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Man finds out fiance's best friend is a sex addict.


Jack laughed saying, "Kate me darling, I think you might be over estimating the impact of tonight's events but it is certainly a nice thought."

They walked for a bit with Jack chuckling as he thought about Kate's grand view of the evening.

After he stopped chuckling Kate said, "Seriously, Jake thank you for stifling your Gallahadian, if that's a word, instincts when I asked. A woman has to learn she can successfully stand up for herself or she'll end up being victimized over and over. You may not have seen it but after she got over the shock of the incident Asti was proud of herself for the way she handled the situation. And while your intervention wasn't needed..."

"It wasn't?"

"No it wasn't. You were so focused on that asshole's fist you didn't see that Vi was in position, and ready, to kick the jerk in the balls if he made a move towards Asti. And quit interrupting.

As I was saying it does help that people know there are men who are prepared to step in and back us up."

"But I had told Asti's house parents I would look out for her."

"You didn't have an obligation to Gina when you backed her with Greg the asshole."

"I was with her that evening and besides she told me to stay out of it."
"Jake are you seriously trying to convince me that had the young woman in either of those cases been some you didn't know you would have just stood back and watched?

"No, you're right. I would have intervened in both cases."

"She hasn't had a chance to properly thank-you but I know Gina is grateful you did what you did, including backing off when she told you too."

They walked in silence for a bit both lost in thought.

Kate broke the silence with, "Jake you need to fuck both Gina and Astrid and brag about it."


"If the men can see there are tangible benefits to being like you it would give a real boost to the program."

The was a short pause, then she said, " Never mind if you did that every dick at the university would be looking for a blow job every time he opened a door for a girl."

They were only a few yards from Jack's apartment building so he stepped forward opened the door and in mock sincerity said, "One blowjob please."

She responded, "I had something far more entertaining in mind, but if that's all you want I guess it's okay."

The door had no sooner closed behind them when Kate turned to give Jack a deep, passionate kiss. The then reached for his hand and led him into the bedroom. While he quickly took off the miner's belt and unzipped his coveralls she bent over on the bed and said "Pull my tail."

When he did he found it cleverly hid the pull tab for the zippers of the costume. He pulled the bottom one first to full extent and found Kate hadn't worn panties and her naked ass was his to view in its entire splendor. He started caressing the firm globes before him. Separated the cheeks and with his index finger tickled her anal bud. Kate quipped "Seems we have found a type of asshole Jake Crawford does like," she followed with, "I'm game."

Jack reached into the drawer of his bedside grabbed the lube then squirted some on her anus and the fingers of his right hand. As he was slowly working his right index finger into her butt his left hand was open the zipper that ran up her back. When he undid the clasp at the top the whole upper part of the bunny costume fell away so he reached in and played with her nipples. He leaned over starting light butterfly kisses to the back of her neck.

While Kate was enjoying the sensations from the different areas of her body he slipped a second finger into her rectum. After a couple of minutes Kate moaned, "Now Jake now!" He released her nipple, slipped in behind her and slid his now throbbing erection into her willing rectum. Jack was so aroused that he immediate started pounding into her ass. She moaned loudly, followed by, "That's it Jake hammer my ass, Oh yeah Jackhammer Jake the cock driving man."

Hearing the last bit, he said, "S

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