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Separated, they struggle to find themselves and each other.

He led me into my room and helped me pick out the dress he wanted me to wear tonight.

This is a very conservative dress compared to last night. It is long and flowing, Lyn told me it was a bright print and brought out the color of my hair. Drew patiently waited as I got ready. We took dad's car again and before long Drew had taken me downtown. We were riding up on an elevator when I finally asked.

"Where are we going?"

"I want you to meet some people." Drew said dryly. I detected a hint of apprehension as he said it.

"Some people? What kind of people?" I asked concerned this would be another test.

"Just some people I have worked with, they asked to meet you." Drew leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Relax we won't be eating or staying long."

"Why do you never tell me before we get there?" I whined.

"You know why. Just be yourself. This is no big deal, they just want to meet you." Drew kissed me on the lips this time. I could tell he was nervous.

The elevator doors opened and Drew led me down a tiled floor. We are in a skyscraper I remember thinking. Drew stopped and opened a door and guided me through. The floor was now a wood of some sort.

"Andrew!" I heard a man call out with an accent.

"Mr. Wang, how are you?" Drew called back happily.

"How many times have I asked you to call me Joe?" Mr. Wang chuckled.

"Joe this is Andi." Drew presented me to Mr. Wang.

"Wanshang hao!" (good evening) Mr. Wang said.

"n__ h__o!" (Hello) I replied quickly offering him my hand.

We shook lightly Joe holding on for a good ten seconds as is the custom in China.

"Impressive Andi." Joe said in English. "Please come with me I have some people for you to meet."

Joe offered his arm like a gentleman and escorted me down the hall further. We entered a large room where several people were talking. I listen closely as they each had an accent. Joe sat me in a comfortable chair at what seemed like a large table. Drew sat on one side Joe the other.

Joe spoke and called their attention and for the next thirty minutes we sat and talked. More precisely they talked and I translated. Very little English was spoken but all seven languages I spoke were represented. They all seemed impressed but I reminded them Noah Webster, the man that wrote the American dictionary spoke twenty languages.

Then just like it started it was all over. Joe escorted Drew and I back to the front of the office. Joe shook my hand goodbye and said he was pleased to have made my acquaintance.

"Andrew we will talk soon." Joe said as they shook hands.

"Thank you for meeting us here." Drew replied.

"I have a feeling it won't be the last time." Mr. Wang chuckled.

Drew and I were in the elevator heading back down. He was holding my hand, I could tell he was excited now.

"What was that all about?" I asked feeling there was something Drew wasn't telling me.

"It was a job interview." He said too happily.

"What do they want you to do?" I asked confused. Except for talking to Mr. Wang, Drew said little.

"They weren't interviewing me." Drew chuckled. It was only then that it hit me.

"You mean they were interviewing ME?" I shouted.

"Let's just say they were meeting you." Drew laughed, he pulled me around for a kiss.

I head butted his shoulder I was so mad. Drew groaned as I smashed against bone.

"Dee what's the matter?" He moaned. I was pressed hard against his shoulder.

"I'm not ready for that!" I protested. I smashed his shoulder again as the elevator stopped.

"Mom thinks you are?" Drew pulled me tight.

Just then the doors opened. With all the strength I had I pushed Drew away. "She would never send me away!" I screamed

I heard him hit the marble floor outside the elevator with a thud. I fumbled to read the buttons on the elevator and pushed the button closing the door.

"Andi, wait..."

I pushed several floor buttons and felt the car move up quickly. When it stopped for the third time I got off and waited for it to leave.

I was so mad at Drew for deceiving me I didn't even realize I was alone without a clue of w

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