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Suburban housewife humiliated/punished by two women.

Perhaps Kaitio was tiring of it? They had even had fun with the 'girls' before. After all, they weren't completely female; they were normally called hermaphrodites. And both of the felines were absolutely bi.

"No," Coutzy withdrew reluctantly from the tiger's cock, cream dotting the side of his muzzle. "But does it matter? More for fun, surely."

"I guess..." Kaitio rolled his eyes. "Are we going to say 'hi' to them then or what?"

Coutzy groaned.

"Fuck that, I'm not stopping."

"What are you..." Kaitio hissed between his teeth as the lion's maw engulfed his cock down to the base, taking his length into his throat. "Oh fuck..."

With Coutzy taking advantage of him in the most primal way, Kaitio had no choice but to return the favour, dragging his rough tongue over the lion's balls. As the two foxes drew closer, searching the house for their friends - Coutzy really needed to remember to lock the back door - Kaitio trembled and moaned around the cock pushing into his muzzle. The angle allowed Coutzy to thrust just right so that the tiger swallowed his length: above him, Coutzy gave a feline yowl of pleasure.

The two ladies - or as close to ladies as they could be - sprung up the stairs, chattering inanely, oblivious to what awaited them in the bedroom. They should have guessed. Christy, a black fox, burst through the door with her lips parted as if to announce her presence, but was stopped dead in her tracks by the scene that awaited her on the bed. Vyxsin peeked over her shoulder, standing on the tips of her toes in order to see past the taller vixen. Vyxsin's bright pink fur was hard to miss and, in that moment, the same colour as Kaitio's cheeks.

"Now...what have we here?"

Christy leaned against the door frame, licking her lips with a pink tongue that stood out in stark contrast to her otherwise jet black fur and hair.

"Easy now," Christy smirked, flicking her hair back over her shoulder. "No need for you to move. We can enjoy the view and have our own fun, can't we Vyx?"

"Sure, sure," the pink vixen bounced on the balls of her hind paws. "You two are quick to jump into bed, aren't you?"

"You can talk," Coutzy grumbled, tail flicking. "You're even worse."

Loathe to pause their fun when a hard cock bobbed before his muzzle, Coutzy shook the can of cream into a froth once again, foaming it up over the tiger's crotch and balls, the bed damp beneath them. At the side of the bed, Vyxsin removed her shirt, dropping it on the floor and showing off her full, bare breasts. Her skirt joined it and the vixen turned, bending over as if to stretch out but only drawing the baby blue fabric tight over her round rump. Kaitio hissed, tearing his eyes away, and distracted himself with the lion's cock, lapping and sucking the cream from it with a soft mewl more like that of a kitten, skin growing heated and pink.

Though Vyx demanded attention, the black fox could not remain idle. Christy rummaged through the bedside table drawer until she found what she was looking for with a small 'a-ha' of approval. She flicked her tail and stood up, holding her prize to her chest with a sly grin. Huffing, Coutzy met her eyes, trying to ignore the bulge in her shorts, cut daringly high on the leg, a clear reminder that the ladies were not entirely as they seemed.

"What are you doing?" The lion grumbled.

Kaitio growled, rolling his eyes: the question did not really need to be asked and distracted him from the main focus of his attention. Whipping out the bottle of lubricant, Christy tossed it from paw to paw.

"Do you expect us to not have our fun, Coutzy?" Christy smirked, tail wagging. "You know us better than that, surely."

"Same drawer as usual!" Vyxsin giggled, catching the bottle as Christy lightly threw it to her, breasts bouncing. "Cats never change their habits."

"I think you'll find that untrue," Kaitio said.

"Shut up and suck, kitty cat." Christy's eyes glinted. "Don't let us disturb you."

Leaving the 'boys' to their fun, the foxes came together in a hungry, lustful k

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