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A lonely, bitter Musher discovers a ring.

He had been gone for fourteen days now and wasn't supposed to be back for three more weeks! Needless to say Sally was getting extremely horny.

The night had cooled off to about ninety-five and the humidity was near ninety percent! Sally was sleeping completely nude and had all of the windows and doors open to her bedroom. Sam was very restless this night and couldn't sleep very well. He was walking through the hallway and stopped next to his parent's room. He looked in at his sleeping mother. Sally was laying on her back with her legs spread far apart. She had one hand on her left tit and was playing with an extended nipple, She had her other hand busy rubbing her clit! She had her eyes tightly closed and was moaning softly in rhythm to her manipulations of her own body. Sally obviously was not asleep! This was the best sight Sam had ever gotten to watch! Usually he had to take a quick glance and duck away, lest he get caught! Tonight his mother was having an out of body experience! Sam could have walked in and Sally wouldn't have seen him! As Sam watched his mother fingering her pussy, his dick got the hardest it had ever gotten and swelled to it's full ten inches! While Sam was masturbating and watching his mother, she had a massive orgasm! Before Sally saw him, or Sam dumped his load on the hallway floor, he ran back to his own room. After playing over in his mind what he had just watched and Cuming all over himself, Sam finally fell asleep.

It was about two hours later that Sam had one of the most terrifying nightmares since the accident. Sally heard Sam and leapt out of bed and ran to see if he was alright. The nude Sally ran all the way to Sam's room, when she got there Sam was thrashing back and forth on the bed. When Sally got on Sam's bed he sat straight up. Sally reached out and took Sam in her arms and pulled his head to her chest. When Sam woke up he realized he had a nightmare and was in his mother's arms!

There was plenty of light in the room and Sam could see his mother was still nude and in his bed! His dick got immediately hard again. Sam looked in front of his face and noticed his mother's nipples were sticking straight out. They were less than a half an inch away from his lips! Sam knew from watching her over the last few years, the only thing, other than cold and it certainly wasn't cold tonight, that got her nipples to stand up was sexual arousal!

What caused Sally's nipples to stand out? In the position she was holding Sam in, his dick was against her side, and she could feel it's warmth, its' hardness, and most of all how big it is! Sally's pussy quivered! She thought to herself,

"Oh my god, I'm getting turned on by my son! This just can't be!"

Just as she was thinking this and was about to push Sam away from her, he did the unexpected. Sam opened his mouth and curled his lips around his mother's rigid nipple! He flicked his tongue around the hard nub and sucked it completely in his mouth! Sally nearly had an instant orgasm!

"No, please no." she whimpered, very inconvincibly!

Sam pushed her onto her back, continuing to suck her rigid nipple. He had his hand on the other nipple and had it equally extended. Both of Sally's nipples were stretched at least two inches straight out. She began to moan over and over,

"Please no, please no, it's wrong! Please no, no, it's so wrong! We can't! We shouldn't!"

As Sally was pleading with Sam her body betrayed her and it responded to Sam's mouth on her tits! Sam completely ignored his mother's weakening pleas, he could feel her body responding to his abuse of her nipples and he knew he was going to get to fuck her! He also knew she would beg him to fuck her, before his stuffed his cock inside her pussy!

Sally was now on her back with her legs spread out and Sam was on top of her, he had his head at her chest level and was still sucking on her nipples.

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