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My time at university.

That should be just about right. I don't want to kill you Karen. I just want to make you talk to me."

Karen's eyes were wide with disbelief as she thought about this new instrument of torture. The captain keenly noticed her reaction. "It is really very simple Karen. You don't have to go through all of this. Just tell me the truth. What were you doing with her? Why were you kidnapping her? Confess to me. Tell me Karen. Tell me all about it." She took a deep breath. "I didn't kidnap anyone. If I had been kidnapping her, I would have told you by now. You must know I'm telling the truth."

"But Karen, I know you kidnapped her. You have to confess. I will make you confess, one way or another." He pinched the skin on her raised arm and placed the clamped wire there. Karen watched the needle on the meter spring into action. It hovered just above point four as searing fingers of pain rushed through her arm. He pinched her hip and attached the clamp there, rubbing the prong along her waistline. She grew to fear the prong's touch as he sent the jolting waves electricity through her skin.

He grasped a pinch of flesh between the welts left by the cane on the top of her breast. He moved the clamp there, then touched her under her breast with the prong. Karen's screams filled the room as he repeatedly shocked her welted breasts and nipples. She began to plead with him again, fearing his next target areas. But he wouldn't stop and she knew it. He adjusted the knob on the box to a position between the five and the six. "This will deliver .45 amps. It is still less than it would take to kill you. I will be working farther away from your heart now. So it will be less likely for that to happen."
Karen closed her tear filled eyes as she felt the clamp bite into the lower edge of her belly button. He walked around behind her. Her anticipation mounted as she waited for the next jolt to come. "Confess Karen. This is your chance to make this stop." Moments passed. Then a searing shaft of pain shot through her stomach as the sheriff methodically rubbed the prong down the concave of her lower back. He periodically held it away from her and then placed it against her again, rubbing it all over her lower back, then along her spine. Karen's muscles contacted violently each time, as the unbearably painful electrical currents passed through her. Her muscles quivered uncontrollably during the intervals between the shocks. Then she felt the currents streak through the muscles in her butt. The captain amused himself as he casually drew little circles on her beautiful, cane welted ass.

Karen's screams became caught in her throat as the prong attacked the inside of her thigh. Unable to scream she sobbed and whimpered. She feebly begged him to stop as he placed the prong on the lips of her vagina. Her voice became choked as the electricity burned through her. He slowly slid it into her. The unbearable searing jolts streamed through her abdomen as he slowly tormented her with an electrical fucking. It stopped and she felt nothing for a few moments. His voice became more and more distant. "Confess to your crime Karen. Tell me that you kidnapped her and this will stop." But she couldn't speak. She felt the electrical current shooting through her rectum as he guided the prong through her sphincter. The pain finally overwhelmed her completely as he pulled it out then slid it back in. She passed out.

He had been admiring the tightness of her little anus as he began pushing the prong into her again. He was a little disappointed as he watched her become unconscious. He looked at the time and realized that her interrogation had lasted much longer than most. He heard the tenuous cries of her husband as his interrogation continued. It was clear that he probably wouldn't confess either. The sheriff began to admit to himself that they might be telling the truth after all. But determining innocence wasn't his responsibility. His job was only to find the evidence that supported their guilt.

These were the sheriff's thoughts as he dismantled the shocker a

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