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Strangers cross paths at an airport at night.

Their sounds of satisfaction shared as Dawn watched intently his love cream erupt, spurting out everywhere. They chilled, enjoying the pleasurable aftermath of that wonderful online fuck. Now they were an item and they would just have to meet.

So the meet was arranged, at Drakes Circus in Plymouth the following Sunday... Charley alighted from the bus. It seemed magic as he waited for Dawn to appear, like the whole world was out of focus, all he could think of was how it would be, how she really looked in real life, and how they would fare, would they be compatible in real time, and all the rest of it.

The a tap on the shoulder, it was Dawn, she'd come up behind him, he swing around and there they were actually facing each other flesh and blood for the very first time.

Charley flushed, lost for words as he knew he would be, but she broke the silence, telling him he was just how she had imagined in real life.

They stood there motionless for a while, taking in the special moment. She smiled at him, just how she had done on cam, already he felt the ice starting to break as she took his hand tightly and whispered to him that it was so good to see and meet him.

He asked her if she'd like a drink or something.

"A drink at a time like this, Charley. I have my car parked in the car park and I've booked a room for us not too far away, where we can really get to know each other quality time?"

"You are a woman who pulls no punches, baby" Charley gasped as she grabbed his arm and pulled him along in the direction of where her car was.

"Would you want me any other way, because if you do we can call it a day right now!"

There was a sense of firmness about her tone which Charley liked, he always felt he needed a good woman to take him in hand ever since his mother had passed on not so long ago. He was very close to her, too close because he never seemed to have time for girls, even though he had the inclination as was deemed though his under the grill experiences when he had managed many a good gratifying masturbation looking upwards and sometimes the special thrill of seeing a girl with nothing on underneath, wanking away he could almost imagine he was thrusting inside what he could just about make out between darkened thighs - and didn't they look so good! and that always made for a strong climax.

But now he could forget all that, they drew up to a quiet cottage seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

"So this is your 'room'?" he asked.

"Well I wanted to surprise you, it's a holiday cottage I rented fro the day from a friend." she smiled.

"There's smoke coming from the chimney," Charley observed.

She looked puzzled and angry, then she said well she wanted to make the cottage warm and cosy for their rendezvous, haven't you never had it before a rumouring fire, it's quite an experience I can tell you."

But there was something that just didn't tie up, but there again Charley thought, this was an entirely new experience so no doubt his mind would be playing tricks.

"You sit in the car for a moment and I will check, Charley."

"Check?" he queried.

She hesitated and then said she wanted for the inside to be just right, wanted to give him the right impression and she was off before he could respond.

Then she appeared at the front door beckoning him to come in as he lurched out of the passenger seat.

Dawn greeted him with a long lasting and deep passionate kiss and instantly he felt like butter in her hands as she assisted him in taking off his coat.

"That's better, " she smiled, "you do look so sexy in chino's.

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