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Dracula in a haunted house gets his own life force drained.

"Would that be an improvement?!" I thought, wildly. The humiliation of wearing women's lingerie in public was almost too much to handle. The sexy Valentine's Day outfit, resplendent in red, almost looked a dull shade in comparison to my bright red face. Even my ass shone from where the teenager had roughly spanked me.

The walk over the bridge at the start had been only around 400 metres. The return felt more like 4,000 metres. As I pushed ever onwards, one of my followers would occasionally dart forward and whisper something disgusting in my ear. More than a few women had run ahead, and were now filming me as I walked towards them. As much as I tried to cover up my front, I knew in my heart of hearts that there were more women filming me from behind as well. The only faint saving grace was that I was from out of town, and nobody knew my name. Nobody except Jenna, of course.

I gulped again, as the cold night air set my nipples rock hard. The key had to be placed at the bin, I suddenly realised with a flash of terror. Did that mean Jenna was watching me as I did this? Or did it mean she had an agent around, to ensure I didn't cheat? Cheat any more than I already had, at least.

The innuendo and comments on how I looked were supplemented by the occasional bystander giving me another spank on my entirely exposed, naked rear end. One daring woman even reached forward and grabbed my balls, giving them a hard squeeze and causing me to stop momentarily and groan in pain. I pushed on regardless though, my mind focussed entirely on that box at the end of the bridge, where hopefully another more modest outfit awaited me.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours (even though it logically could only have been minutes) I made it across the wide pedestrian bridge. My show was now famous throughout the immediate area, and quite a crowd now surrounded me. The air of excitement at what was to happen next seemed to drag even more people into checking the commotion out.

There it was. The box. I stopped in front of it, my feet already sore from the brief hike in the high heels, my ass ringing from repeated assaults, and my ears flaming with all manner of erotic suggestions.
I looked at my phone for a moment, and then sent a txt to the woman who I now knew controlled me utterly.

"I'm here." I said, surrendering to whatever she had in store, but at least thinking that it couldn't get worse.

"Good." came the response, mercifully quickly. "Strip naked. Give everything you're wearing, except for your shoes, to any woman who will take it."

I groaned audibly, and the group of teenagers who had followed me across loudly demanded to know what the txt message said.

A final message arrived, to seal my fate.

"Once you are naked, use the second padlock key to reveal the clothes you can use to get back to your hotel. Send me a selfie when you are appropriately dressed. Further instructions will follow."

With that, the message ended, and I just stood there like a statue.

This night couldn't get worse, I thought.

I shut my eyes tight, and slipped out of the teddy in one smooth motion. A cheer erupted around me, and I responded by trying to squeeze my eyes even more tightly. Helplessly holding out what little bit of humiliating clothing had previously stopped me from being utterly nude, I felt the thin material of the teddy torn from my grasp.

I opened my eyes, and one of the eighteen year olds was holding the teddy aloft like a trophy. She waved it around like a flag, and some part of me that was totally switched off from the complete and total embarrassment that was busily consuming me, wondered if it would attract even more bystanders, like a red rag to a bull.

I held the second padlock key in my hands, and I reached down to the box praying for salvation in it's contents.

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