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Couple lets new roommate video tape them.

There was a strong possibility that she would now be with child. Nothing could now be done to prevent the course of nature, other than taking her life; or perhaps trying one of the old fabled remedies to terminate the baby. None of which had ever worked to her knowledge.

Her orgasm had been eye popping. An explosion of fire ran through her body, every nerve tingling and dancing. It was an incredibly intense experience she secretly hoped to relive again. Often. But at that moment her overriding emotion was anger and betrayal. She sobbed, knowing her relatively privileged future as the wife of a landowners son, had probably been stripped from her.

"You bastard. You evil, bastard. You say you love me, but you rape me. You say you love me but you condemn me to poverty or worse. You say you love me but you give me a bastard child, for I will never marry you, or elope with you. You say you love me, but betray our friendship for the sake of wanting to know what it would be like to have me. You are a cunt."

"I will make you see. I will make you yield to me. You will be mine. You know I love you, you know that love was born of our friendship, you know I had to take you to try and change your mind, it was my only choice, I could not reason with you or your father, as words would not have changed anything. I have hopefully given you the greatest gift a man could give any woman, a child. My child. I hoped that would mean you would come to accept we were meant to be, that if you bear my child you would leave with me to live as a family. I am desperate not to lose you. My actions are wrong, I know, but in my heart I had to take the opportunity before me or forever live a broken man once you married. I could not stand the thought of you going to his bed on the night of your wedding. I had dreamt so often that that would be me and I was insane with jealousy that he would be the one to make you bleed."

"You are selfish and think only of you. What about what I want? I suppose you assumed I loved you, that I would fall in to your arms and be glad to leave with you, that I too longed to be your lover and experience what it would be like to be taken by your much talked about donkey cock. You assumed like most men do of women, that I should be pleased to have you as my suitor, that I would be meek and cede to you, to be dominated and controlled by you. Well fuck you."

His anger was rising now as her vitriol poured from her mouth. She was still on all fours and he was still behind her, though flaccid now. His cum was seeping, oozing out between her labia and forming a globule, that would drip to the ground in time.

He gripped her hips and spun her around. She scrambled back away from him, spider-like, on to the grass, but she could not escape him. As before he grabbed an ankle and halted her, and moved in-between her legs on his knees.

She swung wildly at him with her fists, which he parried and blocked easily. He gripped both her wrists, above her head as she wrestled against him, and he pushed her arms backward, forcing her to lie back in the grass. His body falling on top of her when she passed the tipping point.

She spat in his face, and in return he kissed her hard on the lips. She tried to bite him but failed, and he was careful not to use his tongue for that reason. He held her arms fast above her head, his body pinning her to the ground while his lips moved on to her cheek, then her neck, and her ear, where his tongue and breath made their mark, making her shiver and tremble from the tickling sensation.

His mouth returned to hers and he kissed her hard. She did not kiss back at first.

"You words are hurtful. And I deserve some of them." He mouthed breathily between passionate kisses.

"But I do love you and I know you have some love for me, or we would not have been friends all our years.

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