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Rachel becomes Joanna's lover/servant.

"What did you call me?" I snarled.

"I'm sorry, I meant Mistress Gabrielle!" squealed Jane.

"That's right," I hissed, "and what are you?"

"I'm just a filthy cum slut," said Jane, "just here for men to use."

I brought my right hand up and then swung it down hard between her legs, slapping her shaved cunt.

"Right again," I said, "you're a dirty whore that needs to be punished!"

I slapped Jane's pussy again and again, sometimes hard, and sometimes even harder. Jane yelped in pain each time, but managed to always say "thank you mistress."

As I administered the pussy-spanking, I dug my nails viciously into her left breast.

Over and over I slapped, sometimes diverting to the side to spank Jane's inner thighs, sometimes higher to punish her clit, but mostly delivering the stinging slaps directly to her tender pussy lips. She began to whimper, but never used the safe word.

Finally, I stopped, my stinging hand firmly cupping the sobbing woman's cunt. My left hand released its grip on her tit and I slid it around her ass and up between her legs, pushing three fingers hard up into her wet pussy.

Jane gasped. "Please punish my slutty cunt, Mistress," she begged.

I twisted my hand and pushed up harder, causing Jane to try to rise up on her knees, but I dug the nails of my right hand into Jane's soft labia.

"Push yourself down, bitch," I snarled into her ear, and she complied, letting her weight force her pussy to accept more of my hand.

I gave her pussy one more hard slap, then slowly began to rub her clit. I felt its hard nub with my fingertips as I expertly circled it. I pulled my hand out of her cunt and slid it around to the front, leaving a thin trail of feminine secretions, then more gently inserted two fingers, swirling them around to brush the g-spot, then starting to finger-fuck her in time with rubbing her clit.

Jane let her head sink forward on her chest, and her hands, still secured behind her back, began to grope around on my body, tugging at my apron. I stroked my breasts and belly up and down Jane's back a few times, so that the apron rode up, then positioned myself higher to allow her fingers to find my bare pussy and slip inside. In this position, I was no longer able to reach between Jane's legs, so I took some time to caress her firm little tits, softly stroking the nipples to make up for the harsh way I had treated them earlier. Her fingers explored my snatch, tugging at my lips, and spreading my juices up and down and across my throbbing clit.

After a while, I lowered myself down again, dragging Jane's fingers out of my cunt, and resumed fingering her with both hands. Jane started to focus on her own pleasure, and began rolling her hips to press her clit harder against my rubbing. I curled the fingers of my left hard around to apply rhythmic pressure to her g-spot, whilst rubbing her clit from the other side. I also began to gently bite her tender neck.

Jane groaned in ecstasy, and I gradually sped up the stimulation. With my naked breasts pressed hard against the bound woman's back, I was easily able to feel the change in breathing as Jane approached her orgasm, and as I sensed it getting closer, I slowed down.

"Oh god, Gabby, please don't stop!" she begged.

I lifted my hands up and brought them down, palms open, with a hard, stinging slap on her tits.

"You will remember your place, you dirty little bitch!" I exclaimed.

I grabbed the nipples and pulled them hard, and Jane cried out in pain.

"I'm sorry, Mistress Gabrielle," she panted, "I'm sorry, please fuck my whore cunt again!"

I let my hands slide back down. I pinched Jane's wet pussy lips with my finger nails and pulled them apart, then pushed two fingers of my left hand inside again, and resumed rubbing the clit with my other hand. Once again, her breathing indicated that she was heading towards her orgasm, and again I backed off enough to bring her back down, but this time she had the sense not to complain.

Three times I brought the bound woman to the edge, and each time left her g

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