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It's easy and it's fun! (Well, not so easy...)

All these young girls who he was meant to be in charge of. Oh no, this was too much, why did I get myself down this rabbit hole?!

But there was no turning back, to the delight and cheers of "OFF! OFF! OFF!" from the young audience, Tamika and Harriet went about undressing him in a very matter-of-fact way. Howls of laughter broke out as the proud man's trousers were yanked down and he stumbled to step out of them.

Before he could pluck up the courage to resist, Leo was standing in front of the baying mob in his little cotton briefs. The overweight and ageing Chancellor was now a pathetic-looking figure. All the authority of his lofty position had stripped away from him. To these students, he was now a sad joke. Katrina stepped forward, giving him one more manipulating look of sweet conquest, and pulled them all the way down to his ankles.

Leo did not look at anything but kept his eyes fixed with enchanting Katrina's. The seductress had in one evening stripped him down to an embarrassment in front of the students. His little hard stubby erection bedding in a thick bush of greying hair drew a tittering of laughter and derision from the girls in the audience. The youthful men sniggered at the shameful sight.

Sporting a proud smile, Katrina pointed towards her shoe. Leo knew what to do. Meekly getting down on all fours, he leaned in and gently placed a kiss on the jewel-encrusting high heel. At that point, he knew there was no turning back, he must serve and obey Katrina, and hope she would be merciful in leaving him with a career intact.

Another heel stamped down next to his head causing instant fear, it was Tamika's. "Come on white boy!" Leo passionately placed a series of kisses on the leopard-skin high heel, desperate not to incur the wrath of the ebony goddess. Kicked sharply in the ass by Harriet, he was commanded to see to her little shoes. The latter was the only one for which he felt resentment. The smug look of the 1st year girl gave Leo a lingering pain of angst. She would be very influential woman one day. But already, at 18, this girl possessed more power than the now quivering Leo, as he sullenly kissed her scruffy shoe, struggling to accept this new reversal.

Though part of him did feel guilty for previously dismissing her for not being attractive. He risked glancing up at her to see her youthful face and wide penetrating eyes glowering down at him. His cock twitched in excitement as he planted hard kisses upon her shoe once more.

"More!" She demanded in a petulant voice. Leo obliged, fully understanding that this 18 year old girl as good as owned him. He pathetically yearned for a crumb of approval from her, though she remained disdainful towards this broken man. He was now desperate for her approval; "Anything Miss Harriet, anything you want!"

Tamika interrupted, grabbing him by the ear and dragging him, so he had to crawl to keep up. He was told to now introduce himself to the other female members of the CFNM Society. As he made to get up a heel bore down on his back, pushing him once more onto his hands and knees.

Tamika instructed him in a mock tone, "You will crawl for the rest of the evening, 'Chancellor.'"

Feeling truly embarrassed that his little penis was still hard and proof that it actually enjoyed the humiliation, he sighed and crawled one by one to each pair of feminine shoes and dutifully planted a kiss on each. Each pair belonging to a young college girl whom just a few hours ago Leo had assumed authority over. His ass often being slapped as he went by, a snide comment on his small dick size got a huge laugh while another threatened to lock it away in a chastity tube for the rest of term.

A new pair presented themselves before the crawling man. These were black with a red sole. They weren't? He knew this pair, it can't be, not her, not here...he looked up - it was! Oh please no!

Standing authoritivley above him, hands on hips and wearing a broad 'gotcha' grin, was Ester Lindgren, his Vice-Chancellor.

Leo searched his mind for an explanation.

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