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Technical explanations of Saurian Biology, etc.

He did fine academically, but soon decided that college was not for him. As he explained it, he must have inherited his own father's wanderlust. After 9/11 Chad's urge to do something else found a purpose. Chad had left school and joined the Army with some vague goal of fighting terrorism.
Chad had not entered the Army blindly. He had the test scores to request some things and when he left boot camp he was well positioned. He attended both Ranger school and officer candidate school making Chad a Lieutenant in the elite Rangers in time to fight in Iraq. In the meanwhile, Chad had met Jeanine. They got married and had a daughter together before his deployment. Jeanine could not handle Chad's constant absence and while he was off fighting in the desert sand she found love elsewhere. They were divorced before he ever came home from the war.

After two tours in that hot hellhole Chad had enough. He'd toiled for a pittance in Army money for years while watching civilian contractors doing safer and easier jobs than him for piles of cash. Chad was discharged and followed the revolving door back to war, this time getting paid for the misery as a private security guard for journalists in Afghanistan. "So you're a mercenary?" I asked him.

"We prefer the term contractor" he said. "But yeah, I was a mercenary. I'm not anymore." Chad studied the water and changed the subject. "I like the ocean. It's peaceful here." Chad had come to Hawaii to relax after his wars. He had amassed a lot of money and was living off it while taking some time to decide what to do next.

I could feel how he had been hurt by Jeanine and my heart ached for him. I wound up sharing Ben and my own troubles with fertility. Chad was sympathetic. "This week would be a good one for us to conceive." I told Chad. "Maybe Hawaii will lend us some magic."

That night, Ben was in the mood for sex. When I joined him in bed in the condo he started kissing me. Before long, he slid down my body to lick my inner thighs. I pulled my legs up as he began to roam his tongue around my outer lips. After a while, he turned his focus to my clitoris. When he started to probe my opening with a finger, I let my fantasy world start running.

For the past year, my 'go to' fantasy had been that a stranger was watching us as Ben licked my pussy. I'd imagine this shadowy figure sitting in a corner of the room watching us as Ben brought me slowly but steadily to orgasm. Inevitably, the shadow figure would watch me climax on Ben's face.

I followed the established pattern tonight and sighed once Ben's finger finally penetrated my vagina. That was when the pattern changed. As I felt Ben slip a finger inside me, I mentally glanced back at the shadow figure. He looked familiar. I looked harder into the dark corner of the room. It was Chad.

The Chad of my sexual fantasy that night was not the boy I had fucked in high school. This was the Chad of the present; full grown and a veteran of both war and the vagaries of life. He looked on motionless as Ben was stimulating me. Shockingly I felt guilty, but not because fantasizing about Chad was an infidelity against Ben. No, I felt guilty that I was letting Ben have me while Chad was only looking on. It was as if I was cheating on Chad with Ben. I came faster than I think I ever have before.

"I'm coming." I gasped as my vagina grasped Ben's fingers tightly. My release pounded through me. When I stopped coming I wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. I pulled Ben up between my legs.

His cock slipped into my wet pussy. In moments he was thrusting deeply into me. In the past, my fantasy of the strange watcher has only been while Ben had been licking me. Tonight, disturbingly, it went way past that. Now it was Chad, back to fuck me again as he had in high school. The shadow figure in the corner was gone. Now he was between my thighs sliding his hardness into me over and over. I shuddered through a series of small orgasms.

I rolled Ben over to be on top.

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