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An accountant presents a reasonable deal to his secretary...

Sheila also asked me not to masturbate either. She wanted me to be like a raging horny bull when her mother arrived.

Sylvia laughed with glee at the idea and said, "This is going to be fun."

Then still laughing, she looked at me and said, "Michael, I love you but I am going tease you without mercy for the next three days. I can hardly wait until Nana tells us how hard and deep you fucked her and how it felt when you stuffed your massive cock inside her and filled her aching cunt with your boiling cum. I want you to give her everything she needs. Take her hot steaming pussy, ream her tight little asshole and shove your cock down her throat until she gags."

Sheila laughed with her and told Sylvia she had better stop talking like that or they would both end up in bed with me at the same time.

"It's funny, Mom, but I have actually thought that perhaps we could do that. I'd really like for us to give Michael a double blowjob and God how I have dreamed of watching him fuck you while he was eating my pussy and vice versa. I still can't believe I have changed from a basically innocent schoolgirl into a cock hungry cum slut in only a month. Now, I would even like to watch as Michael fucks Nana as if she is a whore and shoot his hot cream deep into her cum starved pussy."

"Oh! Michael, please make her shave her pubes if she doesn't already do so. That would be sooooo HOT!" Sylvia said with obvious joy before walking over to kiss me and firmly stroke my already hard cock which felt as if it was about to burst through my jeans.

Then she added, "Just imagined having all three of us lined up on the edge of the beds on our knees with our asses bared and you going from one of us to the next for as long as you could. God, that makes my pussy ache to just think about it."

"It appears that both of you are relishing at my agony over having to wait three days for release but I promise for I will wait for Delilah without even masturbating. I want to give Delilah a full load of my cum and even though I am sure I will cum quite quickly the first time but before she leaves I want her to feel my surging rod pillaging her eager cunt, her hot mouth and her fiery ass." I told them.

"Don't worry, we'll do everything we can to help you," they replied almost in unison.

During the next three days, both Sheila and Sylvia were relentless to the point of being almost brutal in their efforts to keep me constantly hard, horny and ready for Delilah.

I am sure the three of them must have talked on the phone every day because Delilah called me at least once each day which kept me at a fever pitch. Of course, I did the same thing to her by talking her through at least one phone sex orgasm and usually two or three each day. By the time the third day rolled around, both Delilah and I were ready to fuck anything that moved. I was ready to fuck a snake in a bush if I could find someone to hold its mouth open and I was certain she was ready to fuck and suck the first hard cock she could find but I was also sure she waited just as I did.

About an hour before Delilah arrived, she called to let us know she would be here soon and she said she had absolutely NO desire for small talk or niceties, she was HORNY and all she wanted was to be FUCKED LONG, HARD, DEEP and OFTEN! Her sentiments were a perfect match to my own. By that point, I was ready to fuck a "bag lady" on the street but I was actually expecting Delilah to show up looking like a more like a Greek goddess who actually wanted nothing more or less than to be fucked and used like a whore and a slut.

The girls, Sheila and Sylvia, wouldn't let me meet Delilah at the car or even in the living room. They had me strip off my clothes and wait on the bed in the play room. They told me the wanted to present me with my PRIZE and "present" her they did.

When Delilah walked through the door of the room, I almost swooned. Looking at her, I knew that Sheila must have coached her on what to wear for me. She looked as if she was a virgin princess.

She had on

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