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Just more thinking and sex.

I laid my hand an inch above it and uttered the magical words "Vigoratus... vestri ego"

I heard her gasp when I moved my hand, her skin was now once more covered in pubic hair, a sparse field of orangey tufts.

She rubbed her hand over it. "How did you do that?"

She looked at me, letting go of the hem.

"You can teach me to do that?" she was excited, her whole focus was on me.

"Yes, you say the words in the same way I did, and you focus the magic down through your hand. Here, say the words after me."



"vestri ego."

"vestri ego."

"Now keep repeating them in your head, then out loud."

I kept correcting her pronunciation till she had it perfect, then we went on to using the hand. I went and took one of the flowers from the vase, I bent the stem a little leaving a bruised crease. Laying it on the bed I wave my hand over the damaged part while reciting the words under my breath.

She picked it up, running her finger over the stem.

"Try it," I encouraged her.

She broke the stem near the bottom and put her hand over it, saying the words out load. The words were perfect, but the stem was unchanged. I took her arm, I could feel the tingle again; in time she would learn how to mask it. I explained that she had to feel the power flowing through her arm. I put my hand on her elbow, directing the flow through her arm.

"Put your hand above it now," I directed her.

With her hand above it for a few moments she spoke the words again. This time the stem was healed.

"It will take many hours of practice for you to do it regularly, practice on the flowers till you are confident.

I left her in her room practicing and went back to the main room. Martin was dancing in slow circles with Davina, she was feeding him another cookie. I sat down on the chair and took another one, we should be getting to the airport to check out these travel documents, but there was always tomorrow.

The three other girls were sitting over the other side, much as they'd done when we first arrived. I picked myself up and wandered over, crouching before the three of them on their chairs. They all were good looking, and had a healthy glow about them. I looked around the group as they looked expectantly at me.

"HI, my names T'Mershi Duween," I announced.

I wondered if they were all naked under their robes as Alice had been.

"Hi, I'm Bell." That was the brunette on my left.

"I'm Gayle." The auburn haired one announced.

I looked to the one on the right.

"Sam, Samantha that is, but I'm Sam round here.

Sam had lovely long straight black hair; it fell well down her back.

Introductions over I felt at a loss for words.

"I'm off to Brisbane," I said. It was the first thing into my head, I had to say something.

"Oh, I've been there," Sam said excitedly.

"Have you?" questioned Bell.

"Yes, I've got the stamp in my passport." She lifted her bag besides her, opened it and drew out a little green paste book. She leant across Gayle to show her.

"Can I see?" I asked, and she passed it over to me.

I riffled through it, taking in the texture, the printing and the picture in the back, I had it fixed and could make another with ease.

Handing it back to her I asked. "What's it like there?"

"Warm and nice, like here in Miami, and lots of thunderstorms. I remember lots of thunderstorms."

"You got any photos?" asked Gayle.

"Yes." she went fishing in her bag again. "I've got one of a sunset that I liked."

I felt my legs grow cramp. I sat on the floor, the girls were animated but I wanted to lay back.

Alice saved me, entering the room and calling me.

"T'Mershi, come and see."

I could see from her demeanour that she was starting to have successes. I got up of the floor, my legs feeling stiff, perhaps I should work the magic on myself.

In her room she was almost bouncing with excitement. On the bed lay a perfect flower.

"Can you do it again?" I asked her.

"I have done this one three times now. Look."

She twisted the stem just under the flower.

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