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Peter, Julie, & Linda explore the nature lover inside them.

"I want to shower with you" she moaned.

"Let's go then" I reply.

It was fun; they played more in the afternoon until it was time to go home for both of us. The train home left her pussy and ass feeling empty, and she longed for being filled by my cock again. Her husband collected her from the station, and was wary of asking how it went. She knew she wanted me again and more often.

That was years ago. Everything and anything had gotten in our way until yesterday. We had been talking a lot over the past year about getting together, she was saying how she wanted to feel me inside her, stretch her, fill her again and how she missed feeling full of my cum. She had developed a completely submissive side to her nature, and I became her master online. She told, yes told not asked, her husband that she was going to meet me and that she was going to allow me to do whatever I wanted to her body, use her, exploit however I wanted. two weeks before she came to me she visited a local tattoo artist and he placed a pink unicorn tattoo just to the right of her pussy and about two inches above, in the flowing mane she had scripted HRs Slut, my online initials. Her husband saw it and thought she had done it for him, the next time he licked her pussy he looked up at it and she was smiling. He thought she was being pleasured, little did he know she was watching lick the pussy that belonged to me now with my initials on it.

The day of her trip she bathed, and shaved every hair from below her neckline. Her hair had been freshly highlighted in blonde and her nails painted a very sexual red. On her bed laid out was the outfit I had told her to wear. She would not mess this up, she wanted me and she wanted to please.

"You can dress me now" she told her husband, her voice with a new and strange tone of authority. He bent and took a hold of the red Basque with the black lace trim. He moved his arms around her and encased her in the Basque. Usually this intimacy would have resulted in her getting wet between the legs, and she would have felt his cock against her hardening, but it would have been difficult for him to get an erection and she was safely locked inside a new cockcage. She lifted her leg as he rolled on her black seamed stocking up her smooth thighs, and attached the suspenders to the top. His finger brushed her pussy and she glared at him.

"Watch it, no touching remember, this is no longer yours to touch except when I tell you."

Pointing at the other stocking she leant against the dresser and waited for him to repeat the action of sliding it up and attaching it.

"Make sure the seams are straight, he will expect you to send me to him looking perfect." She told him. Now came the tiny matching thong, he lifted it from the bed, she gripped his head in her hands and stepped in to it and he drew it slowly up her legs. The red material barley covered her pussy and the string at the back slipped between her ass cheeks as he arranged the waistband of them high on her thighs.

"My shoes I think now. I will have the black patient ones." My slut was doing well ordering him to do her bidding. She had not felt comfortable at first but she had learned that this is how he wished to be treated.

"But darling, this are 5 inches tall and you only wear them in here for us..." He pleaded.

"Stop that! I told you before that I am the one that decided now, you follow my instructions." He nodded and reached for the shoes and placed them on her feet.

"Leave me now while I put on my make up I will tell you when I am ready for you to finish me off". He started for the door, "And where are you going? On the floor by the end of the bed and wait" He obeyed.

Her lipstick was as scarlet as her nails and gave a clear indication of her intention of being fucked hard and often.

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