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The Relic allows Samuel to bang a horny Lilith.

Blackmail was going to be easier to obtain than I thought. "I can see this is pointless."

I turned back to grab my jacket, knowing what was coming next. Just as I touched the fabric, Senator Turner grabbed my waist from behind me. He was rough as he shoved his hand up my skirt. His fingers expertly moved my panties aside and he didn't bother with formalities as he plunged his fingers into my hot, wet cunt. He penetrated me with all four fingers as his thumb slipped towards my ass. He plunged in deeper and moaned. I twitched at his touch. It was a mixture of pleasure and disgust.

"Just as I suspected. You are soaking wet," he laughed loudly and he shoved he whole fist inside my gaping, pulsing hole. I tried to fight the urge to push deeper around his hand. He couldn't know I wanted this. My body jolted forward as his fist kept pounding into my pussy. My body shook and my clit begged for release. I shook back the desire and hunger.

"Stop!" I shouted. "Senator Turner! Stop!"

He just laughed again. He withdrew his hand and grabbed me. With unexpected strength, he picked me up, his arms around my waist and my back pressed into his stomach. I could feel his hard member pressing into me. He carried me to his desk and bent me over it. My face slammed into the hard, cold wood. He pressed his hand into the back of my head, holding me down.

"Spread your legs you fucking cunt," he growled into my ear. I shook my head. In the thirty seconds that it had taken him to get me into this position, my excitement had turned to fear. I wasn't in control this time. I was at his mercy and I had a feeling he wasn't going to be gentle as he used me.

"No," I shook my head and squeezed my legs together tightly.

His knee nudged the back of my knees and my legs buckled. In one swift move, he held my body down with his hands and used his legs to pry mine apart. His knee pushed into my pussy hard and I yelped, whether in pain or in pleasure, I wasn't sure.

"Shut up," he grunted. His hand reached under my skirt and he yanked my panties down. His hand rubbed my pussy without an ounce of finesse. They worked ferociously as the explored and he darted them in and out of my pussy. For a brief moment, he teased my clit and rolled it between his fingers. I bit my lip, holding back a moan. I pushed my pussy into his hand and rolled my hips.

With two fingers, he spread my lips open wide. I felt the tip of his cock press against my opening. I was still wet, but my heart was pounding so loud it was deafening in my ears. Fear raced through me as he grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my head.

His breath was warm and laced with the stench of whiskey and he leaned in close to my face. He placed his lips and mine and then bit down on my lip. His tongue pried my lips open and it darted into my mouth.

I didn't move, I didn't dare to, afraid I'd do something wrong, or worse, appear as though I were a willing participant.

"You feel fucking ripe," he growled in my ear. "But you smell like a slut. I could smell your cum as soon as you walked into my office."

With that, he thrust his hips violently and plunged his massive prick into me. He didn't take his time or attempt to pleasure me as he pummeled into me. Despite this, my pussy twitched as his huge cock rammed me, stretching me wide open. His fingers wrapped around my hair and he pulled. His other hand pushed into my back, forcing my stomach into the desk. My tits popped out of my top and he yanked me up.

Again, his strength took me by surprise as he lifted me up. For a brief moment is cock popped out of my cunt. I felt both relief and emptiness. I was so confused. I knew I'd come here with the intention of fucking him, but he was fucking me - in fact, he was taking full advantage of me. As I mulled over the meaning of all of this, he flipped me around to face him and grabbed my breasts. He playfully slapped them, marveling at how the bounced under his hands. He cupped each one and jiggled them in his hands.

"I bet these titties will bounce beaut

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