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He has an encounter with a waitress.


"Right back at you." Scott said kissing her nose.

"How do you feel?" Jim asked from the sofa. He got up and limped over to where the men were standing.

Jessica paused to consider her body. It felt blissfully tired.

"Great." Jessica said, "Very relaxed."

"You should get cleaned up. Do you want to soak in the tub?" Jim asked.

"Is there time?" Jessica asked looking around at the men.

"We'll make time." Scott said. "You deserve it."

"So, today is my day with Jessica." Jim said. "I'd like to call tonight a friend night and take Jessica out. That alright with you guys?"

There was a moment of silence. Jessica looked so excited that even if they'd wanted to argue, the men felt compelled not to.

"Yeah that's fine." Scott said, "I'll do the same on my next day with Jess." He looked at Angus and Riley who seemed the most hesitant. "Think about what you can get out of it."

Angus and Riley looked back at him with blank expressions.

"We can go on real dates!" Jessica said with excitement. She sat up, barely noticing that the blanket fell, exposing her breasts. She put a hand on Riley's cheek. "We can go out for dinner, to movies ... dog shows! Race tracks!" She added with enthusiasm, looking up at Angus.

"You really want to go to dog shows and race tracks?" Riley asked.

"Yup!" Jessica said bouncing with enthusiasm, her jiggling breast momentarily distracting the men.

"We better get moving." Scott said, shaking his head, "Or we'll be fucking around all day. Here's your housecoat." Scott said holding the silk wrap that he'd bought Jessica out to her. "Let's eat, and while you're washing up we can get the chores done. Then if you're up to it, we can work out before heading to the pool hall."

"Jess, I think you better declare this friend time." Jim added watching the expression on the men's faces, "or we'll never get anywhere."

"Okay." Jessica said, standing, "I'd like today to be friend time."

"You couldn't have said that before you stood up completely naked?" Angus grumbled.

Jessica looked down at herself, at the men staring at her private areas, and grabbed the housecoat from Scott.

"Sorry." She said, wrapping the housecoat around herself.

"So it's friend time all day?" Riley asked disappointment evident in his tone.

"Guys, we had hours of sex. There's no reason why you can't keep it in your pants for one fucking day." Jim said.

"Come have breakfast Jess." Scott said, taking her by the elbow and steering her to the kitchen. "The sooner we get out and do stuff, the easier it will be. And I suggest that you wear something baggy today. Really baggy."

Half an hour later Angus, Riley, Scott and Josh had eaten quickly and disappeared outside. Jessica and Jim finished more slowly, and cleaned up the kitchen and not long after Jessica was running a bath when Jim came in to use the toilet. Jessica was just about to pour bubble bath in to the tub when she realized that Jim would benefit from soaking in the bath as well. He wasn't so crazy about bubble bath.

"Do you want to join me?" Jessica asked as he dried his hands.

Jim eyed the tub. A soak in hot water was more than enticing.

"Don't you want to bath alone?"

"Not right now."

Jim looked at the bathroom door.

"I don't think the guys would appreciate that too much."

"Well, it is our day together. And it's friend time."

"They'd never believe that we just had friend time." Jim said.

"We could leave the door open. If they finish chores early they'd see that we're not doing anything."

"And so you'd have a friend bath with one of the other guys?" Jim asked. "I didn't think so." Jim said when Jessica didn't answer right away.
"Well, I would. But I'm not sure they could have a friend bath."

Jim nodded. He looked at the door again.

"What the hell." He said going to the bathroom door and opening it. "That's what the oath is for right? Working through things like this?"

Jessica put the bubble bath away without adding any to the water and climbed in.

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