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lied, "Can we go out on the beach?"

A few minutes later, they were walking along the beach hand in hand. Nathan carried a blanket that was in his car over his shoulder wanting one hand to be free just in case he needed to defend Louise. As they walked, he scanned the area for threats and trespassers. About a quarter of a mile down the beach, he heard the sounds of giggling and love making. He looked over at Louise who wasn't really paying attention, her eyes riveted on the ocean and trusting him to keep her safe.

From the sounds that the couple was making, Nathan knew that they were almost through. He stopped walking, looked around and spread the blanket on the sand.

"Sit here, I'll be right back." he told her with a kiss.

He found the couple basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. He made a sound to alert them to his presence.

"Shit!" he heard the man swear.

"What?" the woman asked.

"Someone's here, this is a private beach..."

"We're trespassing?" she asked alarmed, "What if it's the police?"

"Just hurry up and get dressed." the man replied. "Maybe it's the guy who told me about this place giving me a warning."

Nathan looked behind him and could see Louise sitting where he left her. He scanned the area for danger and turned back to the couple curious as to who would have told them about this section of the beach. It had to be one of his people, no one else would be on the beach and it explained the presence of the couple.

When they came from behind the rock that they had been hiding behind, Nathan spoke.


The woman let out a startled yelp and the male to his credit pushed her behind him ready to protect her. He glared at Nathan oblivious to the difference in their height and weight.

"I know that you're aware that this is a private beach so why are you here?" Nathan asked.

"Why are you here?" the man countered.
"I have every right to be here." Nathan replied, "Who told you about this beach?"

"None of your damned business!" the man replied wanting to look brave in front of the woman and not wanting to give up his source.

Nathan gave the man a pleasant smile.

"It is my business because I own this beach, now who let you onto my property?" Nathan asked with a soft mental push.

"For god's sake Frankie!" the woman exclaimed, "Tell him so we can get out of here before he calls the cops!"

"It was some dude who says that he's a security guard." Frankie replied.

"Does this dude have a name?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah... Adam." Frankie replied even as he tried to keep his mouth shut.

"What did you give him in return?" Nathan asked with another mental push.

"I... two-hundred bucks."

"Are you aware that just three miles down that there is a beach designated for public use? And it wouldn't have cost you anything." Nathan said.

"Yes but this was more private..."

"Private is the operative word." Nathan said interrupting him. "You have fifteen minutes to leave my property. If I see you here again, I will do as your date says and call the police. I also want you to tell all of your friends that they are not to come here. Now get going."

Nathan turned and headed to Louise who had moved closer to the water. When he reached her, he sat down beside her and put an arm around her determined not to let her know that he was angry.

"What happened? She asked.

"Nothing serious." Nathan replied, "Just a couple of trespassers."

"Then why are you so angry?" Louise asked.

"One of my guards let them on the property. That in and of itself is bad enough but he took their money." Nathan replied.

"What are you going to do about it?" Louise asked.

"Fire his ass!" Nathan replied.

"Without talking to him first? Maybe he needed the money." Louise replied.

"That isn't an excuse.

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