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His heart pounded inside his chest threatening to burst free as he went on instinct grabbing her narrow hips. She shoved the flat of her hand into his sternum slamming him against his car.

"Look, I don't have time for this shit; my dad caught me walking around without my panties yesterday and he wants me to bring 'em back home or I'm fucked. That means I'm gonna get grounded and other shit I really don't need right now, Billy. "She sounded desperate and contrite.

"I'm sorry Holly."

"Can I have my panties back, please?"

"Can I have another pair then; preferably used?" All of the emotion drained from her face at his request.

"You, sick fuck; I'm going to take another bullet today but tomorrow I'd better have my underwear in my hands before the end of the day or you're done. I mean it asshole; nobody is going to stop me from ending your ability to walk without a cane." She was dead serious.

"Okay Holly." He responded in a monotone.

Holly took stock of him from head to toe as she backed away hardly able to take her eyes off of his tumescence. He rubbed his crotch staring her directly in the eye until she finally turned walking briskly away. Billy stared after her for ten minutes before driving out of the parking lot. The street leading from the student parking area went by the rear courtyard. Secretly by Skunk Ananise blared from his stereo as he glanced over noticing a few familiar faces. Kimmy was having a spirited exchange with another student looking like some harmless moppet but he knew better. The girl was a fucking psychopath but he could've cared less because he was totally into Holly Michaelson. Some members of the basketball team were horse playing adjacent to the curve. The team was mildly successful owing most of their success to Reggie Thompson III, the sole African American team member. Reggie was a pretty laid back guy and popular around campus. Billy rolled down his window to shout at the popular student before realizing that he was talking to a person familiar to him as of late.

"Fuck me." Holly was leaning against the back-entrance wall talking excitedly with Reggie. Her face was reddened and overly emotional.

She was grinning at him like a Cheshire cat and appeared to be fawning at every word he said. Billy quickly noticed that Reggie was leaning with one hand on the wall as he flirted with Holly. The charismatic jock was holding her hand with his free one going so far as to kiss it eliciting a girlish giggle from the large teen.

"Fuck me; I'm so stupid." His eyes stung at the corners and he felt like he was hyperventilating. Reggie went in for a kiss finding a more than willing participant in Holly Michaelson. Billy's lip quivered uncontrollably as he realized just how much of a fool he'd been. Her large right hand was full of Reggie's ass cheek.

"FUCKING FUCK MAN!!" Another car tailgating him shocked him back to reality forcing him to focus on getting safely out of the parking lot. "I Mean It" by G-Easy serenaded Billy Jefferson on a way too long ride home. He skipped dinner feigning illness preferring his own company as he ruminated on everything he'd learned that afternoon.

Now all of the girlish clothing and makeup made sense. Holly was dressing for him; the star basketball player, Reggie Thompson III. She was probably dating him and that meant he had no chance in hell. Billy wondered if his rival was well endowed and feared that Holly was being impaled at that very moment while some offensive rap song played in his room...or maybe it was her room? He tossed and turned in his bed staring at the ceiling before realizing sleep was not coming any time soon.

"She gets all dolled up for him!" He spoke into the darkness hoping that he was wrong.

"Yeah, he's fucking the shit outta her; no brother's gonna wait for pussy, especially Reggie.

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