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"Well and good, but would you explain about why she quit the club so suddenly three years ago? From what I have heard it appears you had quite the falling out." Evie said coolly.

Lacey blinked and then her lips turned into a snarl. "How did you know that, you bitch?"


All the genies jumped as Ali frowned at the now shattered arm of his chair. He snapped his fingers and it repaired itself. Then he looked at Lacey. "Lady Lacey, you will never use that word against another of your fellow genies again and you will apologize. Now."

Lacey swallowed and bowed her head slightly. "I am sorry Evie of the Blue Lamp."

Evie nodded. "I am sorry to shock you with that, it was unfair. But it is important information that needs to be provided to all of us if this decision is to be made correctly."

Ali leaned back. "I agree with Lady Evie. I think some background is in order."

Lacey fidgeted a moment and then spoke. "The woman I speak of is named Jewel. She was a dancer with myself, Dominika, and Lotus. She also was studying, and was a couple of years ahead of us in terms of work. She had already started on a PHD in psychology. She was working to be a sex therapist, and had some interesting ideas. We were close friends, but one night while I was drunk she was hit on by one of my regulars and it a fit of rage I pulled off her mask and exposed her face. Two of her professors were in the club at the time. It nearly ruined her PHD, but she was able to use her work at the club as source material and wrote a great study on the sexual drives of men and how being seen as objects of sex can effect women. She ended up writing a bestseller on it and is now very successful. But we have not spoken since."

Ali spoke. "Lacey of the First Lamp, I am concerned by what you have told me. If this woman holds a grudge against you, she could be dangerous. She could attempt to harm our Master in order to get back at you. At the very least, she will have issues with you being one of Master's main advisors and head of the harem. I do not think this is wise and I feel that we should choose someone else."

"Grand Vizier, bad blood or not, I trust this woman and her expertise in matters of the mind. While she may not be friendly with me, Master can insure her loyalty and obedience. If I can speak with her I can determine if she is the right one. Just talking to her won't be any danger. If I have any issues or bad feelings I will tell you and we will seek another specialist." Lacey replied.
Susan spoke up. "As someone who initially was against Master taking me, I can say that having a genie that is potentially hostile is a dangerous thing. I have noted many things I could have done to bring this household down or cause it great harm. I have done none of them, but have informed the Grand Vizier so we can cover them for the future. But I fear I have not thought of everything, and if this one is to be in charge of the Master's mental state I have much more fear. Especially now, Master is fragile."

Grand Vizier Ali listened and then spoke. "Genies, I feel that Lacey means well and does trust this woman's expertise and skill. But this Jewel is certainly an unknown factor. Lacey, you will contact her and determine her intentions while I scry and we all observe."

The genies all looked thoughtful and all eventually agreed.

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