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I slid a draw open, inside were ball gags and leather face masks. Pushing that one closed I opened another inside that were dildos and butt plugs of all shapes and sized, I didn't feel the need to open any of the others, I got the point. On the lower level were two tables Velcro straps and metal rings set into the tables at various distances and angles. As I looked up at the ceiling, set to one side and built into the ceiling itself was a wooden frame with rings imbedded into it set at various angles so a slave could be suspended off the ground.

The whole room was one big play room, down to the sound proofing against all the walls even though her cabin was set so far away from everyone, yes Donna had thought of everything.

Yet still having a nagging doubt, I played a hunch. "You have never used this room have you?"

"No Master. I come here once a week and clean everything in it, kneel in the center of the room, cry for a while and then leave."

I read so much from that statement. This play room was simply a room in waiting. I turned and looked at both girls, Terri was still in awe of the room and her eyes tried so desperately hard to take everything in and stand still, her mouth open in wonder. Donna had her eyes towards the floor, the silence in the room becoming all pervasive now, I watched as her eyes slowly lifted and locked onto mine.

She felt at home here, all this was her creation to service her need as a submissive. Donna's cheeks flushed but she held my stare I could see her clench and un-clench her hands trying to decipher my thoughts. I had seen, felt and played with every part of her body yet standing here in the middle of this one room she had never felt so exposed to me.

"Please Master."

Donna said it so quietly that if I hadn't been watching her lips I don't think I would have known she had said anything. Terri heard Donna's words and her head snapped back to what was happening, the play room and its new found treasures secondary now as her head turned to me, she wanted to move. Her body language screaming at me that she needed to say something.

Slowly she lowered herself to her knees and sat back on her legs resting her hands on her legs, waiting. Seconds later Donna followed her sister's action. I looked at Terri and nodded, relief washed across her face and I believe it would have been one of the few moments her spirit would have risen and she would have spoken, even if I had not agreed to it. Both girls were my pressure valve, when I first looked Terri in the eyes the morning she first came to us and saw her spirit, I knew.

Both girls are unconditionally submissive. It's the spirit in their character that made them unique to me. Terri went to speak and my mind was already playing out what she planed to say.

"Master please, punish me here."

Donna went crimson. She had already been punished over this and knew it was her sister's turn. I had already decided what to do. All I needed now was to catch Donna off balance.

"Donna you don't think I should punish your sister in your little pleasure palace?"

She realized she had been caught out. The slight intake of breath from Terri as she realized that what she had said had been misconstrued merely put the pressure more heavily on Donna.

"You are my Master. What you do to us as punishment for keeping my secret is your choice, I am yours mind, body and soul."

"Your mind, body and soul are mine to do with as I see fit?"

Donna looked at me, I had never seen her eyes as alive as I did that day, and her answer was simply one word. It was just the emphatic way she said.


I was pleased with her answer, although I had manipulated her into it simply because I was about to use Donna's fun room on both of them. It was the punishment I had already given her for lying to me that made me think twice, yet the spirit they both had came to the fore once again.

"Donna, take Terri and both of

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