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Couple has fun while house hunting.

He alternated between kissing, licking, and nibbling as he traveled from her neck, to her collarbone, to her chest. He gently nibbled on the parts of her breasts left exposed by the cut of her bra. He slipped the straps down her arms, and trailed kisses along the path they took.

She slid her arms out of the loops of the straps, and he reverently, gradually revealed her breasts to his sight for the first time. He moaned in delight, and lightly licked her boobs in the same pattern his finger had traced earlier. He ended with suckling on her left nipple for several seconds. He then turned his attention to the right one, but he moved in the reverse of the previous pattern: He started with suckling on her right nipple before tracing the circumference of her boob with his tongue. When he reached the base, he kissed his way between her breasts and down the middle of her torso.

He unsnapped her jeans, and pulled them open. He placed a kiss over the center of her lovely lady, then skipped down to her thighs. He massaged and caressed her thighs, and calves, then removed her shoes and socks. He rose up to his knees and pulled her jeans off.

Starting with her ankles, he kissed, licked, and nibbled his way up the inside of her legs. When he got to the adductor mangus muscle (the one near her lovely lady), he paused, and lightly nibbled on it, then kissed his way back and forth. Soon, the heat of her captured his attention, and he focused on the damp blue satin of her panties. He slowly, and carefully traced the outline of her lady bits through them.

The arching of her hips, and her moans of pleasure are entrancing. She asked him to stop teasing her. He looked up. "I'm not teasing you, my love. I'm exploring your body. Learning what you like."

"You already know." She gasped the words as his index finger slid over the front of her panties.

"Not quite. For example, do you prefer this?" He applied a tiny bit of pressure to the spot just above her clit.

Her hips arched firmly against his hand as her groan. "Mmm. Yes."

"Or do you prefer this?" He very gently closed his mouth over her lovely lady.

Her fingers sank into his hair and she simultaneously pushed his head closer to her hips as she pushed them against his face. The heat which had been slowly building under his ministrations exploded through her body, robbing her of breath and coherent thought. Every fiber of her being wis locked on the sensation of his mouth on her sex. Her muscles tightened and locked for several glorious seconds, as she cried out. With the release of her voice, all her muscles relaxed, leaving her limp and spent. She lay sprawled out, attempting to catch her breath.

"That was beautiful, Baby Girl." She laughed tiredly at his words. "Ready to go again?"

"No." She panted. "I can't."

"You can, and will."

He hooked the leg of her panties to the side, and slowly inserted his finger into her. Her fingers tightened in his hair again. "Rob." The way she sighed his name was intoxicating.

He withdrew, then slowly slid his digit back in. At the same time, he lowered his head, and gently blew a soft breeze over her wetness. Her moan is both surprised, and pleased. He knew this, too, was brand new for her. He slid his finger in and out a few more times, marveling at how tightly she gripped it in her velvety heat.

The slow tenderness of his movements brought her to the edge again. He looked up and told her to go over for him. "I want you to come on my hand, my darling."

The loving command caused her self-control to slip again. The heat swept through her once more as her body went stiff and tense. The tension caused her to shake, then it was like a dam broke. Her muscles went slack as she cried out once again.

Before she was able to catch her breath, his finger sped up inside her, and he told her to come again for him. For the third time, her consciousness dwindled to a tiny point, centered right where his finger glided in and out of her. An orgasm ripped through her again.

When she came down, she discovered that

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