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Jennifer on her way back home.

While there was no more pain there was also very little pleasure. She got about as much enjoyment from the penetration of her vagina as she did from her ass. She knew if he rubbed her clitoris as he fucked her she would climax, but she didn't want to come that way. She was positive it would only be a matter of time before she came solely from the thrusting of his cock, just like in the movies she saw, the books she read, and the experiences her girlfriends shared with her.

She wondered if she was built wrong and that Miguel deserved a real woman.

It wasn't a totally rocky summer.

Jean decided it was time to reciprocate. On the family couch after Miguel had petted her to orgasm she let her hand drop to his lap. She pretended to not know what she was doing. She wanted Miguel to keep believing she was inexperienced. She did an excellent job deceiving him, tickling him, tearing up when he giggled, getting him to apologize for being so insensitive, pleading with her to not give up, and finally offering to show her how.

He placed her hand on his cock. She began to rub his pants covered lump. He stopped her telling to be gentler. She did. He swore she was a natural at masturbating him. Within minutes as they kissed his body stiffened, he groaned into her mouth, and coated his briefs with cum.

It was another month before Jean unbuckled Miguel's pants and with her fingers wrapped around his underwear covered penis and jack him. Two weeks later Jean pulled his underwear down and for the first time ever her flesh made contact with his. He came in less than a minute. Jean watched in awe as his semen shot out of his cock and landed on his belly. It took a half dozen tissues to wipe up his ejaculate.

While he thrilled having her pump his manhood he noticed she lost interest if he took too long to cum. In a hotel room he ate Jean to climax. She was fertile and insisted on putting her panties back on before pulling his underwear off. She began to give him a hand job. Ten minutes later he hadn't cum and it didn't look as if he was going to anytime soon.

Jean looked frustrated and her arm was tiring. She was determined to make him cum, but her strength was flagging. Miguel asked her if she wanted him to help.

She didn't hesitate, "Yes, that would be great."

He moved his hand down down and she moved hers away. He masturbated, her hand resting on top of his as he stroked himself to orgasm.

His ejaculate covered his belly. She looked down and commented on its appearance, thick in some areas, runny in others, off white in color. She dipped her fingers in it and commented on its consistency, like egg yolk only warmer.

She looked at him. She sounded excited when she asked, "Miguel, remember when you tasted yourself that night? Would you do it again for me?"

It was he thought a hell of a request, but he couldn't turn her down.

She dipped her fingers in it and scooped up a large amount. She put them in front of my mouth and said, "Please, for me."

He licked her fingers clean. She went back for more. He licked them clean. With only a tiny bit left she mopped it up with her fingers and brought them to her mouth. She licked her fingers clean telling him as she did the taste was gross. She also told him if she ever did give him a blow job he had better not cum in her mouth.

They rarely went to a motel as he was saving for school. They instead returned to their favorite make out spot and after he had eaten her three or four times she would offer him a hand job. After three or four minutes of stroking him she would take his hand and place it on his cock. It was her way of letting him know to take over. She might keep her hand on top of his but more often than not she watched him masturbate. She would have a handful of tissues ready and when he told her he was about to cum she would place them to catch his seed.

He enjoyed putting on his show for her and it certainly resumed the flow of her juices.

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