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Aren't showers supposed to make you clean?

Her D cup breasts were there for me to play with and she didn't mind. I squeezed and pinched her nipples through the shirt and low moans started to escape her mouth. I whispered in her ear to be quiet. She turned her head and kissed me.

I moved my hands under her shirt and down her little booty shorts that she was wearing to go to bed that night and yet another pleasant surprise, she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"No bro and no underwear, its like you wanted me to fuck you tonight." I whispered in her ear.

"You know me all too well baby." She said back to me.

With that I needed no further instruction. I slipped a finger into her wet pussy in order to loosen her up a little bit. She always had a tight pussy ever since we first messed around. It would wrap around my dick when we fucked. She was gushing now, we would look over at her dad who would snore and stir, but not enough to get us to stop.

"Fuck, babe I'm going to cum, don't stop." She moaned. I pulled my finger out and started rubbing her clit as fast as I could and I had to cover her mouth with my other hand as her first orgasm of the night erupted and sent her body into a full spasm and she almost yelled.

With the blanket still over us, we heard her dad talk.

"How's the movie so far? I must have dozed off." He said.

"O the movies great daddy, really exciting." She said. She positioned herself enough to pull my dick out of the pajamas I was wearing, luckily, I didn't wear underwear either, giving her one less layer to battle. I cock was semi erect at about 6 inches now and she started to stroke my cock under the blankets.

"That's great honey, I am glad you two are enjoying it." He dozed off again in a minute.

"You are such a tease Becca." I said, my cock now a raging 8 inches, rock hard.

"Well he is asleep again, lets see if I can take care of you big boy." As she said that, her head slid under the blankets and I suddenly felt her mouth wrap around the tip of my cock. She was pumping and sucking and it was a turn on with her dad a chair over, sleeping. She was making loud slurping sounds, so I pulled the blankets away to tell her to shut it, but when I did that, she made eye contact with me and took all 8 inches down her throat.

"Fuck," was all I could say. She pulled her head off my cock and coughed a little. She sat with her back to me; the blankets completely off of us now, and her pants were off too. She started to rub her bare ass on my cock and it was driving me crazy.

"You going to fuck me now baby?" She asked me.

Her dad was right there, I knew for a fact she wasn't going to be able to keep quiet, but I was thinking with my cock not my brain. I pulled her up so that her back was still on my chest, but her pussy was rubbing on my rock hard cock. We heard her dad snore again and knew that he was out cold. Nothing would wake him. I grabbed my cock, rubbed her pussy a little bit and then slid slowly inside her, letting her get used to my girth. A little squeal left her mouth as I slid all 8 inches of my cock inside of her. I started to pump faster and fasters. I even pulled her shirt up to expose her tits to hear them flap as I fuck her harder and harder. She was moaning and trying to keep quiet by biting her lower lip but it wasn't helping. She then stopped and said, "I have an idea." She had a sly smile; the look that I have come to learn was a "I have a stupid plan" kind of look. She got up and went over to a little foot rest that was being unused at the foot of her fathers chair, and she bent over hit, with her ass in the air and her pussy exposed to me. She gave it a little wave and spread her ass open with her hands. I almost jumped out of the couch, and walked up behind Becca. I gave her ass a light tap with my cock before sliding it into her wet pussy again. I was now fucking this mans daughter, doggy style over a footrest right in front of him. He snored a little and moved around in his chair. We froze.

We didn't expect him to wake up, but with my dick buried deep inside his daughter, I didn't k

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