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Angela practices topping from the bottom.

She grabs a piece from the cardboard and while sticking her breasts out towards Reggie and swooshing her hair back behind her head takes a bite as sauce drips down onto one of her hard nipples. She sets the piece down and makes an opps. gesture as she stares at Reggie who gets up on his knees in front of her.

Reggie: Need a hand...or maybe a tongue...

He slides his tongue up from the bottom of her breast over the nipple pulling his tongue back to not make contact with the hard pink bud and then back down onto the pizza sauce. He swirls his tongue in a circle with his hard wet tongue licking all over her chest and slowly tantalizingly licking all the sauce up as she starts to moan and trace a finger over her wet pussy lips and swollen clit. He moves his lips over her hardened nipple sucking on it ever so gently and letting his tongue snake out and flick the ever-growing pink nipple. He slides his hands up her sides and brings her naked body down onto his and wraps his arms around her back caressing her ass as they embrace in a very passionate kiss with there tongues entangled in and out of there mouths. He rolls her over onto her back and slides down between her legs breathing heavily on her clit and slides a finger in and out of her slowly and deliberately making her all wet before he slides up to kiss her firm on the lips as she spreads her legs a bit. She leans into his ear and whispers

Beth: I want you to make love to me...

Reggie nods his head and reaches out to her hips as she wraps her legs around him and he gently guides his cock into her a little bit at a time as her face swirls with pleasure and pain, as she isn't used to the size. She lets out little whimpers and moans as he slides further in until he can't go any further...he looks down at her and kisses her, before whispering in her ear.

Reggie: Are you ok hun? Do you want me to keep going?

She nods her head up and down as soon as he finishes talking and with a quick push slides through as her she lets out a scream of pain changing into pure pleasure as he starts slowly gently gliding in and out of her now more easily. He moves his hips in and out as he wraps his hands around her hips rocking with her in a single united motion with her face in sheer pleasure as they begin moving faster and faster together and she runs her fingers up his sweaty hot back. There lips and tongues dart up and down towards each other as they move together his big 8 inch cock sliding in all the way and then back out till just the tip of the head is left inside. He drives in further with each stroke as she tries thrusting her hips down to get further and further penetration. They both are moaning with Beth's moans getting louder and louder as Reggie keeps moving in and out and in and out all the way in and all the way out. He feels her walls begin to contract as she lets out little yelps and her breathing gets heavier and heavier as she runs her hands up and down his back pulling him into her.

She slows her motions and moves so that she is on top of him with a knee on either side of his waist and is bouncing slowly up and down over his hard cock as she feels it slide in and out of her. Her breasts bouncing up and down as her moans get louder and louder and her eyes slowly roll back into her head. Her movements get faster as he reaches up helping her and thrusting deep inside her as he reaches up and rubs her clit as she brings her hands down and runs it over his chest as she can feel the orgasm build. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as she thrust hard down onto him as she lets out a huge scream of ecstasy. A huge orgasm explodes through her sending tingles and shivers up her spine and her walls to spasm all around his cock as it releases spurt after spurt of hot cum into her pussy as they both collapse together.

They wrap there arms around each other as there breathing slows down and he pulls his now limp cock out of her and lays there next to her gently caressing her.

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