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Carly and James enjoy the comforts of a limosine.

Her hard nipples so firm, her hips rocking and gyrating hungrily around his warder shaft. She christened his pole as her deep juices broke open in great cries of pleasure. His hands pulling her body onto him, pulling her hips onto his lap, letting her grind over every bit of it.

Finally, she spasmed into a limp mess on his chest. Still being hard I could feel him roll her onto her back and pound her until his cum was deep inside her. She held him, moaning quietly as his passions reached explosion. I had already cummed with Mary. My cock was spasming down. My cock tightly gripped inside a pair of her panties that I had grabbed before exploding.

I fell into a nap as they did too. She stayed there that night. She cooked him dinner. One of the many things she could do so well. I cooked for the home front. The kids having no idea there mom had been and would soon be again straddled over and cumming on a 'family' friend.

I tried to focus on chores, but soon I could feel her pulling me back into her world. They were watching a movie now. He was on the couch. Her head in his lap. He had his hand on her hip and was stroking her. She was already excited. I could feel it. She was in his little cabin, on his couch, his bulge pressed against her cheek through his work jeans. A zipper just a moment away.

Mary is brewing with juices. She is lingering in the moment suckling it for the pleasure as Stephen's energies build inside his jeans. Still he focuses on the screen. Every few moments Mary adjusts her head and body a bit, trying to get comfortable, and jostles Stephen's bulge a bit every time. She can almost smell the ache of the rushing blood that wants soothing wetness and increased pressure. Stephen shifts, putting a hand in her hair as if to stroke her hair, but really pressuring her face into his lap. She giggles, but squirms away, controlling the pace. He is still her dessert.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom, smokes a cigarette and somewhere in there I lose contact. I got busy, but later I wonder if she took the time, in part, to lose me. I woke up hours later in a hot sweat. My cock swelled up and aching for touch. I see clearly that Mary is tied to Stephen's headboard. Her ass is in my field of view. Her wrists are tied low down, but a scarf or a sheet twines through her legs and forces her ass up in the air almost pulling her knees off the bed, but not quite. The sheet thing looks like some crazy naughty skirt that covers everything but her glory wholes. Stephen is behind her. He is holding the sheets like straps. He is pounding into her. He is fucking her so good. Her cream leaving trails of evidence all along his shaft. Everytime he thrusts into her I can see it building up in a white ring around the thick base of his shaft.

I can see now that she was trying to hide this escapade from me. He was handling her and she wanted to spare me, but her messy little pussy was being fucked so good that her shields were gone. I guess she didn't anticipate his level of passion. It was all cumming out, fucking her so good. He was all big behind her and she was feeling it. I could see it in the way she had her ass all tilted up into him just right so he could drive in deep. Her mouth open in moans, but buried in the pillow, but her eyes peering into the reflection of him in the head board mirror. She could feel her cream was all over his shaft as she watched him pound her hips. She could look him in the eyes as she felt him swell and thrash. Her whimpers buried in the pillow as he rocked her hips. Though deep in orgasm her hips were still keeping rhythm. It was a good fuck. I wish I had a video camera on it. Still, I wilted inside as I felt his energy. He was wanting her so bad and this fuck was all about establishing himself inside her. Without knowing it, he was trying to make a baby inside her and she was wide open, gloried in the moment as he pummeled her tied up and wet pussy. My cock was swollen so thick, I dared not even touch it.

I could make out his wo

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