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The things he must do to get a shower.

The police officers told them only that she had been attacked and that she had asked the two gentlemen who had been with her to call her husband.

Dawn and Lynda were shocked when the officers told them who the two men were. They looked at each other.

How did they end up being the ones to come to her rescue...

Dawn kept glancing at one of the officers. He was staring at her. She found him very attractive.

I still have that weakness...

He was a very sexy Hispanic man and he had given his name as Officer Estevez. Something in his eyes made her heart flutter like she'd never felt before.

I can see everything you're feeling in your deep, dark eyes...compassion, concern...desire... And you're not wearing a wedding band...

Before he left, she asked his first name-he told her it was Rick. She frowned at him.

I know that's not your given name...

He grinned and said it was Enrique. Dawn smiled sexily at him.

"Thank you for being so kind to my friend, Enrique... I mean, Officer Estevez."

Rick smiled just as sexily.

Oooh...I like the way my name rolls so naturally off your tongue. I can think of some other things I'd love you to do with that tongue... Stop that, you horn dog! Look at her...she's different. She's an angel...

He'd noticed her the moment she walked into the hospital Emergency Room. She seemed like a "no-nonsense, take-charge" type of woman...yet she still exuded a subtle sensuality-qualities that had always attracted him in a woman. And she was packaged in a short, yet shapely body, with creamy, flawless skin, a naturally lovely...angelic face with deep hazel eyes, soft lips and thick, flowing, shoulder-length, dark brown hair.

"Just doing my duty, Dawn...I mean, Miss Williams. I'm sure we'll be in touch for some follow-up questions. I look forward to seeing you again."

Rick had no reason to contact her again, but he made something up. I have to see you again...

Dawn had nearly melted at the look in his deep, dark chocolate brown eyes. And the sexy smile he flashed had dazzled her with the brilliance of a white-hot spotlight.

Yes...I definitely look forward to seeing you again, too...


Ward Bond had to practically hogtie John Wayne to get him back to his house and convince him to let the police handle things. Diana had told them exactly who her attacker was and the police had an APB out on the man.

Diana had asked Ward to call Charles in Washington and get him home.

I do not want to make this phone call... How do you break news like this to a friend? There's just no easy way...

The phone in Charles' hotel room rang at four o'clock in the morning. He instantly jerked awake and grabbed it on the second ring.

"Diana...is that you? Are you OK?"

He'd woken up again a couple hours earlier-he thought he'd heard her scream his name. His gut twisted when he heard Ward's voice on the line...

How did you know...? "No, Charles. It's Ward. I'm sorry to tell you this, but...


"She was beaten pretty badly...but no permanent damage was done. She'll be OK...eventually."

"What do you mean 'eventually?' What aren't you telling me, Ward?"

Charles felt a wave of nausea as Ward was silent for several moments. Oh, God, no...don't say it...

Oh, God...I can't say it... Ward finally spoke quietly. "She was raped, Charles."

There was a loud roar in his head. I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY IT!!! Oh, God...WHY?!!!

Ward heard a few seconds of silence; and then, "SON-OF-A-BITCH!" Charles bellowed.

Ward had to hold the phone away from his ear. Charles must've used the telephone earpiece to punch something hard.

Wayne's eyes widened as even he heard a loud roar and the sound of something cracking.

Charles asked Ward for details. Ward told him the police were handling it and to just make arrangements to get back to L.A. as quickly as possible-his wife needed him. He also gave Charles the phone number to the hospital.

Charles asked if they at least had any idea who h

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