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Elsie learns she has a friend within the community.

I bet she would have a few boys going crazy over her. Veronica, I bet with those legs sticking out of miniskirt at school you'll have hands all over you."

"God, don't say things like that," he gasped.

"Well tell me then, who else would you like to go on a date with?" I hissed.

"I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to put me off, I won't mum, I like it," he snapped back.

His chest was rising and falling then even quicker now, and he was panting hard.

"Look at you I can see the control tops of your tights. I bet you would flash your legs and maybe your knickers to any boy at school!"

"Oh alright, if you must know, I fancy, Derek, William, and Bryan Alders," he yelled, "and I fancy Mr Driver the English teacher, Mr Harris from next door, and your Greek boss," he yelled.

I sat in shock as he raced up the stairs. I hoped he was just saying that to get at me. I went through all the names he had said, trying not to imagine my son, or rather Veronica with each of them in turn. One name stood out above all the rest. It was quite a shock for me. I took a deep breath and went up to see Kevin. I felt sorry for him now, he was still my son and I felt for him. I sat next to him on the bed.

"Sorry. Kevin, why don't you come back down?"

"Because of what you think, because of what I said," he mumbled as he sat on his bed.

"Look, I'm sorry, I really am, and I shouldn't have pushed you like that. This whole thing has been a shock for me. Come downstairs and you can make me something to eat. Please, Veronica?"

He got up and stood in front of me. I reached out and stroked his nylon clad leg in a friendly gesture. I went to take my hand away but Kevin grabbed it. He held it on his leg. I looked up into his eyes with a questioning look. Slowly he started pulling my hand upwards. I watched my hand gliding over the nylon of his tights. Until Kevin took his hand away, my hand kept going up, ever so slowly under his skirt. His legs were trembling and it gave a big judder as I felt his cock and balls through my tights and panties! For the first time my head was accepting what my hand was doing. Kevin was looking out of the window staring at something. At first I thought he had turned to a statue just because of what was happening. I stood up keeping hold of his cock, and there through the net curtains I saw Mr Harris washing his car. After what Kevin had said about him I looked at Mr Harris a little differently. He was going bald, in his late 40's, but quite good looking apart from his stupid moustache. Never once had he figured in any of my many fantasies, but now I could see there was something about him.

"Well, what do you reckon, Veronica? Do you think he could take on mother and daughter?"

I started jerking the hard cock that was in my hand.

"Have you seen the way, he looks, at, at the girls when they walk past?" Kevin stammered.

"Darling, he looks at me like that," I whispered.

I carried on jerking a little faster. Kevin's legs were barely able to hold him up. No I didn't know why the fuck I was doing this either!

"I bet if I wasn't here, Veronica would go down and help him wash his car. I bet you would love bending over the bonnet, knowing he was stood back with a dirty grin, watching your ass and your long sexy legs," I whispered.

I felt the wet soaking through again. Veronica was clinging to the window ledge. I couldn't quite believe that those same panties and tights I had worn to work, now had spunk in them from my son!

"I guess I should get changed," he mumbled.

"So, all this dressing as a girl is just about getting off is it?"

He looked at me not really understanding what I had asked.

"What I mean is it is just about sex. Do you think you can grow boobs just for a turn on? Once you have them you are stuck with them for life. They won't go down like an erection you know."

He gulped and looked at me.

"Mum, I told you I haven't really decided on that yet."

"I know that is why you are just going to change my underwear and stay like that.

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