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Sara and Tim spend the night together.

"I saw you in my window," Dexter said, evenly. He dared her eyes to lie to him. She couldn't. She turned her gaze southward as his eyes bore into hers. She crossed her arms across her bountiful breasts.

"I saw you watching me a few weeks ago when I was fucking a friend of mine. A blonde. You were with someone, but I didn't get a chance to get a good look at her, but I damn sure recognized your pretty ass," Dexter said as stood over her. He reached out his hand and brushed her hair away from her face.

Tai shuddered lightly from her hidden face being revealed and to the physical presence of Dexter. He spoke the truth...he had known all along. Could she continue to deny herself and walk out of his apartment looking like a fool or would she succumb to the gnawing ache that had developed between her thighs over the last few weeks?

"Yes, you're right...it was me. I saw you...I saw what you did to her...I saw the way you-," Tai said as she looked up at him for the first time since she had gotten up from the couch.

"The way I what? Say it," Dexter said as his hand slid up and down her robe-covered arm.

"The way you fucked her," Tai said quietly and meekly.

Dexter took his hand and lifted her chin so that she was staring into his eyes before he asked," Did you enjoy watching me?"

Tai waited a beat before quietly and breathlessly saying, "Yesss,".

Dexter moved his hand downward from her chin and spread Tai's robe slowly yet effortlessly. He reached up with his other hand and did the same to the other side. Her robe slipped off of her shoulders. She stood before him in a halter-top that did nothing to hide her extremely erect nipples and silk boxers that emanated the smell of excited pussy. Her smell hung suspended in the air between them. He could hear her ragged breathing.

Dexter stepped to her, and slid his arms around her waist. Tai looked up at him and didn't turn away when his lips kissed hers. His lips were soft yet strong. As his tongue worked its way through her moist lips, her tongue suddenly had a brain of its own and started caressing his. Suddenly, she stopped and began sucking on his lips, then running her tongue across them.

Dexter pressed her against the wall, returning the urgency of her kiss. She felt the thick bulge in his linen pants pressing against her midsection. Dexter moved his hands down and back to her heart-shaped ass, as his tongue dueled with hers. He took hold of her asscheeks and spread them slowly and firmly, spreading her pussylips underneath. He heard her moan as her sticky pussylips spread thickly. She breathed raggedly into his mouth.

Dexter slid his hand around to the front of her body...sliding his hand over her breast, grasping it, moving it in circles as his thumb and forefinger grasped and tweaked her already painfully hard nipple. Then he slid his hand along her stomach, reaching the 'V' between her thighs. He rubbed the pussy over her silk boxers. His fingers spread and he ran two of his long fingers along her outer labia. The wetness of her pussy through her boxers and g-string panties felt like baby oil on his fingers. His other hand continued to hold her soft asscheek, firmly...keeping her in place against the wall.

"Ahhhhh...," Tai gasped.

Dexter's fingers moved firmly yet gently along the folds of her very wet pussy. Though boxers and a pair of panties covered her pussy, his fingers were already wet and sticky. Dexter bent forward and began to lightly lick and softly kiss Tai's neck. Shivers raced from her pussy to the spot he was licking and back to her pussy. "I want this pussy. I want to give you what you came down here for. Do you still want it?" Dexter whispered in her ear as he continued to rub her pussy and lick along her neckline.
"Yes, I want you...all of you," Tai said as her eyes traveled southward and locked on the leg of lamb lying half-erect along his thigh. His linen pants outlined his dick flawlessly.

Dexter kissed her neck and slapped her ass at the same time, both loudly.

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