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You never know what to expect.

Lex moved her tight to the railing surrounding the dance floor, his hands dropping to pull her hard against his crotch, their hips rolling as one, her very wet thong covered cunt just inches above Ken's upturned eyes. He feasted on her display, taking a deep breath of her essence, then picked up his wine glass and gave the rim a long savouring lick as he held her eyes for a moment. Jen could take no more, could feel herself cumming again and bent forward at the waist over the railing, her breasts all but spilling out of her bra as she moaned a emotional "Oh God Yes" close to Ken's ear.

Lex gave her a moment to regain her composure then guided her back to the booth. Jen moved toward Ken quickly and wrapped her arms around him and nibbled at his lips, telling him how his eyes on her were making her so very crazy. Ken held her tight, admitting that looking at her had done the very same to him.. Jen was a little embarrassed how forward she had been on the dance floor, and reached into her purse for her lip gloss. As she smoothed it over her lips Lex started to slide from the booth to visit the washroom.

Ken was watching her and remarked, "You have such luscious lips Jen."

Lex laughed, and looked at both of them, "She has perfect lips, don't you baby" he whispered. Jen blushed at the inside joke then turned to Ken to explain as Lex left the booth.

"Lex always tells me I have perfect cock sucking lips." She could see her words set another log on the lusty fire smouldering in his eyes.

"So does Lex have the perfect cock for your sucking lips?" he asked with a smile, making her laugh out loud at his play on words.

"He has a nice cock" she giggled, "And he knows how to use it, but I don't think it's a perfect cock."

"So maybe there is a chance for my cock?" Ken countered, "I've always thought it was very special." Jen could not help but let her eyes dip to his lap and he caught her and grinned. "You can't tell like that" he laughed, "Come dance with me like you did with Lex if you really want to know."

He stood and offered his hand and she smiled and took it. Just as they started to the dance floor the waiter and Lex both approached them. The waiter arrived first and asked if everything was ok and Jen took both of his hands in hers, squeezing her breasts into the deep opening of her blouse until she was quite certain he had an excellent view of her pink nipples, then took both of his hands and pressed them between her breasts as she told him he was the most attentive server ever. She then moved to Lex for a little peck. "Ken wants to dance with me honey, and you know I can't say no to such a hunky looking guy."

They moved out onto the dance floor and faced each other, sorting out arms and legs until they were comfortable and moving to the music, but still far enough apart to look into each others eyes. Ken's eyes dipped to her breasts quickly then back to her face and she laughed and asked him if he liked what he saw. He nodded his head and she continued to smile, "Then look as much as you want baby, that's why my blouse is all undone, that's why I picked this bra so you could see my nipples after my blouse came apart. It makes me so hot to feel your eyes on my tits." she whispered.

"What else can I do to make you hot?" he growled, "My head is full of the scent of your arousal, the taste of you lingers on my tongue, your beautiful body moves seductively before me, you have me on fire for you."

Jen moved against him, her stomach pressing against the hardness in his pants, her lips tasting the flesh of his neck.

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