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Wife enjoys working the night shift with two hunks.

He was high on something else.

"...What is it?"

"You're something special, Mike."

I still didn't smile back, only wondered what was on his mind. Another breeze swept in and filled a silent moment until I spoke again, asking quite gravely, "What am I, Jaymin?"

His reply first appeared as a coy smile on his face and then into one word. "Queer."

He leaned up out of the seat, rising to meet my face as he looked intently into me. Locked in that gaze, neither of us truly saw the other. He was so close that I could feel his hot breath. Then our lips met. Wet and burning, soft and plush like pillows that pressed against each other in our embrace. His lower lip was luscious. His mouth slowly parted. I felt him explore me like this. One hand held the back of my neck while the other roamed through my hair. I could smell his familiar scent and even now I remember him by it. A rich perfume of smoke and pheromones.

I gave into him so easily. There was nothing so hopeless as resisting him, not that I would have wanted to even if I could. My religion and my morals at long last burned away completely like dying embers as he kissed me. And I forgot them. He was delicious in every way. The two of us leaned into the corner of the seat and car door again. My hand slipped underneath the thin material of his tank top and I felt the audacious hills of his pecs; smooth, rounded and pulsing with his quickening heartbeat. My fingertips passed over his nipple, causing it to become erect and hard.

Eventually, I had managed to maneuver myself so that I was sitting on his lap, straddling his pelvis. His rockhard penis was tangible even through his jeans, prodding up beneath my ass and boring into the seat of my pants. His mouth was now on my neck while his hands reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. Once I got it over my head, I looked at his face, seeing how much the sheen of my golden hair tussled in the shirt as it was pulled over me had dazzled him. His mouth returned to my neck, then he licked downward, stopping every few inches to kiss and suck on my skin. He found my nipple and licked at it then gently bit. As I moaned, the sound of my voice must have made him wonder if he was hurting me for his eyes darted up at me momentarily worried. Yet he smiled. His mouth returned to my skin, biting and chewing and sending electric sensations through my body and causing my manhood to throb. It was raging to be freed. I was so hard I felt each beat of my heart swell tightly in the head and shaft and jump each time. His hand mounted the tent in my pants and rubbed it. I knew I was already oozing a large quantity of precum. I continued to moan and rode the pointed member in his lap. His pelvis met the sway of my hips and he dryfucked me.

Jaymin then leaned me backwards so that I slid off his lap. My back was against the shoulder of the passenger chair and my legs spread so that Jaymin could work his way up to get on top of me in that awkward position. His mouth once again came to my neck and he bit down harder than ever.

My hands that had been tangled in his brown hair reached under his chest to my own pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped. Hearing the sound, Jaymin quickly moved a hand to my penis. At last there it was. There was a surge of relief as I finally felt the sensation of hot flesh on flesh. It was almost enough to get me off right then, but I held back, allowing his strong grip to pump the length, slipping with the lubrication of my precum.

His hands left my cock only to quickly and clumsily fumble with the waist of my pants as he pulled the down along with my underwear, exposing my ass to him.

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