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Fun in the sun by the pool.

"Melissa? You in here," Uncle Mike yelled as he entered the house.

"In the kitchen, " I hollered back.

Seconds later my senses stirred in response to the subtle scent of Uncle's aftershave moments before I felt his arms around me, hugging me. I smiled, surprised but happy.

"Hi there," he whispered to me, "I see you found your coffee." He kissed the back of my neck.

I almost didn't know what to do.

"Umm, yes. It's very good. Thank you."

"God Melissa. You were such a vision when I walked around the corner I had to take you in my arms. Hope you don't mind?"

My pussy warmed immediately when I heard his compliment. I turned to face him.

"Thank you. But I was just standing here with wet hair and wasn't trying at all to be sexy or anything."

He laughed and hugged me hard.

"You're so adorable. One day you will understand. Sometimes people are their sexiest when they're not trying to be." He laughed again, kissed me on the lips and squeezed my butt.

He released me and began walking around the kitchen preparing his breakfast.

"And you also have the most wonderful ass I have ever seen... and squeezed and licked. I have always admired it Mel and now, having seen it in all its bare glory, it's even nicer then I imagined."

"Uncle Mike. You mean you've been checking out my butt and I didn't know?" I was half shocked and half thrilled.

"Yes Mel, I have," he confessed, "Over the last couple of years you've really matured into quite the woman. Truth be known, I've often thought if I was younger and you weren't my niece... well, you know, I would have made a play for you."

"You mean you have wanted to fuck me?"

"Court you and make love to you. Yes Melissa. OK, sure, I've wanted to fuck you too."

WOW my pussy was throbbing thinking about him secretly admiring me and wanting me, staring at my bod, wanting my bod, all at family gatherings without anyone knowing. I wanted him inside me again.

"Oh, Uncle Wow. I never knew."

I was so horny right then.

I pulled myself up onto the island, sat on the edge and spread my legs. I lifted my shirttail exposing my bare pussy Uncle had helped to shave last night.

"MMM. MMM." I moaned aloud in response to my fingers sliding through my slick pussy pleats.

The fragrance of my desire drifted up to my nostrils stirring my excitement more. I watched my hand reach down and caress my smooth glistening cunt, parting its moistened petals, tickling my hardened clit.

"MMMM," I moaned again, "I would love to feel you inside me again Uncle Mike," I whispered aloud, almost unaware, just wanting Mike filling my insides.

Uncle Mike started to speak, turning to face me as he did so "Melissa, please. We have to stop this or...", he stopped mid sentence seeing me exposed and fondling myself.

"Oh man", was the last thing I heard before Uncle's lips covered mine and his hand replaced my busy fingers between my legs.

I had his pants undone and around his ankles in seconds. I lowered his boxers enough to grab his cock, wrap my legs around him and guide him into my heated honey pot. He followed my lead, as I expected he would. He was thrusting in and out of me rewarding my pussy with that same satisfyingly stinging stretch his engorged cock had provided my cunt the night before. Our moans filled the kitchen with a soft and deep chorus of want.

I laid back on the island closed my eyes in ecstasy and grabbed the island's edge with my hands so uncle wouldn't push me away with his increasingly vigorous thrusts.

"Oh fuck me Uncle. Your cock feels so amazing. Fuck me Uncle, as hard as you can."

He squeezed my hips tighter and thrust into me harder, faster.

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