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The Slave Clearance.

I begin to kiss you thighs, starting at the knee and working down, I move inexorably toward your waiting pussy, I feel your body shivering in expectation as I get closer. I'm an inch away from your wet pussy, your fragrance is driving me wild, but I control my desires, and begin to kiss the other thigh, again starting at the knee, my hands hold your hips, keeping you from sliding off the desk in your excitement.

As I reach your pussy this time, I kiss it, through the silk, you moan and push your hips up at me, mashing the damp silk into my waiting mouth. I push my tongue out, tasting your juices, and sigh in pleasure at their sweetness. You are pushing your pussy hard into my tongue, and your silk thong is starting to slip inside your spreading lips. I kiss the newly exposed flesh, having the satisfaction of feeling you tense as a mini orgasm courses through your body.

I slide my hands over your hips, and gently undo the ties that are holding your panties to you. I pull slowly, and draw my hands down, your thong slides off, almost as if it wanted too, I drop it in a damp heap on the floor, and begin to kiss you again. My tongue darts out, and gently licks your open lips, causing you to shudder, and lift your hips off the desk. I push you back down, and bury my head in your neat bush, as my tongue slides between your swollen pussy lips, tasting the sweet juices. I kiss, nibble and lick my way over the whole of your pussy. The slurping sounds get louder, as I slip my tongue into your waiting hole, as far as I can, licking as deep as possible, burying my face into your pussy.

I push my tongue in and out as fast as I can, using it to fuck you. Your body begins to shake, and I pull my tongue out, and lick all round your slick pussy, my face covered in your tasty juices. I move my tongue, and gently circle your un-hooded clit, tantalising you, feeling your body tense as I get closer to it.

Suddenly I suck your clit and the surrounding flesh into my mouth, and begin to flick my tongue over your sensitive and erect bud. Your body convulses as my tongue touches your clit for the first time, and your hands grab my head, pushing me harder into your groin.

With your clit in my mouth, you grind your pussy lips against my chin, covering me with more of your juices. I lick and suck your clit, my hands holding you as still as they can, ensuring that in the throes of ecstasy, you stay on the desk. Your body arches, and you scream

"That's it babe, I'm cumming, its so good, don't stop"

I keep sucking, feeling my chin get wetter, your whole body convulses, I release your clit, and plant my mouth onto your open pussy, slipping my tongue back in, feeling your juices flow as your orgasm begins.

My right hand moves, and I gently rub a finger over your clit. Your hips lift off the desk, and it's all I can do to keep hold of you, somehow I manage to keep my tongue buried inside you, slurping and drinking all the juices that your orgasm are producing. You scream

"I'm cumming, oh yeah, oh god I'm cumming so hard, don't you dare fucking stop"

As your body reaches the peak, my tongue plunges deeper into your welcoming hole, your juices are running down my face, as I try to drink them all in.

I continue to gently lick and suck your pussy as your body regains its normal rhythm, your hands are still on my head, but now stroking gently and I hear you whisper

"Wow, I wasn't expecting that when I turned up with your food, looks like we both got a surprise"

I lift my head from between your sopping thighs and look you in the eye, smile, and say

"Don't think it's over yet babe, there's plenty of time for more fun, what do you think we should do next?" You look at me your eyes shining, and say

"Well it's your office, I think you should choose."

I smile, and standing up I lean over you, and kiss you hard on the lips, allowing you to taste yourself as your tongue swirls round my open mouth.

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