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Horrified, Susan couldn't take her eyes off her bra in the men's hands. Rob noticed and he began to knead her breasts more roughly, so in her mind it was like she was now being touched by the two extra men she was watching and not just the men sitting immediately next to her. Sometimes he crushed a whole breast in his hand and sometimes he focused on torturing just her nipples. None of it felt good to Susan, but none of it was meant to; this was about her being used by whomever her boyfriend wanted, for their satisfaction only. Susan whimpered for the first time, barely audible, as Rob dug his nails into the skin of her breasts.

Evan finally looked over at her again and without warning pinched her clit sharply with the hand down her jeans. Sensitive from the treatment he had already given it but still dry because he hadn't spread the wetness leaking from her vagina, even the soft material of her panties irritated it horribly as he started pinching and rubbing directly over the head.

"Please, Evan," Susan breathed. "It hurts. If you won't stop then please at least take my panties off."

"Oh, you want this now?" said Evan, pausing the movement of his hand. He continued before Susan had a chance to contradict him. "Then by all means. And now you've said yes to that, you are never going back on it." He couldn't push her jeans or panties off while she was sitting down, but he did finally plunge his hand beneath the waistband of her panties to pull at her small patch of hair and then skip past her clit to drag his fingers in the moisture below.

His firm strokes up and down her vulva quickly lubricated the head of her clit, and Susan was glad for that tiny amount of relief. However, she wasn't prepared for the new stimulation Evan began to provide to the internal branches of her clitoris in how he rubbed that canal between her inner labia. For the first time since this all had started, her legs attempted to jerk shut not to block invading hands but because physical arousal left her trembling, base instinct making her try to grind her legs together for extra sensation.

Still, Evan and Rob were unrelenting in how they held her legs apart, crotch displayed like some hussy to anyone who looked down at her. Susan squeezed her eyes shut to guard against tears as she willed her body to be still and stop giving the men their satisfaction. She wanted to turn and bury her face, but there was nowhere that wasn't one of the men. Rob felt her squirming and started to run his hands firmly over her whole torso, including briefly up to her neck when she gave another nearly-silent sob. He then gripped her arms and pulled them behind her back, so she was totally vulnerable to any action. The only thing protecting her front at all was her flimsy blouse, barely hiding Rob's hand beneath.

Meanwhile, the men playing with Susan's bra had grown bored of it, and sought some new way to escalate the situation. They whispered a plan to Rob, who caught Evan's attention, who used his free hand to lift Susan's head in their direction.

"Open your eyes, bitch," breathed Evan. She didn't want to look at whatever was going on but her fear of not knowing was greater. Avoiding the gazes of the guys, her eyes fixed on her misshapen bra as they made to pass it down to the next row of the lecture hall. She lunged at them, finally faced with a greater concern than being the cause of a disturbance herself, but Rob blocked her easily and Evan fisted his hand in her hair, pulling her head towards him. "Either your bra goes on a little trip," he whispered, "or I message everyone here to tell them to look up right at you. Your choice."

Susan slumped back onto her seat, uncomfortable though it was with Evan and Rob pressed close against her and her own arms filling the space behind her back.

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