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A male is cuckolded and obliges all women present

"You OK there?" A deep voice asked. She composed herself before she turned and looked. Taking a deep breath she turned her head and took a quick look. She gasped because the guy sitting behind her was absolutely gorgeous. She hoped he would ignore her. Not a chance. "You OK ma'am?" He asked again. This time she had to respond.

"Yes thanks." Jerilee said more as a squeak. The guy took this as a conversation starter and came up to the seat next to her. He sat in the seat on the next row. She nervously smiled at him and tidied her bits up.

"Sorry. I'm a messy traveler." Jerilee giggled.

"So am I. I dump my newspaper anywhere I go." The gorgeous guy said. He had the most beautiful smile. She felt herself melt, more from the warmth of him than from the boiling hot weather.

There was silence between them for a few minutes. She could see him trying not to look her up and down, but he just couldn't help himself. She couldn't help herself feeling the excitement this caused her.

"So no school today?" Jerilee heard the question, but it sounded so far away. She turned and looked at him.

"So I look that young do I?" She asked as she sucked on her nail pouting at him.

"Yes, you sure do." The guy said. Jerilee saw a twinkle in his eye.

"Actually, I'm just eighteen." Jerilee put him straight.

Instantly, Jerilee felt herself ache down below and she shifted in her seat. This made her dress catch on the material of the seat and accidentally or on purpose she exposed herself. The guy let out a low whistle. Jerilee stopped in her tracks and looked at him. Their eyes locked and that was the beginning of a long and dangerous ride.

"Fuck that!" The guy hissed. Jerilee didn't know if she should run or stay. She didn't say anything. She couldn't, she was too nervous and besides she was too sexually excited to speak. So she tried to relax and sat back looking out of the window. She could tell there was movement, but she didn't dare look around to see. Subtly, her hands tried to straighten her dress out, but she felt a warm hand stop her. Instead of her dress being pulled down she felt it being pulled up. Jerilee heard him gasp and that was the moment she turned to look at him.

"Sorry!" Jerilee whispered.

"No, I'm sorry." The guy said. He was having trouble breathing. "I'm sorry for what I'm about to do to you." He said very quietly. He glanced around the bus to see if there was anyone else on the top deck. There wasn't and that was when he bent down and gave her a kiss that she wouldn't forget. It lasted a few minutes and Jerilee's hips buckled with every tongue thrust he made. Jerilee poured with cum that she never experienced in her life before.

The guy sat up and wiped his unshaven chin. It was so wet with Jerilee's juices that he had to lick his lips several times.

"Yep, you're young all right. You taste like fucking heaven!" He hissed at her as if he was cross with her. "Sit up bad girl before I ram my fingers up you!"

Jerilee couldn't move, she was still panting. She had to catch her breath. Her heart was pounding and it was worrying her. Eventually she caught her breath, but she had forgotten that he had ask her to sit up or else.

Before she knew what was happening she was trying to suppress a yelp. She felt her clitoris being heavily rubbed. The guy's hand was up Jerilee's dress. "There! You like that, don't you, you naughty little girl!" The guy rammed a finger right up her tight hole. It hurt, but she enjoyed it. The finger fuck she was getting was out of this world. Her bum was being bumped off the seat with the bus moving from side to side, but she didn't have the energy to put herself back up. Instead she whimpered and grinded her hips on the guy's hand.

After she climaxed all over his fat fingers she sat back up on her seat and tried to composed herself.

"Sorry about that!" He said as he moved away from her.

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