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A good friend's erotic adventures.

"Guess I need to pay more attention."

Thankfully, her facial expression softened upon looking at me. We both just looked at each other for a few seconds, her sizing me up.

"Well, shit happens I guess," the girl laughed. "Speaking about shit, how about this party?!"
Her language wasn't necessarily lady like, but I didn't really care. "Yeah, I've been here for awhile. The beer tastes fucking gross."

The girl grinned. "That's why I smuggled this in," she said, pulling out what looked like a water bottle. There was no doubt that wasn't water though. I happened to have an empty solo cup in my hand, and she filled it with the liquid. "Just vodka and lemonade," she explained.

"Anything is better than what they got here," I chuckled, taking a sip and felt satisfied with the drink. "Grey goose?"

"Yep, about the only vodka I really like," the girl acknowledged proudly. "Hawkeye tastes like piss and UV gets old really fast ya know?"

"I'll drink to that," I agreed, toasting her bottle with my cup.

"I'm Ellie, nice to meet you," she introduced herself. "And before you ask me, yes I am a college student, not a 1st grader."

"I'm Adam," I said. "And I'm glad you're not a 1st grader, otherwise I'd think you're the hottest elementary kid I've ever seen."

"Then you'd have to go to jail," Ellie joked back.

"I'd really like not to go to jail," I told Ellie. "I'd probably be someone's prison bitch, or something."

Ellie shrugged playfully. "We'll you are a bit too cute for prison guys to NOT want to put their dicks up your scrawny ass. Maybe in your mouth too."

This Ellie chick was my kind of girl; perverted, funny, and attractive. "I swear you just called me cute," I teased.

"And you called me hot just a few seconds ago," Ellie winked at me. "So, planning on staying awhile?"

I couldn't help but give Ellie another look from top to bottom. She wore a low cut dark blue shirt, revealing a decent pair of breasts for her size. The jeans she had on possessed large hems, covering up all but the tips of her unpainted toes.

Ellie noticed too. "Like what you see?"

"I think I'd like what I can't see even more," I took a risky shot. If this didn't work out, I'd have to run for the hills, fast.

Fortunately, I was right about her humor, and she laughed her pretty little ass of. "You're such a perv!" she lightly punched me on the shoulder. "Buuut, I guess I did sorta imagine what you look like without a shirt on."

"And?" I raised a curious eyebrow.

"Well, there's definitely not a six-pack under there," Ellie quipped.

We both laughed this time. Like with Kelsi at that party a month ago, I finally found someone to actually talk with late into the party. Ellie shared her drink with me, as I skipped out on the beer. It didn't take long for us to be completely comfortable talking to each other and finding out about one another.

Turns out that Ellie was a nineteen year old sophomore studying Literature, hoping to one day write graphic novels. Anime and fantasy stuff were her favorites. Considering how much I loved Game of Thrones, Ellie felt like a snug fit to me.

But I hadn't forgotten about Kelsi. She had gone over to talk with Jordan and his friends, yet was very intrigued by Ellie when they were introduced. I swear a bit of jealousy showed in her eyes. After that, we went our separate ways for the rest of the night. Ellie and I continued to talk without any loss of interest, played a few games of beer pong (she was a dead-eye) and got closer and closer physically as the night went on.

By 3 a.m., the party died out and people were passing out in random spots all over the house. Ellie and I found a quiet corner to make out privately. She slowly straddled me as I sat on the carpet, wrestling her tongue against mine in her mouth. How things could go from mundane to exhilarating in a matter of hours was beyond me, so I simply enjoyed it.

Ellie was a terrific kisser, using a lot more tongue than most girls dared to.

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