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Husband cheats with a co-worker then confesses to his wife.

I sure would like to know what was said.

Carly went to the ladies' room and Bobbie followed her. She was going to ask her what Edna had said to her. When Bobbie came out, she had a slight smile on her face.

"Okay," I asked. "Are you going to tell me what was said?"

"Let's take a walk outside for a few minutes. You're going to want to hear this without any listeners."

We stepped into the parking lot and Bobbie told me what Edna said to Carly. She told her that she knew that she had an affair with her husband. Since she was a Christian woman and that they had to live in the same neighborhood they wouldn't be friends but they could be civil to one another. She could explain to her God about the affair when the time came.

After the funeral, Bobbie and I went back to the lab. We still had a few fingerprint samples to run. On the beer bottles it was basically Edna and Wayne's prints. The Jockey shorts had Wayne's prints and another set which we believed to be Carly's which wasn't a surprise. After all, she told Bobbie she handled his member and would have touched his shorts.

There were four sets of prints that Bobbie got off the spa. Wayne's, Edna's, a child which we figured was one of the grandchildren and an unknown set. Bobbie pointed out that the set of prints on the shorts matched the set on the spa.

"What's the matter, Bobbie? You found something, didn't you, other than pee in the spa." I just tried to add a little humor.

"We figured the prints on the shorts are probably Carly's. They match the unknown set of prints on the spa. Carly said in her statement that she has never seen the spa yet. How can that be if her prints are on it?"

We knew we had to get Carly's fingerprints. Bobbie ran Carly's and Bob's name through the data bank. We wondered why they had moved here from Kentucky. The data bank would tell us about any tickets or arrests. It was a long shot but we needed to start closing a few of these windows.

Things seemed to be improving. We got a call from the coroner who did the autopsy. He told us as he was reading his report that he noted that he had found a slight bruising on the right shoulder of Wayne Moore. That could mean someone held him down. Of course it was still speculation.

I asked the coroner if a woman could have left the mark. He told me it was a bruise and, yes, most anyone could have held a man down in the spa if he was asleep to begin with. The information did lean in the direction that someone might have killed the deceased.

We received a report back on the Smith family. We decided we would call Edna and the Smith's in and have another talk with them. None of them seemed happy about it but we told them if they didn't come in that we would send a patrol car after them.

Edna and her daughter showed up first. We took them into one of our rooms to talk to them. We had the DA sit behind the two way mirror while Bobbie and I sat at the table with Edna and her daughter. Edna asked if her daughter could stay with her. We didn't see any reason why not, so we let her stay.

Mary, Edna's daughter, asked why she had to bring her mother down here. She thought her mother been through enough.

Edna stopped her, "Mary, they are investigating your dad's death. They believe that he was murdered, and I'm a suspect."

"What? How stupid! Mom would never do such a thing..." Edna interrupted her.

"Mary, they are just trying to do their job. Please let them do it. Okay, officers, ask away," said Edna.

"Mrs. Moore, we do believe there was foul play but we don't have enough evidence right now."

"Listen, officer, everything I have told you is the truth. I did not have anything to do with my husband's death. I'll tell you some things that I'm not proud of because I don't like waving the family garbage. As you already know, Wayne and I were married for over forty years. In that time he had cheated on me a number of times. I always turned my back for the sake of the children."

I asked Edna if she would like Mary to step out before she finished her story.

"No, my kids know about

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