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Wonderful things happen when you least expect.

After I finished the bathroom I wandered through the apartment trying to find Marie. She was sprawled sexily on the couch. As I studied her from the side I couldn't help but notice her long legs resting on the coffee table. She was leaning over slightly, applying polish to her fingernails while glancing now and then at the television. My eyes followed the trail of her naked gams as they spanned the length from the couch to the table. For a brief instance, I felt a pang of envy for the table, remembering a similar position from the day before. Before I could say anything she looked up and gave me one of her princess smiles.

"If you hurry and finish the rest of the apartment I'll let you do my toenails." She said and wrinkled her cute little nose. She waved one of her bare feet at me as if displaying a present. My eyes were drawn to her lanky legs and I stared at her toes. The gesture made me grow hard inside the confines of my pants. She seemed to notice the slight growth and grinned. Her eyebrows shot up as she acknowledged my arousal.

"You did say you were here to serve." Her look was one of challenge.

Moistening a dry mouth, I rushed through the balance of the chores and when finally finished, hurried to the couch. Marie was sipping a coke and watching some television soap opera. Relaxed yet in control, she didn't even glance at me as she handed me the nail polish. Her hand motioned me to the floor in front of her, shoving the coffee table away with a foot. Like a humble servant, I knelt obediently. Her foot landed on my thigh, resting lightly. As soon as it landed on me I immediately felt the same strange sensation that coursed through me yesterday. Transfixed, mesmerized by the long, lanky, perfect legs, I slowly opened the bottle. Carefully, my eyes reluctantly leaving the sight of her gorgeous gams, I applied the bright red liquid, taking the time to do it right.

It didn't take long before I became enthralled with the process. Totally absorbed in the precious duty, I felt a sense of wanting to be there at her feet, needing to be there.

The phone rang during my delightful chore, interrupting the blissful harmony.

"Hello? Oh hi, Bob." Marie answered sweetly. She ground her foot into my thigh as if emphasizing some point. She pulled the one I was polishing out from my hand and rested it on my shoulder. Puzzled, I looked up at her. Her legs had parted slightly and my eyes drew slowly up them and inevitably searched the blessed juncture, desperately seeking the area where they met, craving the vision that lie between. Her shorts were so brief that the edge of her panties could be discerned. She noticed my lustful, untactful stare and took quick action. Swinging her foot behind my head, Marie forced me down to my hands and knees. From this position I could no longer peek between her legs. Her feet rested comfortably on my back.
With that purposeful action I had become her footstool again! Used as a casual piece of furniture. In some part of my brain it registered what she was doing. She was talking to my rival while I knelt before her as a human footstool. Yet instead of feeling anger, I felt incredibly aroused. For some unknown reason I remained patiently in the obsequious position until she finished the conversation. She must have talked for a long time, yet I stayed motionless, thoughtless, like the piece of furniture I had become, completely contented in the humble position. Finally, she hung up, ending the conversation. None of the discussion had registered to my feeble brain.

"You can finish my toenails now, silly." She giggled as she removed her feet from my back. Torn, I returned to my chore. It felt so good to be used. Patiently, carefully, I decorated the tiny appendages as if they were the most important things in my life. Cherishing the silkiness texture of her beautiful feet, I actually felt their heat on my fingers.

When finished with my duty I held both of her feet in my hands while the polish slowly dried.

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