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Aliens kidnap girl for breeding purposes.

At the joust today, my Lady took her pick, planted the favour on this good specimen's lance like a kiss. To my surprise, he was bright enough to understand it, and here we all are.

My Lady was having the time of her life with two wriggly eels at her bits, and she soon cackled into one of her frothy little climaxes. Now she was good and buttered up, my job at the front was done. I slipped out of the bath and frantically unbuckled everything I could find on the good knight's ceremonial armour, dripping (umm) while he continued to eat my Lady. Normally she's not keen on too much down there after cumming but today she was bent double, and offering her split peach like a desperate harlot. Looking back on it, this did not bode well.

I cursed at the blessed metal plate all over this bloke - I mean what manner of ceremony requires one's nethers to be sheathed in steel - then; with a final clank I had him all undone, and took my leave.

I didn't stray far; my Lady likes to know I'm close. Usually with a keen blade in my knickers, should I need to neuter some brute. I ducked behind a screen, shaking myself dry (...), and kept watch. For the King too, should he surprise us.

This knight was a fine looking man, handsome and none too scarred. And a giant. My Lady turned round and he stood up and she still had to lift her head to kiss him even though she was raised in the bath. He smelt good too! The pocket of gold I had given the castle whores this afternoon, to scrub him down, was money nicely spent, I'd say.

I glowed in pride at my own cleverness as I watched my Lady playing with the only hard thing left on this shelled man. His great club, stuck up all excited between them. Oh and his metal boots by the look of it, but that didn't matter I supposed.

Jumping onto him like a cat into a tree my Lady giggled her head off and the knight caught her as if she weighed nothing at all. She squirmed down over his length and, I won't lie to you, I squirmed too, watching how much fun she was having. His big, scarred hands gripped her bum and he impaled his queen - deeply, over and over - on his thick meat. The muscles on him quivered and - oh dear - she started getting very noisy. Deep breaths at first, then little words, then full on moans and groans.

The silly cow. There is encouraging noise, then there is this wild joy that won't do anyone any good if you ask me. She only had to get him to release in her, anything else was just... not duteous. But before two dozen strokes she goes all stiff, digs her fingernails in him and cries out another fruity climax! Properly howling with it too, having a literal fit on this big cock. She was enjoying it far too much. Then I realised. My Lady was young and healthy and it had been months since her wedding night. Months without a man. I could rub her hungry tummy, but at the end of the day, she needed feeding.

The knight looked uneasy, but still plunged "yeses" out of my Lady as he carried her across the chambers to the bed. He slipped her off him and laid her out, still shivering and slinky with her crisis. I have to say, she looked done. Blushed down to the tits, she was, and mouth stuck in a dopey smile. But bless her, she rolled over onto her front and tipped up her bottom. She had remembered her duty after all. Or something. "Don't stop now," she said.

The knight sheathed his cock in her - to the hilt - and they both gasped. I hoped this would pass quickly now, from my experience men burst easy like this. I prayed my Lady would keep her voice down too. All it would take was some mischievous courtier to pass the window, earwig an abandoned howl of ecstasy, and drop a hint to the king. We would all be done up like kippers.

Oh dear.

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