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A meeting on a website turns into a hot holiday weekend.

Andrea was sweating, rocking her hips, making pleading sounds. Her eyes were rolled back and her stomach muscles were starting to tremble. That wonderful totally female low rumble started inside her and she almost screamed, "O MY GOD" as she crushed my face to her cunt and gushed as she came. I drank what I could from her but most of her wonderful juice coated my neck and shirt.

Her body was still convulsing when she started pushing me away from her super sensitive clit. I let her push me away but kept my fingers inside her, leaned forward and laid my head on her breasts as she came down. When my fingers did begin to work slowly out of her she winced from the painful pleasure.

I lifted up and put my wet hands on either side of her neck and whispered into her ear, "Your body is wonderful, Andrea. My entire body is screaming for more. To take you, feel you move against me, to feel me buried deep into your belly and to struggle for control as your body sucks me." I lowered my lips to hers and we shared the tastes of coffee and her hot, wet pussy.

I stood and pulled a speechless Andrea up to me, "It's getting late, Beautiful. I have to go. Tuesday night at seven, let's go for a wonderful Chinese dinner. Call me on my cell tomorrow morning and confirm that is a good time for you."

We kissed at her door. I was very cold in my wet shirt.

About ten a.m. my cell phone rang. "Tom, last night was the wildest experience of my life. I never had any idea that sex could be like that. I thought the g-spot and squirting were not true. I never came that hard before."

"Well, Hello and Good Morning, Andrea. That body of yours can give you much greater pleasure than you felt last night. My tongue, hands and body want much more of you."

"I do want to go to dinner with you Tuesday."

"I don't believe that was the end of your thought. You had a 'but' you wanted to add."

"Can we go a little slower? I have a lot of conflicting thoughts. You are married."

"Andrea, I only want to do what you are comfortable with. You can ask me anything you would like and I promise to answer truthfully. I won't push. We might just sit and talk all night or at least until they close the restaurant. You direct. Dinner, conversation and a Good Night kiss will be fine."

We talked another few minutes and I asked her to bring me a copy of her resume.

On the way to the restaurant, it was obvious that Andrea was getting depressed about not finding a job. I read her resume over cocktails in the bar. She had worked up to executive secretary, then administrative assistant, all in the financial world. Her bookkeeping skills were good and she had developed some supervision skills. For the last couple of months, I had been consulting with a company of five talented metal workers. They wanted to grow but they all hated business side of their job. They had no talent for the paperwork, scheduling, ordering or selling. Andrea did not know where I slipped off to right before we were taken to our table.

Dinner was wonderful. We both needed practice with our chopsticks. As we arrived back in front of Andrea's apartment, I didn't wait for her to invite me up. "Andrea, I want you to make us coffee. I need about an hour to talk something over with you."

As the coffee perked, "Will you go on an interview tomorrow at 9 a.m?" She was definitely taken back. "What is it? Where? And what for?"

"Andrea this is on the up-u-up. I know a small company that desperately needs an office manager. There are five metal artists, whose business has grown beyond their control. They are very talented. If their business was controlled and directed, they could be very successful. If you are interested, I would like to talk with you about the position and its requirements for a while."

For the next hour, I made sure that she could handle the position and gave her an overview.

"Andrea, you get a good night's sleep.

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