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The Christening, Stephen gets a how to lesson.


"What!? You did it again!! You are unbelievable!!"

"Did what again Amanda?!"

"Making big rash decisions without my consent! All for her! AND you fell for the sympathy act AGAIN! TWICE!!"

"Sympathy act? What the fuck are you talking about?"

Amanda pretended to mockingly cry. "*sniff* Poor twisted me. I got kicked out my house. Where will I ever stay? Poor mistreated me. Things aren't going in my way. Boo hoo hoo."

He gave her the most unimpressed look he could. "Are you done?"

"As soon as she ups the water works on those pretty brown eyes, you go running for her, ad-fuckin-mit it!

"She needed help, what am I supposed to do?"

"The hell she did need help! She's playing you John and you fall for it...hook, line, and sinker!"

"Now YOU'RE being rash Amanda! I can't deal with you right now." He turned and left leaving Amanda cross armed.

In the upstairs window Erica removed her hand from her pussy. She licked her digits and smiled widely.


"You have the two kids with him. Not sure why you ever decided to have kids but that's beside the point. You won girl! There's no way he's going back to her."

"Yeah..." Amanda said rather unconvinced. She visited her friend Summer to have coffee and have a little girl talk while Amanda's children played in the next room. Summer was a very beautiful woman. Blonde, a couple inches shorter than Amanda in height, and a really athletic body. Amanda always admired the confidence she carried. She felt safe in confiding in her.

"What? You don't think so?" Summer puzzled.

"I thought I did. But ever since she came back it's been different."

"How so?"

"With her around I can only think back to when they were together and how good they were. I wonder if John thinks the same."

Summer leaned in to speak to her. "Go on..."

"Like she'd do something sexy, something subtle and I'd wonder whether he thinks about her. And worse, whether he thinks about it while we make love at night"

"Wow, that's serious Amanda."

"And wanna know the most twisted thing about it?"

"I fantasize about them together too..." She paused. "...And I get excited about it." She hung her head in shame.

"What?! I thought you hated her?!"

"I know, I know!! I do!! But with some of things she does I picture him taking her right then and there. Like the other day she was in her bikini and in my head I saw him giving mouth to mouth to her. And then two nights ago, after a fight between us, he saw him ogling her body on her bed and couldn't help but think of him taking her right there."

"I do not know what to say to that. Why were you fighting and why were you spying on them?"

"I have a feeling Erica drugged me and then posed me with my hand in my cunt while wrecking a picture of her. She framed me Summer and John believed her!"

"Why didn't you set the record straight?"

"Because what was the point? John wouldn't have believed me. I already made my dislike for her known. He's been running to her, accommodating her, all without my consent. And he already blames what happened on my bad habits with the wine. I couldn't win Summer."

"Oh...I see. Then about them in the room together?"

"I think he went to her for consolation. And then the evil witch turned him on again with her big flashy bra and boobs." She said with disdain.

"Why didn't you just barge in there and stop them?"

"I couldn't. I was scared. John was mad and I didn't want to face him. Plus, as sick as it is, I was too busy pleasuring myself to that image I told you about."

"Oh." Summer paused to digest and ponder the thought. "Well, I guess that was for the best anyways."

Amanda was slightly perplexed at the passive response. "Really? Why?"

"I think you would've made things worse by going in there. You'd come off as the oversensitive, jealous, overbearing, AND drunken girlfriend. NOT a good combo if you ask me."

Amanda thought about it and this made sense too. It only made her feel more depressed and helpless in this whole mess. "Yeah you're right too." She stared into her coffee cup.

"How's the sex?"

Amanda shook her.

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