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what are those?"

"Well, I'm not sure but I'm afraid to stop; it could be the last thread my life is hanging by."

She laughed. "Things can't be as bad as all that." She still smiled at him. "What do you do?"

"I'm a propulsion tech, but since we never move, I'm a general flunkie unless I'm doing maintenance or one of the STVs is having problems. So you're bringing art to the moon?"

"Maybe. They want me to investigate the possibility."

"So we'll be getting some of the Riordan Holograms?"

"Actually, my taste runs more to the twentieth century or even further back: Friedrich, Renoir, Matisse."

"I'm afraid I don't know those."

"Maybe I'll have to educate you," she replied. "I'm a bit tired from the travel; I think I'd like to find my quarters. I want to rest before tomorrow."

"You'll be ready for the main tour, then. I'll walk through each floor."

"Instead, do you think we could take a rover and tour the surface. I want to get a sense of what it's really like to be on the moon."

"Sure, we can do that. Have a good night."


He couldn't take his thoughts off her body. He walked back to his cubicle in a daze, hardly aware of his actions, his movements blurred by the image of her that filled his brain. His roommate, Jerry Haslett, was on duty in communications.

He brushed his teeth and stepped into the shower. The ceiling in the room was only seven feet. To make room for the plumbing the shower was reduced to an inch or two under six feet. So it was a seated shower; you couldn't stand and be under the water outlet.

The seat was molded with the wall on the left side of the enclosure. The warm water flowed over him. He began soaping himself. It was possible that she was at that moment doing the very same thing. The shame was that his hands weren't roaming her body and that hers weren't lathering his. His cock had taken it's own life with thoughts of her.

He turned the water down to a fine warm mist. Taking liquid soap from the dispenser, he rubbed his pubic hair and continued up his shaft. His dick leaped out, longer and harder. He took more of the soap. It was silky and slick, enough to make him think of her.

He knew that on the moon, gravity wouldn't force blood to his feet, at least not like on earth. It would be easier, however minutely, for his heart to pump that blood to his mid-section. Consequently, his dick would be a bit longer, a bit fatter. He also knew that her walls would be puffier, more engorged; she would be fuller, tighter, maybe hotter.

His hips shifted uneasily beneath his quicker strokes. His cock was taunt now, the head tight and purple almost, the turgid shaft ringed with filled veins. He went fast and hard. A stifled gasp escaped his lips and he threw his head back. Moon gravity being one-sixth that of earth, the hot white stream shot to the ceiling of the shower. Only the warm mist of water kept it from sticking. The second pulse rose only about two feet. He sighed as the remainder oozed down across his knuckles.


"I hope you slept well," Allison greeted him the next morning. "I'm expecting the deluxe wide-awake version of the tour."

Brian made a comment about "only the best" and held her hand high as she stepped into the rover. He pulled the loops forward while she slipped her arms through them. His fingers brushed the chest material of her jump suit as he closed the harness. Once they were both fastened in and the cockpit sealed, Brian eased the rover into the staging area, an air exchange room. In front of them a second door opened, and the bright gray surface of the moon lay before them.

And they were off. Brian's hand came within millimeters of Allison's thigh as he shifted the gears and controls. The silence was awkward as he tried to think of anything but her leg.

They cruised across plains littered with rocks of varying sizes. Brian drove through dips, undulations, over hills and various formations. Finally, they stared into a crater.

"Oh, stop!" she cried.

Brian braked and they sat on the rim of Copernicus, looking across it's vast floor.

"Isn't th

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