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A breakthrough with Tilly and quality time with Nissi.

She was always so wet for him, and every time it got him harder. He remembered the first time he touched it, in the front seat of his truck, how it was the wettest pussy he had ever felt in his entire life. He began to massage her clit, using her wet juices, and Simone moaned a little louder and spread her legs a little further apart. By now, a few couples were looking over, and could see her pussy in plain view, her dress barely covering her ass.
Simone was voyeuristic, and as soon as she realized that some people were watching, her blood was charged. She looked Xavier in the eye, grabbed his dick, and said, "I'm ready love. Let's show them." He knew what she meant. Simone gave the best blow jobs he'd ever had... and again, he had had his fair share. It was because she was insatiable for his "MBD," and loved every minute of it. That made all the difference. They had always fantasized about people watching her blow him.

He pulled her up off the couch, and noticed that the room had filled up more in the last fifteen minutes or so. But somehow he felt like it was just the two of them, and they were in a dream world. He was definitely already in a haze. The tequila and wine were surely helping, but it was a different kind of intoxication that was washing over his body. And he wanted more.

Xavier slowly lifted her dress up over her hips, exposing the full length of her toned legs and round ass to the room. Simone's eyes widened, and she gave him that "here it is" look, and let him continue to undress her. He pulled the dress over her long, toned, thin waist, which perfectly accentuated her thicker hips, and finally over her lacy, wine colored bra, which matched her panties. Her panties were small, lacy, and the material parted in the front and back, which would allow them to have sex - anal or vaginal - while keeping them on. Keeping the panties on was one of the little things that made Simone feel like a whore she said. (His Whore - always His Whore.)

As he pulled up her dress, his eyes caught those of a man who was sitting on the couch across from them. He was alone, average-looking, and practically drooling, his eyes on Simone's body, running the length of it. She looked statuesque, standing there in her heels, leg warmers, and matching bra and panties.. and while she was still covered, Xavier noticed she was turning many heads. Xavier turned her around, making her face the guy sitting across from them, and most of the room. He whispered in her ear, "Blow me baby," as he started to unhooked her bra from the back... as he was doing so, he noticed the guy waiting with anticipation, eyes large and round. Xavier removed the bra, and let her perky, large tits spring out. The guy's mouth dropped, and he stared at her perfect pink nipples, which were completely hard.

Standing there naked and exposed made Simone feel sexy and empowered.

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