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A whirlwind of sexual discovery awaits siblings.

Damien wanted everybody to know Scottie belongs to him. Scottie wasn't exactly in the closet, and he certainly didn't hide their relationship outside of work, however it was common knowledge that it wasn't allowed for two members of the same team to be in a romantic or sexual relationship.

Damien maneuvered the boy to where his perky ass was up in the air, his hands down in front of himself, holding his body upright. Scottie held his breath, waiting for Damien to do something, anything.

Scottie didn't have to wait long-SMACK! The sound of the smack of Damien's warm hand on his pale ass was loud, and it echoed. The second the smack was over and loud, accidental moan left Scottie's mouth. The smacking of Damien's hand wouldn't last forever, but it felt amazing. The belt would feel better, probably.

SMACK! The sound echoed again, and Scottie cried out-"More!" he cried. Scottie's desperate cry for more had Damien's dick hardening even more-so than it was before.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Each of Scottie's delicate ass cheeks had huge, bright red hand-prints on them, and Damien knew that it was driving him crazy.

Scottie loved the burn of a spanking-he loved the utter loss of control. Every single smack against his ass had Scottie pulsing-leaking out pre-cum all the way. Scottie was panting, and waiting for more as patiently as he possibly could manage.

The cool air on his tender ass confused him-why wasn't Damien there, smacking him anymore? Part of him wanted to complain. He loved spanking, especially when his daddy was the one dishing out the punishment. Damien smirked and picked up a dildo out of the bag, and pressed it to his boy's tight little pink hole.

Damien loved Scottie's asshole. It was small, a beautiful little rosebud, pink as candy. Scottie's hole was Damien's personal heaven-he couldn't wait to be buried inside of him.

Scottie felt the toy entering him, and whimpered, pushing back into the hand that was pushing the dildo deeper and deeper inside him. Once Damien was satisfied with how deep the dildo was inside of Scottie, he pulled his hand away and reached for the belt.

Scottie was already dripping wet between Damien's spanking, and the toy that was pressing into his prostate ever so slightly. Damien looked down at his boy-oh he made such a pretty sight. Damien brought the belt down on Scottie's pale ass suddenly-SMACK! The feeling made Scottie's entire body tense in pleasure as a loud cry exited his mouth.

"Oh god, Daddy!" Scottie cried out, pushing his ass back, waiting for another hit. SMACK! It startled the smaller of the two but Scottie loved it. Scottie moaned and looked down at the bed, panting heavily.

SMACK! The belt came down on Scottie's ass again, making him cry out and stare at the wall, his cock aching between his legs, begging for release.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Back to back three hard, determined strikes of the belt came down on Scottie's ass and he felt tears fighting at his eyes, and he bit his lip as he fought back a loud scream from the pain and pleasure of the spanking.

Damien didn't care who heard his pretty boy scream though, in fact he was trying his hardest to make the boy scream and squeal and beg for mercy.

SMACK! Again and again the belt hit Scottie's ass, leaving beautiful over-lapping red marks. Damien couldn't wait to show his pretty boy who he belonged to. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! These three smacks of the belt caused Scottie to jump, he let out a squeal and buried his face in the blankets.

"More!" he begged. All Scottie wanted was more-more pain, more pleasure... Everything.

Scottie was gorgeous, with his red face buried in the blankets and bed-sheets of the hotel bed and his pert little ass poked up high in the air. Scottie was a picture of perfection-utterly fuckable and gorgeous as he laid there waiting.

Damien didn't know if he wanted to fuck the boy senseless or if he wanted to keep up the torture. Scottie wasn't prepared to wait though.

Scottie pushed his ass back again wanting more of a beating.

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