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Their reunion is bigger bang than she expected.

But, one should not ignore the novelty and effectiveness of punishing other areas of a young female's anatomy which are equally tempting. And these we shall explore some of today, Ashley!"

The girl gazed down at her slim feet in their high-heeled shoes, resting in the white fur carpet matching the one in the salon. Hot tears collecting in her eyes blurred her vision.

"Ashley, please remove your dress."

Slowly, Ashley unbuttoned the front of her maid's uniform, feeling the taut cloth spring open at her chest. She pulled the skirt out of the garter belt where it had been tucked, and now wearing only underwear and the ruffles of lace on her head and wrists, handed the dress to Parsons, who held out his hand for it.
"Much better," continued the doctor, "you must be relieved to be free of the confinement of that tight dress pressing on your breasts. Soon, we will release them from their lacy cups as well, so that they can freely participate in our activity."

From the desk behind himself, the doctor picked up a soft leather strap.

"Turn around," he commanded. Ashley faced the fire, and felt the doctor take hold of her elbows, loop the leather around them several times, and draw them towards one another behind her back. He did not bind her tightly, and she could let her arms hang down to her sides slightly behind her back. The grip on her arms was mostly accomplished by the loops of leather on her upper arms. The effect however prevented her from bringing her arms or hands forward, and caused her bra-clad tits to thrust out toward temptingly towards the men, who gazed appreciatively at her plump young breasts straining at their lacy confinement. The straps of the bra indented the sides of her boobs slightly, tilting the pendulous globes upwards delightfully.

Grasping her by shoulder, the doctor turned the girl. Looking directly down into her face as she stood before him, he reached down and slowly, casually, and with embarrassing familiarity, pushed Ashley's panties down onto her thighs, until they caught on the straps of her garters. She felt his hand cup her exposed pubic mound, and his fingertips toy with her now naked slit.

"Parsons, perhaps you will be so good as to hold Ashley from the rear for me?"

The other man stood, took one more sip of his brandy, and came up behind her. Grasping her hips, he pulled her body back against his.

The doctor continued, "You know Parsons, I'm sure Ashley's embarrassment would be heightened if her naked bottom were made to feel your member. Would you be so kind as to oblige her?"

Ashley struggled feebly, but stopped when the doctor grabbed her chin roughly and glowered down into her eyes. She felt the other man's warm, hard, naked, penis nestle into her bottom, and groaned.

"Thank you, Parsons!" continued the doctor, "Now you can gauge and control our young lady's squirmings."

The doctor reached back towards the desk, taking from it a scissors, which he lifted up before Ashley, who shrank back towards the man holding her. The doctor's large fingers danced onto her lacy bra-cup, pinched the material there, then drew it outwards. He carefully snipped a large hole into the bra-cup, then released it to rest back against her breast, the nipple and much of the flesh of which was now squeezed out of the torn material. Distractedly handling her breast, the doctor pushed the remains of the cloth back towards the base of the boob, so as to make it thrust out further from its lacy border. His fingers sank into the plump sides of her tit as he pulled it well out of its torn casing, as his other hand grasped her nipple and used it to pull the breast fully through the tear in the garment.

Her other breast was similarly denuded, the doctor grabbing a handful of plump flesh and drawing it out of the hole torn in the other bra cup, as Ashley squirmed frightenedly.

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