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Boyd takes a liking to Ava's new friend.

Sam squeezed them and sucked on her nipples. Nancy fumbled to undo his belt and a collective gasp escaped the girls' mouths, as their mother pulled back Sam's waistband. His cock was thick and harder than ever. Nancy could feel heat radiating from it.

Sam kissed and gently bit into the side of her neck. Nancy stole a glance in her daughters' direction and locked eyes with them. She smiled at them and turned Sam towards them so that they could see her hand stroking his meaty cock. All three girls gulped in unison as she squeezed the angry snake in her hand. It was long, thick and more potent than ever, with a bit of precum already oozing out of it's tip.

After a few strokes, Nancy knelt down and took Sam into her mouth. He grunted in pleasure as his mother's warm mouth enveloped him. She swallowed him whole and throated him lovingly. She then pulled it out of her hungry mouth and ran her tongue up and down it's length. She loved feeling every single groove and curve of his veiny manhood. The musky aroma was intoxicating and it made her want to kiss and caress his swollen balls even more. The girls looked on as their mother lost herself with Sam.

Rachel, unable to cope with the sultry scene, pulled off her shirt causing her bare breasts to jiggle free.. Before long all three girls were topless and running their hands between their legs.

Nancy smiled at them with her eyes. It made her horny watching the three light colored panties turn darker and darker as they dampened . She pushed herself to swallow Sam all over again. A part of her wanted to educate her daughters. To show them how an experienced woman sucked cock. Another part however, wanted to remind them that she was and always would be the primary owner of Sam's love and attention. Although she could claim that she had been the first to take his seed and born him a child, it was the fact that she had given birth to him that gave her sole ownership of his heavenly manhood. In other words, she didn't mind sharing... as long as she went first.

Slurping and gagging sounds permeated the small trailer. At one point Sam grabbed a handful of his mother's hair and practically faced fucked her against the kitchen cabinet. The drawers could be heard rattling as Sam held his mother's head and forced fed her his cock. The twins were a little taken aback but Rachel and Nancy knew all too well how Sam sometimes liked to have fun with their mouths. Finally after about 10 mins of slobbering and gagging, Nancy pulled away from him. Her eyes were watery and hair was a mess but she beamed proudly at her handy work. Sam's cock was glistening in her hand. It was primed, throbbing and ready for deep pussy penetration.

Sam helped his mother up and laid her down on the empty bed. The girls watched intently as Sam spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Sam entered his mother easily and smoothly. He slowly began running his hot rod in and out of her. After a few strokes Sam remembered they had an audience and decided to give them a better view. He scooted his mother further up on the bed and climbed on top of her. The girls now had a clear view of their mother's mature pussy being invaded by Sam's girthy man meat.

"Oh sweeeet mother of God!" she cried out as Sam sunk into her once again, filling her like only he could.

The young stud's ass flexed and pumped away above his mother's soft luscious body. Ali couldn't take it anymore and pulled her panties to the side and began fingering her pussy hungrily. Rachel was sitting beside and found herself compelled to feel her sister's pussy. Ali gasped in surprise as she felt her sister's hand on her throbbing clit but was soon lost to the tingling sensation coursing through her body. She had never had another girl play with her sexually, let alone her sister.

Meanwhile the slapping sounds of mother and son flesh echoed lewdly throughout the small trailer.

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