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No others, just two girls.

She was upset wih herself for having been that way with him. She wondered what she could have possibly been thinking. At the same time, she was very excited at what had happened. Things had seemed to change between she and Alex over time, and now they had crossed some sort of line almost. She thought that he had prompted it with his hanging around and watching her, and she had let it go on with practically undressing in front of him.

As she laid there unable to sleep, she wondered what he thought. She wondered if he couldn't sleep as well. Her next thought caused her to feel disgusted with herself as she thought about whether he had been able to go straight on to sleep. Against all better judgment, Cindy found herself getting out of bed.

Cindy quietly stepped down the hall until she was right outside his bedroom door. She stood still and tried to listen. When she heard nothing, she leaned closer to where her ear was at the door, and she waited to hear if there was anything that would tell her that Alex couldn't sleep either.

The first indication was the sound of a mattress. It was a light squeeking sound as if the mattress was being sat on and springs were sounding. Then, it happened again, followed by a sound that Cindy was fixed on. Heavy breathing with a steady rythym caused Cindy to close her eyes shut as she realized that Alex wasn't only not asleep, but feeling very turned-on as well.

Cindy listened closely as she tried with all she had not to let her hand go to where it wanted inside her robe. her hand was at an opening of her robe at the waist when she heard him moan. It was a deep moan and it lasted for several seconds as Cindy listened intently. As it finished, Cindy realized she had listened with her eyes clenched shut and two fingers of her right hand pressed inside of her causing her own spasming to rock her, as she slipped quietly away from the door.

The next day Alex was ready to go shopping with her before Cindy was even through with her coffee. Cindy smiled to herself. Just a couple of short years ago, it had been difficult to get Alex to hang around at all. Now, here he was ready to go with her shoping of all things, something her ex would never do.

They took their time and just hung out together, going from one place to the next. They talked and got each other's opinion on things, and Cindy felt herself really enjoying a closeness with Alex, as he stayed near her and was genuinely interested in what she was saying and doing.

For her part, Cindy paid attention to Alex as well. She appreciated him more as a young man as he would open a door for her or stand close by making her more aware of his physical presence and atrractiveness. Women in the stores noticed Alex and Cindy could detect their interest in her son.

Near the end of the day, they stopped at a clothing store. A young sales girl was trying to interest Alex in a pair of trousers. Cindy stood aside and stayed quiet, as the sales girl was trying to coax Alex into buying the pants. The girl looked to Cindy, smiled, and looked back to Alex.

"Hey, just ask your girlfriend. I'd bet she'd like to see you in these." The sales girl teased.

Both Cindy and Alex laughed, but neither of them corrected her.

"You know," Cindy replied, " you're right. I would like to see him in these." Cindy grinned at Alex.

"Okay, you got it." Alex took the pants from the girl and turned toward the dressing room.

"Good, you can model them for us," Cindy teased, but he stopped and took her by the arm.

"Oh no you don't," he said as he pulled her along with him. "Since I don't know what these are gonna look like, we're gonna just show them in here."

Cindy inhaled deeply as she was led into the fitting area by Alex, and he pulled the door shut. Cindy stood awkwardly close to Alex, speechless in the closely confined room as Alex undid his jeans and unzipped them.

"Here, could you take these off the hanger for me," he asked her as she took the trousers from him and slid them from the hanger, unable to turn away from what he was doing.

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