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Sofia's new disturbing dream, Tim seeks help.

"Now you listen to me! Nobody can hear your screams, especially with it storming outside. You WILL do what I say, or you'll get the painful pleasure you've so longed for, in the worst way. Defy me, and you'll feel my wrath. I know your type. You long to be roughed up and punished. Look at you, crying those crocodile tears......" He moved closer, as she eyed his lips that were moving about through the mask. He inspected her face, tears running down her dirty cheeks. It was a cute face, nonetheless. Her lips trembled as he ran his hand down her cheek. He moved behind her, observing her backside, also browned from the dirty water she'd fallen into during her attempted escape. The split that separated the luscious, round cheeks of her behind was prominent through her wet, pink panties. He was curious to see it in person. He moved his hand into her panties, as she shuttered at the feel of his cold hand pulling them down. It revealed a nice, smooth ass that guaranteed a jiggle with each movement. Now it was stinging and red, with a flesh-colored circle in the middle, untouched by the hole in the paddle.

"Mmmm, nice," he moaned into her ear. "What's your name?"

She looked at him. 'The nerve of this character. He rips me out of my romantic evening at home, fondles and violates me, NOW he wants to know my name? Bastard,' she thought to herself. "Jessica," she replied hesitantly. All the while, he admired her 135 pound, 5 foot 2 inch body. It was nice. Her tits still poked through the dirty white shirt, nipples staring straight ahead. He liked her stomach. It wasn't flat; slightly pudgy. Her legs were thick and smooth. He admired a short woman with meat on her bones. He walked over to her and grabbed her erect nipple and began rolling it between his fingers. She gasped at the sensation, pulling at the chain cuffs that bound her.

"You like being spanked don't you?" he said into her ear.

"Fuck you, you bastard," she replied.

He reached behind her with the paddle and gave her another hard swat, while simultaneously increasing pressure on the nipple. She yelped aloud in pain, still pulling the chains in vain. "Again, you like being spanked, don't you Jessie?"

"God dammit! Why are you doing this?"

"You're making this harder than it needs to be!" He gave her another hard swat, now adding maximum pressure to her nipple.

"YES! YES! I love being spanked!" she cried, her pleas falling on deaf ears. He released his grip and stepped back, again, staring her body down.

"That's what happens when you defy my requests," he said in an authoritative tone. She stood there panting, her ass stinging all the more. She could feel the redness darkening on her ass cheeks. Her nipple was throbbing. But the painful sensations created a new wetness in her cunt. In the deep crevices of her mind, she enjoyed the pain, although delivered by a stranger. But it wouldn't be something she'd admit verbally. He moved back over to her, grabbed her sore nipple and began whispering in her ear. "He fucks you good doesn't he? He rams you, ravishes you. That short, thick little body takes every inch doesn't it? Doesn't it? She didn't answer, prompting him to squeeze harder on the nipple.

"Yes!" she whined.

"His tongue is deadly, isn't it? I flicks that vulnerable, helpless clit, and it just takes it and takes it. You try to get away from it, but he pulls you back and keeps lapping. You lay there like a violated child, only you invite him for more. Your pussy is dripping right now thinking about it, isn't it? Isn't it!" Her failure to respond quickly warranted another swat from the paddle.

"Ye-yes," she whispered, another tear running down her besmirched face. He reached into his pocket, bringing out a clamp. He placed the clamp on her supersensitive nipple and moved his hand down to her sore clit and started to rub furiously. She braced herself, as the rubs were harsh and painful, but stimulating. She began pulling once again at the chains.

"Yeah, that's right, struggle to get away, just like you do with Steve.

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