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Her spell leads for an interesting night.

His muscles on his core were not as lean and clearly cut as I remembered James' and I found myself thankful for that difference. The difference in their body types did not stop my hand from trembling when I reached out for Mike, and allowed for my fingertips to begin to explore his chest. Mike let loose a deep sigh, but he held his position to give my hands full access to his skin.

"Do you like the look of my breasts, Mike?" I teased him, catching him staring hard at my chest.

He nodded with a warm smile. "I most certainly do."

I felt myself blush while I fought with the words trying to force their way from my mouth. "Then play with them." I shrugged, trying not to sound as frightened as I was to have an almost complete stranger, actually touch my breasts.

Mike turned his glance to stare into my eyes. "Is that an open invitation to do whatever I would like to them?" Mike smirked. "Or do you have something more specific in mind?"

"An open invitation," I answered with a shaky voice, "touch them, kiss them...lick them." I choked out the last command, and immediately felt ashamed of how embarrassing it was to hear myself say the words.

Mike, undoubtedly noticed my embarrassment, and mocked me for it. "May I suck them," he moaned lightly, his eyes alight with his own amusement while he smiled, and I nodded, "and may I bite them?" Mike growled playfully. My mouth fell open, and my lower jaw trembled while I stared wide-eyed at the man standing before me; never had James and I engaged in anything other than loving, tender sex. With a devious grin, Mike leaned closer to me, and kissed my quivering lower lip. "I need an answer, ma'am," he gloated, "tonight's for you; I won't do anything you don't want me to, but I need to be told first."

I shook my head. "I've never..." I began to whisper, but cut myself off, feeling even more foolish as Mike softened the expression on his face into a warmer, more loving smile.

"Then, may I demonstrate so that you know for sure the next time you're asked?" The idea that I would have to do this all over again, with someone new, almost crushed my will to continue. I felt my eyes sting a bit while I considered that this was just the start of my being reintroducing into the world of dating, and feeling slightly numb, I nodded. "Kayla?" Mike breathed lightly, forcing my attention to refocus on his eyes. Mike slipped a hand to the side of my face, and kissed me softly. "You are so incredibly beautiful."

I sighed as his compliment allowed for a small smile to return to my lips. I forced all of the negative thoughts from my mind and focused completely on Mike, feeling him slowly kiss his way back down the side of my neck, and across my collarbone. I gasped when I felt Mike's hand touch my side, but I began to relax when he smirked to himself over my nervous reaction. Before I could relax completely, I felt Mike's warm, slick tongue flick across one of my nipples.

Groaning deeply, I wrapped one of my arms across his back and caught myself against the counter with the other. Mike wrapped his arms around me to hold me in place while he sucked the nipple into his mouth, gently at first, and then more forcefully until my hips slid forward on the counter towards him while I moaned. I looked down to watch him, and was slightly amazed to see Mike's peaceful face, completely content while he worked. Mike pulled me even closer to him, released my nipple from his mouth, and then gently brushed his lips against the erect nipple. He looked up to my face, smiled to himself when he knew for sure that I was watching, and then replaced his lips with his teeth. Mike was very graceful, and gently bit and pulled at my nipple with precision care to not actually cause me any pain. Heat rose in my cheeks while I wrestled with the knowledge that this new-to-me move, was incredibly arousing, and was making me even more desperate for Mike.

"So," Mike gave my nipple another flick of his tongue, and then paused, "was all of that acceptable?" I nodded my head vigorously, and Mike chuckled to himself.

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