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Husband encourages wife to give his friend a show.

He opened a book and tried to stop thinking about his sexy sisters. But it was all in vain because whenever he closed his eyes he felt and relived the precious moments spent with his sisters, all three of them. He felt Jacquie's warm smile and hugs, Dawn's passionate kisses and Alice's body lying over his in an embrace that made him feel complete. Suddenly his reverie was broken by a voice so close to his ear, it made him jump. Valerie stood beside his desk with her arms folded in front of her body. It was clear by her smile that she definitely enjoyed startling Josh. She quietly sat on the chair beside Josh.

"So...where were you? I've been calling you for the last two minutes but you were so lost in that book that you could not even hear me."

"No actually I was, ahem...um..." Josh muttered, unable to finish his sentence. Valerie seemed to dismiss his lack of communication with a slight shrug.

"Anyways, I hope you didn't forget about coming to my house to study together today," she sighed exasperatedly, frowning. "I waited for you at the front gate for 15 minutes before coming to look for you here."

"Of course I didn't forget. I just lost track of time reading this book." Josh replied, trying to hide the furious blush he was sporting.

Realizing that this would keep him out of his home for a few more hours , a smile spread across his face. Because the last thing he needed while thinking about a solution was three horny women giving him hard-ons all evening. So he followed Valerie to her house, only two blocks away. Her swaying hips made him momentarily forget his thoughts but then Alice's image appeared before his eyes strongly than before, as her hips were just like Valerie's; not too big, but just as firm.

As they studied, Josh felt that it was even more distracting because his eyes constantly strayed off to Valerie's firm and ample breasts and before half an hour had passed, he was as hard as a steel rod. He tried to act normal when Valerie looked at the obvious bulge in his trousers through the corner of her eyes. He looked at her face for signs of anger or disappointment, but what he saw was a faint smile on her lips. He thought that it was his imagination and looked away, but there it was again; a glance and another smile. It was no mistake. She was checking him out and his cock stiffened even more in anticipation of what was coming next.

"It's not polite to look at a girl like that you know," Valerie said, giving him a slight smile.

Josh couldn't think of anything to say, but he could feel a blush spreading across his face. Mumbling some excuses, he tried to turn his head in the other direction but his body would not respond. Looking into each other's eyes, he suddenly caught a hold of her arm and then without even thinking their lips met in a kiss, a passionate kiss which only someone madly in love could share. There was no tongue involved, their lips just rested together and stayed glued until both of them realized what was happening and quickly broke the kiss.

Josh thought that Valerie would be mad at him for his bold and somewhat unexpected move but strangely enough, she wasn't angry at all. She seemed to be quite happy about him making the first move. She just looked into his eyes for another minute before finally speaking. "Please Josh, you have to leave now. My mom is in the next room, if she finds out we'll get in big trouble."

He left with a nod. About halfway home, it hit him that she'd said, 'we'. He suddenly felt light on his feet as he almost flew to his house and flopped onto his bed, thinking of what to say to her when they met again.

He was flying high in his mind when suddenly he was forced back into reality by Jacquie's voice.

"Josh! You have a call, it's Valerie!" she shouted up the stairwell.

He almost fell down the stairs running to get the call. Dawn laughed out loud at his clumsy movement but also blew him a kiss. In reply he just smiled and held the phone tentatively.

"Hey, it's Valerie.

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