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Cheryl and her girlfriend.

He told the police but they told him he would have to swear out a warrant and without actually catching Lee with the drugs they couldn't prove Lee was giving them to Liza for sex or if Liza was buying them for herself. They told Tom they would have a chat with him and try to direct him away from Liza, but if she invited him and his friends into the house all they could do was ask them to leave. Tommy could try and get a restraining order but that would take a day or two.

But drugs more than sex was now the reason Liza continued to see Lee. He would always be glad to give her some. He rubbed it on her gums more than once when she was about to suck his cock or when he was fucking her he would put his finger in her mouth and tell her to suck on it. But then she began to snort it without any help from him. She wanted it and needed it. Regardless of how she did it, Lee always made sure Liza had the drug and got high.

Liza wrote in her diary that she was now doing it three times a week and fucking three times a week as well. She would always let Lee and his friends into the house each time they came over. And each time they did, Lee had her suck and fuck him and at least two other men. She kept taking the drug because according to her the sex was much wilder and more satisfying. Liza always wrote how much better sex was after taking the drugs.

It had been over a year now since her first taste of the stuff and now she wrote that she was hooked on it and knew she was hooked on it and couldn't stop! She didn't want to stop and if that meant fucking Lee and his friends to get it then that's what she would do. She wrote, "And I will do it, God help, me even if it costs me Tommy."

Her orgasms took longer and longer to achieve now even with the drug. She needed more and more of it to achieve the high and the orgasms she craved from fucking. But when she did go off the climaxes was unbelievable, in her words. Liza loved it more and more each time she did it and Lee gave her more and more of the drug and the sex until she did whatever he wanted.

She wouldn't be home some nights when Tommy arrived from his work. He would wait up and take her in when a couple of black men rang the doorbell. He never fought with them since there were always three and even when he called the police a few nights they arrested the men. They never found any drugs on them and only Liza was high.

Liza wasn't even trying to cover her drugs or her cheating now. Lee gave her the drugs and she gave him sex. It became more and more pornographic and actually harmful. She wrote on the second to last page of the diary some of the things Lee was making her do before she even got the drugs she need.

She wrote, "Tonight was the most degrading night of my life. Lee made me lick his ass hole as his friends fucked me in my pussy and ass. He actually straddled my face while I was being fucked in both holes. Then after they shot their cum in my body, Lee had me lick both their cocks clean. They made me taste my own shit! Oh God, what have I become? I'm the biggest whore in the world and I can't stop. I know Tommy lives here but he makes me sleep in another bedroom now. He wants nothing to do with me. Each time I come home I plead with him and beg him not to throw me out. He told me the only reason he doesn't is because I'd be on the street selling my body. He cries a lot and Mary is living here almost every night and they sleep together and she holds him and they make love to each other. Mary now provides all those things I use to provide for him. I'm sure they love each other and keep me because they are true friends. But I have this death wise and one day I'm going to end it."

On the last page front she wrote, "I'm sad and know I have lost my husband but when I'm high I don't care, and when I'm hurting for more drugs I don't care either.

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