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Krista's secret fantasy comes to life in a dirty bathroom.

You come back into the room wearing sleek black high-heels, silky black panties and a small black wife-beater. In your hand is a large fleshy-dildo on a leather strap-on and a bottle of lube.

"Oh my God." My cock swelled underneath me.

"First things first," you say almost to yourself, looking down at me, prostrate and now submissively tied. My hands are cuffed so all I could hope to reach are your ankles. I reached my fingers out to them, but you step your feet farther apart, beyond my reach.

You slip your fingers into my hair and guide my head upwards. Without a word, you step forward, and I see your sweet panty-covered pussy moving to my face. My nose presses against your mound and my tongue slips out of my mouth and between your legs. "Good boy."

You step back from me, far enough so I can see your legs and up to your stomach. I'm tied down too much to look higher comfortably. Excitedly, I watched your fingers slip beneath the band of your panties and slowly peel them off your hips and down your legs. My mouth waters. You lean down and pull your panties over your beautiful sexy heeled feet. While bent down, you are about eye level (still a little above me).

You look into my eyes. "We're going to start by you eating me." You stand up, out of my view, and step forward -- bringing your hips back to my face. "Then I'm going to fuck you."

Before I respond (besides my cock swelling a little more) your pussy reachs my mouth. Dutifully, I press my face forward and taste your juicy lips. Your own mouth opens a little at the pleasure. "Mmmm hmmm." You step your legs apart a bit to give me more room.

My tongue parts your lips, and I stretch to touch as much of you as I can, but my neck is restricted too much. But you don't stop pulling my head to you, pressing your hips up.


Finally, you pull back. Your smooth thighs slide back across my face. My neck is strained and tired, and I drop my head down. You click your heels once deliberately, and I look up again as far as I can, as you put your hands on your hips. Slowly, you squat down and look me in the eyes again. "Time for what I came here for" you say to me, and I see you reach over and grab the strap-on. You place it artificially over your crotch, between your taut bent legs. "You ready for this?"

You wait for my answer. "I don't know," I reply. Your head cocks to the side and you give me a look. "I mean," I stammer, "Yes, I think I'm ready." But I'm not really so sure. I watch as you stand up, and step into the straps of the harness.

You look at me. "You know, you'll be begging me for me to fuck you in just a few minutes."

You stand right in front of me as you tighten it to your hips. Then you open the bottle of lube and pour a liberal amount onto your hand, and slather the rubbery cock. When you finish, you step back a bit and smile to yourself. "Damn. I'm so wet." Your fingers slide under the harness and touch your lips. Moist.

Then you step past me, out of my vision. The couch depresses next to me and you kneel behind me. I look over my shoulder as you balance yourself by leaning on me. The strap-on dangles lewdly off your front.

"Up on your knees," you tell me, slapping my butt softly. I pull my knees up and spread them apart. But I can't see well, so I look back down to my hands, cuffed at the floor. I feel one hand on my hip, and the other is on your own faux cock, as you guide it carefully to the right spot. I jump at the sudden strange and cold! touch.

"Relax, honey." At first you falter, as the dildo bends unnaturally and slides away.

"Ah!" I jump againt my bonds. "Weird!"

"Hold still!" you tell me, a little less patiently. "And relax!"

Again you position your fake dick against me.

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