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He likes to dress as a woman, pick up men and get fucked.

Apparently not.

"That's all I needed to see." I was attacked with a passionate kiss from her, her hand reaching for my rapidly growing cock, preparing to mount me.

Like an idiot, I stopped her. "But, what about the amazing guy?"

"You idiot. It's you. Your face just betrayed that you feel the same way. I love you."

"Wow...I'm shocked. I don't know what to say, what to do. I feel it too, Gab. I love you."

With that, Gabby climbed on top of me, and gave me another one of her patented toe curling kisses. She gave me a couple of strokes to make sure I was at full hardness, then mounted me. She rode me like never before. Bouncing up and down, moving right, left, diagonally, grinding, squeezing with her pussy muscles, everything. Then she leaned down to kiss me.

She started with small kisses on the corners of my mouth, then gradually placed them carefully square on. The combination of gentle kisses, with insane fucking was indescribably awesome. Finally, she pried my mouth open and began to kiss me with all of her pent up passion. She fucked me and kissed me, I knew that I was in heaven, and never wanted to come down. I felt my orgasm fast approaching. I picked her up, and lay her down missionary so I could take control and drive us to orgasm. I told her I was close, she just opened her mouth a screamed a silent scream. Her pussy began to contract, her eyes fluttered open and closed. The sweat on her body made her glow. I kissed her hard as I came inside her.

From across the room we heard a slow clap. It took us both a while to come down from our intense orgasms, and consequently a while to realize that someone was there, and was applauding us. Gabby was first to notice, and squealed in delight. Her sister ran over to us, and gave us each a hug. Apparently, like everything else that had transpired, this had been planned between the two girls as well.

"I take it she told you?" Abby asked as she flashed a knowing smile.

"Yeah, she did."

"I assume you feel the same way?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Wow, so eloquent. Gab, I can see now why you fell for him."

Ignoring that snide remark, I looked up at Abby and asked, "But, what about you and me. I love Gabby, but with her permission, I want this to go on."

"Well, that is up to Gabby, but I don't think there will be a problem with that."

"Hell no. No problem," came the breathy response from Gabby, still trying to catch her breath.

Looking towards Abby, I said, "I take it you knew about this?"

"From the moment I saw you first fuck her. There was something there that I knew you two shared. I knew it before you guys did. We talked about it after you passed out tonight, and Gab admitted it to me. I pushed her to come down here and tell you."


Over the next couple of months, the three of us fucked on every piece of furniture in the house. Kitchen table, kitchen chairs, couch, bent over the tv, on beds, on floors, carpets, tile, grass, in a pool, in my car. Mostly it was a threesome, but Gabby and I found time to be together, and make love rather than just fuck.

Every time it was powerful and filled with emotion. Each orgasm seemed to have the power of two. We were so in tune with each other, we knew each other's bodies inside and out. Abby was supportive of our love, and allowed us all the time we needed to be a couple.

Unfortunately, summer was coming to an end, and the twins were moving two states away to go to college. I helped them pack in the weeks before they left, and we had one last goodbye orgy until they came home in Thanksgiving. It was bittersweet. A tearful goodbye for all of us, as we cried and came at the same time.

Gabby and I talked on the phone nightly, Abby and I not as much. But it was one phone call with Abby about a month into school that gave me the best idea I ever had.

"Ty, she's miserable without you. She goes to class, takes her tests, and sulks in the room. She wont come out with me to parties. She barely eats. She won't even have sex with me."

"She hasn't told me any of this."

"She doesn't want to worry you.

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