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Kat strips bare, and good things happen.

Sounded good to us, so we did.

We were able to snag the last four-top booth of the small lounge/club in the hotel, hoards of apres-ski drinkers and carousers beginning to show up now.

"C'mon Jack, show me your moves," Mavis said suddenly, grabbing Jack by the hand and leading him to the floor, "we'll show these two how to dance."

"You know that's a challenge, right?" Tony said to me.

"Yep...guess you and I are going to have to show those two what dancing is all about, Mr. Tony," I replied as I slid out of the booth and took his hand to walk to the dance floor.

Have to say that they were really good dancers, both having great rhythm and moves on the floor. The DJ kept the tempo lively, the dance floor full with gyrating bodies. We'd return to our table only long enough to slam down a sip of whatever we were drinking only to join the fray on the floor when a new tune kicked off. Finally, he threw a slow song into the mix as the four of us were leaving the floor from the latest dance, stopping us in our tracks.

"Oooooh, love this song," Mavis said, "C'mon Jack, let's go polish that belt-buckle of yours," leading Jack back to the dance floor by the hand.

Tony and I just looked to each other, smiled and returned to the dance floor as well.

He was a smooth dancer, strong hands but gentle in his grasp of mine. Half-way through the song, I snuggled up to Tony with both of my arms around his neck, our bodies close enough that I could feel his rising cock through his pants. Looking towards Jack and Mavis, they were similarly entangled on the floor, Jack's hands 'almost' on Mavis' ass, in the small of her back.

Song over, Mavis grabbed my hand when we arrived back at our table saying that she needed to go to the restroom and that I needed to go with her.

Didn't have to go but, okay.

"Oh hell no," Mavis said when we spotted the waiting line to the ladies' room, "Want to go upstairs? To my room? No waiting line there," Mavis suggested, her eyes a bit glassy from the Mojitos that she'd been downing all night.

"Maybe we ought to move the party to our room," Mavis further suggested, her eyebrow raised to me in a questioning manner.

"Yeah, sure, that works," I answered.

We returned to the table and told the guys of the change in plans and Mavis suggested that Jack and Tony should make a stop for some liquor and mixers before joining us, "That liquor store, across the street, should still be open," Mavis added.

Assuring us they would do so after they finished their newly-arrived drinks, Mavis and I headed off to the bank of elevators.

"I think your husband liked dancing with me," Mavis commented, her eyes to the side looking at me.

"Why? Did he get a hard-on when y'all slow-danced?" I asked with a grin and chuckle.

"Yeah, he did," Mavis answered, laughing with me.

"Yeah, Tony did too," I informed her which brought another bit of laughter from the both of us.

"Horn Dogs," Mavis declared with a smile.

"Very much so," I agreed, stepping into the elevator when the doors opened, Mavis following.

"Better be careful, girlfriend, I get drunk enough, I might just have to fuck your old man," Mavis quipped with a grin.

"Have at him, sweetie, he'd like that, and you won't be disappointed," I answered with a smile, "'course, you do realize that I'd have to jump your man's bones as well, don't you?"

She just looked at me, our eyes hard on each other, both wondering if the talk was serious or playful.

I broke the ice first.

"I'm game if you are," I said to her, my voice very-matter-of-fact in tone, my smile genuine.

"If you're serious......" Mavis responded, her voice trailing off into silence.

"I am," I assured her as the door opened to their floor.

"Oooh, this will be a fun night," Mavis replied with a beaming smile.

"Kinda' what I'm thinking," I replied with a smile, adding "always fun to play with like-minded people."

"Make my day...tell me you're pussy-friendly also," Mavis probed.

"Ooooh yeah, babycakes,

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