see her have sex with all the men in the room. One or several at a time, here and in the privacy of our home. I wanted to give these men my wife, to have them treat her as a slut and have her be a slut for their big black cocks.

I moved closer to them with my video camera and began to record my wife's sultry behavior.

After she licked and sucked his balls for a couple minutes, she placed her hand at the base of his cock and licked his cock head clean of pre-cum. With that my wife put on her mouth on Anthony's black cock and began licking. She savored it like candy. Her pink tongue ran all over the knobby head, up and down the shaft and she kissed and licked every inch of his black meat. Anthony's thick black cock grew even larger and became rigid like a pole. Suzy opened her mouth wide as she could, engulfed the head of the black cock into her mouth and slowly began to suck up and down. My wife sucked Anthony's black cock desperately, as if it were the first and last cock she would ever suck. She kissed it, hugged it and rubbed it lovingly against her face.

"Woo, sugar. Your a good cock sucker." Anthony laughed.

"I've had experience sucking big cock recently.

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