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Then quietly continue riding her until I am totally spent.

Empty, I kiss and cuddle her while I regain my strength and feel ready to use her again.

Then I change my mind and decide to eat some of the food Mrs Brown has prepared before taking my gift to bed for a longer, more leisurely fuck.


Chapter Two

Eyes closed I drift in and out of sleep, vaguely aware of a warm, pleasurable feeling surrounding my cock.

'Daddy?' The voice is soft. Almost a little girl's voice.

'You awake, Daddy?'

I'm too comfortable to respond.

Soft fingertips gently caress my cheek then float down my neck. The wet warmth leaves my cock. Soft lips press against my chest. Hair tickles my skin.

'Stop playing, Daddy,' the voice whispers, 'I know you're awake.'

Hands run lightly down my body. I gasp, unable to stop myself, when they fondle my cock and balls in the way a man loves.

Ever so slowly, I open my eyes to a room flooded with that shadow less white light that comes when the land lies smothered beneath a layer of snow.

She giggles. Her hair once more pulled back in two braids, the naked, teasing imp is pretending to be in desperate need of a good humping.

'Haven't I given you enough?' I murmur. 'Even with a Viagra boost there's a limit to a man's endurance.'

'Stop whingeing, Daddy. You know you need your favorite pussy. Anyway, I'm going to be collected very soon. You can manage to take me one last time.'

'Jesus, Tit-ania, you're the insatiable one,' I feign a groan.

'It's what you asked for, Daddy.' Her hand slides up and down my solid shaft.

My toes start to tingle and my head falls back onto the cushions.

'I think my Daddy needs to have some help,' she declares, straddling my hips.

I try to sit up, but with one hand on my chest she pushes me back, while her other hand finds my morning woody and guides it to her wet labia.

'That's what my big Daddy wants in the morning,' she says.

'And how did you know?'

'A dutiful daughter always knows.'

'And is this what she likes?' I reach for her sweet little puppies, caressing them until she whimpers with desire.

Dropping her hips she takes me deep inside, bringing a tingle to my toes. I can hear the blood rushing through my veins.

Leaned her head back and grunting with enthusiasm she stretches her arms above her head, straightening her body so she can ride me harder.
We are getting close. My fingers turn into claws clutching, squeezing, bruising her small, soft mounds

She shivers. 'Oh! Daddy!'

Moaning, she thrusts down one last time and I feel her cunny fill with the warmth of my seed.

'That was soooooo good, Daddy,' she purrs.

'And this Daddy loved it,' I say.

I can still hear my heart pounding. We hold each other, neither moving, until my flaccid cock slips out.

Sliding from under the covers I stumble to the window.

Sometime in the night the clouds have rolled away and left a landscape of drifts, as smooth and bare as the pussy waiting in my bed. Nothing stirs out there save a lonely gull. Even the main road at the bottom of the hill is deserted.

My mind drifts. The two adjoining cottages that make up our small hilltop community are empty for the holiday - Paul and Sonia Holloway to the right having elected to visit a son in Australia, while I understand the newly qualified young teacher who has recently moved into the left-hand cottage is spending a few days with her clergyman father.

I glance back at my simulated daughter sprawling naked, face down, only half-covered by the duvet. Just as well I'd fitted the triple glazing and extra insulation; outside it might be cold enough outside to freeze the balls off a brass monkey - thank the lord for central heating and log fires - but here, bolstered by the Viagra, mine are raring to perform for the sixth, or is it seventh time since yesterday afternoon. Pity I only booked her for the one night.

I imagine myself marooned for days . . . with, thankfully, Tit-ania to keep me satisfied.

The ring of the 'phone jerks me from my reverie.

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