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Grace parties with John and his college friends.

She still couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet but it was the glow about her face that made me look closely at her.

"You've changed Tess what have you been up to?" Tess held up her hand and a very nice wedding ring hung from her finger. Backed up with the brightest smile I had ever seen from her. I smiled at her happiness. "Well it's about time someone made an honest woman of you, congratulations and I really do mean it." The hand dropped and both arms came out waiting for me to hug her, and I did. As far as I was concerned, Tess and I went way back. She deserved her happiness.

"You need to get this damned program running Jeff. It's driven us all mad and the bosses are getting pissed at us about it. I run the department now so I will oversee what you're doing and give any help you need."

"Wow, a promotion and married. That's some fast tracking your doing in your life Tess." She clearly blushed, looked around to make sure no one was watching us and rubbed her stomach as well. The smile grew even bigger on her. My hug was gentler this time. The next four hours were a blur and other than having a coffee thrust into my hands at intervals during the day, my mind was totally focused on the job in hand. I only noticed it was lunch time when I looked up from the screen and all but two people were gone. A pang of guilt made me apologies to Tess who was supposed to be there to assist me.

I sent her off to lunch while her colleague covered and then they rotated back again. My cell buzzed once, the message telling me that Caroline had landed and was with her sorority sister at the gallery. It was the prod in the shoulder made me look up, Tess pointed to her watch and reminded me that I asked her to let me know when it was four o'clock.

"Okay I know you need to say something to your boss's so here it is. The program is corrupted, that's the easy bit to fix."

Even as we walked to the exit, I could see the look on her face. She was pissed and I knew why. The program was working perfectly for just over a year now, so it was corrupted either manually or artificially. That was going to be tomorrow's project. We hugged and I said my farewells, signed out and jumped into my waiting cab. Reception gave me some messages and I had them all read and prioritized by the time I got to my room. The smell of her perfume caught me before my ears hearing the shower running gave me any indication that she was actually in my room. So many thoughts entered my head, all carnal. However, Mom did raise a gentleman, so with a sigh and a very sarcastic 'thanks Mom' in my thoughts I stayed a gentleman. I knocked on the door to the bathroom and said, "Caroline I'm back. So put something on other than a towel when you get out okay?"

The shower finished about half way through me making some calls and I had only just put the phone down when she stepped out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, a towel on her head. My breath caught in my throat for a moment and I just shook my head. Caroline noticed and paused mid-stride not sure now if she should continue to walk towards me.

"Just how is it possible for you to look so beautiful in joggers and just as beautiful in a bathrobe and towel?" Her smile lit up the room and within three more paces was now sat on my lap, her arms around my neck.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "So let's see if I have this right, not only do you like your women sweaty and gross, but semi naked as well."

I chuckled before I could stop myself and gave her a hug before saying, "How many times do I have to remind you, I like my women naked?"

Caroline giggled and buried her head into my neck until she calmed down. "I need to say this and please Jeff you need to listen. You have romance in your heart any girl can see that. I've grown fond to the point of loving you so quickly that it should terrify me, yet it seems so natural which has been made easier since my karma has already said we were supposed to be together."

She leaned ove

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