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If conditions are right, any woman would commit adultery.

I looked over at Angela and I almost gasped. She was wearing a simple red bikini with a white unbuttoned beach dress. Her legs were crossed and I could see her soles. They appeared smooth as paper and very well kept. Why was I so drawn to them? Was I jealous? Whatever it was, she noticed I was looking at her and gave me a little wave. She was reading a book and talking to her husband. He wasn't dressed for a swim, so I assumed he wasn't joining us.

"Last one in's a rotten egg!!!" Before I could I knew it Stephie was running to the pool. I laughed and took off after her. She made cannonball for the pool before I even reached the edge. I slipped off my shoes and sunglasses and went in for graceful dive. I had done some swimming in high school and my house wasn't far from the best beach in the county. The water wasn't terribly cold, so I really enjoyed it. He splashed each other and did some horsing around. The brought up the volleyball net connected to the pool and we played more rounds than I could remember. After an hour or two, we got out of the pool and laid on the chairs, hoping to get a good tan. I couldn't help but make a few glances at Angela every now and then. She was laying face down, so there was no chance that she would see me. Her perfect feet were relaxing at the end of her chair, scrunched up. I wished that my feet were as nice as hers. Maybe I should ask if there's I could do to make my feet look like that? She was a professional after all. Angela retorted to lying up, so I pretended that I wasn't looking. After a while, I got this feeling that I was being looked over. I chill ran down my spine and I looked over from the corner of my eyes, not moving my head. It was Angela and she was looking my way. What was she looking at I wondered?

Stephie's dad come back out at that moment. He told his wife that he had to get some charcoal for the grill. We were having hamburgers and brats tonight, one of my favorites! Angela gave him a quick kiss and told him to drive safe. He came by us girls and looked at Stephie and smiled. I looked over and saw that she was fast asleep, with her book she was reading in her lap. She does that occasionally when she was tanning at school. Her father left and soon I heard his car driving away. I relaxed myself again and took another quick peek at Angela. Again, she was looking at me, but there was something about the way she was looking.

"Ma'am?" I asked. "Is there something wrong?

She smiled and walked over to me. She sat down at the edge of my chair and looked at her daughter. "How long has she been like that?"

I told her I had just noticed. She smiled at me. "I'm so glad that my daughter is making so good friends away from home. You know, she wasn't very popular with her high school classmates. They were always picking on her because of her height and inability to play sports."

I laughed a little. Stephie was terrible at any sport I had seen her play. She had no hand coordination and wasn't very fast. That's why she cheated by giving me a late warning with or race to the pool. She was pretty, but at her school, sports were everything. She chosen to not let it get to her though and she never seemed angry or depressed about it.

Angela changed her look and became serious. "Stephanie told me you have your own insecurities as well Taylar."

I wasn't surprised that Stephie told her, but I really didn't like the fact that she did. I looked down at my feet again. They were dried after tanning for a while. They were still as white as they were when I first came here. I played with my long black hair, tied in ponytail.

Angela, turned my head and had me facing her.

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