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Ashley's family causes little cracks in their relationship.

The muscles of her inner thighs quivered with the tension of being spread wide. She was intensely aware of Donna's body pressing against her, trapping and sheltering her.

Bob moved around them and she realized he was measuring her. Measuring how high up her hands could reach and how wide her legs were spread. She met his eyes as he moved around the back side of the cross. He grinned and winked. "Do not look so frightened, Sweet Junie. You know this is what you want."

Junie took a deep shaky breath. "Yes Sir." She tried to smile.

Donna eased up on her pressure and let Junie's arms down. She murmured into Junie's ear, "Good girl. Go ahead and move your feet back together now." She softly kissed the curve of Junie's neck.

Bob continued. "This is just a look round and a chance for me to get some measurements. I built these things with Donna in mind and she is about six inches taller than you." He looked at Donna. "I want to see how she fits on the bed. I am going to need to modify some handcuffs or maybe add a length of chain."

Donna kissed Junie's neck again and whispered. "You heard your Master. Get on the bed and lay on your back." She moved away, freeing Junie, urging her toward the narrow cot. As Junie crawled up onto the thin mattress she realized it was covered in plastic and under it was a solid base. It was like lying on a thinly upholstered table. Bob pulled her arms up over her head, "Scoot up Junie, scoot up until your hands are at the top corners." He took each of the handcuffs and snapped them around her wrists. Junie felt the prickle of goose flesh spread down her arms as the cold metal touched skin.

Bob moved to the foot of the bed and grasping her ankles pulled her down until her arms were stretched, the metal from the cuffs just starting to press into her flesh. Her dress was pulled up to her hips. Again he measured. Donna sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Junie's arms, looking down at her face. "You look so sweet and vulnerable right now. How are you feeling?" Junie gazed up into her Mistress's eyes. Her voice was breathless and quivering. "My heart is racing, Ma'am. I... um... feel scared and... um... very excited."

"Excited? Tell me about that."

"My thoughts are racing, Ma'am. I keep wondering what will happen next, what you are going to do to me. My... my skin feels tingly, all pins and needles. My pussy is hot and wet, every time you touch me it clenches. I keep wishing you would kiss me."

Donna leaned down, her lips hovering above Junie's.

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