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Student gets more than homework.

Those cocks are really fun to suck."

"So I would imagine that you enjoy giving Antoine head."

My wife took a deep breath. "Oh yes."

"What did you do?"

"I glanced over at Tonya. She nodded to me. Before the party, she and Mandy had warned me that I was going to have a surprise that night and apparently this was it. I assumed that I was supposed to give Antoine a blow job while all of those men watched."

"You did say to me me earlier that they'd told you that you were going to be the star of the show that night."

"Yes, but I thought that just meant I'd be doing the final strip tease."

"Were you nervous?"

"Not really, but I was wildly excited. Timmy I was so hot that I had goose bumps all over my body.

"I'll bet you were feeling very wicked too."

Kelly giggled. "I really was."

"Tell me what happened."

"I laid my dress and panties on the edge of Wendell's love seat and walked over to Antoine. I wrapped my right hand around his great big dick, put my left arm around his neck, pulled him to me and kissed him full on the lips. Behind me the men all started to clap and cheer."

Kelly glanced over at me. "After a moment I broke off the kiss and stepped back, but I didn't let go of Antoine's cock. I kept a tight hold on it. We grinned at each other for a moment and then I said in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, Is there anything I can do for you big boy?. I guess I was trying to mimic Mae West."

Obviously very excited, Kelly paused to take a deep breath and then she continued. "Antoine gave me this macho stare and said, You know what I want. As he said those words he put his hands on my shoulders and very gently pushed me to my knees."

Kelly's voice got quieter. "I held Antoine's cock in both of my hands. I was so excited that my entire body was shaking. Timmy, counting the waiter and the bartender there were at least a dozen people watching us. When I leaned forward and kissed the head of Antoine's cock I heard a collective gasp behind me. That got me even more excited."
Kelly glanced over at me. I think she was trying to gauge my reaction to what she was telling me. I smiled at her.

That smile reassured her. She continued. "Antoine nudged my shoulder and we both rotated our positions slightly. He wanted to be sure that all of the men had a good view of what we were doing from where they were sitting. Once we were settled I pushed Antoine's huge cock back and started licking and kissing his great big balls. The men all clapped again and that turned me on even more."

Laughing, Kelly said; "Timmy I was so hot that I couldn't bear to waste another second. All I wanted to do was suck that beautiful black cock. I pulled Antoine's erection back down, licked the shaft a few times and then I put that magnificent monster into my mouth. By that time I was on fire. I didn't care who was in the room. All of my attention was focused on Antoine's wonderful erection."

My wife sighed. It was obvious that this memory was very exciting for her. After a moment she said, "I don't really know how long I sucked Antoine. It was probably only a minute or two. Tonya and Mandy came over and intervened. Tonya tapped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet. As I stood up all the men clapped and cheered. Mandy grabbed Antoine's erect penis and used it as a handle to lead him out of the room. I later learned that she took him to her privacy room and got him off."

"Privacy room?"

"Yes, both Eagle Lake and Evergreen have them. The two houses are actually huge old mansions. Both of them have an enormous amount of space. JTandR bought the houses so they could use them to hold parties, sex parties. Both houses have sleeping spaces on the upper floors, but the main floors are used exclusively for entertaining associates. Immediately after buying the houses they did extensive renovations to both of them. One of the renovations was to create six private rooms near the parlor in both houses. These rooms are just large enough for a double bed and a small table."

Kelly smiled at me. "Timmy, they're private sex rooms."

I nodded.

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