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She had been carrying a little tension towards her upcoming final exams for the semester, so the family fuck fest, and the relaxing water were just what she needed.

The house was quiet as the night went on, until there was a knock at the door. Her mother poked her head in, and looked at the toilet.

Sorry sweetie, do you mind, your dad's in ours," she says, genuinely guilty about disturbing her daughter.

"No it's fine Mom, go for it," said Sophie.

Abby scooted over to the porcelain bowl and relieved herself. As she stood up, she admired her daughter's body through the water, and realized it had been ages since she they had enjoyed a both. She bit her lip.

"Honey, do you mind if I join you? We haven't had a bath together in ages," asked Abby.

Sophie thought hard, and it had been a while. The thought of her mother's arms around her and the older woman's soft body was a welcome addition to her relaxation time. Sophie nodded and her mother removed her thin nightgown.

Sophie sat forward and her mother slid into the bath behind her.

The two women leaned against one another, Sophie feeling her mother's breasts pressing into her back.

The girl leaned her head back against her mother's collarbone and relaxed. Abby slipped her hands under her daughter's arms and rested them on her belly, as she felt the water warm her body.

Sophie turned her head and began to kiss her mother's neck. The skin was soft and warm on her lips. Abby's heart fluttered a little and she ran her hands down her daughter's body. Sliding them up and over her belly, she cupped her daughter's breasts, teasing the girl's nipples.

Sophie moaned and kissed her mother with an open mouth.

Tweaking the girl's nipples, Abby felt her motor begin to rev again. She loved taking care of her daughter this way, and one of her hands slid down and cupped her daughter's beautiful pubic mound.

Spreading the girl's labia open with her fingers, she quickly found Sophie's clit and began to gently tease it with the tip of her finger.

Sophie's back arched, and her kissing became more and more aggressive. Abby held her naked daughter's body tighter as she felt her wiggle and twist under the water - trying to stay still and get away at the same time.

Taking her hand away from the girl, Abby went back to teasing her nipples. Sophie's legs had lifted from the water and were now slowly descending down into the bath again.

"You're such a tease mom," she said, kissing the older woman again.

"A tease, am I?" Abby replied.

One arm slipped around the younger girl, holding her tight, the other cupped her pussy once more, then penetrated her daughter with her fingers. Feeling around inside, she found the spongy mass of the girls g-spot and began to firmly and rhythmically press against it.

Sophie's legs propelled themselves from the water and shook violently. She wiggled and cried out as her body was lit on fire. Water was flung over the rim of the bath and onto the floor.

Her mother was a master manipulator of the girls pussy, and with practiced precision, brought the girl to orgasm in a thundering wave, and her body twisted and shivered with pleasure.

The water spilled from the tub as she convulsed, her mother smiling.

Sophie's tongue battled with her mothers as the two women kissed in the warm water.

"Thanks mommy, that was beautiful..." whispered Sophie.

"You can return the favour next time," Abby replied.

"There's no time like the present, I could do with some more Mommy attention" she said. Sophie bit her fingernail between her soft lips, dropping her chin and raising her eyes as she stared at her mother.

Abby smiled and wrapped her hands around her daughter's waist.

"I'm sure that can be arranged" said Abby.

The two women pulled themselves from the bath and dried off.

The older woman slapped her daughter's bare bottom and the girl squeaked.

The pair walked out into the hallway, hand in hand, as they slipped into Sophie's bedroom.

Throwing down the towel and clothes she had brought to the bat

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