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Bridget hides out in Spain and spys for King George.


"This might surprise you Mitch, but I know the difference and I was the one asking, no, I was shamelessly begging you for it." She said as she began stroking my now flaccid dick. "And guess what Stud? You're going to do it again. You're going to keep doing it until I'm so sore I can't walk tomorrow morning without wincing."

"Lindsay, this is insane." I whispered as I lay there feeling her warm hand milking my dick and somehow bringing it back to life after only a few minutes.

"No, it isn't. My dad is thirteen years older than my mom." she stated solemnly.

"Really?" I said, surprised by that.

"Yep, they met at his office. She was a new administrative assistant, fresh out of college and he was a junior partner in the law firm. To hear him tell the story he didn't stand a chance in hell of getting out of her clutches and to hear her tell it, he got her drunk and then took her to bed. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. So, I come by the Older Man Syndrome honestly; it's genetics and you can't argue with science." she said playfully.

"Maybe not, but I'll be the one sleeping with their daughter and I'm pretty certain that they will have an argument or two about it."

"Possibly." Then looking down at my slowly hardening dick she giggled and said, "Oh look, someone is starting to act like he wants to play again." Then she lowered her head to my cock and took me in her mouth for the second time that night. After ten seconds or so she stopped and then looked up at me and smacking her lips said, "Ya know what? We taste great together."

I groaned loudly as I laid my head back on the pillows and she dropped her head back down and went to work on me again.

I hadn't had sex three times in one night since I was in my early twenties but somehow, she managed to get me up and keep me there two more times that night. By midnight I thought she was going to blow through the entire Karma Sutra before she let me get some sleep. When we finally did go to sleep I didn't move until nine in the morning.

Lindsay wasn't in the bedroom as I stumbled to the shower, wincing at the hot water and the effect it had at the scratch marks on my back. I stood there letting the water run over me and wondered what the rest of the week was going to bring. I eventually dried off, got dressed and went downstairs to see about breakfast.

She was standing at the stove, dressed in tan shorts and a black tee-shirt and David was sitting at the breakfast bar eating a short stack of pancakes and laughing at something Lindsay had just said. I stood there leaning against the kitchen door, looking at them for a moment silently before I cleared my throat and got their attention.

"Good morning Dad." David said looking up at me. "Lindsay made us pancakes and bacon."

"I see that." I said smiling as I walked to the coffee pot poured a cup of coffee and then sat down beside him.

Lindsay walked over to me with a plate full of pancakes and bacon and glass of milk. Setting them on the bar in front of me she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss.

"Good morning." she said as she turned back toward the stove.

"Good morning." I said smiling back at her.

"I KNEW IT!" David yelling out so loudly that both of us jumped a little.

"Knew what?" Lindsay said with an innocent tone in her voice.

"I knew you kissed Dad at Disneyland yesterday!"

"Nope, and that was just another peck on the lips. I've never kissed your dad in front of you." she said winking at him.

"Oh." He said a little dejectedly.

"Buddy, that just means you've never seen her kiss me." I said grinning.

"Oh." then pausing he said "OH!" with a huge smile coming over his face and his eyes widening as it dawned on him what I had just said.

"So, you wouldn't mind if Lindsay and I started spending some more time together?" I asked broaching the subject as delicately as I knew how, given the circumstances.

"Heck no! I love her, and she is a lot cooler and prettier than most of the other women you've dated.

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